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Mt. Hood National Forest: Our most recommended tours and activities

Portland: Mt. Hood Day Tour

1. Portland: Mt. Hood Day Tour

Your 8.5-hour trip begins early with a hotel pickup from downtown Portland. Embark on an exhilarating morning drive through the Columbia River Gorge. Catch spectacular views of the Cascade Mountains that flank the river and glimpse a waterfall or two. Along the forested highway, visit Oregon’s famous waterfall Multnomah Falls. Join your guide and fellow visitors on Benson Bridge and snap a picture of the 611-foot-tall cascade of water as it crashes below. Next, continue to Hood River, a picturesque valley town renowned as a prime destination for wind sports. Watch kiteboarders and windsurfers skate across the water as you learn about Hood River’s rich environmental and cultural history. Then take some free time for lunch, shopping or wine-tasting (if whimsy strikes you!). Then visit Rowena Crest which has spectacular views of the Columbia River Gorge. The final stop on your guided tour is the glorious Mount Hood, Oregon’s tallest peak at 11,249 feet (3,429 meters) and Timberline Lodge. Take a mountain walk or a self-guided visit through the renovated lodge that was once the setting for the classic film The Shining. Your day concludes back in Portland by early evening.

Portland: Mount Hood Wine and Waterfalls Full-Day Tour

2. Portland: Mount Hood Wine and Waterfalls Full-Day Tour

Enjoy a full-day tour of the beautiful landscapes of the wine-growing regions near Portland. Discover breathtaking sights like the Columbia Gorge and Multnomah Falls. Enjoy a mouth-watering lunch and a winetasting experience at a local winery.  Be picked at your accommodation in Portland and relax in comfort aboard a Mercedes Sprinter van as you travel through the verdant landscape of the Willamette Valley which is known for its hazelnuts, berries, evergreen trees, and Pinot Noir wine. Ride into the foothills of the western Cascades and ascend to the tree line on Mount Hood, the highest peak in Oregon. Spend an hour at the historic Timberline Lodge, built by local artisans during the Great Depression.  Explore the interpretive displays, go hiking, or play in the snow, before heading thorugh the Hood River Valley to a picturesque winery. Eat a farm-to-table lunch while enjoying a wine tasting at a boutique vineyard with a view of Mount Hood.  Learn about wine production in the region and visit 1 other winery in the Columbia Gorge or Columbia Valley areas. Travel through the Columbia Gorge and admire the towering basalt cliffs, before stopping for half and hour at Multnomah Falls. Have time to walk up to the Benson Bridge, visit the interpretive center, or peruse the gift shop. Afterward, head back to Portland to be dropped off at your hotel.

From Portland: 7 Wonders of the Gorge Jetboat Cruise

3. From Portland: 7 Wonders of the Gorge Jetboat Cruise

Discover the lower Columbia River Gorge from the water on a roundtrip jetboat cruise from Portland. Travel at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour as you journey along the Willamette River and the mighty Columbia River toward Multnomah Falls. Marvel at views of the city and surrounding countryside as you make your way to Multnomah Falls. Board your explorer cruise from a private dock in Portland and set out on your outdoor adventure. Enjoy sights like Cape Horn, Crown Point, Rooster Rock, Mount Hood, and much more, with a live guide narrating your journey. Your adventure cruise comes to an end back where it began, at the dock on the Willamette River.

From Portland: Columbia Gorge Waterfalls and Mt. Hood Tour

4. From Portland: Columbia Gorge Waterfalls and Mt. Hood Tour

Explore the Columbia River Gorge and Mount Hood National Forest on board a luxury passenger van. Enjoy picturesque Pacific Northwest scenery on well-maintained trails with an expert guide. Depart from downtown Portland and drive towards Troutdale, known as the Gateway to the Gorge. Enjoy the journey along the Historic Columbia River Highway, the first planned scenic roadway in the United States. Arrive at Crown Point Vista House, an overlook that sits high above the Columbia River. From here, go deeper into the Columbia River National Scenic Area to the first waterfall for the day, the dramatic Latourell Falls. This waterfall plunges 249 feet over a massive wall of columnar basalt. Depending on the season, a short walk will take you closer to the falls. Proceed next to the grand Multnomah Falls, which plummets to the ground from 620 feet in two major steps. Explore the Multnomah Falls Historic Lodge and stand on the easily accessible viewing platform that offers a full view of the Benson Bridge and cascading falls beyond. Next up is Hood River, known as the "Windsurfing Capital of the World", where you can explore and grab some lunch. After, set out heading south, through the Fruit Loop orchards and lavender farms. If time permits, you may even make a brief stop at one of the farm stands. Then, climb about 6,000 feet in elevation to Timberline Lodge. This National Historic Landmark sits proudly against Oregon’s highest peak, Mount Hood. Take a walking tour at the lodge and enjoy the Cascade Mountain Range views from the lodge’s patios, before a relaxing journey back to Portland.

