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Korenlei, Ghent

Korenlei, Ghent: Our most recommended tours and activities

Ghent: 50-Minute Medieval Center Guided Boat Trip

1. Ghent: 50-Minute Medieval Center Guided Boat Trip

Take a boat close to the amazing Castle of the Counts to discover the most beautiful places in Ghent. A guide will take you through the fascinating history of medieval Ghent and its historical buildings and architecture on this 50-minute tour. Enjoy the famous three towers of Ghent, various medieval churches and monasteries, the birthplace of Charles V of Spain, majestic guild halls, a breathtaking castle, and much more! Hear the stories behind these magnificent monuments. Your tour is guided in English, Dutch, and French. There are also illustrated translations in German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Japanese available on board.

Ghent: Guided City Tour with Food and Drink Tastings

2. Ghent: Guided City Tour with Food and Drink Tastings

Taste your way through Ghent on a guided food tour. Combine sightseeing with sampling local foods and learn about the city's culture from your guide. As you explore, see important icons such as the three medieval towers of Ghent: Saint Bavo Cathedral, Saint Nicholas' Church and the Belfry. The Belfry Tower is the tallest of its kind in Belgium and a Unesco World Heritage-listed site. Make sure to take some photos of these picture perfect sights. Meet your guide in the historic center of Ghent and set out on your foodie walking tour. As you walk, learn about local culture, discover the city's most important landmarks and find out why Ghent became famous for its street art. See Korenmarkt, a historic square located between the Old Harbour and Saint Nicholas' Church. Wander along cobblestone streets and admire the intersecting rivers that lend this historic town its character and name. You will also have the opportunity to see important architectural highlights, including the Ghent City Hall (stadhuis) and City Pavilion (Stadshal). Along the way, you'll make a total of 5 stops to savour the tastes of Ghent, sampling a food specialty or drink at each one. Every location has been carefully chosen, with an emphasis placed on small, locally owned businesses. Interact with the proprietors and hear their stories to gain insight into the city of Ghent and its people. Your tour comes to an end near the historic city center, the ideal spot to continue exploring on your own. 

Ghent: Private 2-Hour Walking Tour

3. Ghent: Private 2-Hour Walking Tour

Benefit from pick-up at your hotel or other location on agreement. Then, walk along the pretty Graslei and Korenlei to admire the gables of the guild houses. Get panoramic views of St. Nicolas' Church and medieval St. Bavo's Abbey, where you can see the "Adoration of the Mystic Lamb" by the Van Eyck brothers (own expense). Continue towards the Vrijdagsmarkt and admire the façade of the Town Hall. Encounter the 15th-century cannon of the Dulle Griet (“Evil Woman”), and then cross the Lys to enter the inner courtyard of the House of Alijn. Continue to Gravensteen Castle to take a look at the "Castle of the Counts" and end with a visit to the Old Fish Market.  

Ghent: Walking Tour with Audio Guide on App

4. Ghent: Walking Tour with Audio Guide on App

Explore Gent on your terms with this self-guided audio tour, accessible on your smartphone! Immerse yourself in the beauty of this historic city at your own pace and in your preferred language. This self-guided audio tour offers you the flexibility to choose your destinations and decide how long you wish to spend at each site. Nestled in the Flanders region of Belgium, Ghent exudes a unique charm that harmoniously intertwines its storied past with a vivacious modern energy. Often hailed as one of Belgium's best-kept secrets, Ghent surprises its visitors with a vibrant tapestry of medieval architecture, dynamic culture, and progressive sustainability initiatives. The city is threaded with a network of picturesque canals, flanked by cobblestone streets, and dotted with an enchanting array of historical buildings and landmarks. The Gravensteen, or the Castle of the Counts, stands as a monumental reminder of Ghent’s medieval might, while the Graslei and Korenlei, two streets facing each other across the Lys River, showcase a striking array of ancient guild houses that tell tales of the city's prosperous trade history. The splendid Saint Bavo's Cathedral, which houses the renowned Ghent Altarpiece, is another must-visit historical site, showcasing sublime religious artistry. Ghent is also a city that embraces the future. With a large student population, the city pulses with youthful vibrancy, offering a plethora of cafes, bars, and eateries, as well as a thriving arts scene. Ghent has established itself as a champion of environmental efforts in Belgium, notably through its car-free city center and the promotion of vegetarian cuisine. We have carefully crafted the most beautiful walking route for you and gathered more than 29 captivating and interesting stories. You'll pass by all the well-known landmarks but will also be surprised by new discoveries and hidden gems. Explore Gent's rich history, embrace its vibrant present, and be delighted by its captivating legends and stories. Whether you're embarking on a solo adventure, enjoying a romantic city stroll with your partner or exploring the city with friends or family, our self-guided audio tour caters to all preferences. Plus, you'll receive a nice discount when you do the tour with companions.

