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Our most recommended things to do in Ukraine

  • Walking Tour of Austrian Architecture in Lviv

    1. Walking Tour of Austrian Architecture in Lviv

    Meet your local guide in front of the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre and start a fascinating walking tour. Strolling around the beautiful streets of Lviv, you will discover amazing architectural masterpieces, created when the city was a part of Austrian Empire. If you’ve already discovered the Lviv Old Town, you have an excellent chance to discover the other side of this magnificent city. The first architectural masterpiece for you to discover is Opera and Ballet Theater that is one of the symbols of the city. Built in the beginning of 20th century, this theater will impress you with elaborated exterior and your guide will tell you curious facts and legends about this building. Then, you will see an outstanding House of Scientists, a former noble casino and one of the great examples of the neo-baroque palatial architecture. You can visit this building (optional, for additional fee) and a...

  • Kiev: 3-Hour Podil District Private Walking Tour

    2. Kiev: 3-Hour Podil District Private Walking Tour

    Meet your guide at the foot of St. Andrew's Church at the top of Andriivs'kyi descent and start a joyful 3-hour walking tour of Podil – both ancient and modern at the same time. Podil is one of the oldest areas in Kiev that will impress you with magnificent churches, fascinating monuments, and inner patios. Moreover, Podil is well-known as the center of trade and commerce. Discover many interesting facts about the history and present day of these place from your private local guide.   On Kontraktova Square, you will find such worthwhile attractions as the Monument to Hetman P. Sahaidachniy and the monument of the Ukrainian philosopher G. Skovoroda. Moreover, one of the most prestigious Ukrainian universities – the Kiev Mohyla Academy, founded in 1659, is located here. You will also visit one of the most significant Orthodox churches of Kiev, Florovsky Convent, founded in 16th century. T...

    Very open minded guide Anna. Got an interesting tour of the old city, an a crash course of Ukrain history :)

  • From Kiev: Day Trip to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and Prypiat

    3. From Kiev: Day Trip to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and Prypiat

    Meet your guide in Kiev, then relax on the 2-hour drive to Dytyatki Checkpoint, the main entry point to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

    During the journey, see a documentary about the Chernobyl disaster. Make a short stop so that you can use the bathroom, and purchase coffee and snacks.

    Once you pass the police checkpoint and enter the exclusion zone, visit Chernobyl town to see the evacuation memorial, the Lenin monument, the museum of robots, and more. Continue to the Chernobyl Power Plant.

    Explore the reactor blocks, cooling towers, the new sarcophagus over Reactor 4, and the Prometheus monument. Head to the Red Forest viewpoint, then visit the ghost town of Prypiat. See the abandoned amusement park. Wander past the empty school, hospital, and river port.

    After lunch at t...

    The whole experiance is amazing. My second visit seeing many things not see last time. Difference between summer and autumn can be seen in many places

  • From Kiev: Group Tour to Chernobyl and Prypiat with Lunch

    4. From Kiev: Group Tour to Chernobyl and Prypiat with Lunch

    Take a small group tour to Chernobyl and Prypiat and witness the destruction of a nuclear accident. See interesting memorials and the deserted village of Kopachi.

    Meet your guide in Kiev and check your passport details before departing. It takes around 2 hours to get to the main entrance of the zone (checkpoint Dytiatky) where you will pass through passport control and begin the tour. Discover the town of Chernobyl, where almost 5000 people work and live. See the main square in the town of Chernobyl and the Wormwood Star memorial, with one of the few remaining statue of Lenin left in Ukraine.

    Move on to the Chernobyl river port with its sunken boats and ships. Make a quick stop at the local shop (if needed) before going to the Memorial to Those Who Saved the World. Then, head to the village of Kopachi where almost all the buildings were buried in the gro...

    We met in front of Dnipro hotel, the tour guide was really friendly and enthusiastic. She surprised us with very good english. She knew plenty of stories, had pictures of how it used to be. During the whole tour it was like walking with a friend. She showed us many different things, explained what buildings there used to be.

