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Parliament House, Sweden

Parliament House, Sweden: Our most recommended tours and activities

Stockholm Old Town Outdoor Escape Game: Troll Escape

1. Stockholm Old Town Outdoor Escape Game: Troll Escape

Immerse yourself in a city exploration game and follow clues to discover hidden secrets and amazing spots in Stockholm. Get an insight into some of the many famous landmarks in the city. Play the game by solving each piece of the puzzle on your smartphone, guess the answer to unlock the story of each secret place. Untangle the past and learn about the city's royal history. Explore the city and be given exact directions so you won't need a map, GPS, or guide. Play offline as you don't need an internet connection to play the game. Enjoy as a group and solve the clues together as you walk, or split into smaller teams and compete against each other. Go at your own pace as there is no time limit, the game however can be completed in 1 hour. Play without a guide, just download the app, go to the starting point, and begin the adventure.

Gamla Stan: Essential Tour of Stockholm

2. Gamla Stan: Essential Tour of Stockholm

Embark on a tour that is designed chronologically so you can experience history just like the city did. Start from the Viking Era, the German influence in the country and the Danish clash which led to the most important Swedish event: the Stockholm bloodbath in 1520 followed by the succession of Gustav Vasa. Meet at Gustav Adolfs Torg in the center of the city and commence your walking tour. Explore the picturesque, narrow, and colorful streets of the Old Town, including the narrowest street of Stockholm, Mårten Trotzigs gränd. Walk along some of the most emblematic places in the island, such as the Stockholm Royal Palace, the statue of St. George, the Dragon, and the famous main square, Stortorget. Learn from your dynamic, history-enthusiast guides, each hailing from diverse backgrounds. These knowledgeable guides are eager to lead you through the intriguing tales of this island, providing insights not only from its past but the contemporary Swedish way of life. Feel free to inquire about anything that piques your curiosity, to make this tour a personalized adventure crafted for your interests and questions.

Self-Guided Mystery Tour by Riksdagshuset (ENG/SE)

3. Self-Guided Mystery Tour by Riksdagshuset (ENG/SE)

Enjoy Stockholm in a different way as a detective! This is a self-guided walking tour for mystery and crime fans. The goal is to solve the mystery at the Parliament, which is inspired by real events from the late 1800s. The year is 1899. A local debt collector has gone missing and a briefcase with blood on it has been found. In other words, work awaits the investigators in Stockholm's Old Town! It is your responsibility as good investigators to find out what happened to the missing person and the briefcase. After collecting your envelope at Kartbutiken in Stockholm's city center. Set out on an adventure where you'll need to solve problems and complete tasks that lead you closer and closer to a solution.  Experience Stockholm's Old Town as you explore, and discover some of its history, breathtaking buildings, and cozy cobblestoned alleys. The game ends when you have solved the mystery.  Exploring the old town through a mystery scavenger hunt is an interesting and unique tour option, perfectly suited for couples, friends, and families alike. You must collect your murder mystery within the opening hours of the pickup point. Afterwards you can play whenever you wish, 365 days a year. Good luck, you will need it!

Stockholm: Old Town & City Tour Walking Tours

4. Stockholm: Old Town & City Tour Walking Tours

Discover Stockholm, the diverse capital of Sweden, blending history and culture in a modern and vibrant metropolis. While it is one of Europe’s most progressive and design-forward cities, its medieval Old Town remains a large part of its character and charm. Built on an archipelago of 14 islands connected by over 50 bridges, exploring Stockholm is a fun and dynamic experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled and inspired. With the help of our local Swedish guides, be ready to start a wonderful journey through time whilst you discover the architecture, culture and history of this elegant and charming city. Our guided walking tours through Stockholm delve deeper into its unique history, from the Vikings that founded the city, to King Gustav Vasa, who declared it the capital of the Kingdom of Sweden, to its modern, dynamic, and creative atmosphere that represents this Nordic city today. You will visit iconic monuments like the Grand Hotel and hear the stories of the first Nobel Prize, the Royal Palace, the Stockholm City Hall, and the impressive Stromkajon waterfront. After exploring many of the city's landmarks with your guide, use the free Vox City app (included in your ticket) to discover more of Stockholm and its incredible history. Walking tour includes: Norrbro (North Bridge) Riksdagshuset (The Parliament House) Västerlånggatan Järntorget Storkyrkan Kungliga Slottet (The Royal Palace) Norrmalmstorg Kungsträdgården Drottninggatan Gustaf Adolfs Torg Kungliga Operan (Royal Swedish Opera) Kungsträdgården Berzelii Park Dramaten (The Royal Dramatic Theatre) Fältöversten Sankt Jakobs Kyrka The self-guided route's main sights: Diplomatstaden Nobelparken Kornhamnstorg Slussen/Guldbron Hornsgatan S.ta Maria Magdalena Kyrka Mariatorget Medborgarplatsen Götgatan Fjällgatan Vasagatan

