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Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Tokyo: Guided Day Trip to Kawaguchi Lake and Mt. Fuji

1. From Tokyo: Guided Day Trip to Kawaguchi Lake and Mt. Fuji

Escape the hustle and bustle of Tokyo for a relaxing respite on Mt. Fuji on this day trip with a guide. Visit Lake Kawaguchi, the Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway, and Oshino Hakkai. After meeting your guide, head to the popular Instagram-worthy spot near Mount Fuji—a Lawson convenience store in front of Kawaguchi Station. Experience the unique beauty of Mt. Fuji and receive a complimentary ice cream or hot beverage at this location. Enhance your experience with a matcha session. Engage in a matcha-making experience with local instructors, enjoy a cup, and immerse yourself in authentic Japanese culture. After the matcha experience, you can head to the shores of Lake Kawaguchi to capture a picturesque shot of Mt. Fuji. Lake Kawaguchi, situated at an altitude of 830 meters with an area of 5.7 square kilometers. Marvel at its winding and intricate shoreline adorned with numerous vantage points to admire Mt. Fuji. Capture the captivating reflection of Mt. Fuji in the lake's waters. Then, hop on the Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway, enjoying beautiful landscapes along the way. Proceed to the observation deck, which is elevated at 1075 meters and serves as the best location for panoramic views of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi. On clear days, the Southern Alps may also be visible. Next, stroll through Oshino Hakkai, located amidst the spring group between Lake Yamanaka and Lake Kawaguchi in the Yamanashi Prefecture. It earned its name due to the harmonious arrangement of eight clear springs. These springs, combined with the majestic Mt. Fuji, create a beautiful landscape. Afterward, follow your guide for the return journey to Tokyo.

Japan: 7, 14 or 21-Day Japan Rail Pass

2. Japan: 7, 14 or 21-Day Japan Rail Pass

Take the hassle out of your vacation transportation with the Japan Rail Pass. Explore the whole country with just one ticket and ride the famous Shinkansen bullet train. Travel from Tokyo to Kyoto, Osaka to Hiroshima, and Hokkaido to Kyushu – Japan's your oyster with a 7, 14, or 21-day pass. Get your voucher mailed to your home or office address, then exchange this for your actual Japan Rail Pass at a major train station or international airport in Japan and start traveling. Use the free guide booklet to make the best of your Japan trip, thanks to insider tips and train details. Travel as much as you like for 7, 14, or 21 consecutive days. The pass includes: • All Japan Rail Group shinkansen bullet trains, except the Nozomi and Mizuho departures • All Japan Rail Group limited express, express, rapid, local, trains, and Bus Rapid Transit in Tohoku • Tokyo Monorail between Haneda airport and Hamamatsucho station (no service to Narita) • Aomori Railway services between Aomori and Hachinohe (some exceptions) • Ishikawa Railway services between Kanazawa and Tsubata (local, limited departures only) • Ainokaze Toyama Railway services between Toyama and Takaoka (local departures only) • All Japan Rail Bus local lines (some exceptions, no express services), including services from JR Hokkaido Bus, JR Bus Tohoku, JR Bus Kanto, JR Tokai Bus, West Japan JR Bus, Chugoku JR Bus, JR Shikoku Bus, and JR Kyushu Bus • JR-West ferry service between Miyajima and Miyajimaguchi (JR station near the pier with ferry services for Miyajima)

Tokyo: Custom Hidden Gems & Highlights Tour with Local Guide

3. Tokyo: Custom Hidden Gems & Highlights Tour with Local Guide

Set off on a completely customized Tokyo journey, influenced by your curiosities and desires, with a host who is a true insider to the city's renowned sights and secret spots. Begin your exploration in Asakusa, where the grandeur of Tokyo's history is embodied in the Senso-ji Temple. Your host will guide you through the captivating tales tied to these landmarks. Next, consider a stroll down Kappabashi Street for a unique perspective on Tokyo's gastronomic heritage via its myriad of kitchenware and restaurant supply stores. If that's not up your alley, you might be drawn to the awe-inspiring views from Tokyo's towering Skytree instead. For a glimpse into old Tokyo, head to Yanaka, a neighborhood retaining a charming "shitamachi" atmosphere. Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street, with its lovely shops and galleries, is an ideal setting for a relaxed lunch. As the day advances, you might want to immerse yourself in Ginza's high-end retail heart, venturing into the venerable Mitsukoshi department store, especially its basement floor, known for a wide variety of gourmet food options and traditional Japanese delicacies, along with the traditional Kyukyodo stationery store amidst its contemporary splendor. Your next stop could be Shinjuku, known for its panoramic city views from the Metropolitan Government Building and the nostalgic atmosphere of Omoide Yokocho. Alternatively, you might favor the energetic pulse of Shibuya with its iconic crossing. As twilight descends, Harajuku comes alive with quirky fashion on Takeshita Street and tranquility at the Meiji Shrine. Your host is dedicated to creating your perfect Tokyo experience, delivering a taste of Tokyo's fusion of eras in a day you'll always remember.