Portland City + Waterfall Combo: A full day of sightseeing

5. Portland City + Waterfall Combo: A full day of sightseeing

**FIRST:** Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of Portland with a sightseeing tour that showcases the best of this dynamic city. From the bustling streets of downtown to lush and groovy neighborhoods on the east side, this tour is a perfect blend of urban exploration and natural beauty. As you drive through historic districts, including Old Town, the Pearl, the Cultural District, and the Government District, your knowledgeable guide will provide fascinating commentary on "Stumptown's" evolution from a dense forest, to wild western town, to the lively tourist destination it is today. One of the highlights of the tour is a visit to the historic Pittock Mansion, where you can wander the beautiful grounds and catch a breathtaking view of Mt. Hood. Another not-to-be-missed stop is the International Rose Test Garden, home to over 300 varieties of roses, offering a sensory experience unlike any other. The tour also includes a crossing of Portland's iconic truss bridge, providing stunning views of the river. Then we'll whisk you through the city's east side neighborhoods, from historic to up-and-coming, a testament to Portland's rich history, architectural diversity, and continual evolution. **NEXT:** You will have a 30-minute break for lunch (paid separately), at a popular downtown Portland deli. (Or bring a sack lunch and eat in the park.) **THEN:** Join us along a historic highway that stands as a testament to artisanal craftsmanship and engineering ingenuity. Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking landscapes of the Columbia River Gorge, where natural beauty and human achievement merge seamlessly. Your adventure includes a stop at Women’s Forum Park, where you can marvel at the picturesque view and delve into the enchanting history of this special place. Next, we’ll visit the iconic Vista House on Crown Point, with distinct architecture housing a gift shop filled with local treasures, and featuring two levels of panoramic views. Experience the awe-inspiring Multnomah Falls, where a trio of cascades (two visible from the ground) invites you to feel the mist on your skin as you cross a stone bridge for an unforgettable view of Oregon's "Rhine Valley." Discover the rustic charm of a historic inn, gift shop, and visitor center, nestled in the old growth trees near these cascades. A serene walk through lush forests leads you to Latourell Falls, where water plunges past a backdrop of cloud and columnar basalt in a stunning display of nature's power. Depending on our schedule, we'll explore one to two additional waterfalls, each showcasing its unique character, from the vigorous lash of a horse tail to the gentle spread of a bridal veil. Throughout this journey, your knowledgeable tour guide will enrich your experience with accounts, legends, and insights into the region's history and natural wonders. This tour promises not only visual delights but also a deeper connection to the majestic landscapes of the Columbia River Gorge.

Hood River: Railbikes Experience

6. Hood River: Railbikes Experience

Explore the beautiful sightseeing of the Hood River area, and ride your railbike along scenic woods. Pedal along as you admire beautiful nature and enjoy the magnificent views. Ride on custom-built, two-person railbikes that offer the ultimate immersive railway experience. Enjoy pedaling a railbike leisurely on the train track through some of the most picturesque scenery in the United States. After crossing a bridge, meander along the Hood River towards Mt. Hood, through pine trees, next to a small waterfall, past a rare switchback, and through to orchard and vineyard country. These motorized, two-person/tandem bikes are designed to climb up the valley with minimal effort and carry conversations with ease. Feel free to take a look around and be amused by the untouched stretch of the natural world. Reach The Fruit Company in about 5.5 miles, a break allows you to take a short tour of the factory and historic museum, as well as visit the gift shop, get some refreshments, and snap some photos before heading back down the hill to the train station. Pedal your way through the Hood River Valley with a friendly, local guide, taking in the sights like never before.

