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The Polar Museum, Tromso

The Polar Museum, Tromso: Our most recommended tours and activities

Tromsø: Self-Guided City Audio Tour with Smartphone App

1. Tromsø: Self-Guided City Audio Tour with Smartphone App

Welcome to Tromsø, where you'll walk along the seaside and the main street with an audio guide telling you the story of the city and showing you the highlights. The tour will take about 30 minutes without stopping, but feel free to stop and inhale the arctic air in Tromsø. You will be walking along the seaside, where you'll experience a magnificent view of the Arctic Cathedral, and later find yourself at the Polar Museum, where you may learn about famous Polar researchers like Fritjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen. Later, you will walk along the main street, and take a stop at the main city square, before you continue to the Tromsø Cathedral and finally end the tour by the Hurtigruten port.

Tromso: Full Steam Coastal Museum Entrance Ticket

2. Tromso: Full Steam Coastal Museum Entrance Ticket

Delve into the rich history and culture of the Arctic at the Northernmost Coastal Museum. Immerse yourself in the unique stories of the Sea Sami people, fearless seafarers, and the Arctic's captivating natural surroundings. Explore, learn, and be inspired by the Arctic's rich heritage and delectable culinary offerings. Marvel at Northern Lights photos by renowned photographers Ole Salomonsen, Truls Iversen, and Per Ivar Somby, capturing the celestial dance. Seafarer Exhibition Embark on a voyage through maritime history, featuring vintage vessels and interactive exhibits. Explore Further: Dive into maritime history, and connect with the Sea Sami and seafarers' legacies. World's Northernmost Coastal Museum: Discover Arctic history, Sea Sami stories, and the fearless seafarers who navigated these northern waters. Explore the Northernmost Coastal Museum: A Journey Through Arctic Heritage Uncover the captivating history, culture, and maritime heritage of the Arctic as you embark on a journey through the Northernmost Coastal Museum, housed within our historic Full Steam Tromsø building. Sea Sami and Northern light Exhibition – 3rd Floor: Step into the unique world of the Sea Sami people. Explore their culture, traditions, and heritage through engaging exhibits and immersive displays. Gain a deeper understanding of their deep-rooted connection to the sea and the Arctic environment. As you wander through this captivating exhibition, be sure to take a moment to immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of the Northern Light exhibition and marvel at the breathtaking photographs of the Aurora borealis captured by renowned photographers Ole Salomonsen, Truls Iversen, and Per Ivar Somby. Their exceptional talent has allowed them to freeze in time the mesmerizing dance of the Northern Lights, painting the celestial canvas with vibrant colors and ethereal patterns. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy the captivating Northern Lights exhibition within the Sea Sami cultural experience. Seafarer Exhibition – 4th Floor: At the fourth floor you will embark on a voyage through the maritime history of seafarers who braved the northern waters. Marvel at vintage vessels, maritime artifacts, and interactive exhibits that bring the seafaring past to life. Breathtaking Surroundings: As you explore the museum, take in the pristine beauty of the Arctic wilderness that surrounds our historic building. Learn about the unique ecosystems and wildlife that call this region home, adding depth to your museum experience. Engage with interactive displays and hands-on activities that bring the Arctic's history and natural wonders to life. Knowledgeable guides are available to provide insights and answer your questions, making your museum visit educational and enjoyable.

Historical City Walked Tour

3. Historical City Walked Tour

The gateway to the Arctic! Discover the city that for over 150 years was the nerve center for polar expeditions and the great arctic race. Enter its alleys full of history and lose yourself in the halls of the Polar Museum with its long history on the arctic expeditions of the explorer Amudsen and the first pioneers who brought back precious skins and products derived from whaling from Spitzbergen (Svalbard Islands) to the continent. In recent years it has had an exceptional demographic increase. It is Norway's third largest city in socio-cultural importance and has been dubbed the Paris of the North. Our expert guides will bring along the best and most scenic alleys of the Tromsø city center while they will explain everything you need to know in the City and why it became so important in last Century. At the end of the walked tour, a nice waffle and coffe or tea will waits for you at our office.

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