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Private Delphi & Thermopylae Tour from Athens

1. Private Delphi & Thermopylae Tour from Athens

See the Gates of Fire, deriving from the hot sulphur springs and the cavernous entrance to Hades. Experience the monument of King Leonidas, erected in 1955 and created by the sculptor Vasos Falireas. At the Thermopylae Museum, learn about the 480 BC battle that changed the course of Greek history and western civilization before seeing the baths of Thermopylae. In Delphi, see the Temple of Apollo, the Ancient Theater, the Stadium, the Athenian Treasury, the Gymnasium, and the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia. The Naxian Sphinx, which dates to 560 BC, is a fascinating stop before seeing the Metopes of the Athenian Treasury, Omphalos, Kleobis and Biton, Statue of Antinoos, and the famous Charioteer. Enjoy a traditional lunch on the Caldera at Delphi, overlooking fabulous Itea and Amfissa before driving back to a designated location in Athens.

From Athens: Ancient Sparta and Mystras Private Day Trip

2. From Athens: Ancient Sparta and Mystras Private Day Trip

This amazing tour will give you an excellent to the discovery of the history of Laconia combining Ancient Greek and Medieval Greek history. We will begin with a drive along the coast. On the way, you passing some Greek seaside villages and the heroic Salamis Island (where the historical naval battle took place between the Athenians and the Persians). Soon after will be our first stop at the Corinth Canal. Operating since 1892 dividing the Peloponnese Peninsula from the rest of Greece while connecting the Saronic Gulf to the Corinthian Sea. Walking across the pedestrian bridge will be in awe of what has been accomplished here, on some days bungee jumping is an option. Leaving the canal we will head towards Mystras driving into the southern Peloponnese Peninsula through the mountainous landscape of the Greek countryside. Reaching Mystras you will automatically understand why this location stands so unique within the Greek sites. Known as the ghost city, fortified on a citadel, Mystras is one of the two locations in Greece that preserves not only medieval churches but also ordinary houses, mansions and palaces of the Byzantine Empire in combination with Frankish elements. Walking in the site on the upper point you will reach the citadel and enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding areas while walking downhill you will meet the palaces and the Royal courtyards. Although known as the ghost city most of the monasteries are still in use and the monks will gladly show you around their small society. Before you exit you will come across the chapel of St. Demetrios, on its floor survives a plaque depicting a two head eagle (the symbol of Byzantium). It was on this very plaque that Konstantine Palaiologos kneeled before he was crowned the last Byzantine emperor. Before visiting Sparta we will stop at a traditional Greek tavern at the small village of Mystras. Following we will spend the rest of our time in Sparta, known as the eternal rival city of the Athenian Democracy. Sparta revolved around a different Cosmo theory for the ancient Greek standards. Initially known as the birthplace of Helen of Troy and the Kingdom of Menelaus (in the Mycenaean period), Sparta was organized as a purely military society in the ancient Greek period. It was the city of the two Kings were a few aristocrats ruled and of course the city where Leonidas and his 300 Spartans marched from to face the Persian army in Thermopylae in 480BCE. The city whose one soldier counted as ten soldiers from any other Greek city. Reaching Sparta we will visit the ancient citadel of Sparta where you will have a view of the ancient theater being revealed gradually in front of your eyes. Continuing we will pass in front of the stadium where the statue of King Leonidas stands marking the ending point of Spartathlon race (Athens – Sparta 245,3 km). Lastly, we will visit the archaeological museum of Sparta and before we depart for Athens we will also visit the museum of (olive and) olive oil.

From Athens: Sparta Tour

3. From Athens: Sparta Tour

On this tour you will have the chance to visit the famous Corinth Canal, Sparta and Mystras, while you will also admire the picturesque landscape of the Peloponnese. The tour starts early in the morning. After a short stop at the famous Corinth Canal, which connects the Ionian Sea with the Aegean Sea, the tour continues to Sparta and Mystras. Sparta is one of the most historical destinations, an ancient center which is famous for its well organized ancient army. It was founded by the Dorians in the 9th century and developed into the most powerful military city by Lycurgus. Leonidas was also a warrior king of the Greek city-state of Sparta. In 480 BC the king Leonidas and 300 Spartans won the huge Persian army during the famous battle of Thermopylae. Mystras or Myzythras is located only 7 km from Sparta. It was the capital of the Byzantine Despotate of Morea the second most important city and a fortress of the Byzantine Empire as well. Finally, when the tour is over, you will return to Athens.

