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Lutsk and the Tunnel of Love Day Trip from Lviv

1. Lutsk and the Tunnel of Love Day Trip from Lviv

Benefit from pick-up at your hotel in Lviv, and then journey to the historic city of Lutsk to visit the 14th-century Lubart’s Castle. Learn the legends and historical facts about the fortress and soak up the romantic atmosphere of the grounds. Continue to the famous Tunnel of Love, popular with couples who go there to walk with their beloved through the green arches on a section of an old industrial railway line. Take souvenir photos of the beautiful location, before making your way to the ruins of Tarakaniv Fort Learn the history of the monument and hear some of the incredible legends that still surround the site. Enter a 100-meter long tunnel and experience the special atmosphere of the landmark. Return to Lviv and get dropped off at your hotel on arrival.

From Lviv: Half-Day Tour to Zolochiv, Olesko and Pidhirtsi

2. From Lviv: Half-Day Tour to Zolochiv, Olesko and Pidhirtsi

Explore the "Golden Horseshoe" of Ukraine on a half-day tour of the 3 castles of Pidhirtsi, Olesko and Zolochiv. Hear legends about ghosts and the love stories that took place in the medieval homes. Visit the former residence of King John III Sobieski at Olesko Castle and admire the beautiful grounds. Continue to the 17th-century Zolochiv Castle set in an enchanting park. Discover the stones with encoded inscriptions, said to bring good luck.  Gaze at the Renaissance façade of Pidhirtsi Castle, surrounded with a moat and ramparts. Learn the history of its former residents, including the noble Sobieski family.

From Lviv: Full-Day Trip to Mukachevo

3. From Lviv: Full-Day Trip to Mukachevo

Start your trip to Mukacheve early in the morning and get ready to visit exciting places, meet friendly people and hear interesting stories. The first attraction you will see is the impressive Shenbornov Castle located 210 kilometers from Lviv. Count Shenbornov built this mansion in the 19th-century in order to use it as a hunting lodge. The castle is richly decorated in the Renaissance and Neo-Gothic style. Today, Karpaty Health Resort is located inside the castle. Located in Chinadievo, St. Miklos Castle is 10 kilometers away from Shenbornov Castle and will be your next destination. This medieval castle keeps many secrets and legends from its past. The enthusiastic guides of the castle will make sure to bring to life the medieval atmosphere of this place and leave you with a positive impression. Then, you will arrive in the cozy town of Mukacheve, where you will have some free time for lunch (optional, own expense). Later, you will enjoy a walking tour of the city center and discover its main attractions such as Myru Square, the town hall, the Chimney Sweep Monument, St. Cyril and the Methodius Monument. Afterwards, you will visit one of the most popular attractions of the Transcarpathian region – Palanok Castle built in 11th-century. Learn important facts and intriguing legends about this castle from your guide. Moreover, contemplate a breathtaking view from the observation deck of the castle. Then, start a return trip to Lviv and relax after an intensive tour program. Once you arrive in Lviv in the evening, your driver will drop you off at your hotel.

Provincial Magic of Drohobych and Bruno Sсhulz

4. Provincial Magic of Drohobych and Bruno Sсhulz

Explore a wonderful corner of the world, as this tour will take you to landmarks less traveled to. Upon this tour visit the highlights of towns outside of Drohobych. Learn about the salt mining history from the 13th Century onwards. Hear about the life and times of Bruno Schulz, as a fine artist and writer of Jewish origin, see his Frescos in a local Museum. Take a trip to visit the completely unique St George Church. This church is one of the oldest and best preserved wooden churches in the world, which is why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn about the history of the Jewish life in Galicia before WWII. Take a visit through the Drohobych Synagogue (1842), which has been recently restored. 

