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Jakarta: Full-Day Highlights Tour

Jakarta: Full-Day Highlights Tour

Enjoy an immersive journey through the vibrant cultural tapestry of Indonesia's capital city. Get ready to explore iconic landmarks, delve into history, witness architectural marvels, and experience with locals. Begin your adventure with the awe-inspiring National Monument (Monas). Towering proudly at the heart of Jakarta City, this structure is a symbol of Indonesia's independence. Ascend to the observation deck and be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline. This tour then takes you to the majestic Istiqlal Mosque, the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. Its stunning architecture and serene atmosphere create a sense of tranquility and spirituality. Arrive at Cathedral Jakarta, an architectural masterpiece that represents the religious diversity of the city. The cathedral's grandeur and intricate design are a testament to Jakarta's rich history and multicultural fabric. Venture into Glodok China Town, a vibrant enclave that showcases the fusion of Chinese and Indonesian cultures. And visit the Jin De Yuan Temple, a symbol of Glodok's rich heritage. Embark on an immersive journey through Jakarta's Old Batavia, where history and culture intertwine. Begin at Fatahillah Square, the heart of Old Batavia, and transport yourself back in time amidst the historical ambiance. Continue to the Wayang Museum, a treasure trove of Indonesian puppetry, and meet puppet masters, learn about puppet making from Indonesia, learn how to play, and see wayang collections from various regions in Indonesia. Cross the iconic Kota Intan Bridge, offering panoramic views of the old harbor area and a glimpse into Jakarta's maritime heritage. Conclude the tour at Sunda Kelapa Harbor, an ancient port that bears witness to Jakarta's seafaring past. Marvel at the traditional wooden schooners, known as "pinisi," and immerse yourself in the bustling activity of the dockworkers.

Jakarta: Half-Day Highlights Tour

Jakarta: Half-Day Highlights Tour

Take a fascinating trip to the exciting city of Jakarta, where you can discover its rich culture. You'll have the chance to see famous places, learn about history, admire beautiful buildings, and hang out with local people. Start your journey with passing the Merdeka Square and visiting the incredible National Monument, which is often called Monas. It stands tall in the middle of Jakarta, showing the world that Indonesia is an independent country. Monas is 132 meters high and has a golden flame on top, which represents the country's freedom. This is one of the coolest things you can see in Jakarta! Next on our tour is the stunning Istiqlal Mosque, which is the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia and the sixth largest in the world when it comes to the number of people it can hold. This mosque sits right across from the Cathedral and is a symbol of peace and religious tolerance. Then, we'll visit the Cathedral in Jakarta, a marvelous piece of architecture that showcases the city's religious diversity. This church was built in a gothic style way back in 1891. It features a tall tower and beautiful windows adorned with colorful glass paintings. Inside, there are three altars that create a semi-circle shape, and there's also an exquisite old altar. It's a truly special place! Let's take a deep dive into the history and culture of Old Batavia in Jakarta. In this area, you'll find buildings that used to be the governor's offices, banks, hospitals, post offices, and courthouses. Now, these historic places have been transformed into museums and stores. We'll kick off our journey at Fatahillah Square, which is like the beating heart of Old Batavia. When you step into this square, it feels like you've time-traveled to the past. You'll get the chance to meet puppet masters and learn all about puppet-making, a special art from Indonesia. You can even learn how to play with these puppets and see collections from different parts of Indonesia. Our adventure wraps up at Sunda Kelapa Harbor, an ancient port that tells the tale of Jakarta's seafaring history. It's situated at the head of Batavia, and on the way there, you'll pass the old Kota Intan Drawbridge from the 17th century. This harbor was used by the Portuguese and Dutch when they first came to Indonesia. You'll be amazed by the traditional wooden schooners called "pinisi" and the bustling activity of the dockworkers. It's like stepping into the past and witnessing the city's maritime heritage.

Old Batavia Tour

Old Batavia Tour

Start your journey through Jakarta’s rich past with a visit to Glodok, the heart of Chinatown. This busy hub of banking, trading, and entertainment includes the Petak Sembilan Chinese Temple, dedicated to Kuan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of mercy, built around 1650. Next, check out the Kota Intan Drawbridge, the last of its kind in Jakarta. It offers a glimpse into the stylish 17th-century residential neighborhood along the Ciliwung River. Then, head over to the Museum Bahari Jakarta in the historic Sunda Kelapa harbor. It showcases Indonesia’s maritime heritage with exhibits in 17th-century Dutch warehouses. You can enjoy panoramic harbor views from the museum's tower. Next, check out the Fatahillah Museum in the old town hall of Batavia. It's got maps, antiques, and porcelain that tell the story of Dutch rule in Indonesia. Just a heads-up: the museum is closed on Mondays and public holidays. You could also check out the antique market on Jalan Surabaya instead. Finally, the Museum Wayang has an extensive collection of traditional Indonesian puppets and interactive displays on puppet-making.

Java Bali Private Tour Package with Driver as Guide

Java Bali Private Tour Package with Driver as Guide

Rent a car with driver, for your holiday on Java and Bali. With your own driver you can arrange your own holiday according to your own wishes. You travel in your own pace, decide where and how long you want to stay and what you like to see. One of the best ways to explore the natural beauty of Java and Bali is by land, and you will see the cultural life of the people firsthand. You will gain various interesting experiences that you won't find in guide books and the internet. Get the meaning of social life, socialize, be grateful for what God has given you, and as a bonus you will witness various natural and cultural beauties that you will never see in your lifetime. Maybe even one day you will come back here to reminisce about exploring the beauty of Indonesia's nature and culture. We provide several packages and you can choose according to your needs and itinerary. This package includes pick-up in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, Malang, Ketapang Port, Bali, etc. Overtime will be charged a 130-180 euros per day per group.

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Our tour guide GP, as he liked to be called, is a very attentive and entertaining person! He even went to the trouble of helping us buy train tickets by accompanying us to the station and organizing the train tickets for us (which he didn't have to do, as the day tour had already ended)!

What I liked the most was the punctuality, the guide's explanations, she is excellent, I learned a lot about the history of Indonesia. He had a smile all the time, I really liked that!

Sony was an excellent guide, with a good attitude, cheerful and attentive. Transportation was comfortable. We liked the restaurant they took us to for lunch.

Neti was our guide and she was wonderful! Very engaging and informative tour. Highly recommended.

Risky was agreat person the driver was a funny one thanks for the experience