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Welcome to Norwegian Travel, where we view tourism as a powerful platform to inspire the world and raise awareness of global ecosystems and pristine wilderness. Our experience-driven journey redefines luxury, focusing on nature and personal experiences. Visit the enchanting Snow Hotel at Kirkenes, witness the Northern Lights, and observe whales in their natural habitat. Immerse yourself in unforgettable experiences like overnight whale watching and northern lights aboard the Quest expedition ship, explore the wilderness at Camp Tamok, and partake in thrilling adventures like snowmobiling or dog sledding. Ascend the Cable Car in Fjellheisen or Romsdalen for views of the Arctic Capital, fjords, and the majestic mountains of Åndalsnes. Our offerings are more than destinations; they are bucket list experiences in unspoiled nature with cultural richness, delectable cuisine, and comfortable accommodations. At Norwegian Travel, our objective is clear: to provide world-class services that redefine your travel experience. We are architects of memories dedicated to crafting moments resonating with the essence of the Arctic. Our premium brand collaborates seamlessly with sub-brands to offer a diverse range of activities and products, providing a comprehensive package for those venturing into our selected areas. We showcase the best of the Norwegian travel industry, from serene fjords to majestic mountains, sandy beaches to rugged cliffs, urban buzz to the serene stillness of ancient mountains. Our ambition is supported by unwavering passion, a commitment to sustainability, and the highest standards of quality. Explore our sustainability measures here: Join us at Norwegian Travel and Northern Norway, where every journey explores amazing nature, delectable food, and thrilling activities throughout the year. Your adventure begins with us—let's make it unforgettable.

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