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Turning Torso

Turning Torso: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Copenhagen: Lund and Malmö 2-Country Tour

1. From Copenhagen: Lund and Malmö 2-Country Tour

Take a guided day trip from Copenhagen to the historic cities of Malmo and Lund in neighboring Sweden. Visit Hamlet's Castle, enjoy free time in Helsingør, take a boat ride across the Øresund, and explore the Lund Cathedral, before shopping in Malmo. Start your day of adventure by meeting your local guide in front of the Grand Hotel. After a short meet and greet, hop aboard your comfortable vehicle and set off on your day trip. Start your tour with a visit to Hamlet's Castle. Shortly after, take a scenic drive down the coastal road of Strandvejen and arrive in the charming old town of Helsingør, also known as Elsinor. Enjoy free time to stroll the streets of this beautiful city before boarding a boat to Sweden.  Set sail across the Øresund, traveling to the shores of Sweden. Upon arrival in Sweden, drive down the picturesque country roads to the ancient city of Lund. Visit the Lund Cathedral. Behind the Cathedral there is a chance to explore the tiny streets with houses that date back to the 1700s. Continue with a trip to Malmö with free time to do some shopping. With Sweden's lower purchase taxes this a great place to get bargains on goods to take home with you. End your tour back in Copenhagen, passing by the impressive Øresund Bridge on the return journey.

Malmö: Rundan Sightseeing Boat Tour

2. Malmö: Rundan Sightseeing Boat Tour

Spend 50 minutes traveling by boat along canals and under bridges, taking in the sights of Malmö from the water. The guide on board will provide commentary about the city’s history, important personalities, and landmark buildings along the way. You’ll ride in an open-top boat, ensuring unobstructed views of the city and its attractions. At the departure point, you’ll find a cafeteria that serves bakery products, pancakes with whipped cream and jam, and much more. If you like, you’re welcome to put together your own picnic basket of items from the café menu and bring this along on the sightseeing tour.

Copenhagen: Tour Across the Øresund Bridge to Lund and Malmö

3. Copenhagen: Tour Across the Øresund Bridge to Lund and Malmö

Admire the impressive Øresund Bridge, one of the longest bridges in Europe, as you journey from Copenhagen to Sweden. Discover the historical city of Lund, and use your time how you please in Malmö, Sweden's third-largest city. Begin your tour at the Hotel Astoria in Copenhagen, and travel across Øresund Bridge. Make your way to Lund, a city so old it dates at least until the Viking Age. Discover Lund Cathedral, whose construction was finished in 1145, and explore the tiny, cobblestoned streets surrounding it. Then, travel back down south to Malmö, and decide how you will spend your time. Find your bearings with your guide in the biggest square in Malmö, Stortorget, which appropriately means Big Square. Dine in a selection of Malmö's most popular restaurants in Lilletorget, or Little Square, located just behind Stortoget. Enjoy the Parisian feel, and see some historic buildings and a vintage telephone box. Or, head towards the north-west side of Stortoget to reach Sodergatan, Malmö's main shopping street and pedestrian walkway. Shop in the department store, Ahlens, or in many other quality clothing shops. Check out Stora Nygatan at the far end of Sodergatan too, as here you'll find the Hansa shopping mall. If culture is more your thing, take your pick from a selection of museums. Get a feel for the contemporary at Malmö Modern Art Museum, or dive into history at the Malmö Natural History Museum. The latter is located at Malmöhus Castle, which dates from the Renaissance and is also host to the Malmö Art Museum, whose collection spans the 16th to 20th centuries. Finally, marvel at the Turning Torso in Malmö, the tallest building in Scandinavia, before returning to Copenhagen. Please note that it is not possible to enter the Turning Torso, and entrance to the museums in Malmö is not included in the tour. 

Malmö: 3-Hour Guided Walking Tour

4. Malmö: 3-Hour Guided Walking Tour

Meet your guide at Malmö Central Station. From there, visit the medieval part of the city and hear stories about Malmö Castle, and the two important parks of Kungsparken and Slottsparken. Afterward, head to the Ribersborg Beach and learn how Malmö's locals enjoy the beach. From the beach, admire amazing views of the Ørensund Bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden. Learn about what happened between Denmark and Sweden and how Denmark once lost the southern part of Sweden. Conclude your tour exploring one of the most modern and greenest neighborhoods in Malmo, Västra Hamnen.

Copenhagen: Full-Day Trip to Malmö with Swedish Lunch

5. Copenhagen: Full-Day Trip to Malmö with Swedish Lunch

Explore Malmö, where design, sustainability, and a relaxed lifestyle stand out. Immerse yourself in the culture, history, gastronomy and lifestyle of the city. Cross the Öresund Bridge, and visit Gamla Väster, St. Peter’s Church, Malmö Castle, Turning Torso, Malmö City Library, and more. Hop on a train from Copenhagen with your private guide and reach Malmö is just 45 minutes. Explore the corners and squares of Gamla Väster, the old town, and heart of Malmö. Visit St. Peter’s Church, a gothic gem built in the 14th century. Take a walk around the charming Stortorget and Lillatorg squares and meet the amusing Optimist Orchestra. Enjoy a break and taste Swedish cuisine. Have lunch in a charming restaurant while your local host tells you about the history of the city. Then, visit the Malmö Castle, the oldest surviving Renaissance fortress in the Nordic region. Walk through its gardens. Get to know the Old Slottsmollan Windmill. Admire 2 buildings that reflect the perfect harmony between modern and ancient architecture, The Turning Torso and the Malmö City Library. Take a walk with your guide through the wonderful gardens of the Old Cemetery. Stop to enjoy Swedish pastries and a coffee before walking through the canals of this wonderful city. After concluding the tour, enjoy the train ride back across the bridge with the memory of this Nordic treasure in your mind.

