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Kazimierz Dolny

Kazimierz Dolny

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From Warsaw: Kazimierz Dolny Day Tour with Lunch

1. From Warsaw: Kazimierz Dolny Day Tour with Lunch

Following collection from Warsaw, depart for the town of Kazimierz Dolny. Once there, discover the town’s market square, the main point of the town which features a number of 17th-century buildings. The townhouses of the Przybyl brothers were built there in a Dutch and Italian Renaissance style, some of the most precious examples of secular architecture in Poland from the first half of the 17th century. Kazimierz Dolny is home to many painters and poets, inspired by the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The town is also a place rich in history. The glory days of the town started the in 14th century, when King Casimir the Great bought it and initiated its growth. Thanks to the Vistula River, the town could trade goods such as grain and wood with Gdansk – a crucial harbor city. The community that contributed the most to the town’s growth were the Jews, and you can find many traces of Jewish heritage in Kazimierz Dolny. They are claimed to have lived there even since the 11th century, and during the tour you can see the old Jewish Synagogue and the former Jewish district. If you have some more time and strength, you can reach the nearby Three Crosses Hill and admire the Vistula River winding through villages, forests, and gentle hills. The Kazmierz Dolny area is also well known for its loess ravines, which are great to discover. The most popular one is Korzeniowy Dol, whose projecting, twisted tree roots create a surreal, fairy-tale landscape. At the conclusion of your experience, your tour concludes with you trying a traditional rooster made of pastry – a symbol of Kazimierz Dolny.

From Warsaw: Kazimierz Dolny Art Town Full-Day Private Tour

2. From Warsaw: Kazimierz Dolny Art Town Full-Day Private Tour

Take a retreat to an artistic center of retreat in Poland on a full-day journey from Warsaw to Kazimierz Dolny. It is a hidden gem in the east of Poland. Perched high above the Vistula river and populated for centuries by artists and artisans, this small town has big appeal. Upon arrival, follow your guide to the town square with well-preserved Renaissance townhouses, some of the best in Poland. See the artists who opt to stay and work there, deriving inspiration from the town's surroundings. Admire the folk art sold at its stalls. Discover the Jewish heritage of the town, stopping by the renovated synagogue. Listen to the story of Jewish life and death as a poignant and important part of the town’s history. Visit the ruins of the castles from the time of Casimir the Great, hosting music concerts during the summer. Climb the famous Three Crosses Hill, named because of the wooden crosses that adorn the slope there. Take the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view over the river and the whole town with its characteristic red roofs and whitewashed walls. Explore one of the gorgeous gorge. At the end of the ice age, water draining from the Vistula carved an unusual maze of gorges, unlike anything else in Europe. The most popular of these is Korzeniowy Doł (Root Gorge), which is filled with tree roots that wind around like snakes. Are you hungry after so exciting tour? Whether you’re a meat eater or a vegetarian, taste Kazimierz’s famous bread roosters baked from for half a century. Admire Polish beautiful countryside scenery with woodlands, fields, orchards, and hops plantations on the way back to your hotel in Warsaw.

From Warsaw: Kazimierz Dolny, Lublin, Majdanek & Kozlowka

3. From Warsaw: Kazimierz Dolny, Lublin, Majdanek & Kozlowka

This Kazimierz, Lublin, Majdanek, and Kozlowka private tour is a comfortable and special trip. During it, you will visit some of the most beautiful cities in Poland with a professional guide in an air-conditioned vehicle.  Stroll through the medieval Old Town in Lublin with its winding streets full of fascinating legends. Discover Kazimierz, the pearl of the Polish Renaissance, and a popular holiday resort, and visit Majdanek on this private tour. In Lublin, enter the impressive castle and see the fabulous Byzantine wall paintings of the castle chapel. Visit the oldest surviving Jewish cemetery in Poland and discover the history of the Jewish community of Lublin. The picturesque Kazimierz attracts many artists who seek inspiration here. Visit the concentration camp, blockhouses, a gas chamber, and crematory in Majdanek. In Kozłówka, you will find unique sights such as a social realist art gallery.

Warsaw:1-Day Trip to Kazimierz Dolny Private Guided Tour

4. Warsaw:1-Day Trip to Kazimierz Dolny Private Guided Tour

Kazimierz Dolny is a charming town located on the Vistula River within the borders of the Lublin Province, which can boast of: a rich history, a charming old town, mansions built in the Lublin Renaissance style and loess ravines surrounding them. Come and see this small but great Polish gem where thousands of visitors come every year just to admire again! At first you will be picked up by private transport at your accommodation. No need to worry about any organization. Your guide will welcome you. Together let’s hit the road. On the way you will meet the history of Poland and some introduction of Kazimierz Dolny. Once you get on the spot you will see an adorable town with multiple attractions and rich history! Explore lovely Market Square and see the best tenements. Each tenement is related with some personal story of former residents. Your guide will find fascinating history on every corner. See also St. John the Baptist and St. Bartholomew. The interior of the temple hides unique treasures, such as: the oldest fully preserved organ in Poland and a baptismal font from 1587 straight from Florence. During your walking tour for sure you will also see the Synagogue and hear about the local Jewish community. Moreover, on the highest hill you will see a magnificent castle tower and castle ruins! Get inside - from the observation deck you will admire picturesque Vistula valley and the ruins of the Kazimierz castle. In the distance you will also see the remains of the Janowiec Castle. The hallmark of Kazimierz Dolny are deep (even several meters) loess gorges that surround the city with a network of picturesque walking routes. Visit the most beautiful of them! The Root Pit looks straight out of fairy-tale scenery. It is the perfect place to take a picture! And the last, but not least - The Wall of Crying. It is a monument located in the former Jewish cemetery to commemorate cruel fate that befell Kazimierz Jews during World War II. It was here that mass executions of civilians of Polish and Jewish origin were carried out. After the tour you will get back to Warsaw safely by our private transfers.

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