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Oaxaca: Monte Alban Guided Archaeological Tour

1. Oaxaca: Monte Alban Guided Archaeological Tour

Discover the Archeological Zone of the state of Oaxaca. Enjoy the convenience of being picked up from your hotel in the Oaxaca city center. Drive to Monte Albán in an air-conditioned van. Explore the ruins of the former capital of the Zapotec people, who were the dominant civilization in the area thousands of years ago. Discover the second-largest ceremonial site in Mesoamerica. Learn about the Zapotec people from your knowledgable guide. Marvel at the ancient ball court, excavated tombs, astronomical “observatory. Enjoy phenomenal views from Monte Alban. Looking out from the flat hill where the archeological site is located, you can enjoy views of the Oaxaca Valley. Visit the onsite museum and admire artifacts from the Zapotec civilization. Afterward, you will be transported back to your accommodations in Oaxaca.

Oaxaca: El Tule, Mitla, and Hierve el Agua Tour with Mezcal

2. Oaxaca: El Tule, Mitla, and Hierve el Agua Tour with Mezcal

The adventure begins directly in your hotel's lobby or Airbnb. Our first stop is in front of the majestic Tule Tree, a gigantic ancestor that has seen many centuries go by in history. Then, we will go deep into the archaeological site of Mitla. You will feel the energy of the steps that echoed there many centuries ago while you explore the patios and the intricate mosaic designs that decorate the walls. Our next stop will take you to the Petrified Waterfalls at Hierve el Agua. The water has sculpted the rocks throughout the centuries, creating formations that seem frozen in time. We will be here one hour and then we will stop at a buffet with authentic Oaxacan Food. At Teotitlán del Valle you will witness the ability and passion of local craftsmen. Here, time will seem to have stopped while the looms take life and the colors dance through the threads, creating authentic works of art using ancestral techniques. To finish this unforgettable journey, we will go to an authentic mezcal distillery. Its aromas and unique flavors will transport you to Oaxaca's own essence. Enjoy a tasting that will bring your senses to life and that will give you a pleasing gift to your taste. Our tour ends around 7:00 pm when we drop you off at your hotel's lobby or Airbnb, with unforgettable memories.

From Oaxaca de Juarez: Hierve el Agua and Mezcal Distillery

3. From Oaxaca de Juarez: Hierve el Agua and Mezcal Distillery

Explore one of the natural wonders of Oaxaca, and visit the rock formations at Hierve el Agua. Enjoy the views of the rocks, that resemble petrified waterfalls, and visit a mezcal distillery to learn about how it is made. Begin the tour with pickup from the meeting point in Oaxaca de Juarez and travel to Hierve el Agua. Admire the natural scenery of the rocks, resembling petrified waterfalls. Hierve el Agua is the first stop on our tour. We stayed there for 3 hours to have enough time to enjoy the natural wonders of Hierve el Agua. Take a hiking tour in the area with local guides, or take a dip in the pools. Start the journey back to the city, and stop at one of the most popular mezcal distilleries in Oaxaca. Enjoy a free mezcal tasting, and taste the different flavors of mezcals that exist. Return to Oaxaca de Juarez after the distillery visit.

From Oaxaca: Natural and Cultural Highlights Guided Day Tour

4. From Oaxaca: Natural and Cultural Highlights Guided Day Tour

On this guided tour from Oaxaca, experience the countryside's ancient wonders and rich cultural heritage. Spend the day with a local guide as you visit heritage highlights, including the magnificent Tree of Tule and Hierve el Agua. Visit a rug workshop and pause at a distillery for a mezcal tasting. Begin your tour in Oaxaca, where you'll meet your guide. Arrive a few minutes early to the meeting point to enjoy a cup of hot coffee before you set out on your adventure. Once you're on your way, enjoy the scenic countryside on a short drive east of the city to the legendary Tree of Tule. Once you arrive in the quant town of Santa María del Tule, stop at the church grounds to marvel at the Tree of Tule. This stout tree, known by some as the "Tree of Life" for the animal shapes in its bark, is thought to be over 2,000 years old. Feel awed by the Tule tree's presence and beauty. Continue your tour as you visit a traditional rug workshop in Teotitlán del Valle. Here, surrounded by vivid strings of yarn and tools, discover the original birthplace of this artisan craft. Connect with local artists and learn how each rug is imbued with a story, symbols, and cultural tradition. Next, head to the ancient Zapotec archaeological site of Mitla. Known for its intricate mosaics, detailed design, and Mixtec architectural influences, this sacred burial ground is unique among archaeological sites in Mexico. Soak up the ancient atmosphere as you tour the building complex. Once you've explored the marvels of Mitla, head to Hierve el Agua for stunning natural wonders. Visit the grounds on your own or with a local village guide as you wander past the petrified waterfalls. Peer at the cliffside pools of clear water while you take in the ancient, exquisite natural beauty. Finally, begin making your way back to Oaxaca. Before you reach the city, however, make a pit stop at a traditional mezcal distillery. Discover the taste of the region with a sampling of mezcal, then head to Oaxaca to conclude your tour.

