Naples in summer: best things to do and see

Naples' summers are something special. From sailing trips to waterfront dining, enjoy the perfect summer with these 10 Neapolitan activities.

The south of Italy bursts with life in summer. With warm waters, the shoreline provides lively excursions along the Amalfi Coast and Ischia Island. This stunning setting is the perfect backdrop to romantic excursions and offers endless waterborne fun for a family vacation. There's no better beach holiday than during an Italian summer.

It's not just the beach that benefits from summer weather. Leafy trails along Vesuvius bask in sunshine, providing excellent day trips among the region's wineries in Pompeii. You can cool off underground at Naples' Lapis Museum or discover underwater ruins at Campi Flegrei. Discover Naples' summertime charm with these top 10 activities.

Best outdoor activities


1. Hike to the crater of Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is one of the most famous volcanoes in the world. It can be seen all over Naples, but the best view is up close. Don't worry: this volcano hasn't erupted since 1944, so you won't end up like the tragic citizens of Pompeii.


A Mount Vesuvius Guided Tour with Transfer is one of the best ways to see the volcano. A guide will lead you to the edge of the crater, where you can peer inside.


Vesuvius, 80044 Ottaviano, Naples.


2. Have a volcanic wine-tasting session

The soil of Vesuvius is remarkably fertile. Of all the crops that grow here, the most interesting are the grapes used to make Lacryma Christi wine. Visit one of the vineyards built on an old lava flow to sample this incredible local beverage.


Have a light breakfast before you set out on your Vesuvius Wine Tasting Tour with Lunch. You'll enjoy some delicious wines, as well as a hearty meal of local Italian favorites.

Address and opening hours:

Via Panoramica 6, 80042 Boscotrecase. The tour starts at 11:30 AM.


3. See the picture-perfect town of Sorrento

The colorful buildings of Sorrento, clustered around the old port, seem like something from a movie. This small town is near Naples but feels like a world away. It is like going back to when life was simpler and moved at a slower pace.


There are many ways to explore Sorrento, but one of the best is a Full-Day City Tour with Pompeii and Sorrento. During this thrilling full-day trip, you'll see the ruins of Pompeii, too.


Sorrento, 80067 Naples.


4. Cool off with a trip underground to the Lapis Museum

Naples has the world's longest underground path, and you'll find a completely different city below the surface. There are ancient catacombs, complete with spooky bones and skeletons, early worship sites, WWII air shelters, and secret paths used by the Knights Templar. The city's Lapis Museum is dedicated to Naples' remarkable underground history.


Take a City and Lapis Museum Tour with an Archeologist to see the underground side of Naples. Your expert guide will lead you through centuries of unseen history.

Address and opening hours:

Piazzetta Pietrasanta, 80138 Naples. Open Monday-Sunday, 10:00 AM-8:00 PM.


5. See the world's most famous ruined city, Pompeii

Although it was destroyed by a volcano almost 2,000 years ago, Pompeii is still known all around the world. This ruined city is incredibly well-preserved. Wander its streets, admiring the architecture, art, and even the graffiti.


For the full Pompeii experience, try a VIP Tour with an Archeologist plus Entry Tickets. Let your expert guide explain all the details of life in the city before Vesuvius' fateful eruption.

Address and opening hours:

Pompeii, 80045 Naples. Open Monday-Sunday, 9:00 AM-7:00 PM.

Best water activities


6. Take a boat trip you'll never forget into the Blue Grotto

Capri Island, just off the coast of Naples, is one of the most beautiful spots in Italy. Its undisputed highlight is the Blue Grotto, a stunning sea cave where the water glows with its own eerie light. A trip here will give you a lifetime of great memories.


A Capri and Blue Grotto Day Tour ensures an action-packed day on Capri. You'll have a great local lunch and plenty of opportunities to explore the island before you enter the magical Blue Grotto.


Anacapri, 80071 Naples.


7. Splash around at the Valle dell'Orso Water Park

Close to Naples, Valle d'Orso has a great adventure park with treetop trails and zip lines. In the summer months, you'll probably prefer to visit the complex's water park, which includes fabulous slides, pools, rides, and shows for all ages. There's no better way to cool off.


Kids will go wild for Valle dell'Orso, and grown-ups can have fun, too. There's a special hydromassage area where you can sink into the water and drift away into a world of relaxation.

Address and opening hours:

Via Giovanni XXIII 54, Torre del Greco. Open Monday-Sunday, 9:00 AM-6:00 PM.


8. Take a glass bottom boat to the real-life Atlantis

The Campi Flegrei Archeological Park is one of the most interesting places around Naples. This is an ancient Roman site with a difference: it's totally submerged underwater. On a glass-bottom boat ride, you'll see its dazzling mosaics and beautiful ruins.


An archeologist will join you on this Submerged Park of Baia Glass Bottom Boat Tour. You'll learn all about the history of this unique site.

Address and opening hours:

Via Scotto, 80070 Baia. Tours start at 10:30 AM and 12:15 PM.


9. Discover the magic of the Amalfi Coast beaches

The nearby Amalfi Coast is packed with picturesque villages with rows of brightly colored houses, each prettier than the next. The sandy beaches are ideal for sunbathing or swimming, and the water is warm enough to take a dip from May to October.


See some of the most charming towns with this Positano and Amalfi Day Trip by Ferry. You'll also be able to sample some refreshing lemon granita.


 Amalfi 83621.


10. Enjoy a gourmet lunch and a refreshing swim

South Italy is known for its stunning blue waters and amazing cuisine. Combine them with a boat trip to Ischia Island, complete with a fabulous two-course lunch. Cool off with swimming stops before you indulge in fine gourmet cuisine.


Make sure you swim enough to work up an appetite on your Ischia Island Boat Tour with Local Lunch and Swimming. This is a full-day tour, and you'll have breakfast, lunch, and drinks to sip on while you watch the sunset.

Address and opening hours:

80075 Forio, Naples. The tour starts at 10:00 AM.


Where can I go swimming or relax by the water in Naples?

There are several beaches close to the city center, including Miseno and Miliscola. If you want clearer water and watersports, you're better off going to nearby towns like Amalfi or Ischia Island.

Are there any great summer festivals in Naples?

One of the most interesting summer festivals is the Theatre Festival in June and July. The entire city center is transformed into a stage, with performances in historic locations all around town. On August 15, you can also enjoy Ferragosto, a night of fireworks on the beach.

What are the must-visit outdoor attractions in Naples?

The ruined cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum are high on the list of top outdoor attractions. