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Venetian Castle of Naxos

Venetian Castle of Naxos: Our most recommended tours and activities

Naxos Castle Walking Tour and Sunset at the Portara

1. Naxos Castle Walking Tour and Sunset at the Portara

Enjoy a relaxed evening walking tour of Naxos Old Town, and become acquainted with the most beautiful sights it has to offer. Feel like a time-traveler as you witness the different periods of Naxos history, strolling through the Venetian Castle down to the old Market and up again to the ancient Temple of Apollo. Pass by buildings that have played significant roles in forming the history of the land, and listen to stories of times past. Learn about the contemporary daily life and discover more about the customs and cultural events that take place within the walls of the Castle all year round.  Lose yourself in the alleys of the vibrant Old Market maze and discover ambient bars, cozy taverns, and boutique shops full of souvenirs and local products. End your tour at “Portara” and enjoy the most breathtaking, panoramic sunset views. Your guide will give you a highly personalized tour and provide you with local tips about the whole island. Perfect for all types of travelers, including travelers of all ages, this is a fantastic way to experience the vibrant town of Naxos.

Naxos: Old Town, Castle & Portara Guided Sunset Tour

2. Naxos: Old Town, Castle & Portara Guided Sunset Tour

Walk through the quaint alleys of Naxos as they're bathed in the light of the setting sun on this walking tour. Stop at some viewpoints along the way to take in the scenery and snap some pictures. Let a local lead the way through the winding streets of the Old Town. Learn about the history and mythology of the island, from ancient gods and heroes to tales of medieval dukes. Learn about some of Greece's most famous myths and find out which ones are connected to Naxos. Hear about the marriage of Ariadne and the god Dionysus. Finish your tour with a stop at the famous Temple of Apollo. Admire sweeping views over the Aegean and enjoy the last rays of the sun as it sets over the sea.

Naxos: Food Walking Tour & Cooking Class with Meal & Drinks

3. Naxos: Food Walking Tour & Cooking Class with Meal & Drinks

Stroll down the cobblestone alleys of Chora, Naxos main town. In the company of your guide, you’ll make the rounds of the local produce market the way the Naxos people do. Once there, you’ll pick and choose your own local, fresh, seasonal produce, bursting with fragrances, colors, and flavor. You’ll be putting your vegetables to good use during the cooking course that will follow. Your route will also take you to tiny traditional shops, hidden in the alleys of Chora, where you’ll find out all about the traditional products that Naxos is famous for throughout Greece: olives, olive oil, honey, potatoes, fruit, cheeses, and meat from Naxos are sought for and in great demand. At some of the shops you’ll have the chance to sample the actual products. Sampling the amazing local cheeses will simply delight you. You’ll be equally delighted when you sample versions of the signature Naxos liqueur made from citron, a citrus fruit. Our tour will take you down the maze-like alleys of the Chora castle built in the 13th century when Venetian rule started on Naxos and the island was known as the Duchy of Naxos. You will get a glimpse of local life in those times of yore and come to appreciate not only the beauty of Cycladic architecture but its functionality as well. Your walk will end at a small traditional taverna where you’ll meet the talented chef we work with. He’ll ask you to help him with the preparation and, step by step, he’ll show you how to make mouthwatering, traditional appetizers and the renowned Greek salad, all the while paying tribute to the Mediterranean’s flavors and aromas. Next, comes the greatest part of the tour. We’ll all be sitting down to share the dishes you made yourself, along with another Greek traditional dish prepared by our chef. We’ll raise our glasses, toast each other, and enjoy a day spent in enjoying and experiencing. After your meal, we’ll end our tour the Greek way: with a cup of traditional Greek coffee to round off your culinary experience.

Naxos: Self-Guided Treasure Hunt & Tour

4. Naxos: Self-Guided Treasure Hunt & Tour

Join us for an unforgettable journey with Naxos Self-Guided Treasure Hunt & Tour! Begin your self-guided adventure at one of the entrances of the Castle, Paraporti Gate. Use the Narratologies app to read stories, solve riddles, earn gems, and learn more about the Venetian and ancient monuments in the citadel of Naxos. Conclude your journey at the temple of Apollo to enjoy one the most beautiful sunsets in Greece. Don't waste any time and explore, learn and win! Mission Join Theseus, the fearless hero and founder of Athens City in his quest to find his love, Ariadne, who mysteriously dissapeared. After his trip to Crete to find the Minotaur, Theseus stopped at Naxos. There, he slept one night with his sailors in the boat and in the next morning Ariadne was gone. No trace of her, nothing! Quick, you need to help him find her!

Naxos Town: Sunset Mythology Tour with Wine

5. Naxos Town: Sunset Mythology Tour with Wine

See the Temple of Apollo and the Venetian castle with a guide on this walking tour of Naxos. Discover the fascinating Discover the unique charm of the greek myths under the magical rays of the setting sun. Start with a leisurely walk overlooking the sea during which your expert guide will introduce you to Greek mythology and will bring to life the myths and tales of gods and heroes. Hear about Odysseus’ adventures, the Sirenes, enchanting sorceress Circe, and the Argonauts in the quest of the golden fleece as well as mighty Poseidon and the twelve Olympian gods. Our walk will take us uphill to the top of the medieval castle town of Naxos Naxos built, where, once upon a time, the glorious ancient Acropolis stood, with its marble temples, palaces and fortifications. Along the way, stops at picture-perfect settings with great views are not only inspirational for photography at best but highlight the narrative of the island’s treasured myths. Overlooking the amazing view of the surrounding area you will enjoy a glass of local wine in honor of Dionysus- the ancient god of wine before continuing your exploration. Every step of your walk travels the imagination from the world of the ancient gods to the Middle Ages and the walled fortresses of the ruling Dukes. Once back to the waterfront, glimmers of light reflect the awesome myth of the Minotaur of Crete and the marriage of Ariadne with the god Dionysus on the island. The inspirational walk ends at the famous ‘Portara’, the great gate of the temple of god Apollo which remains, until today, the distinguishing landmark of Naxos. Enjoy a mythical sunset while Helios paints the sky with the last the last translucent shades of pink and amber before he sets into the Blue Aegean.

Naxos Town: Walking Food Tour with Wine Tasting

6. Naxos Town: Walking Food Tour with Wine Tasting

A pinch of history and a bellyful of Naxian culinary delights in a stroll around Hora’s most mouthwatering locations. The town of Naxos, also known as “Hora”, definitely has more than meets the eye. Tons of history packed in just a few square kilometers and so many options to choose from! Let us take you to the places that we think best tell the story of this island as a whole. In this foodie tour you will begin your walk around the Old Town maze. You will climb up the Venetian Castle, where you’ll enjoy a snack inspired by the Venetian presence on Naxos and learn how the Italian conquerors influenced local cuisine too, while gazing at the breathtaking views from the highest point. Then, you will visit a family-run tavern to savor traditional Naxian recipes. Enjoy a plentiful traditional dinner, customized to your preferences (please inform us regarding your likes and dislikes: let us know if you prefer meat/seafood/vegetarian options). You will then have your palates all cleaned up with some refreshing ice cream, made with local milk from the farms of Naxos. Off to one of the oldest liqueur stores of Naxos, where the original PDO Naxian liquer, the famous “Kitron” is distributed from. Discover the history and taste this special liquor, Then, you will be taken to one of the Town’s oldest grocery stores to enjoy a tasting of a variety of Naxian cheeses and to check out herbs, olives and oh so much more. And to close the walk in style, enjoy a visit to a cute wine bar hidden in the heart of Naxos Town where the young, knowledgeable and passionate wine producer will guide you through a wine tasting session of Greek varieties only. Highlights - Full dinner with traditional recipes in small family tavern - Informative walk up the Venetian Castle - Landmark terrace café, for a Venetian-inspired delicacy - Ice-cream stop - Old grocery store - Old liqueur store - local PDO liqueur tasting - Wine bar - Cycladic wine tasting session

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What people are saying about Venetian Castle of Naxos

Our guide was very informative, and they took us on more of a journey than we expected. We enjoyed finding everything about the city and the cooking class was so much fun. The pictures were an added bonus as we were transported back in time. It was well worth the money, and we would definitely recommend it, for anyone came to the city of Naxos.

Anastasia was very friendly and accommodating, she took us to multiple interesting (and delicious) local spots, and we got to enjoy the BEST Greek food at an authentic taverna at the end of our walking adventure! She sent several pictures from our activities and the recipes for us to take home with us.

My friends and I had the best time exploring Naxos and watching the sun set above the temple of Apollo. Highly recommend this tour for everyone:)

Guide was lovely, knowledgeable and a great story teller. Even poured us some Naxion wine at the end which was a nice touch!

This was a, wonderful informitive tour. Our guide, was so knowledgeable and pleasant. Would highly recommend.