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Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan

Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan

Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan: Our most recommended tours and activities

Mexico City: Templo Mayor Skip-the-Line Entry Ticket

1. Mexico City: Templo Mayor Skip-the-Line Entry Ticket

Enjoy skip-the-line access to the main temple of the Aztecs in Mexico City and see the ancient temple of Tenochtitlan and its collection of historical objects from Mexico's rich history. Explore the museum within the Temple, and visit each of the 8 rooms, including those rooms dedicated to different Aztec gods. Experience Museo del Templo Mayor Mexico City, a museum that contains vestiges of the ancient Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan and has an impressive collection of up to 7 thousand objects. Marvel at the many artifacts in the museum, which were designed to complement the archeological zone. Visit each of the 8 rooms that make up the museum, and learn more about the south rooms dedicated to Huitzilopochtli, the Solar God of War, and to the north, to Tlaloc, the God of Rain. Learn about the Temple and the Greater Temple Enclosure, which were the center of Mexica religious life as well as the symbol of the achievements of the Aztecs against their enemies; each temple is dedicated to a different god, and walking through its walkways will make you discover more of the history of the Aztec culture.

Mexico City at Night Walking tour

2. Mexico City at Night Walking tour

Explore the sights in Mexico city on this nighttime walking tour. Head through the historical old town to view landmarks as they are lit for the night like the Casa de los Azulejos, a Franciscan and the Zócalo hotel. Meet your guide at the Fine Arts Palace which is considered the most important cultural venue in Mexico City. Stroll to the Palacio de Correos to see the Neoclassical architecture of this post office. Go down to the Madero pedestrian street through the historical center. Learn about the historical center of city as you listen to stories and hear facinating information about buildings like the Casa de los Azulejos or the old Franciscan convent. Look up at the neocolonial style of the Zócalo hotel. Continue on past the official residence for the President of Mexico at the National Palace. Walk by the UNESCO World Heritage Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral and view the Templo Mayor ruins that were once the main temple of the Mexica people. Finish your tour at the Torre Latinoamericana, a 44-floor skyscraper inspired by the Empire State of New York, which has a viewpoint on the top floor. Select a tour with tickets to this viewpoint, or the option without tickets to this viewpoint.

Mexico City: History, Architecture, & Muralism Walking Tour

3. Mexico City: History, Architecture, & Muralism Walking Tour

Begin your tour in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Zócalo Square. Find out how this was a key place for of politics, social movements, religion, traditions, and festivities throughout the city's history. Visit the beautiful buildings of the main square until you find ourself in front of the Templo Mayor. Learn about the Aztec heritage of the Mexican people while standing on this historic site. Continue to the National Office of Public Education, known for its beautiful colonial architecture and collection of murals by Diego Rivera. Next, see the National Museum of Art, a symbol of the development and modernity of the 20th century. Finally, arrive at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts. Admire this iconic building's impressive design and Art Deco influence.

Mexico City: Private City Sightseeing Tour

4. Mexico City: Private City Sightseeing Tour

Boasting 700 years of visible history, Mexico City’s historic center Zocalo can be a lot to take in. Understand the top sights of the expansive main square, without feeling overwhelmed, on a private walking tour. This experience is great for first-time visitors who want to orient themselves to the area for future exploring. Itinerary highlights include the Metropolitan Cathedral, Palacio Postal, Palacio de Bellas Artes, and the Museo del Templo Mayor. Learn about the history of Mexico, from pre-Hispanic times to the modern era.

Day of the Dead Mexico City: Walking Tour

5. Day of the Dead Mexico City: Walking Tour

Learn about amazing Mexican traditions with this Day of the Dead in Mexico city. Exploring the Historic Center to admire beautiful “ofrendas” (ancestor offerings) adorned with cempasuchil (large marigolds) flowers. Soak up the lively atmosphere and try some local drinks and snacks. Meet your guide outside the MUMEDI building in the Historic Center in the afternoon. Stroll through the lively streets and blithe atmosphere of Zocalo. Experience the cheerful Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead, which is rooted in pre-Hispanic times and influenced by Catholicism. Make your way to surrounding attractions like Templo Mayor, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the House of Tiles, while learning about the origins and cultural significance of Mexican Day of the Dead traditions from your guide. Stop and admire beautiful offerings set out by Mexican families to remember their ancestors who have passed away. Appreciate the beautiful designs that are adorned with cempasuchil flowers, vibrant colors, and aromatic scents. Finally, experience the upbeat vibes of locals celebrating by dressing up in supernatural costumes for the festival. See charming skull-inspired costumes of characters like Catrinas and calaveras. Try some authentic pan de muerto (sweet bread) and have the chance to purchase other exquisite dishes. End your tour at the Estela de Luz monument.

