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Musee de l'Orangerie

Musee de l'Orangerie

Musee de l'Orangerie: Our most recommended tours and activities

Paris: Musée de l'Orangerie Reserved Entrance Ticket

1. Paris: Musée de l'Orangerie Reserved Entrance Ticket

Discover the Musée de l'Orangerie in your own time with a reserved access entrance ticket. Say goodbye to long waiting lines and waiting for ticket booths to open with your pre-booked ticket. Explore the museum at your own pace without waiting for large group tours to move in sync so as to maximize your time marveling at the renowned art inside. Visit the Musée de l'Orangerie—an art gallery of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings located in the west corner of the Tuileries Gardens next to the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Though most famous for being the permanent home for eight Water Lilies murals by Claude Monet, see the museum's other works by Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri Rousseau, Alfred Sisley, Chaim Soutine, and Maurice Utrillo, among others. Feel a closer connection between the two parts of the collection thanks to the new layout of the Musée de l’Orangerie: Water Lilies and the École de Paris (School of Paris) in the early 20th century. Enjoy the elegant, fluid, educational, and stimulating circuit. At the entrance to the collection, see large polyptychs by Joan Mitchell (loan from the Musée national d’Art moderne) and large-scale works by the modern 'primitives' (Picasso, Douanier Rousseau, Derain, Modigliani, Matisse, etc.). The monographic galleries allow you to get a new, more up-close, and comfortable perspective of the works.

Paris: Musee de l'Orangerie Audio Guide- Txt NOT included

2. Paris: Musee de l'Orangerie Audio Guide- Txt NOT included

Walk into one of Paris' main landmarks and unlock the 10 most famous artistic treasures of the Musee de l'Orangerie with an informative audio guide. Come across Monet's Water Lilies and listen to a comprehensive narrative of Monet's life. Discover the secrets behind Girls at Piano by Renoir, Peaches by Renoir, Femme a la Lettre by Renoir, Pommes & Biscuits by Cezanne, Mme. Cezanne by Cezanne, Arbres et Maisons by Cezanne, Pecheurs a La Ligne by Rousseau, Navire dans la Tempete by Rousseau, and Fabrique de Chaises by Rousseau. Learn about the museum's fascinating history and understand the significance and artistic value of the selected masterpieces. Access straightforward and concise information without unnecessary complexity.

Paris: First Discovery Walk and Reading Walking Tour

3. Paris: First Discovery Walk and Reading Walking Tour

Walk through a beautiful route of the city, discover hidden gems and visit 10+ of the most important attractions and spots. Learn some introductory information about each place and interesting stories about the city in general. Download the ‘World City Trail ‘app from the store and login. Read the instructions and head to the starting location. Unlock photos of the exterior and the interior of the location. Read some information regarding the attraction and continue walking to the next checkpoint. Note what you liked and did not like and create your bucket list for the next days! Start your walk any time, without a schedule. Pause it for lunch, have a drink, visit an attraction of your choice, and continue later or even another day. With the maps feature, you will never get lost. Start your tour at the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris. f Paris. Visit the Pont de l'Alma, where Queen Diana met a tragic death, and walk through the Pont Alexandre III, built to honor the name of Tsar Alexander III. You will then continue to the iconic shopping street of the Champs Elysees and its gardens. Next, see the Place de La Concorde, the statues and sculptures of Tuileries Garden, and the great pyramid of the Louvre museum. Admire the 7th century Church of Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois and Pont Neuf, the oldest stone bridge in Paris. A stop at the Conciergerie will pique your interest to see the prison of the notorious Queen Marie-Antoinette and the well-known Saint Chapelle. The icing on the cake of this unique tour will be Notre Dame which will blow your mind with its ruined beauty. During the tour, choose to pause the app at any time to take a break or spend some more time seeing the sights. Learn about stories and urban legends associated with the city or monuments of the city. Enjoy the tour with your friends and family and learn about the city as you wander around.