Gamla Stan's Landmarks and legends: A Self-Guided Audio Tour

5. Gamla Stan's Landmarks and legends: A Self-Guided Audio Tour

At the heart of what was once the Swedish empire is Stockholm and, as you’ll find out on this walking tour, it’s more than just an archipelago and home of the country’s monarch. Starting in Gamla Stan, the Old Town, you’ll wander down narrow medieval lanes and past grand buildings built to impress during the days of the empire. At the end, you’ll emerge into the pulsing centre of modern Stockholm, with its gleaming glass buildings. You’ll hear about Gustav Vasa, the man who started the uprising that led to Swedish independence five hundred years ago, and retrace history on cobblestoned streets that once flowed with blood. And I’ll tell you about Olaus Petri, the priest who almost lost his life for contradicting Gustav Vasa after he was crowned. Bronze statues of kings will gaze down at you while you stroll down Kungsträdgården and hear their stories. All the way, you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty of Lake Mälaren and never far from water, since Stockholm stands on a handful of islands at the very spot where the lake meets the Baltic Sea. You’ll find out where you’ll be wined and dined if you ever win a Nobel Prize. You’ll also be able to brag to friends that you’ve: • Seen a genuine century-old Viking runestone • Taken in the rather oversized Stockholm Palace • Walked down Västerlånggatan, the cheapest piece of real-estate on a Swedish Monopoly board • Spotted the Royal Swedish Opera house and its two entrances • Found the fountain in which they’ll no doubt be plenty of splashing about if Sweden wins the Ice Hockey World Cup or the Eurovision Song Contest when you’re in town • Discovered where the expression “Stockholm Syndrome” comes from • Learned about Alfred Nobel, a man who profited off of death and destruction and then donated his fortune to fund the Nobel Prize while standing outside the Nobel Prize Museum Allow at least 90 minutes for this tour but feel free to give into the temptation to stop at one of the many scenic spots along the way for a coffee – preferably served with a traditional Swedish cinnamon bun.

2-Hour Free Walking Tour in Stockholm

6. 2-Hour Free Walking Tour in Stockholm

Amike Tours invites you on a captivating journey through Stockholm's rich history and vibrant culture. Starting at the iconic Swedish Parliament on Helgeandsholmen, we delve into the political heart of Sweden, offering a unique perspective on its legislative landmarks. Our route, carefully planned for efficiency and interest, winds through the city's historic streets, providing insights into the architectural and cultural evolution of Stockholm. As we progress to Riddarholmen, prepare to be enchanted by medieval buildings and stories that paint a vivid picture of the city's past. This area, a testament to Stockholm's enduring legacy, offers a deep connection to the city's historical roots. The tour culminates in the picturesque Gamla Stan, where the essence of old Stockholm comes alive. Here, in the city's old town, you're surrounded by a tapestry of colorful buildings, narrow alleys, and the lively atmosphere of local life. Tips on transportation and relevant sites are sprinkled throughout the tour, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the city's layout and highlights.

Stockholm Old Town Highlights, Royal Palace,Vasa Museum Tour

7. Stockholm Old Town Highlights, Royal Palace,Vasa Museum Tour

Embark on an intimate journey through Gamla stan, the Old Town of Stockholm. On this private tour we’ll dig through centuries of history and cultural heritage and show you the city’s highlights and hidden gems. We tailor the experience to your interests and provide optional tickets to top-rated attractions. Discover the best of Stockholm! Book a 2-hour walking tour of Stockholm’s Old Town to discover the most important sights and essential information about its history, culture and society. Your Private Guide will lead you through Stockholm’s narrowest street, past the charming German Church, to Stortorget, the oldest public square in the city. You’ll see the Storkyrkan cathedral and the Nobel Prize Museum, which is dedicated to some of the world's greatest leaders, scientists and writers. You’ll also dive into the history of the Swedish Royal Family as you admire the magnificent Royal Palace and Riddarholmen Church, the resting place of many Swedish monarchs and aristocrats. The tour will end outside the Parliament House, the center of Swedish government and politics. Book an extended 3-hour walking tour to see more of Stockholm. On this tour you will leave the island of Gamla stan and enjoy a relaxing walk past the Swedish Royal Opera to Kungsträdgården, a former royal garden with beautiful leafy paths, water features and impressive statues. You’ll also follow the Remembrance Path through Berzelii Park, which features a Holocaust monument dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg. Other places of interest include the historical mansion of Countess Wilhelmina von Hallwyl, the Royal Dramatic Theater and the Jewish Synagogue. Book a 4-hour walking tour of Stockholm’s Old Town to enhance your experience with a visit inside the Royal Palace! We provide skip-the-line tickets to give you more time to explore the palace museums instead of waiting in the queue. Come and discover the history and heritage of the Swedish Royal Family, admire the Royal Apartments filled with a rich collection of art and antique furniture and decor, and see the royal insignia housed in the Crown Treasury! Book a 6-hour walking tour of Stockholm to discover the best things to do in the Old Town and Djurgården. This option includes additional skip-the-line tickets to Vasa Museum, the most visited museum in all of Scandinavia. Don’t miss out on a chance to see the world’s best preserved 17th-century warship and learn about the maritime history of Sweden, from the Viking Age to the present day. This extended tour is also an opportunity to see the Nordic Museum and other highlights of the Royal Djurgården, one of the most popular recreation and leisure spots in Stockholm.

