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World War II
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From Prague: Terezin Concentration Camp Guided Tour w/ Audio

1. From Prague: Terezin Concentration Camp Guided Tour w/ Audio

Explore the famous Terezin Concentration Camp on a half-day guided tour which starts in the heart of Prague in front of the Rudolfinum building, where you will meet our assistant with a blue and white umbrella. On the bus, you have the opportunity to listen to an audio guide right on your phone that will introduce you to the history of the Czech lands, the history of the Jews in our country, and the history of the town of Terezín. Our English-speaking assistant will be available to take care of you throughout the whole time. In the small fortress of Terezín, you will take part in a guided walk with a local guide in the language of your choice. Take a tour of the site of the concentration camp, the barracks while hearing about how the former garrison town transformed into a camp. Learn about how Terezin changed dramatically when the Nazis renamed it Theresienstadt and sent the first Jewish transports there in November 1941.  After all of this, you will be safely transported back to Prague by our minibus. Enjoy this historically significant place to the fullest and explore with us the dark history that lies behind the gates of the Small Fortress of Terezín.

From Prague: Terezín Monument Tour with Tickets and Pickup

2. From Prague: Terezín Monument Tour with Tickets and Pickup

Explore Terezín on a guided tour from Prague, and discover the site of the former concentration camp from World War II. Visit the former Jewish Ghetto, Terezín Fortress, and the Ghetto Museum to learn more about the Nazi occupation of the Czech Republic. Begin with pickup at your Prague hotel and drive to the town of Terezín and its fortress in an air-conditioned bus. When you arrive at the fortress, the guide will take you on a journey through the wartime history of Europe. You’ll also learn what life in the largest Czech concentration camp was like. Visit the small fortress of Terezin as well as the Ghetto Museum, which was originally built as a school. Learn more about the history of the town of Terezín. Understand more about World War II and its impact on Europe and the Czech Republic in particular. At the end of the tour you’ll be transferred back to Prague city center.

From Prague: Tour of Terezin Concentration Camp

3. From Prague: Tour of Terezin Concentration Camp

Embark on a guided tour of the Terezin concentration camp on a day trip from Prague. Gain an understanding of life in a concentration camp and see an authentic Gestapo prison.  Depart from Prague on an air-conditioned bus and hear about the impact and legacy of WWII and Nazi presence in the Czech Republic. Arrive at Terezin and make your way into the museum located in the Large Fortress, formerly an all-boys school. Explore what once served as a holding camp for Jews from all over Europe and was exploited for Nazi propaganda purposes during a Red Cross visit in 1944. Hear the stories of those who were imprisoned there and view a propaganda film before moving on to the cemetery and crematorium. Next, cross the river and tour the horrifying conditions for prisoners held in the Small Fortress, from the cell of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassin to the firing squads organized by the Gestapo. Once the tour is over, board the bus back to Prague.

From Prague: Terezín and Ghetto Museum Guided Tour

4. From Prague: Terezín and Ghetto Museum Guided Tour

Be picked up at your hotel in Prague and travel to Terezín for a half-day trip of the town. Meet your guide in Terezín and visit some of the town’s historic locations. The small fortess was built-in the 18th century by Emperor Joseph II. During WWII the fortress served as a Gestapo Police prison and Jewish ghetto and concentration camp. Visit the small fortress and the Ghetto Museum and learn more about the town’s history. The Ghetto Museum opened in 1994 and is home to a permanent exhibition devoted to the history of the political prison and the persecution of the Czech nation under the Nazi regime.

Terezin Concentration Camp Tour from Prague

5. Terezin Concentration Camp Tour from Prague

Take this tour of Terezin, the site of the notorious concentration camp run by the Nazis during their occupation of Czechoslovakia. With an expert guide you’ll visit the Memorial of National Martyrdom, built in memory of the victims of Nazi political and racial persecution during World War II. This is the only such site of its kind in the Czech Republic. You’ll also visit the small fortress which served as a prison for the Prague Gestapo. As you explore the site, you’ll learn about the persecution of the Czech nation by the Nazi regime and the fates of Czech prisoners transferred to other concentration camps within Nazi Germany’s Third Reich. Lastly, you’ll see the Ghetto Museum, which was opened in 1991 in the building that housed the former Terezín School. The Museum’s exhibits were arranged with the assistance of former prisoners of the Terezín Ghetto.

Terezin Memorial: Entry Ticket Combo w. Guided Walking Tour

6. Terezin Memorial: Entry Ticket Combo w. Guided Walking Tour

Gain entry to 3 of the main historical sites of the Terezin Memorial and learn about the historical events which took place here during WWII and the people who were affected. Visit the Small Fortress, where a guided tour is included, and the Main Fortress - the ghetto - at your own pace (no guiding service is provided there). Start the tour at the Small Fortress outside of the ticket office where you meet your tour guide. From 1940 to 1945 the Small Fortress served as the prison of the Prague Gestapo. Visit the permanent exhibition that is devoted to the history of the political prison; it bears witness to the persecution of the Czech nation under the Nazi regime during the Second World War and records the fates of Czech prisoners transferred to other concentration camps within the Nazi German Reich. Afterwards, make your own way to the former Terezin Ghetto where the Ghetto Museum, Magdeburg Barracks, prayer room and crematorium are located. You will not be needing a guide there so you will continue on your own. The Ghetto Museum is located in the former municipal school and you will see there the Permanent exhibition: Terezín in the Final Solution, 1941-1945. In addition to this documentary exhibition, there is also a Memorial Hall of the Terezín Ghetto’s Children, devoted to its youngest victims, plus a selection from the world-famous drawings made by children from the Ghetto. The Magdeburg Barracks was established in Terezín on November 24, 1941. After the Nazi occupation of the Czech lands, the Magdeburg Barracks played a particularly important role in the Ghetto. The Barracks housed the offices of the different departments of the Ghetto’s so-called Jewish self-administration, as well as flats of some of the Ghetto’s leading officeholders. The Magdeburg Barracks were though also known as a venue of major cultural events, divine services, lectures, and meetings. The Crematorium, Terezín Jewish Cemetery, and Columbarium are located approximately 0,5 kilometers by walk from the Terezin Ghetto and 1,5 kimoteres from the Small Fortress. If you travel to Terezin by bus you find two bus stops there - one in the former ghetto (on the square) and one in front of the Small Fortress. If you travel by car, there is a parking lot in front of the Small Fortress and in the ghetto you can park on the square (free of charge). Make sure that you have enough time for your visit - the guided tour in the Small Fortress takes approx. 1 hour, however, there are also some other places which you can see there after the tour, so it is best to have at least 1,5 hours for the Small Fortress and other at least 2 hours for the visit of the former ghetto.