Paris: Orangerie Museum Skip-the-Line Ticket and Audio Tour

4. Paris: Orangerie Museum Skip-the-Line Ticket and Audio Tour

Explore the Orangerie Museum through this self-guided audio tour in English, Spanish or in French with an entrance e-txt included! You will be guided by audio commentary through the highlights of the remarkable collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artworks. While this tour focuses mainly on the Monet's monumental Water Lilies, there are other artworks explained as well. Nestled within the heart of Paris, this historic greenhouse also houses the prestigious Walter Guillaume collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces. Delve into the world of Impressionism's origins and the evolution of Monet's painting techniques with this audio tour on your phone. Gain valuable insights into the genesis of the Water Lily collection, Monet's artistic vision, and the fascinating adaptation of the Orangerie to accommodate these breathtaking paintings. Descending to the Lower Level, you'll encounter the remarkable Walter Guillaume collection, offering a unique perspective on the progression from Impressionism to the realm of Modern Art. Discover how the influence of African Art catalyzed the creation of the pioneering abstract paintings by early Modernists. Uncover the rich history of the Orangerie building, originally a greenhouse, which was once an integral part of a grand palace, constructed alongside the iconic Louvre by Queen Catherine de Medici in 1564. This tour is a treat for art enthusiasts, especially those keen on exploring the nuances of Impressionism and its profound impact on the development of Modern Art. Important notes: Public primary and secondary school teachers in France, EU residents under 26, and those under 18 can enjoy free admission with a valid ID. This tour is not affiliated with the Orangerie Museum but is provided by an independent creator. The e-txt is included for the customer's convenience at no charge. HOW IS THE TOUR GOING — Stay flexible: join the tour whenever you want and explore the sights as long as you like. — Enjoy the tour even offline: all audio tours are tested for high quality and easy navigation. — Skip the lines to the Orangerie Museum with included entry e-txt available offline

Louvre & Musee de l'Orangerie Audio Guide- Txts NOT included

5. Louvre & Musee de l'Orangerie Audio Guide- Txts NOT included

Unlock the most famous artistic treasures of The Louvre Museum & Musee de l'Orangerie with our informative Audio Guide. Tailored for those seeking insights into the Museums most important Masterpieces, this practical companion offers a clear understanding of 7 Highlights at The Louvre including The Mona Lisa, Victory of Samothrace, Raft of Medusa and much more as well as 11 selected Masterworks at The Musee de l'Orangerie including works such as Monet's Water Lilies, works by Cezanne, Renoir and much more... Key Features Include: Masterpiece Highlights: Comprehensive insights into the most significant artworks within the gallery. Artistic Context: Understand the history, significance, and artistic value of the selected masterpieces. Clear Descriptions: Access straightforward and concise information without unnecessary complexity. Focused Content: Concentrate on the essential masterpieces, their background, and artistic value.

Paris: Admire Monet's Water Lilies at the Orangerie Museum

6. Paris: Admire Monet's Water Lilies at the Orangerie Museum

Discover the movements that changed the course of art history in the 19th and 20th centuries on a guided tour of the Musee de l'Orangerie in Paris. Skip the long lines to see iconic masterpieces, from Monet's serene water lilies to the delicate brushstrokes of Renoir. Stroll through the beautiful Tuileries Gardens to reach the former Orangerie, where the royal family kept their oranges in the winter. Avoid the long lines outside the Orangerie Museum and view Monet's world-famous paintings of water lilies, now on permanent display. Follow an art historian guide around the vast collection of 19th- and early-20th-century paintings. Discover the innovative and defiant techniques pioneered by the French Impressionists and their disciples. Study paintings of fruit and flowers by Cezanne, learn about the exotic style Matisse used for his seductive portraits, and trace the different stages of Picasso through his interpretations of nude models. Watch the movement evolve and change all around you with works by Modigliani, Renoir, and Utrillo.

