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Cultural Heritage Tour Santa Marta

1. Cultural Heritage Tour Santa Marta

Let me take you on a fascinating journey through the cobbled streets and hidden treasures of Santa Marta! I want to share with you a one-of-a-kind tour, where history, culture, and mystery intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. Get ready to discover the material and immaterial heritage of this vibrant city. The setup of our story begins in the heart of Santa Marta's historic center, where our expert guides in history, journalism, and anthropology from Colombia will warmly welcome you. They will be your passionate guides, eager to unveil the mysteries and stories that lie behind every alleyway and ancient building. Our tour, called "Santa Marta Revealed: The Legacy of a City," is different from any other because we will immerse ourselves in the cultural richness of the city, exploring both its tangible and intangible heritage. It will be a journey of discovery that takes us through the centuries, allowing us to understand the evolution of Santa Marta. Here is a list of some of the places and topics of interest we will explore on our enchanting and mysterious tour: Bolivar Square: We will start our adventure in this iconic square, where history comes to life. We will uncover the secrets that the monument to Simón Bolívar holds and how this revolutionary leader left his mark on Santa Marta. Santa Marta Cathedral Basilica: We will delve into this majestic church, where colonial architecture blends with significant religious elements. We will decipher the hidden messages in the frescoes and reliefs adorning its walls. The Customs House: We will immerse ourselves in Santa Marta's commercial history in this historic building, once the center of trade in the region. We will uncover the treasures and stories behind the products that passed through its doors. Parque de Los Novios: Here, we will explore the social and cultural life of Santa Marta. We will learn about the love stories and legends that have brought this picturesque place to life. Tayrona Museum: Our journey through time will take us to the museum that houses the rich heritage of the Tayrona culture. We will decipher the secrets and symbols of this ancestral civilization.

Old Town and Quinta Pedro Alejandrino Santa Marta City Tour

2. Old Town and Quinta Pedro Alejandrino Santa Marta City Tour

Do you know why people believe Santa Marta’s Old city is magical? Come with us and find out! Santa Marta was once called The Pearl of America by the Spaniards. Nowadays, it deserves its name for being a natural and historical treasure for Colombia. So, if you want to learn why, join us in this private full-day tour around its most emblematic places. Then, continue to the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, death place of Simón Bolivar. Santa Marta was founded in 1525. It is the oldest city of Colombia, and the second oldest in Latin America. Its colonial houses, streets, natural parks, and bays hold the country and city’s history of indigenous roots and Spanish conquest. In the present time is a sign of the Caribbean joyful traditions. Come with us. Start this full-day tour by meeting the expert local guide who will pick you up from your hotel. Firstly, you will visit the old city’s most emblematic places. Parque de Los Novios, Simón Bolívar Park, and the monument of Santa Marta’s founder Rodrigo Bastidas, among others. Then, you will go to the old city’s main Cathedral where they have the tomb of Bastidas. Afterward, jump to La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, a 17th-century hacienda, which is nowadays one of the most recognized and touristic spots in Santa Marta for being home and death place to Simon Bolivar, the “father of South American independence”. Learn about his life and enjoy its enormous gardens and patios covered by the trees’ shade before going to a whole different place. In the end, the guide will take you back to the hotel.

Santa Marta Street Food Tour

3. Santa Marta Street Food Tour

Explore Santa Marta, the lively capital of Magdalena, where every corner offers a culinary journey awaiting discovery. Positioned along Colombia's Caribbean Coast, Santa Marta showcases a cultural mosaic shaped by centuries of history and diverse influences. Embark on an expedition through its bustling streets, where enticing aromas and exotic flavors captivate the senses, providing an authentic glimpse into coastal Colombia's gastronomic heritage. Commence your culinary escapade at Plaza de Bolivar, rendezvousing with your guide. From here, embark on a delectable adventure uncovering the city's hidden culinary treasures and tempting street food selections. Begin with envueltos, savory parcels of corn dough encased in palm leaves and accompanied by an assortment of delightful sauces. Then, indulge in the creamy richness of Costeño cheese paired with hearty cassava, a cherished coastal delicacy embodying the essence of Colombian cuisine. Continue your gastronomic journey at a vibrant street food hub near Santa Marta's Cathedral, where an enticing array of treats awaits. Delight in a diverse assortment of local specialties and relish the lively flavors of freshly prepared dishes, complemented by refreshing tropical fruit beverages that transport your taste buds to paradise. Be mesmerized by the dazzling variety of fruits on display, showcasing the richness and abundance of Colombia's natural offerings. As your street food adventure draws to a close, reflect on the vibrant flavors and culinary pleasures you've savored, knowing you've experienced the finest of Santa Marta's culinary treasures. Bid farewell to your guide and fellow food enthusiasts, carrying memories of mouthwatering dishes and unforgettable moments to cherish long after your journey concludes. Until we reunite, may your culinary explorations continue to inspire and enchant, one delightful bite at a time.