From Oaxaca: Hierve el Agua and Teotitlán del Valle

5. From Oaxaca: Hierve el Agua and Teotitlán del Valle

After pickup from your hotel in Oaxaca city, journey towards Hierve el Agua to see the famous petrified waterfalls formed over thousands of years. Enjoy some time to swim in the natural pools formed by the waterfalls, and delight in the stunning landscape of the Sierra Madre del Sur. Continue the tour with a visit to a traditional mezcal factory. Learn more about the production process of the famous Mexican spirit. Take the opportunity to taste some of the mezcal produced here. The final stop on the tour is the "Pueblo indígena Zapoteca de Tapetes." Known also as Teotitlán del Valle, the town is famous for its beautiful textile wool products, made with natural dyes. See the beautiful patterns on rugs, jackets, bags, sarapes, tapestries, curtains, and dresses, made with large wooden looms. Learn about the ancestral, artisanal techniques used to make these quality products. The order of the excursion may be different during high tourist seasons in order to avoid waiting in lines at stops.

From Oaxaca: Monte Albán and Art Craft Towns Day Trip

6. From Oaxaca: Monte Albán and Art Craft Towns Day Trip

Start your day with us when we meet at your hotel's lobby or Airbnb. 🌄 Our first stop is at the majestic archaeological site of Monte Alban. Imagine walking along the same paths where at a period of history the Zapotecs walked through, exploring ancient pyramids, and observing the greatness of a civilization that flourished on these lands centuries ago. 🏛️We will then go to the home of craftsmen in Arrazola, where creativity comes to life in the form of Alebrijes. Learn how these talented artisans give life to these colorful handmade wooden figures. 🍽We will stop at a Oaxacan buffet to taste authentic local dishes. ⚱Our last stop will be at San Bartolo Coyotepec, where black pottery takes shape by the hands of master craftsmen. Discover the secrets of this ancestral tradition while you observe the creation process. ⌚Our tour ends around 5:00 pm. when you are dropped off at your hotel's lobby or Airbnb with unforgettable memories and an in-depth understanding of the rich culture and history of Oaxaca. 👕👟 Remember to wear comfortable clothes for walking and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. A comfortable pair of shoes is essential as you will be exploring diverse terrain. Don't forget your camera to capture every special moment! Get ready for a day full of history, creativity and authenticity in the heart of Oaxaca! Your adventure awaits you on the Monte Alban, black pottery and alebrijes tour. Book now and join us in creating unforgettable memories!

Oaxaca: Monte Alban and the Art of Oaxaca

7. Oaxaca: Monte Alban and the Art of Oaxaca

Immerse yourself in Oaxacan culture on this day trip. Visit the most important archaeological site in Oaxaca, Monte Albán, located in the majestic urban center. This area was known as the religious, political, and economic center of the Zapotec civilization. Walk around the square and explore the Site Museum.  Don't forget to bring your camera to take pictures from the top of the archaeological structures. Next, you'll visit San Antonio Arrazola, a magical place of colors and traditions, where the famous artisans will teach you how they carve copal wood. Learn the process of creating the magical figures called "Alebrijes", which represent the innovative spirit of the Oaxacan soul, part of an ancestral tradition of the Zapotecs. Finally, stop at Cuilapam de Guerrero, a Mixtec town famous for its 16th-century Dominican ex-monastery (optional), and San Bartolo Coyotepec, a small town of adobe houses where you'll witness the process of making beautiful black clay figures.

Oaxaca: Hierve el Agua Waterfalls Hiking Tour

8. Oaxaca: Hierve el Agua Waterfalls Hiking Tour

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience as you explore the natural and cultural treasures of Oaxaca on our exciting tour: Hiking on Hierve el Agua! Start your day early when your driver picks you up directly at the lobby of your hotel. Our first destination is the impressive natural phenomenon of the petrified waterfalls at Hierve El Agua be prepared to be amazed by these formations that are one of a kind! You have two hours to explore, take pictures and learn about the majestic natural pools that seem to have been frozen in time. After visiting Hierve el Agua, we will go to a traditional smoke kitchen, where you will taste a delicious Oaxacan lunch. A real feast for your taste buds! We will finish by visiting Teotitlán del Valle, a Zapotec town of weavers that use ancestral techniques to dye lamb wool and make fantastic rugs with incredible self-made designs. Our exciting tour ends around 3:00 pm when we drop you off at your hotel or Airbnb with unforgettable memories and new friends You will then have the rest of the afternoon for other activities.

