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Our most recommended Plaka, Naxos Island tours

Naxos: Highlights Full-Day Tour by Bus

1. Naxos: Highlights Full-Day Tour by Bus

The first stop is Demeter temple, a spectacular recently restored ancient temple from 530 BC. Apart from the impressive monument, you'll have the chance to visit the archeological museum located in the same area, and to check out some findings from the site. Continue the tour to Damalas, a cute little village in the heart of Tragea Valley where you'll enjoy a demonstration at the only remaining traditional pottery workshop and the traditional restored olive press. Then drive to Chalkio, a neoclassical village where you can walk in picturesque alleys, visit the traditional citron distillery/museum, and have an espresso while taking in the classy atmosphere. Head then to the famous village of Naxos, Apiranthos, the “marble village," and stroll down marble cobbled streets and take loads of photos. Drive towards the north part of Naxos island to end up on the northeast edge in Apollonas, a small typical Cycladic village. Have a swim or just relax at one of the cafes by the sea. On the way back, stop by the impressive Kouros, a colossal unfinished statue from the 6th century BC, before returning to Chora, taking in gorgeous views along the way.

Adamantas: Milos Sightseeing Sailboat Cruise

2. Adamantas: Milos Sightseeing Sailboat Cruise

Embark on a full-day cruise to west Kleftiko from Adamantas. Visit Cape Vani, and Sykia cave, and enjoy Greek tapas on board with plenty of swimming and snorkeling stops en route. You will start your journey from Adamantas and sail close to the east coast of the bay, passing the Christian catacombs, the colorful villages of Skinopi, the capital of ancient Milos, and the place where the famous statue of Venus de Milo was discovered. Sail to Cape Vani, an impressive 30-meter tall rock, home to one of the first mineral mines in Milos. You will see the mines' quay before jumping in for the first swim of the day in the crystal-clear waters of Kalogries. After returning to the boat, relish some homemade snacks and refreshments while moving to Sykia, the biggest and most impressive cave of Milos. Snorkel the clear green waters of Sykia before taking a small dinghy under a rock passage and into the cave. Explore a salt lake with a small beach, illuminated by a natural skylight in the rock above. Upon returning to the boat enjoy some delicious snacks accompanied by soft drinks or local wine, beer, and greek traditional liquor. Finally, you will reach Kleftiko, the old pirates' lair. Take the dinghy to uncover the unique beauty of Kleftiko caves and find the perfect photo-opt with the underwater cameras. You will also enjoy a delicious meal in Kleftiko. On the return journey, relax on the deck or join the cockpit to help steer the boat. Dive in for one final swim in the bay of Agios Dimitrios, a tranquil spot inaccessible by car which offers an amazing view of Plaka and Tripiti and all the colorful villages across the bay.

Naxos: Rhina Cave and Coastline Sea Kayaking Tour

3. Naxos: Rhina Cave and Coastline Sea Kayaking Tour

Enjoy a tour perfect for adventurous people and Kayak along the coast of Naxos Island. Admire beautiful landscapes and coastlines and try to spot local wildlife before stopping at caves and enjoying a local meal (optional meal). Start the tour at the beautiful, sandy beach of Kalandos, located on the southern edge of Naxos Island, protected from the northerly summer winds. Explore the area, the island’s southernmost wetland, and the first resting and feeding stop for migratory birds on their long journey from Africa. Finish the equipment check and safety briefing by your certified guide before paddling a distance of about 8 km along the south coast of Naxos, heading east. Take in the breathtaking view from the neighboring Cycladic Islands and make stops at tiny sea coves where we’ll stop to swim with forbidding, craggy cliffs towering over us. Paddle in the tranquil, blue-green waters and awesome geological formations along the coastline will meet your eyes until you reach the most impressive of them all: Rhina Cave with its ceiling of miniature stalactites and its inviting beach nearby. Make a stop at Rhina Cave's beach for about 30-40 min. Enjoy delicious snacks prepared for you by the guide and sample the local products and delicacies of Naxos. Enjoy snorkeling in the waters around the beach and spotting local wildlife. Head back to the kayak to return to the starting point at Kalandos Beach. End the tour with a scrumptious traditional (optional)meal at the local taverna where you can relax and enjoy the view.

Milos Island: Archaeology & Culture Tour

4. Milos Island: Archaeology & Culture Tour

Our trip begins from Papafragas or the 'volcanic swimming pool' where we will wonder for a while at this picturesque location, where you can look down into the clear turquoise waters. Milos played a crucial part in the pre-history of the Cyclades and specifically Phylakopi that is our next stop. We will introduce you this prehistoric position which remained an active settlement until 1000 BC. A short drive from Phylakopi takes us to the famous Sarakiniko , the unique 'Lunar Landscape'. The beautiful spot is one of the island's many geological wonders and perhaps one of the most photographed places in Cyclades! We will take a wall down the inlet so you can experience this one of a kind beach and take some photos. From there we will travel the road along the northern coast towards the picturesque Plaka and its cobbled streets and alleys. In the capital of Milos you will have the time to admire its traditional architecture and its stunning view of the sea from the veranda of Panagia Korfiatissa. The next stop is at the outskirts of Trypiti, where the Catacombs lay, a sacred place for Early Christianity and a resting place of estimated 2500 souls. Close to the Catacombs is the marble Roman Amphitheatre.

