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From Mombasa/Mtwapa/Diani/Tiwi: Tsavo East Full-Day Safari

1. From Mombasa/Mtwapa/Diani/Tiwi: Tsavo East Full-Day Safari

Embark on an exhilarating Tsavo East day-safari departing from Mombasa, Diani, Kilifi, or Malindi. Immerse yourself in the untamed wilderness of Tsavo East, one of Kenya's iconic national parks. Experience thrilling game drives, encounter extraordinary wildlife, and discover the diverse landscapes and rich biodiversity of this captivating destination. Your adventure begins with an early morning departure from your accommodation in Mombasa, Diani, Kilifi, or Malindi. Sit back and relax as you journey towards Tsavo East, a sprawling wilderness spanning over 13,000 square kilometres. As you enter the park, prepare yourself for an unforgettable game drive, where each moment holds the potential for remarkable wildlife encounters. Tsavo East is renowned for its diverse wildlife population, including the famous "Red Elephants" known for their distinctive rust-coloured dust baths. Keep your camera ready as you traverse the park, capturing stunning images of lions, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, zebras, buffalo herds, and an array of bird species. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, you'll gain fascinating insights into the park's ecosystem, the behaviours of its inhabitants, and the ongoing conservation efforts to protect Tsavo East's delicate balance. Deepen your understanding of the significance of this incredible natural habitat. Midway through the day, make a stop for a delightful picnic lunch amidst the wilderness, allowing you to savor the flavors while surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. Take a moment to recharge and reflect on the morning's adventures, as you soak in the serene ambiance of the African bush. Continuing your exploration, venture into different sections of the park, each offering its own distinct landscapes and wildlife sightings. From vast open plains to acacia-dotted savannahs, Tsavo East's ever-changing scenery provides ample opportunities for breathtaking photographs. As the day winds down, commence your return journey to Mombasa, Diani, Kilifi, or Malindi, filled with unforgettable memories and stories to share. Reflect on the wonders you've witnessed and the profound connection you've formed with nature during this immersive Tsavo East Day Safari.

Mombasa: Kisite Park Private Boat Tour with Diving and Lunch

2. Mombasa: Kisite Park Private Boat Tour with Diving and Lunch

Get ready to board an exclusive private boat and sail for about one hour searching for dolphins, before snorkeling and diving (for these who choose the diving option) in the Kisite marine national park. Kisite Marine national park is the second most famous marine park in the world, after the Australian Marine Park. Explore 30 kilometers of turtles, marine tortoise, bearreeffs, coral reefs and different types of marine fishes. Next sail to Wasisni Island where your lunch of sea food and Swahili dishes will be served. After lunch, you’ll have the option to do a guided tour of the Wasini island and experience the local Swahili culture, visiting the beautiful coral garden, mangrove forest and fishing village to learn more about the Swahili people and their history. Your local guide will give you an in-depth explanation and background throughout the tour. Alternatively, you can relax at the restaurant, enjoying the sea view and the breeze. Once you are done with the island tour, board the boat and back to the mainland where you will take a guided tour of the Shimoni Slave Caves. Then, start the journey back to your accommodation.

From Coast Beach Hotels: 2-Day Tsavo East Private Safari

3. From Coast Beach Hotels: 2-Day Tsavo East Private Safari

Go on a thrilling private game safari through the immense Tsavo East National Park on a 2-day tour from Diani Beach or Mombasa. Enjoy delicious meals at the lodge in the park and journey through the park in search of its wild inhabitants. Day 1 Meet your guide at your hotel in Mombasa or Diani Beach and head to Tsavo East National Park, an 80-mile journey. Enter the park through the Bachuma gate in time for your mid-morning game drive. After riding through the park and spotting wildlife, enjoy lunch at your lodge and get settled. After eating, embark on a game drive in search of elephants, lions, the ferocious “man-eaters of Tsavo,” buffalos, cheetahs, giraffes, and antelopes. In the evening, return to your lodge for dinner and a comfortable night's sleep. Day 2 Begin your day bright and early with a morning safari looking for herds of red elephants near the waterholes and the famous Aruba dam. Keep an eye out for birds near the water. If you wish, pass through a Masai village on your way back to Mombasa or Diani Beach.

Mombasa Airport Private Transfer to Diani Beach

4. Mombasa Airport Private Transfer to Diani Beach

Avoid the stress of finding a taxi or the hassle of a shared shuttle service when you arrive at Mombasa's busy Moi International Airport. Enjoy the convenience of a private transfer directly to or from your accommodation in the Diani Beach area. A professional driver will pick you up and drop you off either at the airport or at the doorstep of your hotel or private residence. Travel in a comfortable, spacious sedan for 3 passengers or minivan for up to 6 passengers. Sit back and enjoy the ride to your destination without worrying about taxi meters or traffic. This transfer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wasini Island: Dolphin Spotting & Snorkel at Kisite Mpunguti