Gold Museum & Santa Marta Old City Tour

4. Gold Museum & Santa Marta Old City Tour

In this Santa Marta city tour you’ll experience the magic of the city. Trutly observe its diversity and learn why people say it makes all its visitors feel at home. In this walking tour, you will explore the history and traditions among its streets and houses. For instance, you’ll visit the Tayrona Gold Museum, Parque de los Novios, the Malecón, the Cathedral, and many other places. Of course, this experience includes refreshing traditional juices, and fruit tasting with locals. In a word, we have designed fun experiences for you, and a we make sure you’ll be with a very knowledgeable local guide for a great Santa Marta city tour. The journey starts when you meet our local guide at your hotel. From there you will head to Tayrona Gold Museum, where you will have a quick tour inside it. This is the first place to be built in the city by Spaniards and it is now a cultural site with the aim of rescuing and showing the indigenous ancestral heritage through their metalwork. Walk later to Bolivar Square Park and then to Rodrigo Bastidas’ monument. The first dedicated to the leader of South American independence, and the second honoring the Spanish founder of the city. Keep walking along the bay and get to “El Parque de los Novios” (the Lovers’ Park), the main park of Santa Marta’s downtown that comes alive every night when young samarios meet to dance and have fun. Keep strolling around and discover the main churches, parks, museums and colonial architecture houses as we get to the main Cathedral. Along the tour you will also have a food tasting stop, where there will be a chance to try a typical snack. The day will come to an end when our driver takes you back to your hotel.

Santa Marta: Old Town, Harbour & Highlights Self-guided Tour

5. Santa Marta: Old Town, Harbour & Highlights Self-guided Tour

Get to know Santa Marta in a relaxed way. Start the self-guided tour whenever you like and spend a varied and enjoyable time in this exciting and fascinating city. The tour begins in the charming "Café del Parque" park, which was once called "Parque de Venezuela". From there, the tour continues to the historic town hall and old prison, where you will learn the story of Don Antonio Nariño, a pioneer of Colombian independence. Continue to the Gold Museum and the "Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino", the place where Simón Bolívar, the famous liberator of South America, spent his last days. You will visit the "Parque Bolívar", where you can find handicrafts and souvenirs from various South American countries. On the city beach, you will get a view of the harbour. You will visit the monument to the founding of the city and discover the diverse street art in the city's alleyways. The tour continues to the magnificent "Teatro Santa Marta" and the impressive Catedral de Santa Marta. You will visit the historic "Casa del Correo", which once served as a post office, and the lively "Parque de los Novios", the park of lovers. Throughout the tour, you will receive insider tips on culture and cuisine, nightlife and excursions. Discover for yourself why Santa Marta is known as the "Pearl of the Caribbean". At the tour stops, there are entertaining tasks to solve and fun questions to answer. Who knows, for example, what ... but no, we won't tell you yet! It's like being shown Santa Marta by a good friend who knows the city like the back of his hand and has many exciting stories and anecdotes to tell. You can start the tour at any time and as often as you like in the browser of a smartphone. On site or even from the comfort of your sofa. Enjoy your time in Santa Marta! *** Good to know *** You will receive the link to start the tour in an email directly after booking.

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Great tour with a bit of a tour of the historical center of Santa Marta plus great food. Guide went above and beyond in finding us food options that we asked for. Really did not have to do that. Could have just stuck to his program. So a more expansive tour than expected plus very personal and customized attention. Highly recommended.

so much history....really interesting and Rosa knew so much about so many other things too. I found it so interesting to talk with her about Santa Marta and Colombia...history and culture....amazing trip

This was a lovely activity that can be done at your own pace with stop offs if wanted along the way. A nice way to explore the city and understand the history.

Interesting tour to know the highlights of the city of Santa Marta. Qualified and attentive guide in explaining things with meticulousness and professionalism

It was great tour the guide was excellent! Super nice guy and has helped with recommendations around the city after as well. Jorge is the man !