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Lund & Malmö: Guided Tour of 2 Countries in One Day

1. Lund & Malmö: Guided Tour of 2 Countries in One Day

Take a guided day trip from Copenhagen to the historic cities of Malmo and Lund in neighboring Sweden. Visit Hamlet's Castle, enjoy free time in Helsingør, take a boat ride across the Øresund, and explore the Lund Cathedral, before shopping in Malmo. Start your day of adventure by meeting your local guide in front of the Grand Hotel. After a short meet and greet, hop aboard your comfortable vehicle and set off on your day trip. Start your tour with a visit to Hamlet's Castle. Shortly after, take a scenic drive down the coastal road of Strandvejen and arrive in the charming old town of Helsingør, also known as Elsinor. Enjoy free time to stroll the streets of this beautiful city before boarding a boat to Sweden.  Set sail across the Øresund, traveling to the shores of Sweden. Upon arrival in Sweden, drive down the picturesque country roads to the ancient city of Lund. Visit the Lund Cathedral. Behind the Cathedral there is a chance to explore the tiny streets with houses that date back to the 1700s. Continue with a trip to Malmö with free time to do some shopping. With Sweden's lower purchase taxes this a great place to get bargains on goods to take home with you. End your tour back in Copenhagen, passing by the impressive Øresund Bridge on the return journey.

UK/Europe: eSim Mobile Data Plan

2. UK/Europe: eSim Mobile Data Plan

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Copenhagen: Tour Across the Øresund Bridge to Lund and Malmö

3. Copenhagen: Tour Across the Øresund Bridge to Lund and Malmö

Admire the impressive Øresund Bridge, one of the longest bridges in Europe, as you journey from Copenhagen to Sweden. Discover the historical city of Lund, and use your time how you please in Malmö, Sweden's third-largest city. Begin your tour at the Hotel Astoria in Copenhagen, and travel across Øresund Bridge. Make your way to Lund, a city so old it dates at least until the Viking Age. Discover Lund Cathedral, whose construction was finished in 1145, and explore the tiny, cobblestoned streets surrounding it. Then, travel back down south to Malmö, and decide how you will spend your time. Find your bearings with your guide in the biggest square in Malmö, Stortorget, which appropriately means Big Square. Dine in a selection of Malmö's most popular restaurants in Lilletorget, or Little Square, located just behind Stortoget. Enjoy the Parisian feel, and see some historic buildings and a vintage telephone box. Or, head towards the north-west side of Stortoget to reach Sodergatan, Malmö's main shopping street and pedestrian walkway. Shop in the department store, Ahlens, or in many other quality clothing shops. Check out Stora Nygatan at the far end of Sodergatan too, as here you'll find the Hansa shopping mall. If culture is more your thing, take your pick from a selection of museums. Get a feel for the contemporary at Malmö Modern Art Museum, or dive into history at the Malmö Natural History Museum. The latter is located at Malmöhus Castle, which dates from the Renaissance and is also host to the Malmö Art Museum, whose collection spans the 16th to 20th centuries. Finally, marvel at the Turning Torso in Malmö, the tallest building in Scandinavia, before returning to Copenhagen. Please note that it is not possible to enter the Turning Torso, and entrance to the museums in Malmö is not included in the tour. 

Malmö: Highlights Self-Guided Old Town Walking Tour

4. Malmö: Highlights Self-Guided Old Town Walking Tour

The tour starts at the train station and takes you first to a very popular photo spot in Malmö, the lighthouse, before heading to Malmö's oldest building, St. Peter's Church, and on to Malmö City Theatre. The theatre hall is particularly worth seeing, as it was built as a hippodrome back in 1899. The tour continues through historic shopping arcades to the historic Stortorget market square, before heading to the town hall and on to the heart of Gamla Staden, Malmö's old town. Life pulsates here, as Lilla Torg is also a popular entertainment venue. You'll visit Gustav, a popular square for locals and tourists, before looking at shoes on a bridge and visiting a cat on a staircase. Continue along a canal to Malmöhus Castle before the tour ends near the starting point. At the tour stops, there are entertaining tasks to solve and fun questions to answer. Who knows, for example, what ... but no, we won't tell you yet! The tour is a great way to get outside and discover new things with family, friends or on your own. It's like being shown Malmö by a good friend. Many anecdotes will enrich your walk through the city. You can start the tour at any time and as often as you like in the browser of a smartphone. On site or even from the comfort of your sofa. Enjoy your time in Malmö! *** Good to know *** You will receive the link to start the tour in an email directly after booking.

