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Trinity College, University of Oxford

Trinity College, University of Oxford: Our most recommended tours and activities

Oxford: University and City Walking Tour with Alumni Guide

1. Oxford: University and City Walking Tour with Alumni Guide

Step inside Oxford University and explore the grounds on a guided walking tour. Admire the iconic architecture and learn about university life from your student guide. Visit one of the university’s oldest colleges and the Bodleian Library. Learn about the history of the university colleges, including All Souls College, Trinity College, Oriel College, Hertford College, and Merton College, the Radcliffe Camera, and the University Church of St. Mary. Get an equally in-depth history of the town. Hear about ceremonies at Oxford, famous graduates, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and also how the most powerful Archbishop of Canterbury was burned at the stake in Oxford.

Oxford: City Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

2. Oxford: City Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Home to the oldest University in Britain, Oxford is an architectural marvel. You'll get fantastic views of its honey colored buildings as well as tantalizing glimpses of the hushed courtyards of its many Colleges. Visit the International award winning Oxford Castle Heritage area and you'll travel by the Ashmolean, the Sheldonian, the historic Carfax junction - see this and more on the City Sightseeing tour of Oxford. Tour Stops: Stop 1 - Railway Station Stop 2 - Park End Street Stop 3 - Gloucester Green Bus Station Stop 4 - Oxford Castle Stop 5 - Westgate Shopping Centre Stop 6 - John Lewis Stop 7 - Speedwell Street Stop 8 - Christ Church Stop 9 - The Radcliffe Camera Stop 10 - The Queen's College Stop 11 - Magdalen Street East Stop 12 - St. Cross Road Stop 13 - South Parks Road Stop 14 - Wadham College Stop 15 - Trinity College Stop 16 - Parks Road Stop 17 - Banbury Road Stop 18 - Woodstock Road Stop 19 - St. Giles Church Stop 20 - Martyr's Memorial

Cambridge: Alumni Walking Tour with King's College Option

3. Cambridge: Alumni Walking Tour with King's College Option

Explore some of the most renowned colleges in Cambridge and learn about student life at one of the world's most prestigious universities, guided by a University of Cambridge student or graduate. Discover the halls where King Charles III, Sir Isaac Newton, and Stephen Hawking once studied. Begin your journey from King's College on King's Parade and meander past landmarks such as Corpus Christi College, Queens' College, Trinity Hall, and Trinity College. Be captivated by the magnificent vaulted ceiling of King's College Chapel (when included in your tour). Admire The Senate House near Great St. Mary's, the historic church of the university; be inspired by the former laboratory that revolutionised our world; and visit The Eagle pub, where Watson and Crick famously announced a discovery that forever changed our lives.

Oxford: Official University and City Walking Tour

4. Oxford: Official University and City Walking Tour

Explore Oxford, the city of Dreaming Spires, on a walking tour with an expert guide from the city’s tourism board. Be shown the city’s most famous sights, uncover its hidden history, and enjoy all the astonishing stories about Oxford's key characters- real and fictional. Meet your guide at the grand and very old Broad Street (once the city's ditch) let them know where you come from and any special Oxford interests you may have and they will do their best to incorporate those.  Go to Martyrs' Memorial, the scene of terrible religious retributions in medieval times, and on to the oldest tower at St Michael of the Northgate built in Saxon times. Then, make your way to the very heart of the University and the inspiration behind Harry Potter's Hogwarts School. Pass by the pubs where the Inklings used to meet to discuss their writing as well as the pubs where Inspector Morse was filmed and the most popular student drinking holes in days of old. Discover the city that is home to several of Britain's most famous literary characters - both fictional and real - such as JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, Philip Pullman, and Colin Dexter as well as some of their most famous creations like Lyra and Will, and Inspector Morse. Admire Oxford's stupendous architecture, gargoyles and grotesques, so wonderfully preserved from every historical period and style, and take a stroll through the breathtaking Radcliffe Square. Cross the whimsical Bridge of Sighs as it's fondly known, just like the ones in Venice and Cambridge. See the Bodleian Libraries from the outside in the splendid Old Schools Quadrangle. Learn about the city’s famous museums including the Museum of the History of Science, containing Einstein's blackboard, The Pitt Rivers, once home to shrunken heads, and the fabulous Ashmolean, which was one of the very first ever museums in the world. If time allows, walk as far as to the beautiful Christ Church Meadows, where punting happens and cattle graze; a truly pastoral and quintessential English scene.

