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Oslo Cathedral

Oslo Cathedral: Our most recommended tours and activities

Oslo: Best of Oslo Walking Tour

1. Oslo: Best of Oslo Walking Tour

Discover the highlights of Norway’s capital city on a guided walking tour, and get an unparalleled insight into what makes this Scandinavian city stand out. Wander around Sentrum, Oslo’s diverse city center on the Skagerrak strait, to discover its best landmarks, museums, restaurants, and bars. During the tour, see the Norwegian Parliament, the Grand Hotel, and the main street Karl Johan. Learn how Oslo earned its nickname as the "Tiger City" and stroll past the symbolic Norwegian Opera House that stands out like a pearl in the ocean. Next, you will visit Christiania, the historical center of Oslo, and find out why the Norwegian capital has changed its name several times over the last 300 years. After the tour, download the activity provider's app (included in your tour) to discover more of Oslo and its incredible history with curated audio-guided route through the main quarters. Best of Oslo includes: • Oslo City Hall • National Theater • University of Oslo • Norwegian Parliament • Stortorvet Gjestgiveri • Glasmagazinet • Kvadraturen • Oslo Cathedral • Karl Johan Street • Fire Tower • Tiger Sculpture • Oslo Second City Hall • Gamle rådhus • Ceremony Pier Self-guided route's main sights: • Frogner Stadion • Norwegian Parliament • Trinity Church • Karl Johan's monument • Grensen • Aamodt Bridge ... and many more

Oslo: Historic Myths & Legends Evening Walking Tour

2. Oslo: Historic Myths & Legends Evening Walking Tour

Join us as we journey through Oslo's unique and lesser-known history, a narrative that has shaped the lives of locals and visitors for centuries. Our walk begins at Oslo's City Hall, an iconic structure with tales of the city's past. Within its walls, we can learn about the intriguing lives and expeditions of the renowned Vikings who once sailed the Nordic seas. Together, we’ll explore stories of mischievous trolls, kind-hearted nisse, and mysterious huldra that have been passed down through generations. From there, we'll make our way to Christiania Torv, a historic square that has witnessed the ebb and flow of time. Our guide will weave tales from the annals of history, spotlighting events and stories that have left a mark on Oslo's landscape. Next on our itinerary is the Akershus Fortress, a testament to medieval engineering and design. This fortress stands as a symbol of Oslo's need for protection through the ages. Discover stories of the castle's past, including accounts of prisoners in its formidable walls and the fates they met. As we wander through Bankplassen, we delve into the tales of daring heists and intricate robberies that once shook the city. Understand the complex justice system of medieval Oslo and how crimes were met with punishments in those times. It's a relaxed evening walk, filled with fun stories and hidden history that bring Oslo’s past to life in a simple and engaging way.

Oslo Outdoor Escape Game: Vikings Tales

3. Oslo Outdoor Escape Game: Vikings Tales

Visit wonderful sights in Oslo including the Royal Palace, Parliament and Akershus Fortress whilst solving pieces of the puzzle in this immersive exploration game. Play the role of the majestic Harald Hardrada, Viking king and founder of Oslo. Play the game by solving each piece of the puzzle on your smartphone, guess the answer to unlock the story of each secret place. Unlock stories and learn interesting facts such as how Oslo became the home of the Nobel Peace Prize. Explore the city and be given exact directions so you won't need a map, GPS, or guide. Play offline as you don't need an internet connection to play the game. Enjoy as a group and solve the clues together as you walk, or split into smaller teams and compete against each other. Go at your own pace as there is no time limit, the game however can be completed in just over 1 hour. Explore without a guide, just download the app, go to the starting point, and begin the adventure.