Ghent: Guided City Tour with Chocolate Tastings

5. Ghent: Guided City Tour with Chocolate Tastings

This delicious tour takes you on a 2 hour journey through Ghent whilst you pamper your taste buds and let your endorphins have a party. Combine a walking tour with yummy chocolate related tastings without feeling guilty! Our Ghent Chocolate Tour starts at the Jacob Van Artevelde statue in the middle of Vrijdagmarkt, where your guide will welcome you and give a brief introduction. From there, you will go and explore the city center and make stops at Graslei, Korenlei, the three Ghent medieval towers (Saint Nicholas Church, Saint Bavo Cathedral and the Ghent Belfry) and of course the famous Graffiti Street. Learn about the connection between a famous chocolate and the World Expo, hear the story about two Greek brothers, their passion for this aphrodisiac and how one of them became world-famous. During your sightseeing tour, you will make 5 stops. Your tastings are all very different from one another as each place has its speciality. And for the real chocoholics, we do have special offers with some of our partners as part of the tour.

Ghent: Private Tour in Historical Center

6. Ghent: Private Tour in Historical Center

The very medieval heart of Ghent is situated between the river Lys and the river Scheldt. It was there that our beautiful city arose! Walking through the Kuip (our Dutch name for the centre) invites you to see the historical highlights . This walk starts on Sint-Baafsplein with the Cathedral, the Belfry and the Cloth Hall that symbolise our rich medieval heritage. Past patrician houses and the City Hall we reach the Castle of the Counts. In the Great Butchers’ Hall you can taste specialties of our region. The old harbour, the beating heart of Ghent, is only one step away. When looking at both banks (Graslei and Korenlei) of the river Lys, guild houses and grain warehouses will take your breath away! From St Michael’s bridge you’ll get a unique view of the three towers, the city’s great landmarks. A moment for a selfie? More information on our website

From Zeebrugge: Best of Bruges & opt. Ghent Shore Excursion

7. From Zeebrugge: Best of Bruges & opt. Ghent Shore Excursion

Embark on an extraordinary shore excursion departing from Zeebrugge, your gateway to Belgium's cultural riches. Delve into the enchanting city of Bruges, often likened to the Venice of the North, where you'll be greeted by a tapestry of delights: from delectable Belgian chocolate to the timeless allure of medieval architecture and tranquil canals. With meticulous coordination tailored to your ship's itinerary, our tour ensures a seamless adventure. Expert guides and comfortable transport await, ready to unveil the secrets of Bruges' hidden gems and the iconic landmarks of Market Square. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Belgian cuisine and behold the majestic beauty of Ghent's Gothic Cathedral. As the excursion draws to a close, return to the port with time to spare or opt for leisurely free time in Bruges, knowing that convenient pick-up awaits. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Belgium, where every moment is steeped in history and splendor!

Walking Tour - Ghent City Highlights and Beyond

8. Walking Tour - Ghent City Highlights and Beyond

We start with a brief introduction at Vrijdagmarkt and then go on an explorer journey for 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time you will find out where the name Ghent comes from and visit the very origins of our city, which is almost 1400 years old. Explore sites such as our yacht harbour (Portus Ganda), the tree medieval towers (Saint Bavo Cathedral, the Ghent Belfry and Saint Nicholas Church) and the historical harbour with Graslei and Korenlei quays, where the hustle and bustle never ceases. It is the also area where all trade took place during the late medieval times, which resulted in Ghent being the most prosperous city in Northern Europe at the time. Ghent is however so much more then this. It is the home of 3 beguinages, some exquisite museums, parks, host of the 1913 World Expo and capital of street art (and we do not just mean the popular Graffiti Street). Furthermore, it is a lively city where visitors, residents and students meet. This tour is an ideal introduction to Ghent and combines history with the the latest developments. Ghent is a continuous evolving city and we are very proud to show her to the world! Your tour comes to an end near the historic city center, the ideal spot to continue exploring on your own. 