Oxford: University Walking Tour with Christ Church Visit

5. Oxford: University Walking Tour with Christ Church Visit

You will begin in central Oxford, with a brief and engaging introduction which will lay the foundation for the vast periods of history to be covered! Then the tour will enter a college renowned for having the most beautiful lawns in Oxford along with an iconic dispute with its neighbour - resulting in a supposed theft of the College tortoise (Oxford Annual Tortoise Race explanation included!). Then the group will visit the Sheldonian Theatre, where students experience the most iconic ceremony at Oxford University. You can hear from your student guide how the experience was for them. Next you will enter a historic museum -complete with a chalkboard used by Einstein in Oxford - and visit the Weston Library, a great example of a hybrid historic and modern interior. This tour will then cover sites that none of our other tours do! Including Oriel College, Merton College and iconic literary giants from Oxford's history. You can get a photo under the Bridge of Sighs before gazing up at the first round library in England, where your Oxford student guide will give you rare insights into the labyrinth of underground tunnels students. Not to be forgotten, All Souls College. With entrance exams as complex as they are bizarre, this site will highlight how exclusive a College can be and how influential its members are. Heading down to the southern part of Oxford, we visit a hidden door depicting the most famous characters in C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. Before entering the largest College at Oxford, Home to Oscar Wilde and C. S. Lewis, and its own deer park. Explore the iconic grounds which have been home to Oxford’s most influential writers, complete with medieval cloisters. The tour will head over to the home of Tolkien, to discuss not only its literary importance, but it’s multi million pound kitchen, funded by the current Emperor of Japan! The tour will then go to Christ Church meadows - a stunning expanse of land incredibly rare in a medieval city. Here you will learn about its close connection to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - along with its decision to be held to a different time zone than the rest of Oxford. Finally, the tour will enter one of the most lavish, and famous Colleges of all those at Oxford University; Christ Church. Famed for its literally links, and scenes used in the filming of Harry Potter; it is such an iconic site that many mistake it for representing the entire University. Wonder through the dining hall which inspired that used in Hogwarts, and see where some of the greatest philosophers, writers and royalty have studied. The guide will provide a comprehensive overview of its history, before you enter accompanied with a multimedia guide, to explore the College at your own pace. Please note - the structure on the day may differ.

From London: Oxford by Rail & Harry Potter Highlights Tour

6. From London: Oxford by Rail & Harry Potter Highlights Tour

The City of Dreaming Spires’ is home to the prestigious University of Oxford - the oldest university in the English-speaking world, and a must see city for Harry Potter fans. Travel from London to Oxford by train in just under 90 minutes. For all fans of Harry Potter, this is the perfect Oxford walking tour, with a specially trained guide. Visit New College, its Cloisters and central courtyard were used as the backdrop for Hogwarts. New College is featured many times during Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Another famous filming location you will be able to see is the great oak tree that sits in the middle of the New College cloister courtyard. You will also visit the its Dining Hall, the oldest in Oxford. See other key locations from the outside that inspired the Harry Potter Stories: See Christ Church and the Divinity School (part of the world famous Bodleian Library) from the outside. Christ Church Dining Hall, looks magnificent from the outside – you can see why it was the inspiration for Hogwarts Great Hall! Your Guide will show you pictures of the famous staircase and cloisters used in the filming of Harry Potter, explaining how CGI was used to ‘magically’ alter some of these locations in various scenes. The Divinity School was a location in several of the Harry Potter films (do you remember the Dance School and the Infirmary?) It is the oldest teaching hall of the whole of the University of Oxford, dating back to 1427. You can enter The Old Schools Quadrangle it sits within, which houses the different schools including the ‘Schola Metaphysicae’. All are part of the world-famous Bodleian Libraries. Venture through the ancient back streets to see the Great Hall (from the outside) at Christ Church, the inspiration for the Hogwarts Great Hall and Turl Street with its cobblestones which resembles Diagon Alley. On conclusion of your tour your Guide will be able to advise you which magical sites you can go and see after your tour, to make the very most of the rest of your Harry Potter visit to Oxford!

Windsor Oxford Cotswold Private Tour including Admissions

7. Windsor Oxford Cotswold Private Tour including Admissions

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, and King Charles III loves to spend his weekends in this stunning fortress. Built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, the castle is still a favorite residence of the royal family. This sprawling grand home covers an area of 13 acres and overlooks charming Windsor town – pay the castle a visit and find out why our royals have lived here for centuries. The State Apartments. Take a look inside the heart of the working palace Queen Mary’s Dolls House. Specially built for Queen Mary. Queen Mary’s Dolls House is a magical miniature residence with extraordinary attention to detail. St George’s Chapel. St George’s Chapel is an imposing Gothic building and the resting place for a number of British monarchs. These include Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother. The Oxford walking tours are delivered in such a way as to ensure you don’t fall asleep! We hate dry, boring tours that don’t engage their audiences. History doesn’t need to be boring, and with so many big names and events having been tied to Oxford (as well as the University having so many bizarre traditions and funny stories), we see no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy every single minute of your tour experience. Discover Oxford with a 2 hour walking tour. You will be visiting Christ Church College, All Souls College, Trinity College, Oriel College, Hertford College, Merton College, The Bodleian Library, The Radcliffe Camera, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, University Church of St Mary's, Many More University Sites, History Of The Town, Student Life At Oxford , University Ceremonies, Famous Graduates And Their Little Known Stories. Discover Cotswold designated as an Area of outstanding natural beauty, the Cotswolds encompasses many picturesque villages within the counties of Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and a few others. As you are driven through one of England's most beautiful regions you’ll be treated to unmissable views of medieval villages and bustling market towns (including the lovely Burford and Stow-on-the-Wold), rolling hills and the breath-taking countryside. There will also be a swift one-hour long stop in the charming Bourton-on-the-Water, known as the Venice of the Cotswolds. Voted many a time as one of the prettiest villages in England, it’s safe to say you’ll want to have your cameras at the ready for this stop.

