Town Tower, Innsbruck

Town Tower, Innsbruck

Town Tower, Innsbruck: Our most recommended tours and activities

Innsbruck: City Tower Entrance Ticket

1. Innsbruck: City Tower Entrance Ticket

Look out over the rooftops of Innsbruck as the tower guards once did in the Middle Ages. Discover how guards kept watch from the City Tower for almost 450 years, warning citizens of fire and other dangers. The lower storeys also once served as a prison. Today, the tower is there for visitors to enjoy. Over 133 steps lead up to the 31-meter-high viewing platform, which overlooks the medieval streets of Innsbruck and offers stunning views of Bergisel, Patscherkofel mountain, the River Inn, and the Nordkette mountain range. Learn about how the City Tower is a good 50 years older than the Golden Roof. It was completed in 1450 on the side of the old town hall. It doesn’t seem huge in comparison with modern buildings but 51 meters was very impressive in 1450 and the tower was a proud symbol of the self-confidence of the people of Innsbruck. The onion dome was added 100 years after its completion. Today, the tower still rises up majestically from amongst the medieval buildings in the old town – providing a good vantage point and a romantic view of Innsbruck. For a romantic experience, take the tour at sunset during the summer. During winter, listen to the tower trumpeters play from the balcony of the Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof) whilst the Christmas markets can be seen below. Please note that as the City Tower is a historic building and its existing form has to be preserved, there is no lift and you can only reach its top by climbing 133 steps.

Innsbruck: Tour with Private Guide

2. Innsbruck: Tour with Private Guide

Experience the enchanting city of Innsbruck like never before with our private walking tour, led by a passionate and knowledgeable guide. From the moment you book your tour, we ensure a seamless experience by offering a convenient pick-up service from your centrally located hotel or any other meeting place of your choice. Our friendly guide will arrive at your designated location, ready to whisk you away on a memorable journey through the streets of Innsbruck. Whether you are staying in the heart of the city or at a nearby location, we are committed to making your experience convenient and stress-free. Upon arrival, your guide will warmly greet you and provide an overview of the day's itinerary. They will be well-prepared to answer any questions you may have and will ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the tour. Embark on a leisurely stroll through the charming Old Town of Innsbruck, known for its captivating architecture and rich history. As you walk through the narrow streets lined with traditional buildings, your guide will regale you with fascinating stories and anecdotes about the city's past, bringing the history to life. Discover the iconic landmarks and attractions that make Innsbruck truly special. Marvel at the magnificent Golden Roof, a symbol of the city, and learn about its historical significance. Explore the Imperial Palace, once home to Emperor Maximilian I, and soak in the grandeur of the Hofkirche, an impressive Gothic church adorned with intricate artwork. As you continue your journey, your guide will take you off the beaten path to uncover hidden gems and secret spots that most tourists miss. Delve into the local culture and traditions as you visit quaint cafes, family-run shops, and charming squares tucked away from the bustling crowds. Your guide's passion for the city will shine through as they share personal recommendations and insights. Our private walking tour is entirely customizable to suit your preferences and interests. Whether you want to spend extra time exploring a particular attraction, make a detour to a specific location, or simply pause to enjoy a cup of coffee at a picturesque café, your guide will accommodate your requests, ensuring a personalized and tailored experience. At the end of the tour, your guide will drop you off at your desired location within the city center, ensuring a smooth conclusion to your Innsbruck adventure. Should you have any further questions or need recommendations for the rest of your stay, feel free to ask – our dedicated guides are always happy to assist. Join us for an unforgettable private walking tour in Innsbruck, where passion and expertise meet to create an immersive and memorable experience. Let us show you the true essence of this captivating city, one step at a time.

Innsbruck: Old Town Private Walking Tour

3. Innsbruck: Old Town Private Walking Tour

Start your tour by a visit to the Stadtturm, also known as the Innsbruck City Tower. It stands 51 meters high and was previously also used as a part of the Town Hall for important meetings. A viewing deck is about 31 meters high from where you will see beautiful views of the city. The Medieval tower dates back to the 14th century along with the Old Rathaus (The Old Town Hall) which adjoins it. You will see one of the most famous landmarks of Innsbruck, the Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof) located in the Old Town of Innsbruck. Its roof is made up of 2657 gold plated copper tiles. It was built to mark the wedding of the Emperor Emperor Maximilian I to Bianca Maria Sforza and used to watch events in the square below. Admire the architecture of the Hofburg (The Imperial Palace). It was a royal palace that was built between the 15th and 16th centuries and further remodeled in the 18th century to Baroque and Rococo styles. It is currently a museum and houses portraits of the royal family. It is amongst the topmost important historical and cultural monuments in Austria. It took 15 years of work to restore it to what it would have looked like. The rooms of especially Maria Theresa and the Empress Elizabeth are worth a visit. Visit the Hofkirche (the Court Church) which has a Gothic and Renaissance style. It was built in 1553 by the Emperor Ferdinand I. Here you will see the tomb of the Emperor Maximilian I along with 28 bronze statues of the emperor's ancestors and close aides. You will have a chance to see the Dom zu St. Jakob (the Cathedral of Saint James) which is also known as the Innsbruck Cathedral. Although the Cathedral dates back to the 18th century, a Church already existed on its site as early as the 12th century. Here you will see the famous painting known as the Maria Hilf by the German artist Lucas Cranach the Elder. Stroll on the Maria Theresia street where you will see houses dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Here you will find many shops offering souvenirs. You will see beautiful mountain views towards the north of the street. As you continue to stroll, famous landmarks such as the St. Anne's Column and the Triumphal Arch will be seen along the way. Finish your tour at the Triumphpforte (The triumphal Arch) located towards the Southern end of the Maria Theresa street. It was built in August 1765 to mark the wedding of Archduke Leopold to Maria Luisa, the Spanish princess. He was the second son of Empress Maria Theresa and Francis Stephen of Lorraine. Francis Stephen died shortly after the wedding in a span of 13 days. The northern facade of the arch depicts the mourning of the emperor while the southern facade depicts the wedding.

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the view from the innsbruck city tower is truly beautiful and absolutely worth a visit. this type of experience is not suitable for those who, even minimally, suffer from vertigo - I myself, who don't suffer from it, found myself having shaky legs once I got off the tower! I say this because the area, although blocked by a net, is very narrow and can give a sense of instability. the ticket office staff was very friendly and the ticket price is perfectly adequate. I advise you to go as lightly as possible, because the steps are many and tiring and it is not possible to leave your luggage at the ticket office. PS remember that the ticket you need to enter will also be used to exit!

It was very good, unfortunately the employee didn't know the app and we had trouble with the tickets

Lovely! Amazing views from the top and not too bad of a climb. Would definitely recommend!

Excellent view over Innsbruck and the surrounding area, smooth ticket exchange.

We had a great view when the weather was nice. Great vision