Tokyo: Discover Traditional Tokyo Full-Day Bicycle Tour

4. Tokyo: Discover Traditional Tokyo Full-Day Bicycle Tour

The full length of the tour is 20 kilometers, and most of the roads are so flat. Enjoy the easy pace of the tour as you follow your guide to some of the most interesting places in Tokyo. After meeting your guide, listen as they explain the bicycle and local traffic rules. Visit some of the highlights of Tokyo, including Hibiya Park, Ginza shopping district, Kabukiza theater, Tsukiji fish market, Temples and shrines, Kachidoki Bridge, Old town Tsukudajima Tsukishima Monja street, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station and many others.

Tokyo: Open Top Sightseeing Bus with Audio Guide

5. Tokyo: Open Top Sightseeing Bus with Audio Guide

Choose between Bay route, City route or Metropolitan Expressway Thrill based on your preference. Before climbing aboard, wait for the bus to arrive in the VIP guest lounge with free drinks and wifi. 1.Scenic Bay Views: The Bay Course offers breathtaking views of Tokyo Bay and the iconic Rainbow Bridge, providing participants with a picturesque journey along the coastline. Detailed route: Tokyo Station (Departure place)---red bricks station---Marunouchi buildings---Zojo Temple---Tokyo Tower---Shibaura Futo---Rainbow Bridge (lower level)---Odaiba---Statue of Liberty---Odaiba Marine Park---Giant Sky Wheel--- Rainbow Bridge (upper layer)--- Shiodome--- Ginza--- Tokyo Station (Get off place) 2. Landmarks Galore: The City Course takes you past Tokyo's key landmarks, including the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower, and Ginza. This route allows participants to absorb the city's rich history and modernity. Detailed route: Tokyo Station (Departure place)---Tokyo Station-red bricks station---Marunouchi buildings---Chidorigafuchi---State Guest House Akasaka Imperial Estate---Meiji Jingu Gaien---Tokyo Midtown---Roppongi---Tokyo Tower---Hibiya Park---Ginza---Tokyo Station (Get off place) 3. A thrilling experiential bus tour running on the Metropolitan Expressway on an "open-top" bus without a roof. The experience of running down the expressway while feeling the gale on your skin at a height of about 4m is just like a roller coaster!

Tokyo: Mt. Fuji, Oshino Hakkai, Hot Spring & Flower Sighting

6. Tokyo: Mt. Fuji, Oshino Hakkai, Hot Spring & Flower Sighting

Spend a fun and adventurous day around Mount Fuji, the most iconic and majestic mountain in Japan, on a day trip from Tokyo. Admire the mountain from different perspectives, depending on the season. Travel in an air-conditioned bus with a guide who will provide insights along the way. In winter, visit the Arakurayama Sengen Park, where you can snap photos of the famous five-story pagoda with Mount Fuji in the background. Also visit the lovely village of Oshino Hakkai, where you can see the crystal-clear pools of spring water from Mount Fuji's snowmelt. Learn about the local culture and history from your guide. After exploring Mount Fuji's natural beauty, go shopping at the Gotemba Premium Outlets, with over 200 luxury stores, or relax in Konohananoyu’s hot spring bath with a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji from an open-air bath.

Tokyo: Street Go-Karting Tour in Akihabara with Costumes

7. Tokyo: Street Go-Karting Tour in Akihabara with Costumes

Zoom through the streets of the Akihabara district and Tokyo Station area on this exciting street go-karting tour in Tokyo. Dress up as your chosen character from games and anime for a unique experience. Head to the activity provider’s base to meet your guide. Choose from various costumes to add a fun touch to your tour, then hop on your custom-made go-kart and follow your guide through the streets. Speed through the historic business district of Marunouchi and enjoy a glimpse of the Imperial Palace in the background. Sense the grand presence of Tokyo Station, the hub for 28 train platforms. Imagine your next shopping destination while driving through the luxurious Ginza shopping district. Fit right in wearing your costume in the mecca of Japanese anime and games in Akihabara. Have a blast as onlookers wave, smile, and take pictures of you in your costume. Make the day even more memorable by receiving photo data afterward to show your friends and family back home.

3-hour Bike Tour of Tokyo's Highlights and Hidden Gems!

8. 3-hour Bike Tour of Tokyo's Highlights and Hidden Gems!

Experience Tokyo from a new perspective! Experience the extraordinary on a special e-bike tour! This special tour will take you on a cool e-bike for a 17-km, 3-hour tour of Tokyo's must-see spots. Places that are impossible to reach by car or bus can be reached nimbly with an e-bike! With carefully selected major sightseeing spots such as Akihabara, and Asakusa, and allowing enough time at each location, this course allows you to fully appreciate the atmosphere of each place, rather than just passing through it. By learning about the history and culture of each area, you will enjoy your trip to Japan even more. We hope you enjoy sightseeing in Japan with this cool e-bike.

