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Our most recommended Nagasaki WiFi & SIM cards

Japan: eSim Mobile Data Plan

1. Japan: eSim Mobile Data Plan

Make your trip to Japan hassle-free with your convenient eSIM. Stay connected on your travels with high-speed coverage in Japan. Purchase and install your eSIM anytime and anywhere, and choose from a variety of data packages, validity options, and coverage in additional countries. Simply scan the eSIM QR code to access all your essential apps on your trip. Avoid the trouble of managing multiple SIMs with this zero-waste solution. Get one eSIM per device and top up by simply buying and activating additional eSIM plans as you go. Once activated, your coverage will begin according to your selected duration. Most devices released after 2019 are compatible with eSIM (e.g. iPhone XR, XS of models beyond, Google Pixel 4 and beyond). If you are unsure, please check the compatibility guideline photo to confirm eligibility. If you cannot connect to the internet after install this eSIM, please follow the Self Help Troubleshooting Guide in your GYG voucher. Carriers to use: Docomo/Softbank/KDDI

Nagasaki Like a Local: Customized Guided Tour

2. Nagasaki Like a Local: Customized Guided Tour

Your guide will meet you at your accommodation and help you get familiar with the neighborhood, show you the best places to eat and shop and tell you about the easiest ways to get around. Choose a 2, 3 or 4-hour tour, and by the end you’ll have all the information you need to make the most of your stay. After booking you’ll be sent some questions so that you’re paired with a local guide based on your interests. The tour is completely customized so you can choose the meeting location and the starting time. During the walking tour you’ll have the option of taking public transportation or a taxi to get around the city (at your expense). Hear what it’s like to live in Nagasaki, learn about cultural differences, local events and politics and get to know your guide on a personal level.

Nagasaki: Private Tour with Local Guide

3. Nagasaki: Private Tour with Local Guide

Discover Nagasaki on a fully customizable tour. Choose what you would like to experience, what time you would like to start your tour, and the local partner will arrange a tour to suit you. Start your day by meeting your guide at your hotel, then choose to sites you wish to visit depending on your interests. Example 6-hour Itinerary: Meet your guide at your hotel in Nagasaki and first visit Nagasaki Peace Park. See the Peace Statue, a symbol of the city and of world peace. Walk through Nagasaki Hypocenter Park built on the site of the epicenter of the blast, and see the poignant cenotaph and the surviving wall of the Urakami Cathedral. Visit the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and learn more about the bombing of the city and subsequent efforts to promote peace between nations. See a variety of historic exhibits and poignant artifacts which were recovered in subsequent years. Explore the Chinatown district of Nagasaki and learn about the port which allowed for cultural exchange between East and West for centuries. Have lunch at a local restaurant and sample dishes such as Chanpon noodles and Sara Udon noodles. After lunch, visit the historic Oura Church which served as a place of worship for Nagasaki's Christian residents since the mid-1800s. Designated as a National Treasure, it is Japan’s oldest surviving church. Continue the tour to Glover Garden, a collection of western homes and buildings reassembled around the house of the Scottish entrepreneur, Thomas Blake Glover.

Tokyo: eSIM Internet Data Plan for Japan high-speed

4. Tokyo: eSIM Internet Data Plan for Japan high-speed

Dive into the vibrant blend of tradition and futurism in Tokyo, Japan, without missing a beat! Our eSIM ensures you stay connected with high-speed data, whether you're navigating the bustling streets of Shibuya, exploring ancient temples, or marveling at the city's cutting-edge technology. How It Works: 1. Purchase: Select the data package that best fits your Tokyo journey. 2. Scan & Activate: Upon purchase, you'll receive a QR code. Scan it with your eSIM-compatible device, and you're all set! 3. Stay Connected: Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout your exploration of Tokyo. Compatibility: Ensure your device is eSIM-ready. Visit our compatibility list at for more details

Nagasaki Peace Park Tour

5. Nagasaki Peace Park Tour

Take in the solemn beauty of Nagasaki Peace Park and the Hypocenter Park, followed by an eye opening tour of the Atomic Bomb Museum. Nagasaki Peace Park was estabolished in 1955, in memorium of the impact of the 1945 atomic bombing of the city. The park is a fitting tribute, and it's well manicured beauty is a must see when visiting this city Between the Peace Park and the Atomic bomb museum lies the Hypocenter Park, and monument marking the groun zero of the bombs impact. The history is quite solemn but the park is a beautful and popular cherry blossom viewing site as well Next stop is the Atomic Bomb Museum, a museum that everybody should visit at some point in their lives. Learn about the history, and present state of nuclear weapons, and gain a new appreciation for peace. Finish the tour with a short walk to the Sanno Shrine, and the One Legged Torii Gate marking its path. The Torii gate was half destoryed during the 1945 atomic bombing, but continues to stand tall. Just past the gate there are two magnificent Camphor trees that were both stripped clean by the blast, yet persisted and are still alive and flourishing today. A positve note to end the tour with!

Nagasaki Self-Guided Audio Tour

6. Nagasaki Self-Guided Audio Tour

Download a vibrant MP3 Self-Guided Audio Tour combined with a fully detailed map of the area of your tour. Nagasaki reflects Japan’s rich history and brilliant culture as people. This tour will take you along a journey beginning at a 200 year long period of national isolation. You will see the beauty of Glover Gardens, along with the man made marvel that was the island of Dejima. Experience the infectious Chinatown bustling with warmth and pride as well as the calming temples of Buddhist history. Go along the difficult path that was the atomic bombing of World War Two with many points of interest and historical density including the Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture to learn of the strength of the Japanese people. A truly unforgettable tour rich in history and emotion.  Please note that this is a Downloadable Self-Guided Audio Tour, therefore you will have no physical tour guide leading you through your travels.