Ghent: Guided City Highlights Walking Tour with Light Meal

9. Ghent: Guided City Highlights Walking Tour with Light Meal

If you want to explore Ghent and discover different corners of our city and happen to be a foodie or just curious about what we locals eat, this is the perfect combination. This tour exists of 1.5 hours sightseeing and a meal. You guide will accompany you to the restaurant and sort everything out. Once you have received your meal, they will leave, so you can stay as long as you want, have a rest and enjoy the food. Part 1 (Walking Sightseeing Tour) You start with a brief introduction at the Jacob Van Artevelde statue, which is in the middle of Vrijdagmarkt Square. From there, you will visit the historical heart of the city and make stops at and hear about Graslei, Korenlei and the three medieval towers of Ghent (Saint Bavo Cathedral, Saint Nicholas Church and the Belfry of Ghent). Learn about why these two churches are so close to one another and about the Golden Dragon (not the beer!). You will also touch base with the Ghent street art scene and visit the most colourful alley of town: Graffiti Street. Your guide will also tell you about its history and if you bring a pencil, pen or even a paintbrush, you can add your initials if you want to leave your mark! En route, you will also explore some other sides of Ghent than just the historical centre, such as e.g. the arts quarter, the area where Charles V was born, the former armoury storage place of the Counts of Flanders and so on. Part 2 (A local meal) After your walking tour, it's time to get some good food. We work together with local, independent partners as we want to share an authentic experience, not a commercial one. Each place has a story and so has the food! We alternate lunch, so places can be different each day. Examples of meals we have had in the past are: a very traditional chips and beef stew meal, a traditional, local favourite or even vegan - a reference to Ghent's hipster lifestyle. Drinks are not included as we want to give you the choice for this. Please check inclusions and let us know the option you prefer (1 option per booking). We look forward to welcoming you!

Hidden Ghent: A Self-Guided Audio Tour

10. Hidden Ghent: A Self-Guided Audio Tour

Ghent has been described as both “a curiosity shop” and “a city of 26 slumbering islands filled with fantasies”. On this walking tour through some of its oldest neighbourhoods, you‘ll get to know one of Europe‘s most captivating cities and see the forgotten monuments that most tourists never find. Starting outside the former post office-turned-shopping centre, De Post, you‘ll wander through the city‘s historical heart, along cobbled streets and down hidden alleys. You‘ll stroll along the picturesque Korenlei waterfront, where medieval merchants used to trade, and walk around the massive stone walls of ancient Gravensteen Castle near the old fish market, Oude Vismijn. Along the way, you‘ll come across some of the city‘s unique shops including Dune Records, the quirky antique shop, the Fallen Angels, and Priem, where you’ll find vintage wallpaper. I‘ll introduce you to some of the characters who‘ve walked the city‘s streets, from Emperor Charles V to folk singer Walter De Buck. And I‘ll show you a few authentic bars where you can go for a unique Belgian beer after taking in the Gouden Zuil (Golden Column) sculpture by Ayse Erkmen at the end of the walk. Among the highlights of this 90-minute tour, you‘ll find out about: • The forgotten relics of a World Fair • Dulle Griet, the fearsome cannon that turned out to be a flop • Prinsenhof, the now vanished palace where an emperor was born • Chocolaterie Luc Van Hoorebeke, started by a passionate local chocolate maker of the same name • Dulle Griet Cafe, the bar where you hand over a shoe before you get a beer • Rozanetuin, the hidden garden named after a local actress who is also Ghent folk singer Wim De Craene’s ex-lover You‘ll also have an opportunity to: • Hear about the secret of the mysterious gold coins embedded in the city‘s paving • Cross over numerous bridges with gorgeous city vistas, including Saint Michael‘s Bridge, Lievebrug, Sint Antoniusbrug, and Zuivelbrug • Take in Patershol, one of the city‘s oldest neighbourhoods which was first settled by leather workers in the 10th century • Find out how the Bridge of the Emperor‘s Pleasures (De Keizer Karelbrug of Brug der Keizerlijke Geneugten) got its unusual name • Visit Hof van Rijhove, a 14th-century fortified house with a secret medieval-style garden • Pass by a few of the city‘s churches including St Stefanus, Saint Michael‘s Church, Sint Jorishof, Saint Bavo‘s Cathedral, and the former Augustine Monastery, now the Royal Academy for Fine Arts • Feel the atmosphere of 14th-century Ghent as you walk down Biezekapelstraat • Enjoy a refreshing beer or a tasty treat at the Alchemist bar, Café den Turk, Cafe ‘t Kanon, or Mokabon, Ghent‘s oldest coffee bar If this sounds like your sort of place, let me be your guide. You‘ll finish this walk with a better understanding of this ancient city‘s fascinating history and a greater appreciation for its quirky treasures.

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My husband and i enjoyed this experience. It was the best way to see most of beautiful Ghent. It did rain unfortunately but the boat had clear covers. There were some gaps so we could see out clearly but rain couldn’t get in. I would recommend this tour even in the rain! Our guide Alan did a great job in multiple languages.

Very informative and easy to understand tour - the guide was very funny and made the whole experience enjoyable. Worth every penny. You don't have to be a history enthusiast to enjoy it :)

I arrived early and they got me on an earlier boat. Beautiful view, humorous guide in 3 languages no less, and short and sweet.

honestly it was a great time and I had no idea about the cheese either but it was all so good

Very entertaining and interesting boat trip with a guide who speaks English very well.