From Portland: Waterfalls, Mt Hood, and Wine Day Tour

7. From Portland: Waterfalls, Mt Hood, and Wine Day Tour

Prepare for an adventure of epic proportions as our passionate guides take you on a journey to the most stunning sights in the Gorge and Hood River Valley. Brace yourself for a spellbinding history lesson on this magical land while we whisk you away to one of the most tantalizing wineries that showcase the mesmerizing Columbia River AVA. Multnomah Falls, a breathtaking 620-foot ancient waterfall, is a true natural wonder. Underground streams originating miles above on Larch Mountain feed this beauty, which is split into two sections. The upper falls crashes down a staggering 542 feet into a serene pool, followed by another 69-foot drop, forming a creek that flows into the Columbia River. And, if that wasn't enough, the Historic Multnomah Falls Lodge sits right at the waterfall's base, making it the perfect place to relax and refuel. Next we will visit Bonneville Fish Hatchery. Take a stroll to the display ponds, where you can feed the rainbow trout while gazing at the majestic adult white sturgeon that are over 10 feet long! Just beyond the outdoor sturgeon pond lies a small white building, home to the Sturgeon Viewing Center, which was built back in 1998. Inside you’ll meet Herman, the granddaddy sturgeon who’s over 80 years old, 10 feet long, and weighs a whopping 500 pounds! Post-lunch, we'll hit up one top-notch winery, but first, explore downtown Hood River solo for your 1 hour lunch. If you're a wine lover, you'll be over the moon to know that the Columbia Gorge Wine Region is your Shangri-La! With over 65 wineries snuggled along a 40-mile stretch of the Columbia River, you're in for a treat. We've cherry-picked two fantastic wineries in the Hood River Valley region of Oregon. Brace yourself to indulge in a delightful wine-tasting experience from a list of impressive wineries such as Phelps Creek Vineyards, Cathedral Ridge Winery, Marchesi Vineyards & Winery, Viento, Mt. Hood Winery, Stave & Stone, Cascade Cliffs Tasting Room, The Pines, Garnier, Hood Crest, and Wy’East vineyards. After wine tasting you'll enjoy a stop at a farm stand (spring and summer only) where you will be able to pick up an afternoon snack. Finally we will drive over halfway up the side of Mt. Hood to Timberline Lodge. At 11,249 feet, Mt. Hood stands tall, flaunting its icy crown and boasting world-renowned ski areas. Timberline, in particular, is a snow magnet and the proud owner of the longest ski season in North America. Timberline Lodge has been wowing visitors for over 80 years. The lodge’s interior showcases bold Art Deco designs that scream 1930s America. Think stone arches, wrought iron accents, and roaring fireplaces, all made with rough-cut stone. Snap some pics of the mountain, wander through the lodge, and savor a cup of the Snow-Capped Dream, the most decadent hot chocolate you’ll ever taste! After exploring for the day, we'll whisk you off to your downtown Portland hotel.

Outside Portland: Wine, Waterfalls, and Timberline Tour

8. Outside Portland: Wine, Waterfalls, and Timberline Tour

With a seasoned tour guide, you will embark on a full-day journey that showcases the best jewels in the region’s crown, where history and natural beauty intertwine. We’ll start with the story of Starvation Creek, where tales of survival and nature's resilience echo through the ages. Here, you'll witness the sheer beauty of its waterfall, a hidden gem that cascades with a serene might. The adventure then takes a scenic drive to the historic Timberline Lodge on majestic Mt. Hood. This architectural marvel, crafted by the skilled hands of artisans, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of human creativity and our connection to nature. Its four stories of heavy timber and timeless artwork invite awe and appreciation. We then weave through the lush and fertile landscape of Hood River Valley. Visiting boutique wineries offers a taste of the local viticulture, each sip a story of the region's climate and community. A stop at a local produce stand presents the bounty of the valley, with fresh fruit and vegetables from local farms. Finally, the journey unfolds along the Columbia River Gorge, whose dramatic landscape tells a story of geological wonders and the power of natural forces. The awe-inspiring Multnomah Falls offers a moment of reflection and marvel, with opportunities to feel the mist on your face, cross a historic stone bridge, and visit a local gift shop, nestled in a historic in among old growth trees. This expedition is a sensory experience, complete with a gourmet food cart lunch that promises flavors as memorable as the sights. For those inclined, wine tastings are an optional embellishment to the experience, adding an additional layer of local flavor. Prepare for a day filled with discovery, taste, and the unparalleled beauty of Oregon's natural and historical treasures.

Portland: Flightseeing Tour Mount Hood

9. Portland: Flightseeing Tour Mount Hood

Go on this flight tour up to Mount Hood and enjoy a unique view. Enjoy a low-level tour past Multnomah Falls and the rest of the Columbia River Gorge. Take a unique flight climbing above the Sandy River toward Mount Hood and over the Mount Hood National Forest. At the peak of the tour, on a clear day, you are able to see Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, Mount Adam, Mount Jefferson, and of course, Mount Hood. Descend back into the Columbia River Gorge, flying past Oregon’s famous natural celebrities such as Elowah Falls, Horsetail Falls, Multnomah Falls, and more.  This grand tour showcases some of the best natural landmarks in Oregon.

From Portland: Mt Hood, Hood River Valley and Columbia Gorge

10. From Portland: Mt Hood, Hood River Valley and Columbia Gorge

Travel east of Portland through the verdant landscape of Willamette Valley, known for its hazelnuts, berries, Christmas trees, and Pinot Noir. Stop at a donut shop in the town of Sandy for coffee and morning treats before beginning your ascent of Mount Hood, the highest summit in Oregon. Spend the next hour at the historic Timberline Lodge and enjoy 1 hour of free time. From Timberline Lodge, head to Hood River Valley. Here, feed baby pygmy goats, get a photo of Mount Hood, purchase local fruit and preserves, taste cider, or buy a huckleberry milkshake. Afterwards, visit downtown Hood River and break for lunch. After lunch, learn about the geological history that shaped the Columbia River Gorge as you drive eastward past windsurfers in the Gorge, before stopping at a viewpoint to admire panoramic views of the Cascades. Next, travel westward through the Columbia Gorge and stop at Multnomah Falls, the tallest waterfall in Oregon, where you can walk up to the Benson Bridge, visit the interpretive center, buy a snack, or peruse the gift shop before heading back to Portland.

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