Malmö: Disgusting Food Museum Entrance Ticket

5. Malmö: Disgusting Food Museum Entrance Ticket

Arrive at the museum and receive your ticket in the form of a vomit bag. After reading some information about the nature of disgust, start exploring this quirky and revolting exhibition. Smell jars filled with some of the stinkiest foods known to man, try out the photo booth of disgust and marvel at the exhibit items. At the end of your visit, hesitantly approach the tasting bar where the staff will guide you through the bucket-list-worthy items from all over the world. Sample dried insects, stinky cheeses, fermented shark and the dreaded surströmming - all included in the ticket price. If you find your new favorite food, head to the gift shop which is filled to the brim with frozen bull testicles and the saltiest licorice known to exist. Your ticket is valid all day and the time printed is just an indication.

A Malmö Ghost story: self-guided walking tour game

6. A Malmö Ghost story: self-guided walking tour game

Want to go on a ghostwalk through Malmö? This self-guided walking tour game invites you to explore the story of Karna Möller, the most famous ghost in town. When brewery owner Per Nilsson Möller remarries following the death of his first wife Karna in 1736, unexpected things start to happen in and around his house at Kalendegatan. First his daughter Kiersti sees Karna's ghost in their home. Frightened neighbors and employees report seeing her as well. Local authorities start an investigation of the hauntings of Kalendegatan. They want to know why Karna is haunting her neighborhood, and how they can get her to stop. Go on a spooky audio walking tour through Malmö with this self-guided city exploration game, and get to know the city's most famous ghost. Visit the Malmö locations where Karna's story takes place. Your digital guide and narrator is Henriette, an actor at the Malmö city theater Hippodromen. The theater was built in the same place as where the Möller home and brewery were located in the 1700's. Henriette has sensed Karna's presence while on stage, and she has done some research on Karna's hauntings that she wants to share with you. This audio tour is self-guided via a gps-based app downloaded to your smartphone. When you buy the tour you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the StoryTourist app, which serves as your guide and narrator. Once you have the app installed, head out to the tour starting point, open the app, put your headphones on and get ready for your Malmö ghost walk! You'll listen to the story while you walk, and sounds, illustrations, and game elements are triggered to show up on your mobile screen when you get close to them. Visit creepy places like Karna's burial site and the church where the priest attempted to ward off the ghost. This walking tour is perfect for those who want to go sightseeing in Malmö in a fun and independent manner, as well as for people who enjoy a scary story. This experience is completely flexible: you can start, pause and end it whenever it suits you.

From Copenhagen: Malmö Self-Guided Tour w/ Transport Tickets

7. From Copenhagen: Malmö Self-Guided Tour w/ Transport Tickets

Discover two countries in just one day with this self-guided tour, "Copenhagen - Malmö 1day " Are you in Denmark with a few hours left and have no plans what to do? Take the opportunity to extend your trip to come and visit Sweden. The tour is very flexible, you start the tour in the morning or afternoon in Copenhagen, by bus the journey begins over the iconic Øresund bridge. The bustickets will be send as a E-ticket by SMS and email. Upon arrival in Malmö, you have 2 alternatives to choose from, on how you want to be exploring Malmö on your own. The starting point is at Centralplan 10 in the Centralstation in Malmö, and this is where we you get tips about places to see and distribution of the tickets and bikes, this must be picked up before 4 PM, we recommend to come to our office when you arrive in Malmö. Option 1: Get a 24-hour bus ticket to go around Malmö by the local city buses. Option 2: Get around in the city by bike. When you are ready, discovering all the wonders of Malmö you decide yourself when you want to go back, the trains back depart until midnight. A traditional Swedish fika can be added on to the package. Places that a are nice to visit: Turning Torso Ribersborg kallbadhus Little Square, Lilla torg Malmöhus Castle Moderna Museet Malmö Live concert hall St. Peters church