Terezin Memorial: Bus Tour from Prague

7. Terezin Memorial: Bus Tour from Prague

Join a 6-hour excursion from Prague to the Terezin Memorial. Visit the site used by the Nazis as a combination ghetto and concentration camp during WWII. Learn about this tragic chapter in the history of the town and the catastrophic fate of many thousands of innocent victims. Explore the entire complex of the former Nazi concentration camp with your guide. Hear narration that includes authentic personal memories, chilling experiences, and episodes from Terezin’s grim history. Learn how people lived, suffered, survived, and died at Terezin. Hear how some of the prisoners managed to maintain their faith, optimism, and dignity.

From Prague: Terezin Concentration Camp Private Tour

8. From Prague: Terezin Concentration Camp Private Tour

During this tour you will learn about World War II and its impacts on former Czechoslovakia. Terezín is the name of a former military fortress and garrison town. In the late 18th century the Habsburg Monarchy erected the fortress as a stronghold against the Prussians from the North. They named it after Empress Maria Theresa. Terezín´s most tragic chapter came during WWII (1939-45). In 1940 Prague's Gestapo installed the Minor Fortress police prison. About 32,000 prisoners passed through the Minor Fortress between 1940 and 1945, of whom 2,500 were killed by hunger, disease, tyrannical guards and executions. In 1941 the town of Terezín was changed by the Nazis into a Jewish ghetto-transit camp. Until the end of the war more than 150,000 deportees passed through the camp, 35,000 of whom died there. Russian forces liberated Terezín on May 10, 1945, 8 days after Berlin had fallen to the Allies. Today the camp stands as a memorial to the dead and a monument to human depravity. As you enter the main gate, the sign above it, ARBEIT MACHT FREI (Work Sets One Free), sets a gloomy tone. You can walk through the prison barracks, execution grounds, workshops, and isolation cells. During this tour you will also visit a local museum about the Terezín concentration camp and see an educational movie.

TEREZÍN a dark and tragic place in the history of Europe

9. TEREZÍN a dark and tragic place in the history of Europe

A dark and tragic place in the history of Europe, scene of the extermination of many thousands of innocent victims. A reminder of the horrors of the Second World War – this is Terezin, one of the Nazi concentration camps. Our guide will show you the area of the concentration camp and you will hear authentic recollections of former inmates. Visits to this place serve as a stark warning to prevent the recurrance of similar horrors in future.

Terezin concentration field excursion

10. Terezin concentration field excursion

Only in the recent past has Terezin been known as a tragic symbol of detractors, dissidents and opposite to the Nazi regime. The Mission of the Terezin Memorial - the only institution of its class in the Czech Republic - is to commemorate the victims of Nazi political and racial persecution during the occupation of Czech lands in World War II. The memorial promotes the museum, research and educational activities, and visits to commemorative sites related to the pain and death of thousands of victims of war. Although the fortress was founded as very modern at the end of the 18th century, its function has changed over the years. Orientative program: The Telinein excursion itinerary will begin at the meeting point at 9:00 in the morning. The first trip will last almost an hour until you reach the main fortress. To better understand Terezín, already during the journey, historical and technical details will be informed that will then be related to what happened there. When we leave Prague we will pass through the monument to the actors of the ** Anthropoid Operation **. We will see the main strength that is a city. The entire city was the Jewish ghetto. In the cemetery complex you will listen to figures, motives and methods. We will enter a museum to know of names, facts and ways. Then we will continue to the national cemetery while the guide will explain the differences between the ** Ghetto ** and the field, then we will visit the ** concentration camp ** following the same route as the prisoners followed, starting in the administrative courtyard. After the ** "Arbeit Macht Frei", ** we will reach the area for prisoners. We will pass through the Casamatas de la Fortaleza and we will reach the shooting field to go to a part of the residential area.



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+ Too much language knowledge and historically knowledgeable guide. Good driver Fairly large group - Too large a group (50-60) at Small fortress A tip skip lunch and add a quarter of an hour and spend 30 minutes at the Columbarie, the small pizzeria that was there can't manage to fix a pizza for them about 20 mine remaining after the museum if there are as many people as ever

The tour went really well, talking about the transfer and the guides. Really well organized and you had nothing to care about yourself. Teresienstadt is a really sad place. The history of this place and all the people that were humiliated and even worse… In my opinion it’s really important to show those places to the world. Something like that can never happen again.

Our guide Veronika did a great job. She had to do the tour in English and Italian what was quite challenging, but she managed it very well. One could spend a lot more time in Terezin as the tour allows. I highly recommend to go to Terezin!!!

Our guide David was extremely friendly and helpful, both in the practical side but also very well known about any questions you ask him. A great asset for this tour!

Educational tour but think the time can be longer. Didn't have enough time for the Ghetto museum.