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Milos: South Coast Private RIB Cruise with Kleftiko Visit

Milos: South Coast Private RIB Cruise with Kleftiko Visit

we exit the bay of Platis Gialos and cruise the strait of Kimolos-Milos, in about 25 minutes we pass the northwest cape of wonderful Poliegos island and head towards the southeastern cape of Milos Island and the famous sulfur mines, we reach it after about 15 minutes. We anchor and can swim to the beach where we can visit the old mine which was operating until the mid-1950s. It’s a wonderful place and the scenery resembles a theme from Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western movies. The seawater is a bit yellow from the sulfur and they say that its very therapeutic! You can visit the old factory where the old machinery is still there. We can spend about 20 minutes there. After we enter the boat, we head southwest towards Gerakas beach which is only accessible by a boat and it’s probably one of the top 5 beaches in the Cycladic islands. The water is simply amazing, and the vibe of the place is incredible. We anchor and we can swim for as long as you like, you can swim to the beach where you can lay on a very soft type of pebbly sand that you simply can’t get enough of it! Usually, we stay there for about an hour, but even more, if you like. Afterward, we enter the boat and keep heading southwest towards Tsigrado beach, the only beach in Milos where people climb a big wooden ladder to visit it. Indeed, a special place. We swim right next to it, and away from the many people that visit the place, in a very secluded spot that fits just one boat and the water is so turquoise. We drop anchor and stay there for about half an hour. After we enter the boat, we keep heading southwest towards Gerontas beach, but just before we get there, we pass a big cave which we enter with the boat and go all the way in. Gerontas beach has magnificent dark brown and very fine sand with many small “private” kinds of beaches throughout the left part of the beach and behind a big rock, where you can jump in the sea from. We drop anchor and can stay there for about another half an hour swimming. After we enter the boat, we keep heading southwest towards the famous Kleftiko. This is one of the most photographed landscapes and is famous not just in Greece but worldwide. We can enjoy the grey-white rocks of strange shapes and formations, with incredible caves and cavities. We drop anchor in many different spots there and we swim and explore all the caves, where we enter from one location and exit in a different one! We stay at Kleftiko for about an hour and 15 minutes, taking in all the unbelievable beauty that nature created for us to enjoy. Of course, we use our masks and snorkels to explore all the caves! It’s time to head back the same way we came from… We head east and follow the shoreline, we leave Milos behind and over to the strait of Kimolos and Poliegos, then pass outside Psathi which is the port of Kimolos island and turn Northeast towards Sifnos so we can reach Platis Gialos and finish off a simply incredible day full of memories that will last a lifetime!

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