Oslo: First Discovery Walk and Reading Walking Tour

4. Oslo: First Discovery Walk and Reading Walking Tour

Walk through a beautiful route of the city, discover hidden gems and visit 10+ of the most important attractions and spots. Learn some introductory information about each place and interesting stories about the city in general. Download the ‘World City Trail ‘app from the store and login. Read the instructions and head to the starting location. Unlock photos of the exterior and the interior of the location. Read some information regarding the attraction and continue walking to the next checkpoint. Note what you liked and did not like and create your bucket list for the next days! Start your walk any time, without a schedule. Pause it for lunch, have a drink, visit an attraction of your choice, and continue later or even another day. With the maps feature, you will never get lost. Start your tour at the much-photographed Oslo Central Station! Visit the Oslo Cathedral with its unknown royal use, and Egertorget will give you a taste of one of Oslo's busiest streets. Take a photo at the Norwegian Parliament building, which stands for democracy with its grandeur, and let yourself get lost in Oslo City Hall, with its unique architecture. Visit the Nobel Peace Center which with its unique exhibits gives you the opportunity to learn about the greatest minds and discoveries that hold the prize. You will also pass by Oslo's National Theater with its excellent acoustics and unique program. Admire the iconic Royal Palace. Uranienborg Church with its unique red color will captivate you and your camera! See, walk, and relax in Frogner Park with its countless statues!(where the tour ends)

Oslo: Highlights Guided Walking Tour

5. Oslo: Highlights Guided Walking Tour

Very few cities in the world allow you to see both past, present and the future in just one walking stroll. Oslo is one of those cities. Established almost thousand years ago, Oslo is actually very new and modern city, easy to live, pleasant to walk and visit. The streets are peaceful and safe, the pedestrian lanes numerous, history is interesting and the future is fruitful space. So, Let’s walk! Let’s walk the paths a majestic Norwegian kings did, let’s stroll the streets Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Munch did, let’s walk together! We’ll meet by the Tiger sculpture and visit some of the most important scenic points like The Oslo Opera House, Akershus fortress and Royal Palace. We’ll stop by the municipal building and discuss why Oslo has so much of public art. We’ll walk by the Royal palace and wave to the King and we’ll parade along the main pedestrian street like Norwegians tend to do on 17th of May. We’ll visit the old cathedral and talk about new city projects along the way. We’ll show you and share with you why we love Oslo!

Oslo: Myths & Legends City Guided Tour

6. Oslo: Myths & Legends City Guided Tour

We'll start our tour at the entrance to Oslo's City Hall, a monumental building where we can learn about the beliefs of legendary Vikings. From here, we'll descend into the shadows to explore tales of a mysterious underground kingdom believed to have been inhabited by trolls. Then, we will dive deep into the city's less-than-pretty history and learn about famous heists and robberies in Oslo. Crime goes hand in hand with punishment, and our guide will discuss how local prisons worked in medieval times and what punishment systems existed back then. As our tour continues, we will hear stirring stories about witches, and ghost apparitions said to haunt certain areas in Oslo. While shortly touching upon this subject of unexplained phenomena, our guide will avoid relying on hearsay and, instead, narrate only those tales that can be backed up by factual evidence. This tour is a perfect opportunity to gain insight into certain traditions and superstitions still held by locals today. Along with learning about this unique Norwegian folklore and stories, our knowledgeable guide will also point out historical sites around Oslo, all of which add color and intrigue to this remarkable city's long-standing cultural heritage.

Oslo: Best of Oslo Walking Tour + Fjords Sightseeing Cruise

7. Oslo: Best of Oslo Walking Tour + Fjords Sightseeing Cruise

This exceptional combo experience seamlessly weaves Oslo's rich history with its awe-inspiring natural beauty. Embark on the walking tour to unlock the city's secrets, followed by a fjord sightseeing cruise that paints nature's beauty in broad strokes. Experience the perfect blend of history and natural beauty in Oslo through this exceptional combo. Discover the city's rich past and stunning landscapes with a seamless combination of a walking tour and a fjord sightseeing cruise. Begin your journey by immersing yourself in the architectural wonders of the 19th century. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through charming streets, unveiling the captivating stories behind Oslo's iconic landmarks. Marvel at the majestic Norwegian Parliament, a symbol of democracy, and the timeless elegance of the Grand Hotel. Walk along the vibrant Karl Johan street, soaking in the city's energetic atmosphere. Learn about Oslo's moniker as the 'Tiger City' and witness the awe-inspiring Norwegian Opera House, a modern architectural masterpiece showcasing the city's cultural prowess. Explore Christiania, Oslo's historical core, and uncover the intriguing tale that led to its name change centuries ago, offering a glimpse into the city's evolution. The culmination of your journey brings you to City Hall, where the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony takes place, resonating with global significance. Experience the aura of this symbolic location that represents peace and progress. Conclude your walking tour with an enchanting cruise on a historic vessel. Sail through slender straits, picturesque bays, and isles adorned with charming summer homes. Oslo's unique geography provides unparalleled opportunities for breathtaking photos. Relax on the sightseeing boat and immerse yourself in the stunning scenery. During the cruise, marvel at islands like Hovedøya and the Dyna Lighthouse. Glide through narrow channels and find serenity in peaceful coves, capturing the city's essence from various angles. Admire the Oslo Opera House, residence of The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, renowned for its award-winning architecture. As the boat approaches the Bygdøy peninsula, discover captivating museums and inviting beaches, including the famous Huk beach. The Maritime Museum displays gracefully anchored vintage sailing ships, while the impressive Fram Museum showcases the legendary polar exploration vessel, also named Fram.