Stockholm: City Highlights Guided Walking Tour with a Local

8. Stockholm: City Highlights Guided Walking Tour with a Local

This experience is provided by an independent Local. You only have an hour to fall in love with Stockholm? Challenge accepted! Discover Stockholm during a short but sweet excursion, in which you will learn the most interesting facts about the city, the local lifestyle and the modern transformation of the city. We will meet at Obelisk at Castle Hill and will go on our stroll from there :-) Discover what the everyday life of locals looks like and learn where the city gets its characteristic ambience from, by seeing it through the eyes of a local. Walking through the city, you will discover exactly what makes Stockholm special! This is also your chance to get insider tips about the best cafes, restaurants and bars to visit during your time here and learn how to make the most out of your visit. This is the perfect experience for someone visiting the city for the first time or someone that wants to rediscover it! As LocalBini, we bring together passionate people from all around the world giving them the opportunity to offer unique experiences via our marketplace. Who is a Local? A Local is someone who is passionate about sharing authentic experiences based on their interests. As LocalBini, we bring together passionate people from all over the world by giving them the opportunity to offer unique experiences via our marketplace.

Discover Stockholm: Self-Guided Audio Walk in Gamla Stan

9. Discover Stockholm: Self-Guided Audio Walk in Gamla Stan

Discover Stockholm's main attractions on this guided audio walk through Gamla Stan with unique stories for each place. No matter whether you're a first time visitor or have been here before, you'll learn something for sure! You’ll embark on a journey through time and learn about Swedish history and society along the way. On your way, you’ll visit conic landmarks and learn about where the founder of Stockholm lived, where the Stockholm bloodbath took place, and where hidden viking rune stones are. You’ll also get tips and trips for your visit. Beyond a typical tour, Discover Stockholm engages you with interactive quizzes at each stop, encouraging deeper involvement with the city's history and culture. The tour includes a guided map for effortless navigation, allowing you to start, pause, or repeat sections as per your preference. So, are you ready to discover the secrets of Stockholm? Let the StoryHunt begin!

Stockholm Archipelago Boat Cruise, Gamla Stan Walking Tour

10. Stockholm Archipelago Boat Cruise, Gamla Stan Walking Tour

Do you want to see the best of Stockholm in and out of water? Discover the highlights of Gamla Stan (Old Town) on a 2-hour private walking tour with tickets for a 2,5-hour guided cruise through Stockholm Archipelago. Immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and sail through its picturesque islands and natural landscapes! The 4,5-hour option combines a 2-hour walking tour with a 2,5-hour cruise. Your adventure begins in Gamla stan, where you will meet our Local Guide and go on a relaxing stroll through the cobblestone streets lined with colorful buildings, historic squares, and iconic landmarks. You will see the magnificent Royal Palace, the 13th century Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan), the Nobel Prize Museum, Parliament House, Swedish Royal Opera and other highlights. Each step will be accompanied by fascinating stories and anecdotes about the historical events and daily life in Stockholm, from the Viking Age to the present day. We provide tickets for a 2,5-hour guided cruise of Stockholm Archipelago. Your Private Guide will escort you to the pier and provide the tickets and all the necessary information. Your group will board a comfortable modern ship (without the guide) and sail through Stockholm’s vast waterways and islands with a captain who will provide live commentary in English and Swedish. Take in the sights and sounds of the diverse natural landscapes and vibrant wildlife of Stockholm Archipelago and learn about its historical significance and cultural heritage. Let us take you on an adventure!

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We had bad weather on the tour, but that wasn't a problem for the tour guide Oscar. He was still very energetic, looked after us and planned a stop at a cafe where we could warm up. I really liked his interactive style of conveying his knowledge and engaging the group. He also took the time after the actual tour to answer further questions, even beyond Stockholm. I can really only recommend this tour!

Great tour to learn about the Stockholm Old City. The guide was excellent, very knowledgeable, personable and with a great sense of humor!

Very good, Zoe the tour guide explained the history of the town in an exciting way which made it easy to understand. The tour was great.

Very good gide, got a lot of explanation. Very interesting

Mega good! I was there alone and thought it was great!