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Xochimilco Ecological Park and Plant Market

Xochimilco Ecological Park and Plant Market

Xochimilco Ecological Park and Plant Market: Our most recommended tours and activities

Xochimilco & Colonial Coyoacan Trip

1. Xochimilco & Colonial Coyoacan Trip

Setting off on this half-day tour of Xochimilco and Coyoacan, you’ll pass by Mexico City’s World Trade Center, the Siqueiros Cultural Polyforum, the Monumental Mexico Bull Ring, and the Insurgentes Theater with its mosaic mural of Diego Rivera’s Cantinflas. Explore the university library that features mosaic murals by Juan O´Gorman, Mexico’s Olympic stadium, and the residential area of Pedregal de San Angel, built on lava fields. Enjoy the peaceful waters of the Xochimilco canals, one of the last traces of the Aztec era. Take a relaxing, scenic journey on these ancient waters on a traditional punt or pre-Hispanic boat. You’ll visit the impressive colonial district of Coyoacan. Walk along Francisco Sosa Street to the town’s main square, admiring its large, rambling 16th-century houses on the way. See the impressive mansion of Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortes and the Church of St. John the Baptist, with its magnificent paintings and altarpieces.

Mexico City: Xochimilco, Casa Azul, Coyoacán & UNAM Tour

2. Mexico City: Xochimilco, Casa Azul, Coyoacán & UNAM Tour

Take a guided day trip from Mexico City and cruise the waterways of Xochimilco, a UNESCO site, on a wooden boat. Explore the colonial architecture of Coyoacán, stroll through Central University, and visit the Frida Kahlo Museum with the included entry tickets. Enjoy the convenience of being picked up from the doorstep of your accommodation in Mexico city. Relax in an airconditioned van on the drive to the waterways of Xochimilco. Glide through the water on a colorful wooden boat called a Trajinera. Purchase a drink and regional snacks from one of the restaurant boats that dot the waterways. Listen to the sounds of mariachi bands permeating the air as you sail past the floating gardens. Continue your tour to the neighborhood of Coyoacán, favored by some of Mexico's most famous artists and writers. Stroll its tree-lined cobbled streets, admiring the stucco and tile facades of its beautiful colonial houses. Next, make your way to the Frida Kahlo Museum which is the former house of the famed Mexican painter. Gain insight into the life of this iconic figure and her famous husband, Diego Rivera, and stroll through the picturesque garden. The last stop of the tour is to the campus of the Central University, home to the Olympic Stadium from 1968 and adorned with murals by a number of Mexican artists.

Mexico City: Xochimilco, Coyoacán and University City Tour

3. Mexico City: Xochimilco, Coyoacán and University City Tour

Begin your experience by visiting a craft center dedicated to silverwork in the popular neighborhood of Peralvillo. Your adventure continues at the Xochimilco Lake, where you'll take a ride on a traditional boat called a "trajinera". You'll get to appreciate the canals and especially the chinampas, which were artificial islands designed by pre-Hispanic peoples, such as the Aztecs, to populate the region's lake. During your boat ride, you can take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy music from a mariachi band on the trajinera (the cost of the mariachi is not included). The next stop is the central campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Here, you'll admire the "functionalist" architecture and the impressive murals at the Olympic Stadium and the Central Library, attributed to Diego Rivera and Juan O'Gorman, prominent figures in the Mexican muralist movement. To conclude your experience, you'll explore the charming neighborhood of Coyoacan. You'll visit the main street, Francisco Sosa, which is adorned with gardens and colonial houses. Additionally, you'll discover the heart of Coyoacán, including the San Juan Bautista church, Hidalgo Garden, and the monument commemorating the neighborhood's foundation.

CDMX: Xochimilco, Coyoacan & Frida Kahlo Museum Private Tour

4. CDMX: Xochimilco, Coyoacan & Frida Kahlo Museum Private Tour

Embark on a guided tour of Mexico City and sail through the ancient Xochimilco borough on a colorful trajinera. Learn about the city from your guide and visit highlights, including the Frida Kahlo Museum and the Coyoacan Neighborhood. On this private tour, begin with a pick-up from your hotel in Mexico City and drive to Xochimilco. There, climb aboard a trajinera painted with bright colors to explore the channels built by the Aztec civilization. During the tour, you will be informed about the construction of artificial islands and other activities at the UNESCO World Heritage Site. A visit to the Anahuacalli Museum, founded by the famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. Your guide will offer you a personalized narration about the art collection including 64,000 pre-Hispanic pieces. The blue house, also known as the Frida Kahlo Museum, is where the enigmatic painter Frida Kahlo lived and died. Learn about the important details of her life and admire your her work before taking a stroll through the historic center of Coyoacan, which has a colonial atmosphere. Lastly, your guide will take you to visit the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where you will be able to see mosaic murals by Diego Rivera, Juan O'Gorman and David A.Siqueiros. After admiring the views of the Olympic stadium, be taken from the Vuelta to your hotel.

