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Koh Lipe: Longtail Boat Snorkeling Trip with Lunch

1. Koh Lipe: Longtail Boat Snorkeling Trip with Lunch

Program for snorkeling spots and beaches that you will visit. Beautiful sandy beaches and very clear water. Take a trip by long-tailed boat that blends with the nature in the sea. The captain will also be your tour guide and take care of you on this wonderful day trip to the inner islands surround Koh Lipe. 1. Jabung island Your first stop is the famous Jabung Island know for its seven-color coral. Here you will see underwater rocks at the Jabang Canal which also houses soft corals, anemones and colorful fish. The water depth is about 15-20 feet, suitable for snorkeling. and here you can dive deep to see the beautiful seven-colored coral. 2. Hin Ngam island park and check point It is an island without sandy beaches. It is a black stone beach island. In front of the beach there are rounded stones of the same size. When the sea sweeps up, these stones are soaked in a glistening luster that reflects all over the beach. These stones are gray-black in color. 3. Snorkel site behind Hin Ngam Island It is the point behind Koh Hin Ngam. There are many rock corals, brain corals, fire corals, and a lot of nemo fish to be seen. The dive site here is also not very deep so you can see the coral reefs very clearly. 4. Koh Yang island This island is to the north of Hin Ngam Island. The area around the island is covered with hard corals such as Staghorn coral, Lettuce coral, Table-shaped corals, etc., and is ideal for snorkeling. You will see beautiful beaches, clear water, beautiful fish in coral reefs. 5. Rawi Island Here the beach is white. and the sea is very clear and clean. Most tourists stop for lunch here and have a bathroom break. After eating, you can take a walk in front of the white sandy beach and take beautiful photos. Here you will be able to take your time to relax and swim in the azure water. 6. Adang Island Various types of coral such as Staghorn coral, Brain coral, Big star coral, Orange cup corals, etc. are also found here as well as sea anemones. At least two types of clownfish can be seen here and you can also find clams, rock gourami, blue starfish, lionfish, etc.

Koh Lipe: Outer Islands Snorkeling Trip by Longtail Boat

2. Koh Lipe: Outer Islands Snorkeling Trip by Longtail Boat

Discover Thailand's beautiful marine life and coral reefs on this longtail boat snorkeling trip. Hop between 7 islands and make 8 stops for snorkeling and exploring. Spot fish, relax on the beach, and admire the beauty of Ko Lipe. Travel to Koh Hin Son, a unique island that looks like a rocky outcrop in the middle of the sea. See the area's stunning viewpoint that has been praised by UNESCO as a heritage of ASEAN in 1982. Then, head to Koh Pai, a small island with shallow waters and an abundance of anemones. Admire the large parrotfish and clownfish swimming among the diving flowers that cover the entire area. Enjoy Koh Rokroy with its shallow waters, corals, and picturesque views. Relax in Ao Kum Nun, a bay with many corals such as staghorn coral, hemp coral, and jackfruit coral. Snorkel and see tropical fish up close, such as clownfish, parrotfish, tigerfish, etc. Sit back on the beautiful beach, suitable for taking pictures, relaxing, and watching the peaceful scenery. Make a stop at Koh Dong Monkey Beach for lunch. Enjoy the clear water, small monkeys, and fine sandy beach. After lunch, go to Koh Peung island which is known for the rare feather star and orange corals. Here you will be holding onto a rope as the current can become quite strong. Visit Jabang Island to see the seven-colored coral. For those who are not afraid to dive deep, dive to a depth of 15-20 feet to view the rocks with soft brightly colored coral. See one of the most famous islands in the area, Hin Ngam Island. Walk around the island made out of smooth black stones.

