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From Kyiv: Chernobyl Zone and Pripyat Day Trip by Van

1. From Kyiv: Chernobyl Zone and Pripyat Day Trip by Van

Spend a day visiting one of the most famous Ukrainian phenomenons at the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and its surroundings on a day trip in a van. Walk through the abandoned town of Pripyat, learn about the history of the nuclear disaster that took place in 1986, and have lunch in the abandoned power station's canteen. Embark on a unique trip to see the zone where one of the greatest ecological disasters in human history took place: Chernobyl. Listen to your guide recount the consequences for the local population in the model city of the Soviet Union, Pripyat, and the whole region of Ukrainian Polissya. Observe a part of the world that has seen no human alteration in decades. Despite learning what happened here and the scope of the tragedy, you are going to find it impossible to resist certain charms of the zone.  Hear the story preceding the accident on 26 April 1986, learn about what happened that night at the power plant, and about the scope of all the consequences still being tackled today. Then, eat lunch in a different area: In the power station’s canteen. The hearty meal, prepared for employees, includes a variety of dishes made with organic products. 

From Kyiv: All Inclusive 2-Day Group Tour to Chernobyl

2. From Kyiv: All Inclusive 2-Day Group Tour to Chernobyl

Depart Kyiv and travel to the city of Chernobyl, famous as the site of the nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. Watch a film about the tragedy before arriving at the Dityatki checkpoint, where you will go through passport control and listen to important information from your local guide before you proceed. Enter the "30-kilometer" exclusion zone and investigate how the city, while largely abandoned, is still populated with local workers and policemen along with shops, a post office and café. See sights such as the museum, St. Elias Church, Park of Glory, river port and memorial to the liquidators who rushed to reactor number 4 in the immediate aftermath of the explosion. Look at the new confinement from the viewing platform of reactor number 4, and explore the complex engineering solutions designed to transform it into an ecologically safe system. You might even get the chance to communicate with the plant employees. Travel to the abandoned village of Zalessie, where the population of 2,000 people before the accident has dwindled to the few dozen who chose to return. Look at the abandoned huts, schools and livestock complex, and see the monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Visit the village of Kopachi, just 4 kilometers from the site of the accident. A once thriving village, Kopachi suffered radiation damage during the disaster and a decision was taken to bury the entire village under layers of earth. Discover untouched monuments, such as the monument to soldiers, a kindergarten and a machine-tractor station, along with mounds marked with radiation warning signs. Go to the “Black Pearl” of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, and walk the abandoned streets of Pripyat. See the abandoned amusement park and the ghost-like Ferris wheel. Visit the pool of Lazurnyi, where the first victims were brought. Other highlights of this haunting location include the building of the executive committee, Hotel Polesie and a secondary school. Journey to the site of the Red Forest, where the full extent of the radiation was felt. Authorities took the decision to cut the forest down and, while trees have started to grow again, you will look at it from a safe distance as the radiometer shows the impact of the damage. Return to Kyiv, stopping at the Dityatki checkpoint to check the radiation levels on your clothes before you proceed.

Kyiv: 3-Hour Restaurant Crawl

3. Kyiv: 3-Hour Restaurant Crawl

This is a super tasty and interesting tour for people who appreciate good quality food and are looking for authentic tastes when visiting a foreign country. This 3-hour tour aims to introduce you to Ukrainian food and drinks, show you some really cool places, some of the more traditional ones and modernized restaurants in design and quality service.  The itinerary comprises of visiting a restaurant and tasting a dish at each one. The total number of restaurants will be 4. Your guide will accompany you through this gourmet path and share the traditions, story and culture with you. Besides, you will see the city, learn something new and enjoy a delicious walking tour for a real gourmet.