Paris: Private Tour with a Local Guide

7. Paris: Private Tour with a Local Guide

Your expert local city guide will show you the city's best parts, including many hidden secrets you can’t find easily on your own. On this walking tour will be able to see a lot of sightseeing points within a short timeframe. Apart from explaining the sightseeing points your guide can provide insight into the history and culture of the city and the country in general. The focus of this tour is to see the city like a local. However, this private tour can be customised according to your wishes. Sightseeing points to visit can be agreed upon in advance or discussed when meeting up. STANDARD sightseeing places we can easily visit during the tour are: - Montmartre: Famous for its artistic heritage, has a distinct village atmosphere characterized by steep winding cobble streets. It is the most famous district in Paris. - Le Marais: A historic district that has magnificent architecture and rich history. - Notre Dame Cathedral: A widely recognized symbol of Paris and the French Nation. It houses numerous significant religious artifacts such as the “Crown of Thorns” believed to have been worn by Jesus Christ. - Eiffel Tower: One of the most iconic monuments not only in Paris but the entire world. - Champs-Élysées: The most beautiful and well-known avenue in Paris. Connects Arc de Triomphe with the Place de la Concorde. - Arc de Triomphe: One of the most famous monuments of Paris. It honors those who fought and died for France during the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars. - Louvre Museum: A national art museum and is home to some of the most canonical works of Western art such as the Mona Lisa. - Galeries Lafayette: One of the most historic shopping malls in Paris featuring niche and luxury brands. - Luxembourg Gardens: The gardens are filled with history and beautiful fountains. It is the second-largest park in Paris. - Palace of Versailles: The principal residence of the French kings. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. This attraction is located outside of the city and needs at least a half day to visit. Some examples of HIDDEN SECRETS we can visit: - Canal Saint-Martin: Take a cruise on passenger boats on this canal. There are also many popular bars and restaurants along the canal. - Galerie Vivienne: One of the most iconic shopping arcades in Paris. - Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes: Second-oldest zoological garden in the world. Home to rare small and medium-sized mammals. - Louis Vuitton Foundation: Art museum and cultural center - Parc des Buttes Chaumont: Fifth-largest park in Paris, with an artificial lake, a temple and interesting fauna. - Montparnasse Tower: It is the tallest building in Paris with magnificent views over the city. Please note that it is not guaranteed to visit all the sightseeing places listed here. How many places you can visit depends on the length of the tour booked and how much time you spend at each place. After booking you can discuss the detailed itinerary with your guide.