Ko Lipe: Outside Zone Snorkeling Trip by Longtail Boat

3. Ko Lipe: Outside Zone Snorkeling Trip by Longtail Boat

Experience unique coral reefs and sea life on this group snorkeling tour to the outside zones of Ko Lipe (also Koh Lipe) by longtail boat. See firsthand why the outer zone of Lipe is known as the “Maldives of Thailand.” Start by meeting at Phataya Beach, then head out on your adventure. The full itinerary includes: 1. Hin Son Island: Marvel at this island’s large stones that are stacked on top of each other. It is a unique sight. 2. Ror Kloy Island: See water that is truly clear. This island features shallow waters and scenic views. 3. Kam Nan Beach: Enjoy a shallow swimming point at this beach. 4. Dong Island: Stop for diving and witness this island’s numerous sea anemones. 5. Phueng Island: At this point along the tour, see mustard coral and many kinds of fish. 6. Monkey Beach: Take a break and have a box lunch with the group. This stop is known to have a lot of monkeys. It is recommended that participants take extra care of themselves and their belongings at this stop. 7. Phai Island: Continue your adventure with more coral reefs and fish. 8. Hin Ngam Island: This island is known for having similar looking "lumps" throughout the island: round with shiny black skin. Take photos of this unique feature to remember your time here. 9. Jabang: This point will be the highlight of Lipe, thanks to its corals in seven different colors. At the conclusion of your trip, enjoy complimentary underwater photographs taken with a GoPro.

Koh Lipe: Full Day Multi-Island Snorkeling Trip with Lunch

4. Koh Lipe: Full Day Multi-Island Snorkeling Trip with Lunch

Embark on an underwater snorkeling adventure from Koh Lipe in the South Andaman Sea. Sit back and relax on a traditional Thai long tail boat as you’re taken from island to island, each one unique. Marvel at the granite stones at Koh Hin Son and swim down to the multi-colored coral reef at Koh Rokloy. The full-day boat tour will also include a visit to the glorious white sand beaches of Koh Ravi where you will enjoy a delicious local lunch before setting off to Koh Dong to spot anemones in the sea and then Ao Ling to find monkeys ashore. Continue your journey with a visit to Koh Hin Ngam, unique for being one of the only islands in Satun Province with a black rock beach. Local legend says that if you can stack 12 pebbles on top of each other, all your wishes will come true. After a long day of snorkeling, swimming, and taking pictures, hop back onto the boat and head back to Koh Lipe.

Koh Lipe: Private Snorkeling and Sunset Long Tail Boat Tour

5. Koh Lipe: Private Snorkeling and Sunset Long Tail Boat Tour

Travel to see the famous Black Rock Island, also known as Koh Hin Ngam. The island is completely made up of flat black stones. It is known that those who take the stones from this island will face bad luck, and many who have done so have come back to return their rocks.  Next, visit Jabang Island to snorkel in clear blue waters. From the surface you can already sea the vast coral reefs and colorful fish below. Here you will see yellow, purple and pink soft coral as well as clown fish. Then, stop at Adang Island, the gem of Tarutao National Marine Park. Enjoy the remote island away from the crowds of tourists. At Adang you can also choose to hike up to a viewpoint to see a stunning panorama of the islands. Next stop is Koh Yang, where you will enjoy some more snorkeling. Here you will get the chance to see moray eels, lion fish, parrot fish, clown fish and many more. Finally, head back to Koh Lipe to enjoy a stunning sunset over the horizon.

Transfer from Hatyai Airport to Koh Lipe

6. Transfer from Hatyai Airport to Koh Lipe

บริการรถตู้ vip จากสนามบินหาดใหญ่ไปเกาะหลีเป๊ะ จองทีเดียวได้ทั้งรถรับและเรือไปเกาะหลีเป๊ะ รถรับจากสนามบินหาดใหญ่เวลา 09.00 am. และลงเรือรอบ 11.30 am. และท่านจะถึงที่หน้าชายหาดพัทยาเกาะหลีเป๊ะ เวลา 13.30 pm.