Mexico City Tour and Xochimilco Canal Boat Ride

5. Mexico City Tour and Xochimilco Canal Boat Ride

Explore Mexico City and discover the history and cultural diversity of this city. Visit the National Palace, see the beautiful murals by Diego Rivera attract the crowds. Then, go to Constitution Square and admire the Metropolitan Cathedral. Head off the main avenues to Chapultepec Park, one of the most important residential areas of the city. Explore the Zona Rosa before going to the World Trade Center, Siqueiros Cultural Poly forum, and monumental Bull Ring.  Admire more Diego artwork at the Insurgentes Theater before going to the famous library at University City, entirely covered in mosaic murals by Juan O´Gorman.  See the Olympic Stadium and explore the residential area of Pedregal de San Angel. Then, make your way to the Xochimilco Canals, one of the last traces of the ancient Aztec era. Here, you will take a relaxing trip on a traditional pre-Hispanic boat.  Continue to colonial Coyoacan for a walk down Francisco Sosa Street to see the old houses from the 16th century. Visit the Conquistador Hernando Cortes and the beautiful paintings and altarpiece of the Church of St. John the Baptist.

From Mexico City: Teotihuacan & Xochimilco Private Day Tour

6. From Mexico City: Teotihuacan & Xochimilco Private Day Tour

Explore the rich folkloric and cultural traditions of Mexico on this full-day private excursion to Teotihuacan and Xochimilco. Let the music, colors, and flowers fill you with memories as you explore ancient archaeological sites and local traditions. Enjoy the ride from your accommodation to the Archaeological Zone of Teotihuacan. Enjoy a brief history of maguey, or agave, and sample pulque, a traditional Mexican drink. Resume the trip to reach Xochimilco. Hop aboard a trajinera, the colorfully decorated canoe-type wooden boats, a don't-miss highlight of this Mexico City experience. End your educational journey in the Archaeological Zone of Tlatelolco.

México: Teotihuacán - Xochimilco - Taxco (3 Day Tour)

7. México: Teotihuacán - Xochimilco - Taxco (3 Day Tour)

Enjoy the Mexican culture in more than 5 places: Basilica of Guadalupe, Pyramids of Teotihuacán, Coyoacán, Xochimilco, Cuernavaca and Taxco. The first day will begin with a brief visit to the most important Sanctuary in Latin America, you will know the true story of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the symbolism that surrounds her and the story of the "Miracle of her Eyes", in addition to tour the seven churches that make up the so-called "Guadalupe Valley" with its ancient basilica and the modern architecture of the current home of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The visit will continue to the site of the ancient Gods, "Teotihuacán"emblematic for its Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon and for its beautiful obsidian stone and the maguey cactus. You will know the origins of the Teotihuacan culture which will help you understand why in Mexico there is a cult of death. We also make an explanation and sample of the "agave" from which different materials are obtained such as the well-known "Drink of the Gods" (you will get a free drink tasting) and the needle and thread, which were used to make the mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Once the tour is finished you will be returned to your hotel. The second day we will visit the south of the city, where we will make a stop at the UNAM where we will see the "University Olympic Stadium" to appreciate the Diego Rivera mural and the Central Library, one of the most important in Latin America. The next stop in the tour will be Coyoacán´s neighborhood, where Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera lived, and we will walk through the historic center to appreciate the architecture of the 16th century. The tour will continue towards Xochimilco, the last vestige of the city's great lake, where we will learn about the traditions that it still latently maintains today, where we will take a ride in the typical boats of the region called "trajineras". At the end of the ride you can buy crafts, sweets, food or typical toys from the region. And finally return to the hotel. The third day we will head towards Cuernavaca, the City of Eternal Spring, to see the Cathedral and how the French Order introduces the Catholic religion to the native Tlauicas. You will have time to have a coffee and head to the magical town of Taxco de Alarcón. Taxco is a city known as "The Silver Capital of the world" with a "Toledan" architectural style. We will walk through its streets and learn about its legends and religious as well as cultural traditions. We will be able to see the representation of a mine and its silver workshop. Within the tour you will admire the "Jewel of Taxco", which is the church of Santa Prisca, with a baroque style and pink quarry finishes. End of the tour and return to the hotel.