Tour to Templo Mayor in CDMX

6. Tour to Templo Mayor in CDMX

Prepare for a captivating journey through time as you embark on a Templo Mayor tour in the heart of Mexico City. This immersive experience offers a rare opportunity to explore the rich history, archaeological treasures, and sacred significance of the Templo Mayor, the majestic temple complex of the Aztecs. Archaeological Marvel: Step onto hallowed ground as you explore the impressive Templo Mayor complex, once the epicenter of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlán. Witness the grandeur of ancient pyramids, intricate sculptures, and intricate altars that have been meticulously unearthed and preserved. Cultural Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of the Aztec civilization, its rituals, and the spiritual significance of the Templo Mayor. Learn about the city's layout, the symbolism of its architecture, and the customs of this remarkable civilization. Archaeological Excavations: Discover the ongoing excavations that continue to unveil new treasures and shed light on the city's history. Witness the meticulous work of archaeologists as they unearth artifacts and clues about Aztec life. Museum Visit: Explore the Templo Mayor Museum, adjacent to the archaeological site, which houses an extensive collection of artifacts, offering further insights into the Aztec civilization and its religious practices. Local Guides: Benefit from the expertise of knowledgeable guides who will regale you with stories, legends, and historical facts, bringing the Templo Mayor to life. At the conclusion of your tour, you'll have the option to further explore the surrounding area, visit nearby attractions, or return to your chosen drop-off location. The Templo Mayor tour promises an enlightening and mesmerizing journey into the heart of Mexico's ancient past, leaving you with a profound appreciation for the history and culture of this remarkable civilization. Join us for an adventure that transcends time and unveils the mysteries of the Aztec world.

Mexico City Tour with Anthropology Museum

7. Mexico City Tour with Anthropology Museum

Mexico City is a modern important cultural city declared by UNESCO World Heritage City, former Aztec Empire City "Tenochtitlan." Enjoy the world's 3rt largest square, surrounded by Mexico's most important political power buildings; the National Palace, the City Hall, the Justice Palace, and the Cathedral. Zocalo is synonymous with the main square in Mexico. Finds the remains of the Aztec Empire called Templo Mayor. The Historical Center is the most extensive colonial city declared by UNESCO in America and called the Palaces' City in the XIX century. On your way to one of the world`s top ten museums drive through the most beautiful avenue of the City that holds the most significant monuments such as The Angel of the Independence, The Diana, and Christopher Colombus, and connects the most important areas of the City, the Historical Center, the Financial Center, the Cultural and the Chapultepec Park, you will pass through the 1st and 2nd section of this Park which is not only an urban forest, it has 8 museums, more than 100 fountains and monuments, boats to row in the lakes, children's areas or many areas to live with nature and take a walk. You will be able to appreciate the Tamayo Modern Art Museum, Chapultepec Lake, the Auditorium, La Casa de los Pinos, Chapultepec Fair, The Composers Fountain, Papalote Museo del Niño, and Tlaloc Fountain. Last but not least The National Museum of Anthropology and History is one of the most important museum sites in Mexico and the Americas. It is designed to house and display the great archaeological legacy of Mesoamerica's peoples and to account for the country's numerous and rich ethnic diversity today.