from Tokyo to Kamakura: Great Buddha & Slam-Dunk Fan Tour

9. from Tokyo to Kamakura: Great Buddha & Slam-Dunk Fan Tour

Join this tour and discover the amazing anime and manga culture of Japan and the ancient beauty of Kamakura! You will follow the footsteps of the characters from Slam Dunk, the popular series that features Kamakura High School and the Shonan coast. You will also marvel at the Great Buddha of Kamakura, the grand Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, and the magical Enoshima island. Your English-speaking guide will share with you the stories, history, and culture of these places. You will also ride the Enoden streetcar and enjoy the views of the coast and the town. This tour offers pick-up and drop-off options from your hotel or meeting point in Tokyo. You can also opt for a transfer service to your hotel or B&B after the tour. The tour takes about 10 hours and covers all the highlights of Kamakura and Enoshima. You will have enough time to snap photos, shop for souvenirs, and sample the local food. The pick-up will start from Tokyo in 8:00am morning. ▼Great Buddha of Kamakura(about 30 minutes) The Great Buddha of Kamakura is a bronze statue of Amitabha Buddha, the principal Buddha in Pure Land Buddhism. It is located in the Kotoku-in Temple, which dates back to the 13th century. It is one of the most famous landmarks of Kamakura and a symbol of Japanese Buddhism. You can enter the temple grounds for 300 yen and also go inside the statue for 20 yen and observe its hollow interior and structure. ▼Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine (about 90 minutes) Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine is the most important shrine in Kamakura. It is dedicated to Hachiman, the god of war and patron of the samurai. You can admire the architecture, the gardens, and the statues of the shrine. You can also buy some lucky charms or make a wish at the shrine. ▼Enoshima (about 120 minutes) It is home to the Enoshima Shrine, which honors Benzaiten, the goddess of music and art. Enoshima has been a popular tourist destination since the Edo period, especially for Kabuki actors who admire Benzaiten’s talent. ▼Kamakura High School (about 40 minutes) Kamakura High School is the prototype of Lingnan High School in anime series Slam Dunk. Fans of the series can visit the intersection near the station where the main character Hanamichi Sakuragi met his crush Haruko for the first time. You can also take photos of the school, the intersection, and the railway crossing that appeared in the series. You can also buy some souvenirs or snacks at the nearby shops. ▼Enoden Experience (about 15 minutes) Enoden streetcar is a charming streetcar that runs between Fujisawa and Kamakura. You can see many of Kamakura’s famous attractions and the stunning Shonan coast along the way. Enoden streetcar is a symbol of Kamakura and often appears in anime and movies. You will enjoy the view from afar or hop on the streetcar for a fun ride. The streetcar fee is included in the tour price. Drive back to Tokyo (about 90 minutes). Drop-off at your hotel, B&B, or meeting point in Tokyo at 6:00 pm.

Tokyo: The Only Genuine Japanese Archery (Kyudo) Experience

10. Tokyo: The Only Genuine Japanese Archery (Kyudo) Experience

Welcome to Tokyo, Japan! Experience KYUDO, the Japanese art of archery, the most beautiful, elegant martial art, with this program in Tokyo. In Japan, KYUDO is recognized to be a “Dynamic ZEN Meditation”. Believe it or not, you know when you hit the target the moment the arrow leaves your hand. Usually in Japan, when people take up KYUDO in earnest, it takes several months of practice before they are allowed to actually shoot at a target, but this program lets you go straight into action. Don a real traditional KYUDO uniform. Get matched with a bow and arrows for your body. Channel your inner spirits, but keeping your mind quiet, and try shooting an arrow at the middle of the target. You have dozens of times to try, but please understand that you may not hit the target on your first day, or you may get lucky once or twice. So, get advice on how to improve your movement. Although the instructor in this program is a DAN master (seeker), we have made many improvements over the thousands of people we have accepted for this experience and have created the program that can be enjoyed even by those who are new to Kyudo. * The meeting place for this program is different each time. Then after reservation, find the location by our message (the location is NOT at Tokyo station) * We would appreciate your assistance in carrying tools and cleaning the hall when we are done using it

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The pass is definitely useful and worthy to be purchased. It covers all national routes and you can use it also for some of Tokyo city stations. Regarding the service of GYG, the voucher arrived on time and it was sent shortly after booking it. The price is convenient, as I found it a little bit more expensive on other websites/platforms. The only inconvenience was that the courier did not let me reschedule the delivery (that would have been desirable as on the preview day I would not have been home to receive it)

Travel very comfortably from A to B, quickly and on time. This is highly recommended for anyone who doesn't just stay in one city. This card can also be used on local transport. You just have to find out a little bit about where you are ;) You can book spaces for larger suitcases, but they are often gone quickly. But even large suitcases fit in the overhead storage space.

Super fun day by day with Japanese snacks and tea and even a small picnic between cycling. Very nice Japanese guide. Made a lot of effort to show as much as possible during the bike tour. Moderate command of the English language, but that was also the charm of this bike tour through traditional neighborhoods in Tokyo.

Tokyo by bike with our guide was a mega experience! We saw corners that you would never see otherwise. And the guide was so warm and patient! Highly Recommended

Very good value for money (worth it when taking several trips on the bullet train). The trains are impeccable and their punctuality is amazing.