Ko Lipe: Inside & Outside Zone Snorkeling Trip

7. Ko Lipe: Inside & Outside Zone Snorkeling Trip

Experience Thailand’s sea life and coral reefs on this group snorkeling tour around the inner and outer zones of Ko Lipe (also Koh Lipe) by longtail boat. See firsthand why the zones of Lipe are known as the “Maldives of Thailand.” Visit a total of 8 unique spots. The inner and outer zones of Lipe feature crystal-clear waters and many islands. Marvel at seven different colors of coral and swim amongst a variety of fishes. There’s an entire world to see under the water. Explore six spots in the outside zone: Hin Son Island, Koh Ror kloy, Koh Phangan, Koh Phai, Ao Ling, and Dong Island. Then, explore two spots in the inside zone: Koh Phueng Island and Hin Ngam Island.

Lipe Private Snorkelinge Outside Zone By Long Tail Boat

8. Lipe Private Snorkelinge Outside Zone By Long Tail Boat

Koh Lipe Package tour >> Private Snorkeling One day trip At Lipe Outside Zone by Long-tail boat Highlight Trip B :: Snorkeling at Lipe Island's package (only outside zone) Start Trip. 09.30 AM. - 16.00 PM. [ by. Private Long-tail boat ] Itinerary Snorkeling trip at Lipe Island is available every day in period of 15th Oct – 15th May. This trip is worth for snorkeler. -09:00 am. meet at Check in Point Phataya Beach 1. Hin Son Island 2. Ror Kloy Island 3. Kam nan Beach 4. Dong Island 5. Phueng Island 6. Monkey Beach 7. Phai Island 8. Hin Ngam Island 9. Jabang

One Way Speedboat and Van Ticket Koh Lipe to Hat Yai Airport

9. One Way Speedboat and Van Ticket Koh Lipe to Hat Yai Airport

You can redeem the physical ticket and e-voucher at the Ploysiam Counter located at Pattaya Beach near the Satun Immigration checkpoint on Koh Lipe. Ensure you check in at the Ploysiam desk 45 minutes before your scheduled departure. The speedboat journey from Koh Lipe to Pak Bara Pier typically takes approximately one hour and thirty minutes, utilizing a speedboat provided by Ploy Siam Speedboat. Upon arrival at Pak Bara Pier, Hi Lipe staff will meet you and guide you to a comfortable, air-conditioned van for transportation to Hat Yai International Airport in Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province, Thailand. The estimated travel time for this leg is 1 hour and 45 minutes. You will receive an email specifying the exact pick-up time upon confirming your booking. During the high season, which runs from October 16 to May 15, check-in is conducted at Bundaya Pier on Pattaya Beach in Koh Lipe. In contrast, during the low season from May 16 to October 15, the check-in location is Sunrise Beach, near Adang School on Koh Lipe.

Phuket Jet Ski Half Day Tour with Lunch

10. Phuket Jet Ski Half Day Tour with Lunch

Depart from the pier to Koh Monkey Arrive at Koh Monkey, relax on the beach Sightseeing around mangrove forest Depart to Koh Phae & Koh Som to see the beauty of the Island & Sightseeing around Koh Som and take some photo Enjoy Snorkeling at Koh Lipe Lunch at Naka Yai Island Leisure time on the beach at Naka Yai Island Depart to the pier and transfer back to hotel Available Morning and Afternoon The island you will visit: Monkey Island, Naka Yai, Koh Lipe, Mangrove Forest, Phae Island, Som Rock Island

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We were taken to beautiful parts! The tour guide also went into the water himself to take nice photos. The guides didn't speak English very well and we were gone for about 5/6 hours, so I thought we had a little longer. Furthermore, a very nice outing to book!

The driver was a little late but the process was well organized. They even called our hotel so that we would be picked up at the pier in Lipe

Great tour with nice snorkeling stops and underwater photos taken by yourself. We can absolutely recommend it! :)

I recommend this tour! The snorkeling was amazing and we had enough time to see everything.

I highly recommend it! The guide doesn't speak much English but is super available.