5. Wasini Island: Dolphin Spotting & Snorkel at Kisite Mpunguti

Embark on an adventurous day trip with a dhow cruise along the Kenyan coast. Benefit from hotel transfers from Diani Beach, Tiwi, Mombasa, Shanzu, or Mtwapa. Enjoy a blend of natural beauty, marine life encounters, seafood flavors, cultural experiences, and historical insights. Begin your day with a dhow cruise, a traditional Arabian sailing vessel, to the waters of the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park. As you glide through the azure waters, keep your eyes peeled for playful dolphins leaping alongside the boat, providing an exhilarating display of their aquatic prowess. Upon arrival at the marine park, be greeted by a vibrant underwater world teeming with marine life and coral formations. Snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, experiencing the wonders beneath the surface. Swim among tropical fish and turtles, and encounter rays or reef sharks if you’re lucky. After your aquatic adventures, sail to Wasini Island. Savor a seafood lunch featuring the fresh catch of the day. Relish in the flavors of succulent seafood delicacies, prepared with local spices and culinary expertise, while enjoying the island’s tranquil ambiance and scenic views. Following lunch, take a stroll through the village on Wasini Island, interacting with the friendly residents and gaining insight into the local culture and way of life. You can also choose to take a tour of the Shimoni slave caves, a historical site offering a glimpse into the region's dark past. As the day draws to a close, board the dhow once again. On the cruise back to the mainland, relish the picturesque coastal scenery one last time, cherishing the beauty of the Kenyan coastline as the sun sets. Finally, get dropped off at your hotel.

Wasini Island: Dolphin spotting & Snorkel at Kisite Marine

6. Wasini Island: Dolphin spotting & Snorkel at Kisite Marine

Pick up from Mombasa hotels is usually between 5.30 am and 06:00 am. Pick up from Diani hotels is usually between 07:00 am and 07:30 am Drive to Wasini Island along Mombasa – Lunga Lunga highway, a distance of 45 km to the south of Diani, arriving at around 8.30 am at the Shimoni KWS for ticketing then we start the boat ride for one hour searching for dolphins. We have a light breakfast, fruit, and some soft drinks onboard. Sail to Kisite Marine National Park where you will snorkel and swim for 1 to 2 hrs. Afterward, we sail back to Wasini Island for lunch mainly seafood and Swahili dishes (we have an option for the non-seafood that is vegetarian/ chicken). After lunch, you can have a village walk for about 30 Minutes on the Island, and then sail back to Shimoni jetty arriving at around 1530 hrs. We then proceed to Shimoni Slave caves just 200m from Shimoni jetty. Here, you will have all history of slavery. The slave cave visit takes between 20 and 30 minutes. Then you drive back to your hotel arriving at around 1700 hrs.

Mombasa: Guided Nature Walk Amongst Giraffes

7. Mombasa: Guided Nature Walk Amongst Giraffes

The sanctuary is off the beaten track and most tourists are unaware of this animal haven! The guide will brief you on the sanctuary and how to respect the animals and safety measures. As you walk around the sanctuary, enjoy the company of the free animals in a responsible manner and learn a lot of about wildlife conservation in Africa. You'll literally be inches away from the giraffes, ostriches, antelopes and other animals. The guide will provide fun facts and walks around the sanctuary, to visit all the types of animals. Then you'll have time to settle down at a benches and admire the landscape. Weather and group dependent there is also a sanctuary wildlife tuk tuk that can be used to take guests from place to place. Get ready to enter an activity of a lifetime, shared with Giraffes! Other things to note: Wear sunscreen and appropriate clothing.

Shimba Hills Day Safari & Sheldrick Falls Hike Private Tour

8. Shimba Hills Day Safari & Sheldrick Falls Hike Private Tour

The day safari to Shimba Hills National Reserve and hike to Sheldrick Falls, followed by lunch and swimming at Shimba Green Lodge, offers an exciting and adventurous experience in the beautiful wilderness of Kenya. Here's the itinerary of what you can expect on this excursion: Morning: You start your day early, departing from your accommodation in a comfortable safari vehicle. The drive to Shimba Hills National Reserve takes you through scenic landscapes, including rolling hills, lush vegetation, and glimpses of local villages. Arrival at Shimba Hills National Reserve: Upon reaching the entrance of the reserve, you will be greeted by the park rangers who will issue you with the entry tickets. Shimba Hills National Reserve is known for its diverse flora and fauna, including the endangered Sable Antelopes, buffaloes, warthogs, and a wide variety of bird species. Game Drive: The first part of your adventure involves a game drive through the reserve. The experienced driver/guide will navigate the vehicle along the designated trails, providing information about the wildlife and their habitats. Keep your camera ready to capture stunning photographs of the animals in their natural habitat. Hike to Sheldrick Falls: After the game drive, it's time to stretch your legs and embark on a hike to Sheldrick Falls. The trail takes you through the enchanting forested landscape of Shimba Hills, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness. The hike is moderate in difficulty, and along the way, you may encounter monkeys, colourful birds, and other small wildlife. Sheldrick Falls: As you reach Sheldrick Falls, you'll be greeted by the sight of a magnificent waterfall cascading down the rocks. The water plunges into a clear pool at the base, creating a refreshing oasis in the midst of the forest. Take your time to relax, enjoy the natural beauty, and take a dip in the cool, rejuvenating waters. Lunch at Shimba Green Lodge: After the hike and waterfall experience, you'll head to Shimba Green Lodge for a delicious lunch. The lodge offers a serene and picturesque setting, surrounded by lush greenery. You can savour a variety of local and international cuisines while taking in the tranquil ambiance of the lodge. Swimming and Relaxation: After lunch, you have the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the lodge's swimming pool. Take a refreshing swim, lounge by the poolside, or simply relax amidst the natural beauty of the lodge surroundings. The lodge staff will ensure your comfort and provide any additional services you may require. Return Journey: As the day comes to a close, you will bid farewell to Shimba Hills National Reserve and make your way back to your accommodation. Reflect on the wonderful experiences and memories created during your day safari, surrounded by Kenya's captivating wildlife and natural wonders.