Discover Malmö's Charm: A Self-Guided Audio Tour

6. Discover Malmö's Charm: A Self-Guided Audio Tour

Step into the heart of Malmö with this self-guided audio tour, perfect for history buffs and sightseers eager to explore the city's rich culture and heritage. As you walk the streets, this tour will be a trustworthy companion, revealing the tales behind the city’s landmarks and inviting you to engage with its historical narrative at your own pace. Starting from the bustling Södergatan, one of the oldest and liveliest shopping streets, this tour takes you on a memorable journey through time and architecture. Glide smoothly from the amusing sculptures of the Optimist Orchestra to the storied walls of the ancient Felsburg House. The route then leads to the intricate Dutch Renaissance facade of Malmö Town Hall, encourages contemplation at the brick giant that is St. Peter’s Church, and invites relaxation at the market squares of Stortorget and Lilla Torg. You'll pass by the Castle Mill and become immersed in the maritime history near Malmö's Old Lighthouse. The voyage culminates at the Turning Torso, a marvel of modern engineering. Along the way, you'll have the chance to capture the essence of Malmö through the city's contrasts: from old to new, from the whispers of history to the towering ambition of contemporary design. Each step over the cobblestone lanes and each glance at Malmö's skyline will offer a new perspective on this multifaceted city. HOW IS THE TOUR GOING — Stay flexible: [join the tour whenever you want and] explore the sights as long as you like. — Enjoy the tour even offline: all audio tours are tested for high quality and easy navigation.

Malmo: Insta-Perfect Walk with a Local

7. Malmo: Insta-Perfect Walk with a Local

Set out on a 90-minute visual discovery of Malmo with a Local, capturing its most Instagrammable spots and immersing yourself in the authentic local life. Capture the picturesque views of Turning Torso and Lilla Torg perfect for your next social posts. Wander charming neighbourhoods, bustling markets, and hidden alleyways, experiencing Malmo's everyday magic. Hear captivating anecdotes and historical facts that bring Malmo's culture and heritage to life. Get insider tips on trendy cafes, delicious eats, and unique experiences your feed will love. This experience combines the scenic beauty of Malmo with insights into its daily life - essential for any visitor seeking an authentic discovery of the city.

Malmö: eSIM Internet Data Plan for Sweden High-Speed 4G/5G

8. Malmö: eSIM Internet Data Plan for Sweden High-Speed 4G/5G

Discover the vibrant city of Malmö, Sweden, with its modern architecture and green spaces, without missing a beat! Our eSIM ensures you stay connected with high-speed data, whether you're exploring the cutting-edge Turning Torso, strolling in the lush parks, or enjoying the city's diverse culinary scene in Möllevången. How It Works: 1. Purchase: Select the data package that best suits your Malmö adventure. 2. Scan & Activate: Upon purchase, you'll receive a QR code. Scan it with your eSIM-compatible device, and you're ready to go! 3. Stay Connected: Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout your visit to Malmö. Compatibility: Make sure your device supports eSIM technology. For more details, visit our compatibility list at

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I recently had the pleasure of joining a tour bus from Copenhagen to Sweden, with stops in Malmo and several other charming Swedish cities. Our guide, Mario, was an absolute delight from start to finish. With his Italian roots and infectious humor, Mario brought a unique flair to the journey. His explanations were both informative and engaging, delivered flawlessly in perfect English.One thing that stood out about Mario was his enthusiastic use of the word "yes" throughout the trip. I've never encountered someone who could infuse so much positivity and energy into a simple word! It became a running joke among the group and added an extra layer of fun to the experience.Beyond his entertaining demeanor, Mario was incredibly respectful and well-educated. He made everyone feel welcome and ensured that each traveler had a memorable experience. Thank you, Mario! PS: If you go to the forest to pee you will discover that there are rabbits everywhere!

It was a great tour! Definitely recommend, you get a good experience in both Denmark and Sweden. Our tour guide Pir was great, very good knowledge and also as being Danish, you get the full local point of view! Maybe having 30 minutes more in Helsingør would be better, as there are better things to see rather than Lund. The bus is comfortable, and views are amazing. I recommend you to sit in the left side. Overall a must do experience if you have a spare day in Copenhagen.

Beautiful day, very well organized tour, especially our guide and our driver (I don't remember their names, two English gentlemen) professional and friendly. Very interesting route, in one day we visited places that we would never have reached on our own. Without stress, comfortably sitting on the bus. Highly recommended

Per was a terrific driver and tour guide, very friendly and patient and helpful. The bus was very comfortable and it was so nice to have Wi-Fi. I definitely feel that we got what we wanted out of this trip and I would highly recommended if you have extra time on a trip to Copenhagen.

Top to do allows you to visit the surroundings of Copenhagen and the crossing to Sweden by ferry, very cool and exotic