  • From Kiev: Chernobyl and Pripyat Full-Day Group Tour

    5. From Kiev: Chernobyl and Pripyat Full-Day Group Tour

    Depart Kiev in the morning and journey towards the Chernobyl exclusion zone to clear the passport control. Walk around the site of the devastating nuclear accident and see important monuments such as the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and Reactor 4. Feed the giant catfish in the cooling water pond, and then enjoy a lunch of 100% clean produce in a genuine canteen from the Soviet era. Visit one of the secret stations in the ghost town of Pripyat, opened to tourism following the success of computer games such as S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Take photos of the abandoned buildings and post-apocalyptic landscapes and keep a look out for wild animals wandering the deserted streets. Separate the truth from the myths about the 1986 disaster and learn more about its devastating impact on world history.

    We choosed English group but we were with Russians or Ukrainians. Unfortunately all descriptions were a litle bit short because of multilanguages group. We expected that English discriptions would be more.

  • From Kiev: 1-Day Group Tour to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

    6. From Kiev: 1-Day Group Tour to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

    Depart Kiev and journey to Chernobyl, famous as the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Learn the rules of radiation safety and watch specially-prepared video material about the disaster en route to the exclusion zones. Learn how the city, while largely abandoned, is still populated with local workers and policemen along with shops, a post office and café. See sights such as the museum, St. Elijah Church, the Park of Glory, river port and memorial to the liquidators who rushed to reactor number 4 in the immediate aftermath of the explosion. Visit reactor number 4, where complex engineering solutions are underway designed to transform it into an ecologically safe system. Discover the secret facility of Chernobyl 2 and go to the Soviet over-the-horizon radar station of Duga, where foreign radio stations were blocked and espionage took place. Next, ...

    Excellent guide and tour company. Our guide Elena had great English and interpersonal skills and was very knowledgeable about the subject. No problems overall. Thank you!

  • From Kiev: One-Day Group Trip To Chernobyl Zone and Pripyat

    7. From Kiev: One-Day Group Trip To Chernobyl Zone and Pripyat

    Chernobyl is the most famous Ukrainian phenomenon. If you plan to visit Ukraine or are already in the country, don't miss out on the most important and unique experience. A tour of Chernobyl is a unique possibility to see with your own eyes the place of one of the greatest ecological disasters in human history. The truly terrifying consequences for the local population, the model city of the Soviet Union - Pripyat, and the whole region of Ukrainian Polissya are explained. You are going to witness how irresistibly nature takes back everything humans once deprived. You observe the place without any human alteration, as everything returns to it’s pristine state. Despite learning what happened here and the scope of the tragedy, you are going to find it impossible to resist certain charms of the zone. Accompanied by professional English-speaking guide, you are going to hear the story preced...

    We booked this trip to get an impression of the disaster from 1986. The tour was very well organized, with many many information and two funny guides. We would recommend this tour to everybody who is around Kiev.

  • Kiev: Urbex Underground and Bunker Tour

    8. Kiev: Urbex Underground and Bunker Tour

    The first part of your tour will be a visit to the city's underground river / drain tunnel system. This will involve 1.5 to 3 hours of walking through underground tunnels, equipped with special flashlights and gum boots. With your experienced guide, you will learn everything there is to know about Kiev's underground world, feel what it's like to be in absolute darkness, and experience the city in a totally new way. Then, for the second part of this combo tour, explore one of the abandoned Cold War bunkers, forgotten since the USSR times. Get the chance to open a massive Soviet hermetic blast door in an abandoned fallout shelter, and feel what it would be like to live in an era in which people live in constant fear of a nuclear attack. In this 1-hour guided tour, you'll touch one of the hidden pages of Ukrainian history, see real civil equipment frozen in time, and learn about survival a...

    This is a do not miss experience if you like a little bit of adventure! Our guide was very informative, helpful, and attentive throughout the experience. I believe my son and I have picked up a new hobby when we get home!