Naxos: Food Walking Tour & Cooking Class with Meal & Drinks

5. Naxos: Food Walking Tour & Cooking Class with Meal & Drinks

Stroll down the cobblestone alleys of Chora, Naxos main town. In the company of your guide, you’ll make the rounds of the local produce market the way the Naxos people do. Once there, you’ll pick and choose your own local, fresh, seasonal produce, bursting with fragrances, colors, and flavor. You’ll be putting your vegetables to good use during the cooking course that will follow. Your route will also take you to tiny traditional shops, hidden in the alleys of Chora, where you’ll find out all about the traditional products that Naxos is famous for throughout Greece: olives, olive oil, honey, potatoes, fruit, cheeses, and meat from Naxos are sought for and in great demand. At some of the shops you’ll have the chance to sample the actual products. Sampling the amazing local cheeses will simply delight you. You’ll be equally delighted when you sample versions of the signature Naxos liqueur made from citron, a citrus fruit. Our tour will take you down the maze-like alleys of the Chora castle built in the 13th century when Venetian rule started on Naxos and the island was known as the Duchy of Naxos. You will get a glimpse of local life in those times of yore and come to appreciate not only the beauty of Cycladic architecture but its functionality as well. Your walk will end at a small traditional taverna where you’ll meet the talented chef we work with. He’ll ask you to help him with the preparation and, step by step, he’ll show you how to make mouthwatering, traditional appetizers and the renowned Greek salad, all the while paying tribute to the Mediterranean’s flavors and aromas. Next, comes the greatest part of the tour. We’ll all be sitting down to share the dishes you made yourself, along with another Greek traditional dish prepared by our chef. We’ll raise our glasses, toast each other, and enjoy a day spent in enjoying and experiencing. After your meal, we’ll end our tour the Greek way: with a cup of traditional Greek coffee to round off your culinary experience.

Naxos: Hike to the top of the Cyclades - Mount Zas

6. Naxos: Hike to the top of the Cyclades - Mount Zas

This hike will take you up to the top of the most popular mountain in the Cycladic island cluster: Mount Zas! Once you reach the peak, there are many things to be proud of! Not only will you be at the highest point in the Cyclades ( 1003 m / 3290 ft), but you’ll have hiked to the summit of the mountain where Zeus, Father and King of the Olympian Gods, was raised. That is the reason why the mountain was named after Zeus (Zas in Naxos’ local dialect). This pleasant hike of moderate difficulty begins at the small country church of Agia Marina at Danakos village. The trail you’ll be following is exactly the same trail people have been following to the top of the mountain since ancient times. As you hike up, you will encounter the fascinating 4th-century BC inscription carved on a rock: “ΟΡΟΣ ΔΙΟΣ ΜΗΛΩΣΙΟΥ.'' What does the inscription say? Come with us and find out how mythology blends with history! You’ll start walking up a dirt trail flanked by the signature vegetation of the Cyclades. Higher up, it gradually becomes a jagged limestone path that’ll take you to the craggy summit of mighty Zeus. The vast blue of the Aegean Sea will accompany you along the way, while the view of the neighboring Cycladic islands is breathtaking. When you’re at the top, the 360 degree view is worthy of the Gods: plains and green slopes, small villages and tiny, whitewashed country churches (how many can you count?) as far as the eye can see . Once you reach the top, you’ll spend some time taking photos and having a delicious traditional treat. After you take in all the beauty, you start on your way back! At the end of your hike you'll enjoy a delicious traditional picnic! The hike to the peak of Mount Zas never disappoints. It’s actually a hike you’re not likely to forget. Do join us for this epic hike and discover unspoiled, pristine Naxos off the beaten track. Distance: 6 km / 3.7 m Altitude: 1003 meters / 3290 ft Ascend: 391 meters / 1282 ft Descend: 391 meters / 1282 ft Terrain: dirt trail, rocky trail

Naxos: A Riverbank Adventure (Kinidaros - Eggares villages)

