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For all those who wish to enjoy and discover the gems of Greece, away from the beaten track, indulge in comfort, realize the essence of a place, the moment, the site, experience the Leviathan of Greek beauty and its culture "Weguide" is where you must arrive. Professional, extraordinaire guides comprise our team of guides and custom made tours… Cradle of Europe’s oldest known civilization, blessed with extraordinary beauty, Crete, the largest Greek island is the southernmost frontier of Europe. An island with incredible physical and cultural proportions — in history, myth, and reality constitutes today the jewel of Greece. It is hard to think of anywhere on earth where so many firsts and most are crammed into a space so small, an almost magical world of Mediterranean wonders. Heraklion, the island’s capital and one of the most vibrant and picturesque cities kept in the bosom of its earth the Palace of Knossos. It is one of the island’s most impressive sites that captivated the imagination of its visitors since antiquity, becoming the backdrop of some of the most fascinating legends of Greek mythology. Let "WeGuide" walk you through the footsteps of Theseus, unravel Ariadne’s thread and discover the mesmerizing Labyrinth where once upon a time the semi-God King Minos imprisoned the gruesome Minotaur. Let’s become the descendants of the great master inventor and architect of the Labyrinth Daedalus and explore the mysteries of the most important museum of Minoan treasures in the world, the Archeological Museum of Heraklion. Reward yourselves with Cretan delicacies and a refreshing glass of cold Raki under the hot and inviting Cretan sun. Let WeGuide take to a fun journey into history, myth and taste you will never forget.

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