Mombasa: Discovery Day Tour and Haller Park

9. Mombasa: Discovery Day Tour and Haller Park

Get picked up from your hotel and proceed to Fort Jesus, built by the Portuguese in the 16th Century. Hear about the long and fascinating history of the fort before it was converted into a prison in 1985, and later, into a historical landmark. The tour takes you through a maze of cobbled narrow streets, past ancient mosques and picturesque residential houses that evoke the island's medieval past. Wander under overhanging balconies and through mysterious doorways to bustling markets filled with exotic spices, fruit, and colorful fabrics.  Then, drive through the Elephant Tusks on Moi Avenue and call in at the Akamba woodcarvers, where you can see them at work and take the opportunity to purchase some of their wonderful crafts and other souvenirs. Take a break for lunch, maybe at the delicious Tamarind Restaurant. In the afternoon, visit Dr. Rene Haller's Nature Park, a group of former quarries now reforested and home to many animals, including hippos, giraffes, buffalos, antelopes, and crocodiles.  The park offers a variety of attractions that educate and entertain the over 160,000 annual visitors, among them a game sanctuary, reptile park, a small demonstration fish farm area, palm garden, crocodile pens, and a giraffe-viewing platform. The diversity of vegetation is considerable, from mangrove palms and majestic indigenous shade trees to coastal forests where several of these plants are rare and endangered: a true haven for botanists. Later, return to your hotel in Mombasa.

Shore Excursion:Mombasa City Half Day Tour.

10. Shore Excursion:Mombasa City Half Day Tour.

Full Description. If you’re arriving into Mombasa by cruise ship,this tour is ideal for exploring the city. Arrive at the shore of Mombasa and set off on a tour of highlights great for culture and history lovers. Visit the Fort Jesus Historical Museum, explore the Old Town and soak in the atmosphere of the local markets. See the Mombasa Elephant Tusk monument and find a spot for a local lunch. Tour Overview. You will be picked up from the port and taken to the Fort Jesus. This is Mombasa's oldest museum and it depicts the culture and the origin of the local people, mentioning the origin of Swahili. With a guide you will be able to trace the historical pattern leading to the influence of the sultans. In addition, you will learn the culture of the local people through different exhibitions. You will enjoy a walk in narrow streets of the Mombasa old town, passing through the famous fish market before driving to see the elephant tusks as a monuments of the ancient (now illegal) ivory trade. After, you will then walk in the market with lunch at a local dishes to sample the local cuisines. After lunch you will be taken to the Haller Park. This is not a zoo but a free roaming animal sanctuary born out of the idea to conserve a big old vast former cement quarry. There are lots of animals to see and depending on your excitement this will last between 2 and three hours from where you will dropped back to your cruise or hotel.



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We enjoyed a full day of our Kisite tour. We were collected from our hotel at 6am in Nyali, after some confusion with our driver about where we were staying. On the boat we enjoyed watching bottlenose dolphins jump and play at arms reach for over an hour!! We then enjoyed a good hour of snorkelling (make sure you put on enough suncream in advance - which I failed to do) where we saw groupers, drummer fish, squid and lots of coral. We were then taken to the sandbank where we were given lots of fruit to eat. We then went to Wasini island (watching the dolphins on the way) for possibly the best seafood I have ever eaten! Incredible crab, seaweed, coconut rice, tiger fish, cassava and lobster (the latter was at an added cost - but well worth it), all cooked in incredible coconut marinades. We were then shown around Wasini island, the mangroves and replanting scheme and then Shimoni slave caves. Such amazing wildlife, history and food - an amazing day, we highly recommend it.

We had a great time with Eric and Francis. It’s a small boat that we had for ourselves. Unfortunately we couldn’t see dolphins due to the weather, but that’s nature. We could see an octopus, squids, corals and a lot of fish while snorkeling. The lunch was local and fresh and the walk to the village was interesting. Visiting the slave cave is a must to really understand the horrible history of slave trading. All in all, a great day. I can only recommend this trip.

It was a wonderful experience. The snorkeling was fantastic and not too busy or too touristy. We saw dolphins and had a delicious lunch in a beautiful location. Fresh fruit and water in between. The guides were great, pleasant and also informative. In short, highly recommended.

Exceptional could not ask for anything better. Very informative had the best day

Was incredibly great, would do it again straight away😍