Kyiv: 3-Hour Private Tour by Car

4. Kyiv: 3-Hour Private Tour by Car

This tour aims to show you the must-see sights of Kyiv within several hours at a comfortable driving pace. The driver and guide will pick you up from your hotel to start the city exploration. You will see the main landmarks such as Independence Square, Khreschatyk Street, Saint Sophia Cathedral, Saint Michel's Cathedral, Golden Gates, National Opera, Taras Shevchenko Park, and other sites of rich history and culture. Despite the weather, enjoy Kyiv during this individual driving city tour. A dynamic and entertaining guide will explain the history of the ancient, but modern Kyiv and you will uncover the capital on your own.

Kyiv: Walking City Tour

5. Kyiv: Walking City Tour

The 3-hour walking tour starts from the National Opera House. The building itself is very impressive and the performances are quality ones, you may as well check "what is on the list" and visit the ballet or opera during your stay. You will then see the Golden Gates – the ancient and first entry to the city of Kyiv during the Kyivan Rus Epoque. Next is the must-see location of the magnificent Saint Sophia Cathedral that belongs to the World Heritage Site of UNESCO. It is an iconic site and a place of rich cultural heritage. You will then visit the Saint Michel Cathedral that plays an important part in the life of Kyiv citizens. The tour continues on the main square of Independence also know as Maidan and continues at Khreschatyk street – the shortest street among European capital cities with its Soviet architecture and history.

Kyiv: Half-Day Bar Crawl Tour

6. Kyiv: Half-Day Bar Crawl Tour

Sipping on trendy cocktails at 4 to 5 bars is a good way of getting acquainted with popular Kyiv bars and the city's nightlife. This guided tour is suitable both for groups and individual travelers looking for good company and places to spend an evening time. Your guide will introduce you to some of the most trendy and hidden bars, each of which has its own atmosphere and special cocktail menu. The total duration of the bar crawl will be 4-hours. The first cocktail will be included in the price of the tour. The bar crawl will take place in the central district of Kyiv, starting from Khreschetyk Street and ending at the Shota Rustaveli district.

Kyiv: Private Mystical Podil Walking Tour

7. Kyiv: Private Mystical Podil Walking Tour

Enjoy a guided walking tour geared toward those interested in the stories and legends of Kyiv. Gain a better understanding of how Kyiv beautifully combines a dark side, consisting of mysterious legends, and a lighter side, such as that found in the cities of early Russ Christianity. In an effort to abandon the classic excursion format, this tour is conducted in an enjoyable pub-crawl format across Podil.  See the St. Andrew’s Church and the inconspicuous house next to it, which is home to many legends. Look into one of the institutions located next to the place where the Holy Doctor once took his patients. Next, marvel at Richard’s Castle and the house of the greatest Kyiv mystic, Mikhail Bulgakov. You will then climb Bald Mountain, taking a walk along Vozdvizhenka and then up the beautiful stairs to the greatest place of power at the foundation of the Church of the Tithes. During the walk, find out why Kyiv witches could fly and how they banished Polish priests from Podil. Hear also stories about werewolves, vampires, chess games with death, and many other well-known and unknown Kyiv legends. Finally, take the opportunity to go through a special ritual on Bald Mountain near the pagan temple, with protective amulets and a bottle of champagne provided — just as the Hussars used to do.

Kyiv: 3-Hour Andrew Descent & Podil District Tour

8. Kyiv: 3-Hour Andrew Descent & Podil District Tour

One of the oldest streets in the city, connecting Upper Town with Podil (Lower Town), Andrew's Descent was a settlement of merchants and craftsmen and a unique reflection of old Kyiv's lifestyle. Andreyevsky Spusk (English: Andrew's Descent ) is also the city’s most panoramic street. The first settlements were founded there more than 3000 years ago. This street is also known as St. Andrew’s Descent as it leads downhill from old Kyiv Hill to the Lower Town area. The historical name of the descent was Borichev Uzvoz. Uzvoz is Old Russian for the descent. The modern name was provided at the end of the 18th century as St. Andrew’s Church was built there on the order of the Russian Empress Elizabeth.  During this sightseeing tour, you will see St. Andrew's Church, Tithe Church, the Historical Museum, Bulgakov’s relic, the original Richard the Lion Heart Castle, the Fountain of Samson, Kyiv Academy, a lively market for artworks and souvenirs, and many astonishing landscapes. The Podil district is different from the main street Khreschatik which is dominated by the monumental architecture of the Soviet period. A stroll through Podil's narrow, quaint streets will give you a sense of life in old Kyiv. Route: Uptown - St. Andrew’s Church – Art Galleries and Gift Shops - M.Bulgakov Museum - Museum of One Street - Kontraktova Square – Podil.