2-4 Days Paris Golden Pass & Hop-On Hop-Off River Boat

8. 2-4 Days Paris Golden Pass & Hop-On Hop-Off River Boat

See everything Paris has to offer with this 2-4-days Exclusive Pass, visiting world class museums such as The Louvre and Orsay Museum. From the deck of the Hop-On Hop-Off Seine River boat, you will have the privilege to admire the most astonishing monuments Paris has to offer from the Seine. With your 4-day Paris Museum Pass enjoy a golden ticket to the city's artistic and historical legacy. Enjoy access to: • Musée du Louvre • Arc de Triomphe • Musée d’Orsay • Musée de l’Armée • Tours de Notre-Dame • Musée national de l’Orangerie • Tombeau de Napoléon 1er • Centre Pompidou • Conciergerie • Musée Rodin • Sainte-Chapelle • Panthéon • Musée national d’Art modern • Musée national des Arts asiatiques • Guimet • Les Arts décoratifs • Musée des Arts et métiers • Musée de l’Assistance Publique, Hôpitaux de Paris • Musée du quai Branly • Musée Picasso Paris • Chapelle expiatoire • La Cinémathèque française • Musée du Cinéma • Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie • Musée national Eugène Delacroix • Musée des Égouts de Paris • Musée national de la Marine • Musée de la Monnaie • Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine • Musée national des Monuments français • Musée Gustave Moreau • Musée national du Moyen Âge, Thermes et hôtel de Cluny • Cité de la Musique, Musée de la Musique • Crypte archéologique de Notre-Dame • Musée de l’Ordre de la Libération • Musée des Plans-reliefs • Musée de la Poste See these sights: • Châteaux de Versailles et du Trianon • Château de Rambouillet • Maison d’Auguste Rodin à Meudon • Basilique cathédrale de Saint-Denis • Villa Savoye • Château de Vincennes • Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace • Musée d’Archéologie nationale de Saint-Germain-en-Laye • Musée national de la Céramique de Sèvres • Abbaye royale de Chaalis • Musée et domaine nationaux du Château de Compiègne • Musée Condé, Château de Chantilly • Musée départemental Maurice Denis • Château de Fontainebleau • Château de Maisons-Laffitte • Musée national des Châteaux de Malmaison et Bois-Préau • Château de Pierrefonds • Musée national de Port-Royal des Champs • Musée national de la Renaissance • Château d’Ecouen Complement your visits to Paris' art and historical sights with a 4-day ticket for a hop-on hop-off cruise. Stop at: • Notre-Dame Cathedral • Jardin des Plantes • Hôtel de Ville • Louvre Museum • Place de la Concorde • Eiffel Tower • Notre-Dame Cathedral • Saint-Germain-des-Prés • Musée d'Orsay • Invalide

Paris: Down Rue de Rivoli Self Guided Audio Tour

9. Paris: Down Rue de Rivoli Self Guided Audio Tour

Soak in all the magnificent architecture and iconic buildings in this 70 min self-guided tour. You will stroll through the most fascinating area of the French capital and learn about the stories from its most significant monuments, like the Tuileries Garden, the Louvre and Chatelet. Visit at your own pace the main landmarks of Paris!

Paris: Top 30 Sites Tour with Expert Guide

10. Paris: Top 30 Sites Tour with Expert Guide

Do you have limited time in the city of Lights, or looking for a crash course into Parisian monuments and their history? Let our guide take you past 30+ of the city's most iconic sites in just 5 hours! Join us in Montmartre to kick of your Top 30 sites discovery. Enjoy panoramic views of the Sacre Coeur, visit the bustling Place du Tetre, and swoon at the famous ''Wall of Love''. Learn why the Moulin Rouge gained its fame, marvel at the mighty Arche de Triomphe and proceed with snapping a photo at the Louvre, home to Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Half-way through the tour, you'll have some time to grab lunch independently at one of the cities charming café's, before continuing your exploration of picture perfect Paris. Navigating the city like a local, you'll hop on its intricate metro system alongside your guide to then emerse near the relaxing Tuileries Garden. Here you'll savour the scent of seasonal flowers and perfectly trimmed hedges, before heading to the Notre dame. Gain insight into the reconstruction following the devastating fire in 2019, before hearding over to the famous Latin Quarter. Concluding your day with one final metro ride (tickets are included!), your guide will accompany you to the Creme della Creme of Parisian Landmarks - The Eiffel Tower. Known as the symbol of France, your guide will introduce you to history of this impressive monument and will happily advise on the best way to secure tickets after the tour concludes.

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If you love Monet, you should definitely come. As someone who has also been to the Marmot Monet museum, I was fascinated by the way the paintings in the Orangerie were brought together and presented as a whole. I've already been to the Marmot Monet museum, don't think there's no need for this. Definitely go

Booked a tour ticket in advance via GetYourGide. Good choice because there was a long line in front of the museum. Now I could walk straight through and enjoy the permanent and changing collection in the museum. Monet's water lilies are really worth a visit. Wonderful environment to enjoy these beautiful works

Barbara was really knowledgable. She interacted so well with my 9 year old granddaughter drawing her into the paintings and the artists lives

The Museum is small, but it has many works of great importance. If it only had Monet's Water Lilies it would be worth it.

Incredible! Monets Water Lilies are worth the trip to Paris themselves!