From Athens: 2-Day Delphi and Meteora Private Tour

4. From Athens: 2-Day Delphi and Meteora Private Tour

Your driver will be waiting for you at your hotel or apartment, having everything ready to make sure your trip is smooth and comfortable. This tour is more relaxed in time, so we usually suggest starting from Athens between 9 – 10 am, but of course we can customise this, as everything actually on this tour hence this is a private tour. Our first stop Ancient Greeks believed that this place was the center of the world and there was the most famous oracle operated by Pythia. In case you missed the hints, we are talking about Delphi and the Temple of Apollo. Your driver will hand you the tickets and make sure you will have enough time to enjoy the site. Moving on Buckle up for a 3 hour drive through some of the most jaw dropping natural landscape the Greek countryside has to offer, before you arrive in Meteora just in time for dinner at local traditional Greek tavern giving you thee chance to dive deep into Greek cuisine’s secrets. But the day isn’t over yet, as you are in for an once in a lifetime experience, watching the sunset while sitting on top the Meteora rocks. Time to rest After such a long day, full of excitment and incredible images, is a about time to get some rest. And we couldn’t find a better place than a traditional guesthouse in the serenity of Kastraki village, just below the rocks of Meteora. Day 2 Words can’t describe the feeling of walking up in a place like this, the atmosphere is nothing short of mystical and usually the morning mist will add an extra layer on top of all that. Before heading to explore the monasteries, we will take breakfast consisting entirely of hand made local products. Visiting the monasteries Nowadays there are six active monasteries one can visit, all of them part of Unesco world heritage programm. Grand Meteoro, stands out by being the biggest one and having an incredible collection of items dating back to the Byzantine era. Very impressive is Rousanou nunnery as well, which is built as natural extension of the rock and offers an amazing viewpoint. Visitors are advised to be dressed modestly, long pants for men and skirts for women. On the way back We will make a stop at Thermopylae, where one of the most famous batlles of ancient times took place. King of Sparta, Leonidas and 300 soldiers stood up to the entire Persian army and their bravery sets an everlasting example.

From Kalamata: Rock Climbing in Lagada

5. From Kalamata: Rock Climbing in Lagada

Lagada's climbing park is located at 800 meters altitude on the 45th kilometer of the Kalamata-Sparta mountainous national road. Set off for a half-day of climbing on a wide variety of routes within a spectacular setting. Benefit from included hotel pickup and drop-off in Kalamata. The Lagada climbing park is the pride and glory of the greater Peloponnese area because of the variety of grades on excellent quality limestone, combined with its enchanting location. Get picked up from Kalamata and head to one of Greece's most beautiful sport-climbing parks. From 1999 to the present day, approximately 100 sport routes ranging from 5a to 8c+ have been developed on five different fields. For the past 15 years, the local team has organized events, maintained existing routes, and developed new ones. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned climber, you will have an unforgettable experience at Lagada.

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Amazing trip, Tas was our driver and was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He covered everything from battles, mythology, the culture, etc. Tas showed up on time and made us feel like family. He made ajustments to our tour to show us more of his beautiful country and finished the day off in a outstanding restaurant that he recommended. We would strongly recommend this tour group and would recommended you ask for Tas.

We just returned from our trip with Yannis ! It was so worth it ! He takes the time to explain and tell you about Greek history. He is detailed, you feel super safe and comfortable. Don’t hesitate to book, we booked the Anchovia, Delphi and Spartan Battlefield. His recommendation for lunch was fantastic ! Husband and I are glad we booked this the night before and he called us to confirm. Super Class A service.

Excellent day for this excursion to Delphi and to the site of Thermopylae! Our driver George was very friendly, interesting in his mythological explanations and careful in driving without forgetting the site proposed for lunch… very pleasant restaurant with a very beautiful view in the calm of the village of Delphi!

Tas is a great driver and is fluent in both English and Greek, which is incredibly helpful. Great tour of several sites and made good use of the time on the way.

The Conpany Ancient Greece Tours was wonderful. We highly recommend our guide, Yannis with a (z)" to guide your tour! Thank you!