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Old Batavia Tour

Old Batavia Tour

Start your journey through Jakarta’s rich past with a visit to Glodok, the heart of Chinatown. This busy hub of banking, trading, and entertainment includes the Petak Sembilan Chinese Temple, dedicated to Kuan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of mercy, built around 1650. Next, check out the Kota Intan Drawbridge, the last of its kind in Jakarta. It offers a glimpse into the stylish 17th-century residential neighborhood along the Ciliwung River. Then, head over to the Museum Bahari Jakarta in the historic Sunda Kelapa harbor. It showcases Indonesia’s maritime heritage with exhibits in 17th-century Dutch warehouses. You can enjoy panoramic harbor views from the museum's tower. Next, check out the Fatahillah Museum in the old town hall of Batavia. It's got maps, antiques, and porcelain that tell the story of Dutch rule in Indonesia. Just a heads-up: the museum is closed on Mondays and public holidays. You could also check out the antique market on Jalan Surabaya instead. Finally, the Museum Wayang has an extensive collection of traditional Indonesian puppets and interactive displays on puppet-making.

From Jakarta Port: Cultural and Historical City tour

From Jakarta Port: Cultural and Historical City tour

Embark on a captivating journey through Jakarta's rich tapestry of culture and history with the From Jakarta Port: Cultural and Historical City Tour. This immersive experience invites you to explore the heart of Indonesia's capital, starting from the bustling Jakarta Port. Begin your adventure by delving into the vibrant atmosphere of local markets, where the aromas of exotic spices and the colorful array of goods offer a glimpse into Jakarta's diverse cultural heritage. The tour unfolds as you visit iconic landmarks such as the National Monument (Monas), where history comes to life, showcasing Indonesia's struggle for independence. Marvel at the blend of traditional and modern architecture at Istiqlal Mosque and Jakarta Cathedral, symbols of religious harmony. Stroll through the enchanting Old Town (Kota Tua), where colonial-era buildings stand as a testament to Jakarta's historical past. Immerse yourself in the local lifestyle by exploring museums like the National Museum and Wayang Museum, housing treasures that narrate the nation's narrative. Indulge your senses in the rich flavors of Indonesian cuisine during a delightful stop at a local eatery, offering a taste of the city's culinary diversity. From Jakarta Port, this cultural and historical city tour promises an insightful and visually stunning adventure, providing a deeper understanding of Jakarta's multifaceted identity. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or simply seeking a memorable experience, this tour offers a unique perspective on the vibrant soul of Jakarta.

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It was a very interesting day, learning about the history of Indonesia. I liked that way the Tour started at the beginning of time and worked through the ages. Seeing the puppets was fun, though we missed the show, it was good seeing how they were made. The museums were good, with well laid out displays (a lot of labels were in english) The old port (with working boats) were particularly good to see, plus the drawbridge and the Dutch buildings. Take some water with you as well, the guide did buy water, I found it wasn't quite enough. The guide and driver were excellent - and they were very accomodating. When I booked online, the website said I wasn't able to be picked up from the hotel, that was incorrect and I have fed that back to the company.

A lovely tour of old town, chinatown and the old harbour. Museums are very interesting. Wayang puppet museum was impressive, even if or because it was a one man show. Magical. There was an extra option for going around (20 minutes) in a little wooden motor boat out in the old harbour and with lookout to Java Sea. If you have the chance, go for it! We even saw iguanas/ big lizards.

There was lots of traffic due to a presidential rally and our team made sure we made it back to the ship on time. Great guide who was fluent in English. We had an enjoyable time!

Sony was an excellent guide, with a good attitude, cheerful and attentive. Transportation was comfortable. We liked the restaurant they took us to for lunch.

Tour guide was polite and friendly but could have engaged with us more