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Inflexión Memorial Park

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Medellín: The Real Pablo Escobar Tour

1. Medellín: The Real Pablo Escobar Tour

Tour is in English, Begin your tour by visiting the site of Escobar’s former home, where he hid his family and had enemies plant bombs to kill him. Learn about the transformation of this site into a memorial park for victims of Colombia's drug war. Next, head to “la cathedral”, a jail Escobar built for himself in an agreement with the government, from which he later escaped. Afterward, visit the soccer field Escobar built, known for its visionary design, where he gave speeches in an attempt to make a foray into Colombian politics. To cap things off, make your way to the cemetery, where Escobar is buried along with his family and other members of his gang, including Griselda Blanco.  By the end of the day, leave the tour with a better understanding of the negative impact that Escobar had on the country and the lives of the Colombian people.

Medellín: Private Pablo Escobar Tour with Cable Car Ride

2. Medellín: Private Pablo Escobar Tour with Cable Car Ride

Learn all about Pablo Escobar's life on a 4-hour guided, private tour in Medellín including three main stops: Inflexion Memorial Park, pablos neighborhood, and a cable car ride to enjoy a panoramic view of the West side of the city for unforgettable photo opportunities. Hear interesting anecdotes as a knowledgeable guide presents Pablo Escobar's history on a sightseeing tour of the most famous locations linked to the drug lord, and how he affected Medellín and Colombia as a whole. Start your tour by visiting the Inflexion Memorial Park, built in 2019 on top of the lot of the old Monaco Building, a former property of the drug lord, to commemorate the 46,612 victims who were killed during his rule.  Take a moment to walk through the moving space while your guide tells you facts of that time. Next, make your way toBarrio de pablo Escobar the neighborhood that he built for 500 families up the hill in the comunas . Drive on to visit the cemetery where Pablo Escobar is buried, as well as the neighborhood in which he spent his teenage years, and the house where he died. End your tour with a spectacular panoramic view of the West side of the city on a cable car ride before being dropped back off at your hotel.

Medellín: Private Pablo Escobar and Comuna 13 Tour

3. Medellín: Private Pablo Escobar and Comuna 13 Tour

Discover the political, social, and economic context of drug trafficking in Colombia on an eye-opening tour. Learn about Pablo Escobar's life, death, and impact. Visit Comuna 13 to see the inspiring transformation of what was once one of the most dangerous places in the world with a local guide. After pickup from your hotel in Medellin, head to Cementerio Jardines Montesacro to visit Pablo Escobar's grave. Discover different perspectives and points of view on Pablo's history. Gain an understanding of the context in which Pablo Escobar grew up and what made him who he was. Next, see Los Olivos Antioquia, the rooftop where Pablo Escobar died. Discuss the political and economic context of Columbia in the eighties and nineties. Discover the impact the drug lord's legacy still has. Then, visit Parque Conmemorativo Inflexión, a memorial to the victims of narco-terrorism. Finally, explore Comuna 13 and its history. Marvel at street art and stories of Colombians whose strength and resilience turned this previously violent area around. Unpick stereotypes and discuss the importance of education.

Medellín: Pablo Escobar Tour with Guide and Transportation

4. Medellín: Pablo Escobar Tour with Guide and Transportation

Get to know the history behind the fiction, on this tour we will visit the most representative places that were related to the famous Pablo Escobar. There you will learn a little about the history of this character and how his actions generated a mark in Colombia due to his harmful actions. You will have the opportunity to visit representative neighborhoods where he had his office, illuminated and created sports fields, the turning park, where the old Monaco building was located. and the Montesacro cemetery where he, his cousin and important people who lived to write the story of this famous character are buried.

Medellín: Pablo Escobar Tour The Real Story

5. Medellín: Pablo Escobar Tour The Real Story

Start your Pablo Escobar tour of Medellín with a pickup in Poblado Park wich is the most tourist place of Medellín. Discover the neighborhood where Pablo Escobar grew up. See a graffiti mural dedicated to him and learn about his early years. Next, visit the Inflexión Memorial Park, a park built on the site of the Monaco building where the Escobar family lived. Learn about the tragic history of the building and the park, which serves as a memorial to the victims of the Medellín cartel's violence. Continue to the Jardines Montesacro Cemetery. Visit the grave of Pablo Escobar, as well as the graves of his parents and other family members. Additionally, see the grave of Griselda Blanco. Finally, head to the Los Olivos neighborhood. See the house where Escobar spent his final days and the roof on which he was killed. Hear the story of his death and the family's version of events.