From Lviv: 1-Day Tour of Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanislaviv)

5. From Lviv: 1-Day Tour of Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanislaviv)

Get off the beaten track and explore one of the most charming towns in Western Ukraine - Ivano-Frankivsk. Founded in 1662 as Stanislawiw it was renamed during the Soviet times into Ivano-Frankivsk in honor of Ivan Franko – a prominent Ukrainian poet and writer. The city lies halfway between Lviv and the Carpathian mountains. It still retains its charm and quietness. The town is waiting for you with a handfull of unique shops, splendid architecture and restaurants with mouthwatering local food.  You'll drive 120km southeast from Lviv in a comfortable mini-van or car with your English-speaking guide. Discover this secret gem!

From Lviv: Half-Day Trip to Zhovkva & Krekhiv Monastery

6. From Lviv: Half-Day Trip to Zhovkva & Krekhiv Monastery

Meet your guide at the reception of your hotel in Lviv and start your journey to the city of Zhovkva. Located 25 kilometers north from Lviv, this cozy town of Zhovkva has a rich history and is famous for its outstanding architectural ensemble. In the 16th to 17th-centuries, this adorable city was home of the Polish hetman Stanisław Żółkiewski, who had decided to build an 'ideal city.' This Renaissance concept included an elaborated city layout. You will discover the most glorious monuments of that time such as the impressive Zhovkva Castle and the marvelous St. Lawrence Catholic Church, which is a real Renaissance masterpiece, a sophisticated house of the town hall and spacious Vicheva Square. The history of the city is rich in historical events which has influenced not only Ukraine, but also all of Europe. At different times, illustrious figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte, B. Khmelnitsky and Peter I visited Zhovkva. Other noteworthy places of interest on the tour include the Defense Synagogue, St. Josaphat Church of Dominican Convent, Zvirynetska and the Glynska town gates. During the second part of the tour, you will visit the Krekhiv Monastery of St. Nicolas situated 13 kilometers from Zhovkva in a secluded forest. You will appreciate the peaceful and light atmosphere of this place. The old monastery was founded in the 16th-century and you will find a holy spring with healing water there. A half-day tour of the Lviv region will provide you with pleasant impressions and enlighten you about the most significant events in the history of the region. When you return to Lviv, your driver will drop you off at your hotel. 

From Lviv: Private Olesko, Pidhirtsi & Zolochiv Castles Tour

7. From Lviv: Private Olesko, Pidhirtsi & Zolochiv Castles Tour

Head out on one of the most popular Galician tourist routes: a tour around the Golden Horseshoe of Lviv Region castles. Spend a day visiting 3 medieval castles, each of which features a unique architecture and an interesting history. Olesko, Pidhirtsi, and Zolochiv Castles have witnessed many important historical events. Thousands of tourists flock to these magical places to plunge into the history of Ukraine and take a quick trip to the Middle Ages. • Olesko Castle On a tour of the oldest Ukrainian castle, first mentioned in 1327, learn the amazing and mystical birth story of the Polish King Jan III Sobieski. Listen to a romantic legend about the ghosts of 2 lovers, who are still looking for each other, wandering along the dark corridors. Another story about the unlucky owner of the castle, who almost destroyed it while searching the tres aasure, promises to amuse. The galleries of the castle offer a wonderful view of the surrounding meadows, which have not changed for the past century. • Pidhirsti Castle  Pidhirtsi Castle is often called the "Polish Versailles". No wonder that it played the role of the Louvre in the film adaptation of the The Three Musketeers novel by A. Dumas. The castle has its own mystical history. It houses the ghost of the White Lady, who was the wife of one of its owners. Your guide will tell you her sad story, and, perhaps, the Lady herself will appear for a few moments. There was time when the castle was considered one of the best palace and castle complexes in Europe, and even now it remains striking in its grandeur. • Zolochic Castle  A royal palace, a school, a court, and a prison – it’s all the Zolochiv Castle, which has served many different purposes during its long and difficult history. 2 wonderful renaissance palaces housed Polish kings for a few centuries. And the Chinese Palace, the castle’s pearl, was built on January 3 for the king's beloved wife. After visiting these stunning locations, take the chance to stroll through the beautiful late-renaissance garden.