Private & All-Inclusive Tours Mexico city and surroundings

8. Private & All-Inclusive Tours Mexico city and surroundings

Mexico City Tour: The Most Famous Spots - 6 hours - 139 uds This Mexico City and surrounds tour is designed to offer you not only captivating photographs but also unforgettable experiences. Embark on an extraordinary journey through the vibrant streets of Mexico City and archeological sites, where history, art, and culture converge to create an enchanting tapestry of visual delights. If you're eager to explore iconic landmarks, stunning architecture, and the essence of a bustling metropolis, our Mexico City and surrounds Tour is your ticket to an unforgettable adventure. What you will see: • Teotihuacan • Zocalo • Xochimilco • Frida Kahlo Museum • Guadalupe Basilica • Lucha Libre • Palacio de Bellas Artes • The House of Tiles what you will taste: • Tacos • Tortas • Mezcal What is included: • Private round-trip transportation from your Airbnb • English speaking driver and tour guide • Private car with A/C • All entrance fees • Breakfast/Lunch included • Bottled water

Mexico City: Teotihuacan & Prehispanic Mexico Tour

9. Mexico City: Teotihuacan & Prehispanic Mexico Tour

Uncover the past on a guided tour of the Museum of Anthropology. Hop aboard the public transportation system to ride to downtown Mexico City. Explore the sights like the Palacio Postal and Madero Street on a walking tour. Take a journey to the past with a guided tour of the Templo Mayor museum. Be greeted by your guide at the Museum of Anthropology. Follow your guide through the largest collection of Mesoamerican pre-Hispanic art in the world. Walk through the most relevant rooms and get the most relevant facts. Board a metrobus with your guide and ride to Alameda park, which is the oldest urban park in the Americas. Take a stroll to see the city's most emblematic buildings like the Art Deco and Neoclassical Palace of Fine Arts, the ornate Palacio Postal, the Baroque Iturbide Palace. Admire the 18th-century Baroque palace Casa de los Azulejos and take in the vibe while walking down the busy the Madero pedestrian street. After touring part of the historic center, arrive at the Templo Mayor museum and begin your guided tour.  Step back in time on a trip through pre-Hispanic and colonial Mexico. Visit the most important sites at Templo Mayor. See ancient ruins and listen as your guide reveals the secrets of the main temple of the Aztecs. End your tour at the Templo Mayor. Extend your tour by selecting the 2-day option to also enjoy a guided tour of Teotihuacan.

México: Teotihuacán & Basílica de Guadalupe & CDMXTour 3in1

10. México: Teotihuacán & Basílica de Guadalupe & CDMXTour 3in1

You will see the most beautiful monuments of the city, such as the famous "Angel of Independence" on the incredible Paseo de la Reforma, the Historic Center with its palaces as "Bellas Artes" and the imposing "Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City".We will continue with a brief visit to the most important Sanctuary in Latin America, enjoying the original history of the Virgin of Guadalupe while touring the famous place named "Guadalupe Valley" with its ancient basilica and the modern architecture of the current home of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The visit will continue to the site of the ancient Gods, "Teotihuacán", emblematic for its Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. It is also known as "The land of pulque" (traditional drink) and for its beautiful obsidian stone and the maguey cactus. Itinerary Information: *Hotel pick up. Begin tour with panoramic views and explanation, then start walking through the downtown where you can see the old Mexico with de pyramidal bases called "Templo Mayor", "The National Palace" (residence of the actual President of Mexico) and "The cathedral of Mexico City" (founded in 1570). Then the tour continue with the visit to the Sanctuary of "Our Lady of Guadalupe", you are going to walk through the "Guadalupe Valley" while you hear the history of this place and know more about this Wonder of the Modern World. Continuing the tour, our next stop will be the Pyramids of Teotihuacán, where you can walk trough the named "Roadway of the Dead" to appreciate the view of the pyramids while the guide explain. When finished the visit of the pyramids, outside the archeological zone you will have a free tradicional drink tasting and the explanation of the work with the obsidian stone. *Once the tour is finished you will be returned to your hotel.

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Jozan is a very competent guide. Historian. Fantastic lectures! Clear, very interesting. Great conversations and a well-founded insight into Mexican history and local culture with lots of details worth knowing. really great!!! Thanks!!

Fantastic walking tour and visiting the murals was a bonus! Our tour guide Diana (English pronunciation) was very knowledgeable and kind

Our guide was very informative and explained everything about the history of Mexico.

Excellent. Very informative. Her English was great. Loved hearing all the history.

Fantastic knowledgeable guide. Murals at Bellas Artes were amazing