  • Chernobyl and Prypiat Private Day Tour from Kiev

    9. Chernobyl and Prypiat Private Day Tour from Kiev

    Benefit from pick-up at your hotel in Kiev, and then journey to the site of one of the world's worst nuclear accidents to explore Chernobyl and the abandoned town of Pripyat in complete safety. Create your own itinerary of the poignant attraction and see only what you want on a fully personalized experience. Get access to the Exclusion Zone of the decommissioned Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, built by the USSR military soon after the disaster in 1986. See the remains of the nuclear reactors and the abandoned buildings of the ghost town of Pripyat. Discover the site of the secret Duga radar system, and visit the New Safe Confinement structure, built to contain the remains of reactor No. 4. Talk to some of the people that now live in the exclusion zone and get more information than you could ever get on the internet!

    We had a private tour with Constantine, couldn’t have asked for a better more informative and friendly tour guide, life changing experience that Constantine was a major part of, got everything we came for and were greeted with water bottles and hand wipes just in case. 100% recommend once this whole corona-virus is over.

  • Kiev: Shooting Range Packages

    10. Kiev: Shooting Range Packages

    Spend time at a outdoor shooting range in Kiev with a variety of weapons. Receive instructions for safe operation from an expert instructor. Choose one of the five following shooting packages:  10 bullets Kalashnikov AK 47 (7,62*39 mm) 10 bullets Colt Competition PRO CRP-20, sniper rifle (223 Rem) With Safety Training, equipment and instruction, transportation, English speaking guide Package #2  10 bullets Kalashnikov AK 47 USSR (7,62*39 mm) 10 bullets Colt Competition PRO CRP-20 sniper rifle USA (223 Rem) 10 bullets M4, Carbine USA (223 Rem) 10 bullets Hatsan Escort AimGuard pump shotgun Turkey (12/76 mm) 10 bullets Glock-17 pistol shots Austria (9*19mm) With Safety Training, equipment and instruction, transportation, English speaking guide Package #3 10 bullets Kalashnikov AK 47 USSR (7,62 *39 mm) 10 bullets Colt Competition PRO CRP-20 sniper rifle USA (223 Rem) 10 bullets Steyr AUG...

    For absolute beginners to firearms like me, this was a great blessing. I was taken by car to the location and back in an orderly fashion and given the opportunity to fire a variety of weapons. When I expressed discomfort with the recoil, they helpfully provided the padding that saved me from further self-embarrassment. I would highly encourage anyone interested in using firearms for the first time to come here. The choice of guns (from WW2 Soviet Sniper rifles to the Kalashnikov) provides an array of power and choice that is actually a lot wider than most countries where private gun ownership is accepted.

Visit the country of Ukraine and try your hand at Kalashnikov shooting! The world's most famous rifle, the AK 47 comes in both automatic and semi-automatic versions, both of which can be tried during a special guided tour while in Kiev.

After the excitement of spending an afternoon experiencing this renowned rifle, visit the magnificent UNESCO landmark, Lavra Monastery and Caves. Dating to 1051, the caves were specifically dug for monks who required complete seclusion. This beautifully gold domed Eastern Orthodox complex of churches, temples, and chapels sits on 70 acres of grounds.

Also on the UNESCO World Heritage List is the Saint Sophia Cathedral located in Kiev. Plans to destroy this marvelous cathedral complex during the Soviet Era were thankfully halted by a team of historians and scientists. It is now one of the most famed sites in Ukraine. Vladimir's Cathedral, located in the center of Kiev, is the center of the Ukrainian branch of the Orthodox Church. From the mid-1800s, this cathedral is of much more recent construction than the two World Heritage sites. The towering vaulted interior is richly painted with biblical scenes, while the exterior is an elegant construction of arches and domes. This is one of Kiev's most famous landmarks and will simply dazzle the eyes.

A poignant visit to the Babi Yar memorial will recount the tragic history of genocide that occurred here during WWII. Over 33,000 Jews lost their lives when told to assemble with all their valuables at this site. Large monuments erected after the Soviet Era commemorate the horrors that occurred here just outside Kiev.

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