Mexico City: Frida Kahlo Museum, Coyoacan, and Xochimilco

8. Mexico City: Frida Kahlo Museum, Coyoacan, and Xochimilco

Your tour will begin with your discovery of Coyoacan, of the 16 boroughs of Mexico City and a the former village which is now the borough’s “historic center.” The name comes from Nahuatl, and most likely means “place of coyotes”. You will visit the beautiful town of Coyoacan, considered a magical neighborhood with a bohemian atmosphere. Full of stories, a walk through this village will help you discover its galleries, crafts, and Frida Kahlo’s home and Museum. You will have the option to enter this home and museum, which belonged to her parents and is where she lived as a child. This house was inhabited by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera from 1929 to 1954, and here you can find some of her famous paintings, letters, and personal effects. Next, you will head towards Xochimilco for a journey through the ancient canals and artificial islands created by the original peoples over 800 years ago. You will sail aboard a colorful boat known as a “Trajineras”, with there being no better way to be surrounded by the folklore of the people of Mexico.

Mexico City 3 Days: Explore the Capital with your Tour Guide

9. Mexico City 3 Days: Explore the Capital with your Tour Guide

Day 1: Teotihuacan + Basilica de Guadalupe + Historic Center (9 h) On the first day, join your guide to visit Teotihuacan, the capital city of the first Mesoamerican empire currently on the UNESCO World Heritage. Leisurely explore the archaeological zone with your tour guide and see the impressive Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, the Road of the Dead, and other sights of this ancient city that existed 2000 years ago. After this, stop at the Basilica de Guadalupe, a highlight religious destination in the world and famous for its cult of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Once there, get acquainted with the history of the miracle that supposedly happened in 1531, when the Virgin Mary appeared to a native man called Juan Diego, whose cloak has become famous throughout the centuries for preserving Her sacred image. Finally, go to the lively Historic Center of Mexico City and learn about its pre-Hispanic and colonial past, discover its rich traditions and culture, and try the best of local gastronomy. Additionally, see its iconic Zocalo, which is the main square, and visit the vast Metropolitan Cathedral. Also, walk around the area and see multiple colonial-time palaces and the impressive eclectic buildings of the Main Post Office and the Palace of Fine Arts. Day 2: Xochimilco + Anahuacalli Museum + UNAM + Coyoacan + Frida Kahlo Museum (8 h) On the second day after a pick-up from your accommodation, go with your guide to the Xochimilco neighborhood, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. There, enjoy a 1 h ride along its picturesque canals on a colorful “trajinera” (a traditional flat-bottom boat decorated with colorful ornaments and controlled by the boatman with a pole), and listen to traditional music performed by mariachi. Further, head to the historic neighborhood of Coyoacan. On the way stop at the Anahuacalli Museum, which is home to an essential collection of pre-Hispanic art owned by Mexican painter Diego Rivera. Moreover, have the chance to see the UNAM campus, the largest university in the country, to see the outstanding murals that some renowned Mexican artists created during the 1950s. Once in Coyoacan, enjoy a walking tour of this colonial quarter full of cobblestoned streets, old churches, and squares. Also, visit the Frida Kahlo Museum, dedicated to this prominent Mexican painter. Day 3: Chapultepec Castle + Anthropology Museum (7 h) On the last day, after a pick-up, head to Chapultepec while driving along Paseo de la Reforma, one of the most famous avenues in the city. Upon arrival at the park, climb up the hill to visit the Chapultepec Castle, one of the foremost symbols of Mexico that carefully preserves its heritage from significant historical periods. Moreover, make a stop at the National Museum of Anthropology, the largest and most visited museum in Mexico with an astonishing collection of pre-Hispanic artifacts.

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We really liked the team of guide Carlos and the driver. They had excellent attention and gave us a great explanation of the history throughout our tour. We really liked the boat ride. The only thing is that the price of the food was a little high (although we know it is not part of the excursion) it would be good to know the price to choose from

We had a blast. Starting the day being picked up from our hotel was great. Our guide was very knowledgeable and made sure we were taken care of. The boat ride was my favorite part with a pull up boat serving us freshly made delicious food. Great experience.

This was our best day in Mexico! I marveled at the driver…driving in Mexico City is REALLY a challenge. We did all my favorite things in Mexico City in one day!

Very knowledgeable guide and a gentleman. The bad thing, the turns and return traffic that we ended up feeling nauseous and dizzy.

Very good attention from Rosa Maria and Eliseo, they made our experience very pleasant and close.