Kyiv: 3-Hour Jewish Community Tour

9. Kyiv: 3-Hour Jewish Community Tour

Visit Lvivska Square in upper Kyiv, the site of the Jewish Gate and learn about Jewish life in medieval Kyiv. Follow the way from Lukyanovka to Baby Yar Ravine. Visit a bronze monument to victims of the Holocaust. This monument was built in 1976 just after President Nixon’s (37th President of the US) visited Baby Yar. The Soviet-era monument at Baby Yar is comprised of 11 sculptures two of which are especially moving. One depicts a mother with her baby at her breast while her hands are tied, symbolizing Ukraine being enslaved by the Nazis and the other a granddaughter mourning over her dead grandfather. Other monuments at Baby Yar are more recently such as Menorah (1991) and a children’s monument (2001). The bronze Menorah depicts Abraham, Isaak and a human procession. Its inauguration ceremony was attended by President Bush’s brother in 1991. The children’s monument was built to remember the 15,000 children and babies killed by the Nazis at Baby Yar during WWII. Next visit Podil (lower Kyiv) where Jews lived in the olden days and its synagogues from the late 19th century. The aristocratic Lipki area has a few lovely mansions built by wealthy Jews just next to the tsar’s palace. Now, these mansions are used mostly by Ukrainian authorities. Finally, visit Choral Brodsky Synagogue (1898) and the adjacent area. Golda Meir and Sholom Aleichem once lived here. Meir was elected Prime Minister of Israel on March 17, 1969, after serving as Minister of Labor and Foreign Minister. Visit Solom Aleichem Museum to learn about his Ukrainian birthplace in Pereyaslav and members of his family. Solomon Naumovich Rabinovich, better known under his pen name Sholem Aleichem (March 2 [O.S. February 18] 1859 – May 13, 1916), was a leading Yiddish author and playwright. See the Golda Meir memorial plague and the Solom Aleichem statue. Also, visit the Bessarabsky roofed market (1911) built by Brodsku’s money. To see objects of Jewish worship such as silver, Torah crowns, shields, pointers, etc. (18th to 19th centuries ) visit the Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine.

Kyiv: Private Driving and Walking Tour of Soviet Kyiv

10. Kyiv: Private Driving and Walking Tour of Soviet Kyiv

Immerse yourself in the history of Kyiv's Soviet period at important sights like the Motherland Monument and the Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II. First, climb 36 meters to the top of the Motherland Monument, an iconic spot in Kyiv that offers panoramic views of the city. Then, you'll visit the museum, accompanied by your guide, and see architecture typical of the Soviet period.  This is a driving and walking tour. Your guide and individual transport will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel (within the Kyiv city center). 


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Highly recommended. The two day tour gives you the opportunity to see more and is less rushed than doing everything in one day. Our tour guide, Daniel, was fantastic. Very knowledgeable and was flexible if there was anything that we specifically wanted to see. As mentioned in other reviews, the accommodation was rudimentary but still comfortable and better than I was expecting. Food also traditional Soviet era cuisine but I still enjoyed it!

The place was fascinating and the guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the tour but definitely book a 2 day tour or more because there is plenty to see! We saw wild horses, stags, and plenty of friendly dogs :)

Our tour guide Yana was super pleasant girl. She shared a lot if interesting and funny stories and showed us very fine places. Drinks should be emphasized tho! :) Highly recommended! With love from Tbilisi

Great tour, When I went the guide Elena was fantastic. Informative and very nice. The ww2 museum that’s part of the tour was perhaps the most interesting museum I’ve even seen.

Took the tour today with Liudmyla, she was extremely knowledgable and very nice. The tour is a must do