Oaxaca: Vegetarian Cooking Class

9. Oaxaca: Vegetarian Cooking Class

Tour a local market to pick up ingredients, then cook a traditional food recipe with your expert chef. Learn about local ingredients and meet producers of fresh vegetables. Pick up ingredients grown organically nearby and harvested that very morning. After touring the market, return to the kitchen for the class to prepare your dish. Learn how to prepare a delicious salad, a vegetarian main dish, and a dessert in the traditional way. After cooking, its time to share the food with everyone. Enjoy a collective meal together as you taste the rich flavors and feelings of Oaxaca.

Oaxaca: Mezcal Adventure

10. Oaxaca: Mezcal Adventure

During this experience, you'll be taken through the Valley of Tlacolula to Santiago Matalan. During the ride, you'll be introduced to the culture of mezcal and its geographical context. Once in Santiago Matatlán, you'll be visiting an agave plantation to learn about these plants, their life cycle, varieties, and uses. Then, visit two different mezcal distilleries to see real production going on. From a home scale family-owned business with a long tradition of making mezcal in a rustic way to another way of production more sophisticated, yet artisanal. As each maestro mezcalero gives a personal touch to every batch, each tasting on-site means immersion in the mezcal culture. Afterward, you'll make a stop for lunch in a nice and neat last distillery with a great local cuisine restaurant. By this point of the trip, you'll already know how to taste mezcal as an expert. The premium quality mezcal you’ll taste here will be great for a last toast before heading back home.

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My wife and I took this tour and were really happy with it. We made a suggestion to the organizers to let people know that they actually have a really nice café for breakfast and coffee at the meeting place/their office in the morning, before you leave the place. On the way you get some info on Oaxaca and Hierve el Agua and make a small stop at a bakery. After that there’s a bit of a ride to the mountain area. Decent amount of time at Hierve el Agua, depending on what you want to do. We took a hike, had a quick bath in the pools, had lunch and then it was time to leave. If you prefer swimming, just use the hours on that. :) On the way back we went to Mezcal distilery, got a short and nice intoduktion to Mezcal production, bought some and then went back. Nice and easy tour, very relaxing and in a more than decent van, where there was place for all of us.

This was the most unbelievable tour, and I would look no further than booking here (as we spent a lot of time looking for tours). When we got picked up in our car our wonderful guide (Habla? - apologies if I spelt this wrong) explained so much more than just Mezcal but the Oaxacan culture, the city and way of life which we would have never discovered anywhere else. We could not recommend this trip enough as the tastings, the tour of the distilleries, the depth of knowledge in the process and the experience of food at the second Distillery (Don Agave) were mind-blowing - special thanks to our server Angel who showed us the world of grilled cactus and grasshoppers. Everyone involved (Victor at Mal De Amor and Jessica at Espina Dorada) did their utmost to help us understand the culture and enjoy the day. Thank you all!

My wife and I had a great day together with Gerardo and his assistant. First we went together to the local market to shop for meat and vegetables needed for the dish. Gerardo was good at explaining along the way what the different things were for and what we were going to use them for in the dishes for the class menu. We got back to his places that looked amazing and we got a short rest and hot chocolate before we went into the kitchen. We cooked three different things (a soup, a mole and filled peppers, plus guacamole) and was very well guided all the way. We ended up with some amazing tasting dishes. We can only recommend this class and it was great to get some of the local cuisine in our hands. Can’t wait to try and cook some of them at at home!

On these tours it is always a little clear what you are getting yourself into. But I have to honestly say that I was very surprised by the tour. No hidden costs and no sales tactics when tasting mezcal. You could really try lots of things and not be pressured into buying them. Above all, I liked that the tour wasn't so rushed and there was enough time in Hierve El Agua. I wouldn't recommend a 5 stop tour for this.

The trip was incredibly awesome - very good organized, enough time to enjoy the stops and to get an impression of Oaxaca and their people & culture. Andrea was the best, she was prepared for everything - she had even pills in case someone got car sick or anything. Really fantastic!! Thank you for the great day!