From Lviv: Carpathian Mountains and Tustan Fortress Day Trip

8. From Lviv: Carpathian Mountains and Tustan Fortress Day Trip

Explore the Lviv region and the surrounding Carpathian Mountains and discover their historical and natural attractions on this exciting private day trip. After getting picked up from your hotel, travel to the Tustan Natural Reserve. Admire this picturesque and historic rock fortress from atop a cliff and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding Carpathian forest.  Next, head to the beautiful Kamenets Waterfall on the Kamenka River. Discover scenic landscapes, steep cliffs, caves, and healing mineral springs here. Afterward, continue to Lake Zhuravlyne, which is often called Dead Lake due to the high level of hydrogen sulfide, which prevents fish and animals from living here. Don't worry, there are still many trees and rare plants to admire around the lake. At the end of your tour, get dropped off back at your hotel in Lviv.

From Lviv: Carpathian Mountains Private Day Trip

9. From Lviv: Carpathian Mountains Private Day Trip

Set off early in the morning for an exciting tour of the Carpathian Mountains. The first destination on your full-day trip is Lake Synevyr. Known as the largest and most beautiful lake of the Carpathians, Lake Synevyr is often referred to as "The Eye of the Sea" or "The Eye of the Devil." While here, learn about the mystical legends and frightening stories that surround the lake.  Spend time 989 meters above sea level, in a dense forest of Carpathian spruces. Enjoy the scenery and see the small island in the middle of Lake Synevyr, resembling an eye. While swimming in the lake is prohibited because of its protected area statue, small shops where snacks and souvenirs can be purchased are available.      After spending time at the lake, move onwards to Shypit Waterfall. Located in the heart of the mountains, this 15-meter-high waterfall looks amazing year-round. Take photos, stroll along the river, and pass wooden bridges while enjoying the sounds of the running water. Disconnect surrounded by nature and enjoy the scenic views of the Carpathians before heading back to Lviv.

From Kamianets-Podilskiy: Khotyn Fortress Day Trip

10. From Kamianets-Podilskiy: Khotyn Fortress Day Trip

Your friendly guide will pick you up from your hotel in Kamianets-Podilskiy and then you will set off on a half-day tour to Khotyn. It takes about half an hour to reach the destination and the road goes through beautiful landscapes. Khotyn Fortress is a wonderful example of medieval fortification architecture that has survived until the present day. Founded in 13th-century, it has witnessed many important battles and historic events. Protected by the 40 meter defense walls and surrounded by a deep moat, Khotyn Fortress could repel attacks from enemies. Get inside the fortress through a drawbridge and enter a spacious courtyard. Exploring the inner territory, you will also contemplate stunning views of the Dniester River. Being extremely picturesque, Khotyn Fortress is a sought after location for filmmakers. You may recognize this place in such historical movies such as “The Three Musketeers” and “Taras Bulba.” Moreover, Khotyn Fortress annually welcomes many people from all around the world during the festival of historical reconstruction known as the Battle of the Nations. This comprehensive trip is an excellent choice for all fans of history and architecture. You will spend a wonderful day and take lots of memorable photos. At the end of the tour, your driver will drop you off back at your hotel in Kamianets-Podilskiy.


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Ι did the tour with Ihor. Such a lovely and fun person. Must importantly though, his knowledge is On ANOTHER LEVEL. He is genuinely interested in what he is doing, and when someone loves his job, it's so amazing. The vibe and the knowledge you get. Awesome day, amazing tour! Thank you!

Alexander made all the difference.

Very good to have another view of western Ukraine apart from the lovely city of Lviv. Ivano-F is full of wonderful architecture and has a laid-back attitude. Alexander did a great job of keeping us amused and was full of information. Thanks for a great day.

Mary is very educated tour guide who knew the sites and shared good information going to the sites.

Amazing trip

This tour is awesome.the guide is nice and good knowledge. Good communication in English.