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Boundless hobbies of traveling led us to establish PT Yogyakarta Trip Aktivitas and find brand-new ways to explore the island of Java. We have a continuing love affair with the natural odyssey, hanging around to discover the hidden gems of the cities, old buildings, architecture, special culinary tours, and abound curiosity about Javanese past and present history. Under the brand of Ykexplore, we offer exciting itineraries at a competitive price to Indonesia enthusiasts. We serve group, customized, and private tours. You can choose the number of travel days and accommodation based on personal preferences and budget. Explore the island of Java in any season year around. We will guide you to every possibility. You can take a neighborhood walking tour or go around the city in a vehicle or sit comfortably in the car. Talk to locals while tasting food in the open air. Learn local wisdom at historical places or watch cultural dance. Catch breathtaking photos in the early morning from the height of the mountains or record videos for trip vlogs. Observe the smoke coming out of the volcano. View the Javanese countryside from the top of the temple. Practice the local community’s lifestyle that does not exist in big cities. Why not? And many more to come. We know that your day off is invaluable, and we want to do excellent customer oriented service. We provide competent and experienced human resources who can speak foreign languages well enough, decent accommodation, and reliable vehicle platforms to make you conveniently and safely along the trips. We ensure an unforgettable experience you can share with friends and family.

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