7. Naxos: A Riverbank Adventure (Kinidaros - Eggares villages)

You’ll start your hike at Kinidaros, a scenic village nestled amid marble quarries towering over it. At one time or another, most of the village men have been quarrymen but Kinidaros is famous for a completely different trait: Music! For the Kinidaros locals music comes first. Most of them are skilled musicians, everyone plays an instrument (or two or three), and everyone keeps the Cycladic folk music tradition alive and well. You’ll leave Kinidaros behind to walk on a dirt trail which gives you the opportunity to gaze at the awesome marble quarries from a distance. The dirt trail turns into a cobblestoned path that takes you all the way down to the river. The views of the nearby mountains as they blend with the deep blue of the Aegean, the lush greenery that awaits you below, the path itself which actually traverses a small ravine cannot be beaten. As soon as you reach the riverbanks, the landscape changes completely. The 18th-century, double-arch, stone bridge known as Mill of Hadji stands guard over everything and once you’ve walked past it towards the riverbank, you’ll notice the difference: the air is cooler, shady spots abound, and vegetation is rioting next to abandoned watermills, lagoons, and small waterfalls, while crabs and water turtles make their way at the water’s edge next to oleander bushes and plane trees. A little later, the trail takes you past the serene, small, country church of Aghios Georgios in the fertile Lagada area and a majestic four-arch water mill. You continue making your way surrounded by plane trees and reed beds until you reach the 18th-century tower of the Pradouna Elders. At that point, you enter the traditional farm settlement of Mesa Geitonia. Last, the trail takes you to Eggares, an old, quiet farming village in the embrace of a fertile plain where you’ll have the chance to visit one of Naxos’s oldest remaining olive mills: recently renovated, the Eggares Olive Press dates back to at least the late 1800s when it pressed locally-grown olives for the village community. At Eggares, we’ll share a great, leisurely meal at one of the village’s best traditional tavernas. Then our transport will take you back to your accommodations!

Naxos: West Coastline E-Bike Tour with Sunset Option

8. Naxos: West Coastline E-Bike Tour with Sunset Option

Join us for a short, yet fully enjoyable escape into the scenic wonders of Naxos. Experience the thrill of an e-bike adventure amid a packed schedule with our Short.. is The New Black tour. In just 2.5 hours, embark on a delightful exploration of Naxos's enchanting South West coastline. Our leisurely route winds through the island's most picturesque coastal landscapes, offering a perfect escape. As you pedal along, take in the breathtaking scenery, and if luck is on your side, catch sight of seagulls perched atop straw balls. Feel free to pause for a refreshing swim in the azure, crystal-clear waters or/and enjoy a revitalizing juice. For a touch of exploration, join us on a brief 5-minute hike to a seaside chapel and marvel at the notorious shark-shaped rock. At the tour's conclusion, the choice is yours – either return the way you came or entrust your guide to lead you on an alternative route. *Please be aware that this adventure is not recommended for guests with accommodations on the West coastline.

Private transfers from Naxos Port -Naxos Airport.

9. Private transfers from Naxos Port -Naxos Airport.

We will meet you at your desired pick-up location (i.e. airport, port, hotel, attraction) . If you want us to pick you up from the port/airport, we will be waiting for you upon arrival, holding a paper with your name. With our kind staff and our brand new fleet, we provide safety and comfortability in your transportation. We also provide Private Tours for guided tours of the island's attraction and villages.

Naxos: Kitesurfing Lessons by Amouditis Kite Center

10. Naxos: Kitesurfing Lessons by Amouditis Kite Center

Kitesurfing Lessons by Boat At our kite center, we offer an unparalleled experience that combines thrill and safety at Plaka Beach. What sets us apart is our unique approach – kitesurfing lessons take place on a boat, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment. You’ll have the entire spot as your playground, away from the crowds, other students, and kiters, giving you the freedom to learn and practice at your own pace Our kitesurfing plans are taught privately, semi-privately( group of 2). All students are provided with the latest kitesurfing gear, wetsuits, harnesses, impact vests and helmets. Personalized Attention With our small kiteschool, we focus on your individual needs. Our experienced instructors are always on the boat, providing instant feedback and guidance, ensuring you master the art of kitesurfing with confidence. Avoid the Crowd Our slogan says it all. You won’t find overcrowded waters here. Experience the joy of kiting alone, away from the hustle and bustle, ensuring a peaceful and safe environment for both learners and experts. Tailormade Plans With our small kiteschool, we focus on your individual needs. Our experienced instructors are always on the boat, providing instant feedback and guidance, ensuring your safety and fun.

Plaka, Naxos

Plaka, Naxos

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My trip was amazing, I learnt so much about the island and saw so many things I wouldn’t have on my own. So many amazing stops, and our guide and driver couldn’t have been more amazing. Would recommend to anyone coming to stay in Naxos.

We had a great day with Nicholas and our driver was really amazing on the mountain roads and streets not exactly made for a tour bus. The marble town where we had a delicious lunch is not to be missed

Great day! We saw all that was advertised and benefitted from Nikolai’s stories and knowledge of the island. Well worth the cost for an eight person private tour!

Excellent, Nicos was an excellent guide, very attentive and explained very well

Really good day and well worth going on as you see the whole island