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Terezin Memorial - Magdeburg Barracks

Terezin Memorial - Magdeburg Barracks

Terezin Memorial - Magdeburg Barracks: Our most recommended tours and activities

Terezin Memorial: Entry Ticket Combo w. Guided Walking Tour

1. Terezin Memorial: Entry Ticket Combo w. Guided Walking Tour

Gain entry to 3 of the main historical sites of the Terezin Memorial and learn about the historical events which took place here during WWII and the people who were affected. Visit the Small Fortress, where a guided tour is included, and the Main Fortress - the ghetto - at your own pace (no guiding service is provided there). Start the tour at the Small Fortress outside of the ticket office where you meet your tour guide. From 1940 to 1945 the Small Fortress served as the prison of the Prague Gestapo. Visit the permanent exhibition that is devoted to the history of the political prison; it bears witness to the persecution of the Czech nation under the Nazi regime during the Second World War and records the fates of Czech prisoners transferred to other concentration camps within the Nazi German Reich. Afterwards, make your own way to the former Terezin Ghetto where the Ghetto Museum, Magdeburg Barracks, prayer room and crematorium are located. You will not be needing a guide there so you will continue on your own. The Ghetto Museum is located in the former municipal school and you will see there the Permanent exhibition: Terezín in the Final Solution, 1941-1945. In addition to this documentary exhibition, there is also a Memorial Hall of the Terezín Ghetto’s Children, devoted to its youngest victims, plus a selection from the world-famous drawings made by children from the Ghetto. The Magdeburg Barracks was established in Terezín on November 24, 1941. After the Nazi occupation of the Czech lands, the Magdeburg Barracks played a particularly important role in the Ghetto. The Barracks housed the offices of the different departments of the Ghetto’s so-called Jewish self-administration, as well as flats of some of the Ghetto’s leading officeholders. The Magdeburg Barracks were though also known as a venue of major cultural events, divine services, lectures, and meetings. The Crematorium, Terezín Jewish Cemetery, and Columbarium are located approximately 0,5 kilometers by walk from the Terezin Ghetto and 1,5 kimoteres from the Small Fortress. If you travel to Terezin by bus you find two bus stops there - one in the former ghetto (on the square) and one in front of the Small Fortress. If you travel by car, there is a parking lot in front of the Small Fortress and in the ghetto you can park on the square (free of charge). Make sure that you have enough time for your visit - the guided tour in the Small Fortress takes approx. 1 hour, however, there are also some other places which you can see there after the tour, so it is best to have at least 1,5 hours for the Small Fortress and other at least 2 hours for the visit of the former ghetto.

Terezin Memorial: Bus Tour from Prague

2. Terezin Memorial: Bus Tour from Prague

Join a 6-hour excursion from Prague to the Terezin Memorial. Visit the site used by the Nazis as a combination ghetto and concentration camp during WWII. Learn about this tragic chapter in the history of the town and the catastrophic fate of many thousands of innocent victims. Explore the entire complex of the former Nazi concentration camp with your guide. Hear narration that includes authentic personal memories, chilling experiences, and episodes from Terezin’s grim history. Learn how people lived, suffered, survived, and died at Terezin. Hear how some of the prisoners managed to maintain their faith, optimism, and dignity.

Private Half-Day Tour To Terezin Concentration Camp

3. Private Half-Day Tour To Terezin Concentration Camp

Terezin was a military fortress built in the 18th century was converted into a concentration camp during World War II. The part called „Big Fortress“ became a ghetto-concentration camp for Jews, whereas the „Small Fortress“ was used as a Gestapo police prison. Terezin was not only a place of suffering but also a place of courage, self–sacrifice and the never ending struggle to save those who were destined to be victims of the Holocaust. What you will see? The Small Fortress Since June 1940 the Small Fortress served as a Gestapo prison because the main Gestapo prison in Prague started to be overcrowded. The prison existed until the 8th of May 1945 and during the 5 years of its existence approximately 35 000 prisoners went through its gates. They were mostly political prisoners and prisoners of war, as well as Jews, Roma, handicapped and regular criminals. Our private guide will show you the entire prison. We will start at the administrative court where prisoners arrived, see the office of the commander, then we will walk through the men’s section of the prison where we will see the mass cells, Jewish cell and the solitary cells. We will walk through the wall tunnels, see the shooting range and the fourth courtyard of the prison with bigger mass cells later built by the Nazis due to lack of space in the prison. We will also watch a short 10 min propaganda movie made by the Nazis for the International Red Cross. The Big Fortress The Big Fortress is located approximately 1 mile away from the smaller fortress and since November 24 it served as a Ghetto for Jews. During 3,5 years of its existence around 155 000 jews passed through its gates. 63 transport left Terezin for the extermination camps in Poland, carrying 87 000 prisoners. Only 3600 of them survived the war. Approximately 35 000 people died in the Ghetto itself, mostly from diseases and lack of nutrition. Visit with our private guide the Museum of the Ghetto located in the former barracks for boys. There we will learn about the history of Holocaust and the life in the Ghetto. The entire ground floor section of the museum is dedicated to the children that lived and perished in Terezin. The last section of the museum is focused on the extermination camps. Afterwards we will visit the hidden chapel. The hidden synagogue in Terezin was one of six such hidden synagogues in Terezin. The one we will visit is hidden in a storage room because any signs of Jewish religion were banned by the Nazis. We will then continue to the Magdeburg barracks where we will see what the dormitories looked like and we will learn about culture in the Ghetto. Many of the Jewish prisoners were accomplished artists. At the end of the tour our private guide will take you to the Krematorium which is located outside of Terezin’s walls. It was built in 1942 and the victim’s bodies were cremated there. Next to the Krematorium lies a mass graveyard.