Fukuoka: Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park Ticket with Transfers

7. Fukuoka: Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park Ticket with Transfers

This product includes a round-trip bus between Hakata and Huis Ten Bosch and a one-day pass for Huis Ten Bosch. (Direct bus to/from Huis Ten Bosch (about 2 hours/way) Located in the center of Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Huis Ten Bosch is known as one of Japan's largest theme parks. It has seasonal flower scenery, light shows, digital attractions, athletics etc which means everyone from adults to children can enjoy a day full there! Come to Huis Ten Bosch and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Private & Unique Nagasaki Cherry Blossom "Sakura" Experience

8. Private & Unique Nagasaki Cherry Blossom "Sakura" Experience

Embrace this unique opportunity to partake in “hanami”, the cherished Japanese practice of cherry blossom viewing that remains a hidden treasure for many travelers. With your host, you'll delve into a tradition where locals gather under blooming sakura to celebrate the arrival of spring. Your adventure begins in a park that's a mosaic of history and nature, where the cherry blossoms stand guard over storied paths. Your host will tell you the tales behind the scenery, connecting you with the park's past as you take in the peaceful surroundings. A stroll by the Nakashima river lets you join locals in one of their favorite spring pastimes: pausing to appreciate the simple pleasure of cherry blossoms along the banks. Here, in these moments, Nagasaki’s culture comes to life through the stories your guide shares. Next, you'll dive into the vibrant world of a local “depachika”, Japan's answer to a food lover's paradise. With your host's help, you'll choose from an array of bento boxes filled with regional flavors and seasonal specialties, creating the perfect picnic spread. Your host will then lead you to a quiet spot, away from the well-trodden tourist paths. Settle down for a picnic that’s as much about community and conversation as it is about food and flowers. It’s a chance to live the local rhythm of Nagasaki during sakura season. This experience is about connection — to a place, its people, and their customs. You’ll come away with a sense of Nagasaki's heartbeat during cherry blossom season, having shared in a tradition that's a treasured slice of local life.

From Tokyo: Kamakura Private Customize Tour by Luxury Car

9. From Tokyo: Kamakura Private Customize Tour by Luxury Car

Most recognizable landmark is the Kotoku-in Temple’s Great Buddha, a roughly 13m-high bronze statue still standing after a 15th-century tsunami. Yokohama city contains a large Chinatown with hundreds of Chinese restaurants and shops. Also known for Sankei-en Garden, a botanical park containing preserved Japanese residences from different eras, and the seaside Minato Mirai district, site of the 296m Landmark Tower. Tour duration is approx 10 hours including commuting time. A group of more than 5 people can be facilitated at an additional cost. Experience Kamakura’s nature and history with a local host on this all-day excursion. After a complimentary train trip from Tokyo, enjoy a custom-crafted itinerary in this one-time capital of medieval Japan. Explore beautiful Shinto shrines in the forest, marvel at brilliant cherry blossoms, and admire the “Great Buddha,” a massive, nearly 800-year-old bronze sculpture of Amida Buddha.

Nagasaki Shianbashi Tour

10. Nagasaki Shianbashi Tour

Take a step back into the past on our walking tour through Shianbashi. Nagasaki has a long history as a prosperous port town, which led to the birth of one of the most interesting and entertaining red light districts in all of Japan. On this tour we will visit a number of locations that feel as though they have been frozen in time. We will start the tour at the Sofukuji tram station unless another location is discussed. From here we will walk 5 minutes to Sofukuji Temple, a sprawling estate of a temple built in 1629 as a place for Chinese residents to practice Obaku Zen Buddhism. The temple boasts many ornamental decorations and relics of the past. Next is Shokakuji Temple, the oldest Buddhist temple in Nagasaki. Built over 400 years ago during where Christianity was quickly growing in popularity, this temple has endured many hardships. Just up the hill the temple's cemetary can be found. When buddhism arrived in Japan, it brought with it the practice of cremation, which is the most common practice in Japan today. After walking through the cemetary, we will end up at Nakano Chaya, one of the city's many historical sites. During the 1900's this tea house was used to perform matcha ceremonies until it partially burned down in 1976. Shortly after, the tea house was restored to match its original designs. The grounds are home to a serene japanese garden that has continued to be lovingly maintained. The interior is home to many paintings by artist Kon Shimizu, whose subject is typically a mythical river monster called a “Kappa.” Around the corner the Umezono Migawari Temmangu Shrine can be found. This shrine is unique for its legendary history. The grounds were originally home to Michizane Sugawara's grave as well as a plum tree garden. Legend states that in 1693, there was an attempted assassination on the official Yasuda Ji-emon, however where he was stabbed there was no blood, and the statue of Michizane Sugawara had begun to bleed in his stead. From this day the official founded a shrine on these grounds, to protect the many geisha of the neighborhood. It's known as a shrine of "substitution". Last stop before we reach Maruyama Park will be Nagasaki's Kenban, the official registry of Geisha in Nagasaki. The city was once home to over 1400 geisha, however today only a handful remain. If we are lucky we will hear the sound of shamisen music played from within the building.



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Easy “installation” everything works quickly and easily. And around 1200% cheaper than the Vodafone data package. Which is really a disgrace. Thank you very much, everything is great 👍🏼

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