Oxford: 3-Hour Private Tour with Student Guide

8. Oxford: 3-Hour Private Tour with Student Guide

Embark on an extended 3-hour tour of the best Oxford has to offer with a local student guide. Go behind closed doors with an energetic and knowledgeable student guide who will help you to peel back the complex layers and mystique of this world-famous institution. First, visit one of the oldest colleges at Oxford University for a peek inside this restricted world of academia. Stroll the gardens, unearth the peculiar Oxford traditions, and see from a real student, how this elite educational institution operates. Then, head over to the Bodleian Library - a colossal site that houses over 13 million books. Enter the first purpose-built lecture room at Oxford, where you can admire some of the most ornate medieval architecture in Europe. Listen as your guide explains the early rituals and tests students underwent, how the British Parliament was held in the building by King Charles I and later King Charles II. Discover the library’s role in the most defining ceremony at Oxford and see the locations where multiple scenes of the Harry Potter movies were filmed. Along with these focal points, also cover the most famous landmarks in Oxford city and at Oxford University. Your private tour can be tailored to the specific locations or subjects you wish to cover. Just contact the operator in advance if you have anything specific in mind and they will do their best to incorporate anything that’s available to the public on the day (additional entrance fees may be required for such requests).

Oxford: Ghosts, Ghouls and Demons Walking Tour - 90 minutes

9. Oxford: Ghosts, Ghouls and Demons Walking Tour - 90 minutes

Welcome to the shadowed streets of Oxford, where history whispers through ancient alleyways and the spirits of the past linger in the moonlit corners. Over the course of 90 minutes, we look back at nearly a thousand years of blood, guts and gore as we share the scariest Oxford ghost stories. With beheadings, burnings and banishments, we unpack the truth behind one of the bloodiest cities in England. Death is anything but dull and our specialist guides provide first-hand stories of Oxford’s streets which have played host to agony and horror, torment and terror. These include an archbishop without a head, a heartbroken teenager, the most haunted library in the world and the church where you don’t want to be in the early hours of the morning. Manifestations, apparitions and student encounters with demons, ghosts, ghouls and spirits… prepare to be very afraid! Your Ghostly Tour guide will take you on your Private Ghost Tour - you'll have hand held torches to use, and your tour will be interactive & entertaining with lots of photo opportunities. * All tours will reflect the ages of any children present. * The Tour is for 90 minutes - the start time and meeting point can be changed if required, please send a message.

From London: Oxford Highlights Private Half-Day Guided Tour

10. From London: Oxford Highlights Private Half-Day Guided Tour

Take advantage of a 5-Star Guide and private transportation and visit to beautiful English destinations in only one day. Explore the must-see sights and hidden gems of Oxford and enhance your experience with sightseeing in the fairytale Cotswolds when you choose the extended option. Fall in love with the charms of representative towns and villages of England. Choose the 6-hour option to travel from London to Oxford for a private tour of the city. It is known as home of one of the world's most prestigious and elite university, the legendary Oxford Univerity. At almost 800 years old, it is the oldest university in the country. It boasts an impressive list of alumni that includes Prime Miniters and international leaders like Bill Clinton, scientists like Stephen Hawking, literary figures like Oscar Wilde and many more. Your Expert Guide will share all these interesting facts as you explore Oxford and its over 38 colleges, libraries and faculty buildings! Admire the remarkable Bodleian Library, the Radcliffe Camera, the Trinity College and the Merton College, known to be one of the three oldest colleges in Oxford. Pass by the All Souls College, Hertford Collage and the Oriel College, which houses one most controversial statue in Oxford. Marvel at the impressive architetcure of the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin and see other popular spots like the Divinity School, where many Hollywood films were filmed! Choose the 9-hour option to also discover the wonders of Cotswolds. During this extended tour yor Private Guide can share more interesting stories and folkflore. Experience the quaint atmosphere of a tranquil English countryside with beautiful green landscapes and honey-colored stone cottages. Visit the charming Bibury village, known as the prettiest village in all of England. See the iconic weavers cottages and hang around the Arlington Row. Another highlight will be Burford, also known as the ‘Gateway to the Cotswolds’, which is almost unchanged from medieval times. In addition to sightseeing, you will have free time to do souvenir shopping or have lunch at a traditional English restaurant (at your own expense).

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The tour it self was very interesting. The guide woman was very nice and helpful. I would say it’s little over priced as for what you get. For family of 4 we paid just over £83.

it was great pleasure to see around the most wonderful university across the globe. Great thanks for Alex and have a great collage life there. Take care please.

Stephan was our guide and he was very pleasant, didn’t rush us and took time to answer our questions.

It was great, special shoutout to the our guide. She was awesome!

Nick was engaging and taught us a lot of interest history!