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Imster Schlucht: White-Water Rafting in the Tyrolean Alps

1. Imster Schlucht: White-Water Rafting in the Tyrolean Alps

Discover the beauty of Tyrol and take on the Imster Schlucht, a stretch of river practically made for rafting with spectacular rapids and views. Enjoy the natural beauty along the gorge of the Inn and famous waves with names like "Memminger Walze", "Oetzschlag", and "Chaos." Meet the group at the outdoor center and grab your high-quality rafting equipment. You will then take a transfer service to the starting point in Imst. The tour takes about 2.5-3.5 hours and covers approximately 14 kilometers. If it's your first time rafting, don't worry. Pick the beginner's option and your experienced guide will show you the ropes. You can also pick the family option to have a fun group activity with your kids. After the tour, try some delicious Tyrolean dishes at the outdoor center and join the team for a celebratory drink.

Innsbruck: White River Rafting Experience

2. Innsbruck: White River Rafting Experience

Every rafter’s heart skips a beat at the sight of the imposing waves, impressive currents, and powerful stoppers of Europe's famous white river rafting section of the Imster Schlucht. The River Inn, with its abundance of water, is the ideal trip for rafting beginners and every outdoor sports enthusiast. This tour is more than an adventure; it is a nature experience of a very special kind. Your raft will provide a safe ride for all participants from the age of 10 (over 6 for children’s sections) up. Families and less adventurous souls can choose more relaxing trips, while those adventurers who are looking for the thrills and spills of white water rafting better get ready for the trip of a life time. Your 3-hour rafting experience will cover a distance of approximately 14 kilometers, tackling medium white water of a class III category. It doesn’t matter how or where, the experience will conjure up a smile on your face that will last right through the day.

Ötztal: Beginners Canyoning Experience

3. Ötztal: Beginners Canyoning Experience

Meet your guide at the meeting point, then take a transfer to the start of your tour, where you will scramble over rock and stone to the first waterfall. Feel the sense of adventure as the gorge gets narrower and steeper. Your guide will be rappeling with you every step of the way. On your way, you will be captivated by the beauty of the gorges. Take in the breathtaking mountains that are flanked by crystal-clear, sparkling waterfalls. Hang on to the rope and feel safe, even as you descend the falls and see the water drop over the rock. Take on numerous abseiling challenges and epic rock slides. If you have done high-level canyoning before, pick the expert option to explore Auerklamm and get a first glimpse into extreme canyoning. If you're still a beginner or you have experience but want to gain more confidence, you can pick the option that suits you.

Ötztal: Via Ferrata Climbing Tour at Lehner Waterfall

4. Ötztal: Via Ferrata Climbing Tour at Lehner Waterfall

With minibuses you will go to the entrance of the via ferrata. During a detailed safety talk, the guide shows and explains to the participants the correct behavior in the via ferrata. The perfectly designed via ferrata offers everything that makes a versatile via ferrata for beginners as well as for advanced climbers. Right at the start there is a 40m high vertical rock face that has to be overcome. But don't worry, with the right technique learned from our guide, it can be done by anyone. From here the wall recedes and it goes over exposed rock slabs up to the waterfall. Of course, your guide has our photo camera to capture the best moments of you on pictures. After 2/3 of the tour you can decide on the spot whether to continue climbing the normal course, or choose the more challenging way over the overhang to the exit of the via ferrata tour. From there it goes over a beautifully laid out hiking trail back to our minibuses with which we drive back to the base. Once there, you will be offered a schnapps and hot showers with spacious changing rooms, as well as our outdoor swimming pool with free admission.

Ötztal: Obere Auerklamm Canyoning Tour for Beginners

5. Ötztal: Obere Auerklamm Canyoning Tour for Beginners

After the warm welcome, get dressed in our high quality canyoning equipment. Afterwards the group will drive to the entrance in our minibuses. At the entrance of the canyon the certified canyoning guide shows the participants the right behavior in the canyon during a detailed safety talk. Next to a weir the canyon leads us to an incline which is secured by a fixed hand rope and can be easily climbed down. Following the water course, you will continue through impassable terrain until we reach a 5-meter-high rappelling point where the guide explains the correct rappelling technique. Now the gorge becomes narrower and the sound of the waterfalls resounds through the gorge. Again over a 3m long hand rope you will come to the infamous Devil's Hole, where you will be abseiled down again through a narrow passage. From now on a 9m high abseil and a short swim separates us from the first 3m high jump (jumping and sliding is not a must - every place can be abseiled). Further on the gorge leads us short on each other to a slide 5m, jump 2m, 9m long slide and several long winding water pools. Now you will come to the highlight of this tour, a 15-meter high-speed slide carved out of the rock by water over thousands of years. Pure experience and action. After a short break and recovered from the adrenaline kick you will go over a short swimming stretch to the last 6 meter high drop where you have the free choice to slide or jump before you will leave the gorge leading over a steel cable and return on foot about 10 minutes to our base station. Once there, you will be served a schnapps and hot showers with spacious changing rooms, as well as our outdoor swimming pool with free admission.

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The rafting was great! After the flood on the Inn, CanKick was very concerned about safety. Because of this, the tour has been postponed a few times. I thought it was great! One thing I didn't find so great was the strenuous way of carrying the boat to the Inn. But everything else was great!

Great fun! The rapids were perfect for me and my two kids, the guide was entertaining, really beautiful stretch of the river. Would highly recommend this activity with CanKick.

Fantastic afternoon, total beginners by the staff were great with us and helped and encouraged all the way. An experience never to forget even at 65!

It was a lot of fun and Peter was a great guide. Thank you very much and see you soon.

fantastic!! Marco, our guide was great and we had a lot of fun