From Prague: Terezín Concentration Camp Day Tour

4. From Prague: Terezín Concentration Camp Day Tour

Learn about some of the darkest days in European history on a full-day tour to the Terezín Concentration Camp in the sleepy Bohemian countryside. Choose a group tour by train or minibus or enjoy a private tour with transfers by train. Following your transfer from Prague, explore the former ghetto, concentration camp, and Gestapo prison just 1-hour from the city center. Hear stories from the Czech-Jewish history of World War II and the Holocaust. Central to the tragedy of the Holocaust, Terezín saw 33,000 prisoners perish as a result of malnutrition, disease, and the sadistic treatment of their captors. For many more, it was their last stop before being deported to extermination camps like Auschwitz, Treblinka, or Sobibór. Hear how the prisoners defied the direst conditions to maintain a rich cultural and religious life, hold celebrations, and even compose and stage operas. Terezín epitomizes the worst aspects of the human spirit, but its prisoners left the world striking examples of human potential. Terezín played a double role, both in the Nazi pursuit of the Final Solution, and their propaganda efforts to conceal the Holocaust. See the monuments and memorials at Terezín, and visit the museum to find hidden traces of its dark past. Discuss present-day attitudes towards Terezín, and learn the history of the town, from its time as a Habsburg Empire garrison town, the visit of the Red Cross, and the story of Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and her children's paintings.

From Prague: Terezin Former Concentration Camp Private Tour

5. From Prague: Terezin Former Concentration Camp Private Tour

On this half-day trip to the former ghetto, concentration camp and gestapo prison just 1-hour from Prague, you will focus on Czech-Jewish history, World War II and the Holocaust. Located in a sleepy town in the Bohemian countryside, this former ghetto and concentration camp is a lasting reminder of the Jewish tragedy of World War II. You will be guided through the Getto Museum and Magdeburg Barracks, the Jewish cemetery. You will also visit the Small Fortress, a former political and Prague Gestapo prison during World War ll. This contrasts with the courageous resilience of the prisoners. Defying the most dire conditions, the Jewish people maintained a rich cultural and religious life, held celebrations, even composed and staged operas. Terezín epitomizes the worst aspects of the human spirit but its prisoners left the world striking examples of human potential and the power of compassion. 

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Everything worked perfectly, we traveled 8 people together and we met with Philip our guide at the indicated place and we went with him to the railway station. While he bought train tickets we could buy sandwiches to take with us on the trip. When we got to Terezin we went to the camp and got a very interesting tour Philip took care of everything practical with tickets etc. We had a really good trip, we really got value for money. Philip was a great guide, very knowledgeable and incredibly personable. We can highly recommend this trip.

This was an excellent tour. This was the last stop on our planning tour for our Holocaust studies program. It was an important stop. The guide was excellent. The transportation was excellent. The organization was excellent. Each of the museums added a lot to our understanding of the Holocaust and the strength and spirit of the Jewish people living in the ghetto at Terezin. Highly recommended. May the memory of those who died always be a blessing.

Phillip was our guide and as a bonus we had Thomas join us . Both were a wealth of knowledge. Phillip was an excellent guide who knew the history inside and out . A serene and moving tour because of the history. A for sure don’t miss

Transfer + visit very well organized. We were a group of 7 people with 3 children. We had a very interesting time. I recommend. Allow 5 hours round trip from the center of Prague.

Our Italian driver and guide is very knowledgeable and helpful. The on-site guide was also very good. Punctual service.