Oslo: City Highlights Christmas Walking Tour

8. Oslo: City Highlights Christmas Walking Tour

Embark on a remarkable journey of Oslo on a Christmas walking tour. Explore the Norwegian capital during its most magical season, learning about its winter traditions from your local guide and seeing its iconic landmarks. Follow your seasoned guide and weave through Oslo's streets. See its iconic landmarks lit up for the festive season and head to some of the city's top Christmas shopping locales as you listen to tales of traditional Norwegian festive lore and take in the jubilant atmosphere permeating the city during these joyful times. Stroll along the lively Karl Johan Street, delve into the history of the Parliament, and find peace at Oslo's Cathedral. Continue your walk to admire the seasonally adorned University and City Hall, while absorbing tales and serene vibes at the National Theater and Cathedral. Conclude your tour at a charming Christmas market, where you can explore and indulge in delectable treats and cross off your gift list in your own time.

Oslo: City Highlights Walking Tour with a Local

9. Oslo: City Highlights Walking Tour with a Local

This experience is provided by an independent Local. You only have an hour to fall in love with Oslo? Challenge accepted! Discover Oslo during a short but sweet excursion, in which you will learn the most interesting facts about the city, the local lifestyle and the modern transformation of the city. We will meet at Oslo Opera House and will go on our stroll from there :-) Discover what the everyday life of a local look like and learn where the city gets its characteristic ambience from, by seeing it through the eyes of a local. Walking through the city, you will discover exactly what makes Oslo special! This is also your chance to get insider tips about the best cafes, restaurants and bars to visit during your time here and learn how to make the most out of your visit. This is the perfect experience for someone visiting the city for the first time or someone that wants to rediscover it! Who is a Local? A Local is someone who is passionate about sharing authentic experiences based on their interests. As LocalBini, we bring together passionate people from all around the world giving them the opportunity to offer unique experiences via our marketplace.

Oslo Self-Guided Walking Tour with Audio Guide

10. Oslo Self-Guided Walking Tour with Audio Guide

See the sights of Oslo at your own pace and according to your schedule on a self-guided walking tour. Download our handy app or an audio guide onto your MP3 player and get a fully detailed map to help you explore. Learn about the Norse Kings and landmark events such as the Great Fire and Millennial Jubilee. See the Nobel Peace Prize Center and visit the Viking Ship Museum to hear stories about raids and see authentic Viking ships. Walk through the city center to discover historical buildings such as the medieval Akershus Fortress. Learn about Norway's resistance to the Nazis at the Resistance Museum and see the home of the National Opera and Ballet at the Oslo Opera House. Marvel at the imposing façade of Oslo Cathedral, pass the Stortinget parliament building and find amazing museums on the Bygdøy peninsula, including the Kon-Tiki Museum, Norsk Folkemuseum (Norwegian Museum of Cultural History) and Fram Museum, where you can learn about Norway's polar expeditions. 

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It was a pleasant stroll through the old town, listening to Maria, our guide, explain history, lore and culture of the town. We were speaking of the resident lady canine of the fort surroundings and the very next fay, I had the opportunity to meet her!

Excellent tour with Maria. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and open to any questions we had. Would definitely recommend this tour. It was great to see parts of the city in the evening time.

Our guide was wonderful: friendly, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. The tour carried on in the snow which made it all the more atmospheric and, for me, enjoyable.

Everything was excellent and we would take it again. We recommend it

Amazing!! So glad I book this tour - highly recommend you book