Malmö: City Exploration Trail

8. Malmö: City Exploration Trail

Embark on an interactive discovery experience as you explore the charming city of Malmö. Open the web app and start the challenge from Södra Förstadsgatan. From there you will wind you way through the historic center of Malmö, learn about the coffee culture in Sweden and wonder through the Kungsparken, the oldest park in town. Curious facts: Get to know more about the city, discover the secrets of the main attractions, and learn about curious facts that you won't read elsewhere. Find monuments and hidden secrets: Our local creator created an interactive walk through the city. Cryptic indications make you wind through the cities streets, inviting you to pay attention to details which you usually won't notice. Once you've arrived at the next stop, you will have to solve a question: open your eyes and mind and use your location to find the right answer! Enjoy: While doing this discovery trail, you will get to know the city from another point of view. Even locals discover new facts while doing secret city trails! Sharpen your senses and appreciate the most wonderful (and little) details around you. Whether you know Malmö or have just started exploring here, get a perspective on the discovery that will inspire your curiosity wherever you go next.

Malmö: 3-Hour Guided Walking Tour

9. Malmö: 3-Hour Guided Walking Tour

Meet your guide at Malmö Central Station. From there, visit the medieval part of the city and hear stories about Malmö Castle, and the two important parks of Kungsparken and Slottsparken. Afterward, head to the Ribersborg Beach and learn how Malmö's locals enjoy the beach. From the beach, admire amazing views of the Ørensund Bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden. Learn about what happened between Denmark and Sweden and how Denmark once lost the southern part of Sweden. Conclude your tour exploring one of the most modern and greenest neighborhoods in Malmo, Västra Hamnen.

Lund Tour: From Medieval Metropolis to Contemporary College

10. Lund Tour: From Medieval Metropolis to Contemporary College

Strolling around Lund’s cobblestoned old town, now the city’s academic centre, you wouldn’t realise that it’s one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia with over 1,000 years of history. It was once a commercial centre and then, in the Middle Ages, it became a religious center with dozens of churches and religious institutions. The grandest of these was the Lund Cathedral, where archbishops reigned, and kings were crowned. The cathedral still towers over the picturesque city center but today, Lund is best known for its university — one of Scandinavia’s leading academic institutions. The tour begins outside Lund Central Station, a short stroll from Bantorget square. From there, you'll follow in the footsteps of priests, professors, and Helgo Zettervall, an architect who famously tore down medieval structures to rebuild them in what he perceived medieval architecture to be. You’ll see where the city’s academics once lived as you walk down Professorsstaden (Professor Town) en route to AF Borgen, Lund’s castle and academic association where the tour ends. Along the way, I’ll point out historical landmarks including Gamla Biskopshuset (the old bishop's residence) and the university’s gym and concert hall known as Palaestra et Odeum. You’ll also hear about a student prank when one of University Square’s “Faculty Frogs” sculptures was stolen and later found on a train bound for Stockholm, wearing a traditional student’s cap. On this Lund walking tour, you’ll get to: • Experience the charming atmosphere of Stortorget, Lund’s main square that’s bustling with quaint cafes, bars and boutique shops • Take in Krafts Torg, the city’s medieval market square where you’ll find plaques commemorating the student erected monument to nothingness in 1984 and its theft in 1987 • Learn about the fascinating open-air museum Kulturen that breathes life into Lund's bygone eras with meticulously recreated historical buildings and artifacts • Peer through the dark windows at Locus Peccatorum, the Place of Sins, with its dark and tragic past that served as a catalyst for the establishment of the Academic Society • Soak up the fresh and fragrant air of Lund’s Botanical Garden where you’ll find thousands of plants, flowers and trees • Hear about Skissernas Museum (Museum of Sketches), a unique public art museum that focuses on the artistic process • Marvel at the ivy-covered Lund University Library, considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Sweden • Enjoy University Square which is surrounded by historical buildings on all sides and forms the epicenter of academic Lund This hour-long tour is designed for all to enjoy, with an easy walking route. Whether you're a tourist passing through or a new student just arriving in Lund, you’ll enjoy immersing yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Lund’s contemporary core while learning about its rich and fascinating past.

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A really enjoyable day. Plenty of info given at each stop and time to explore. Great driver/guide who was knowledgeable on the history and details of points of interest at all of the stops and went out of his way to show us interesting places and keep to the schedule so we could see everything at its best.

Very nice trip to Sweden. Received a lot of extra explanation from Per, our driver.

We have a very nice trip. Our guider Mario is humorous and friendly.

Great way to do a quick tour and get a taste of each other.

Per was an excellent guide; friendly and flexible.