Medellin: Pablo Escobar, Dark Times & the New Medellin Tour

6. Medellin: Pablo Escobar, Dark Times & the New Medellin Tour

The drug lord and politician Pablo Escobar has been one of the most legendary characters in Colombian history. Learn about the dark and violent times of Medellín in the 80s and 90s and the real history of Pablo Escobar, from his family to his enemies, political ambitions, creation of the Medellín Cartel, partners, betrayals, violence and much more. Visit the most iconic stops where Pablo Escobar lived and worked, his own neighborhood, his grave and the house where he was murdered, or perhaps he committed suicide? Discover it yourself!

From Medellín: Private Pablo Escobar History Tour

7. From Medellín: Private Pablo Escobar History Tour

Learn about the dark times suffered by Medellín at the time of Pablo Escobar Gaviria. Gain an understanding of the difficulties, which both the city and its inhabitants strove to overcome to become an example of resilience. Discover the troubled past of the city, and the painful and bloody legacy left behind by the famed drug trafficker. Start the tour in the El Poblado neighborhood, visiting the new Parque de la Memoria, a former Monaco building which was demolished on February 22, 2019 to make way for a renewed space that aims to reconstruct the area's history through art and culture, vindicating the city of its unfortunate reputation of a place of drug trafficking. Next, head to the Barrio Pablo Escobar, a neighborhood founded by Escobar himself to offer free houses to the homeless and the poorest in the city of Medellín.  Finally, arrive to the west of the city and witness the house where he died in its dilapidated state. You can also opt to include a visit to Comuna 13, an area with the most graffiti in Medellin and the largest open-air gallery in Latin America.

Medellín: Private Pablo Escobar Tour with Transportation

8. Medellín: Private Pablo Escobar Tour with Transportation

The Tour Pablo Escobar in Medellín is a tourist and historical journey in which you can live one of the most fascinating and intriguing stories that Medellín and Colombia has lived. Live the story of Medellín as never before in this tour Pablo Escobar. From his early days as a street pilluelo, his growth as a drug trafficker, his time in politics, to the reign of terror (through murders and bombs) that made him one of the most wanted men in the world, this route will definitely awaken Your curiosity about this story. Do you want to know the true story of Pablo Escobar? Here it is! This half -day tour will give you a deeper understanding of this charismatic man, who, over time, became the most notorious drug trafficker in Colombia. This tour is unique and well organized, with a very talented professional guide that will make your tourist experience a memorable trip. You will realize that true story is much better than series, since we lead you to reality. - Collection and return to the hotel. - Totally private guide. - Park inflection (former Monaco building). - Montesacro cemetery. - Barrio Pablo Escobar. - House where Pablo Escobar died.

Medellin: Tour Pablo Escobar Privado Con Guia Local

9. Medellin: Tour Pablo Escobar Privado Con Guia Local

In this tour you will know the places that represent the life and death of the most famous drug trafficker in the world, who hated him and who supported him, we will tell you how he took so much power and how he lost it. We will visit the La Inflexion Memorial Park, Old Monaco, the cemetery where his grave and his family as well, the Pablo Escobar neighborhood which was donated by him, Los Olivos neighborhood, this last visit is the place where he was killed, the tour lasts approximately 4 hours and at the end we will leave you at your hotel

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Really great and comforting guide offering a lot of knowlegde, providing an inside view of the story and history of pablo Escobar. Also always willing to give you extra informations about the city, different events, activitys or people. Everything delivered with perfect english. Would definitly recommend to everyone who wants to have an very detailed insight on the history of Medellín and Pablo Escobar

The tour was really interesting. Daniel the tour guide did a very good job. He led the group really well. Was always open to questions and conveyed Pablo Escobar's experiences in a very exciting way. If you want to book a tour with him here.

A great tour, we learnt lots and got to see lots of different things , Juan was very funny and made the tour really fun

The tour was excellent! Daniel was a superb guide and very funny guy!

Really good tour with Juan! Highly recommend when in Medellin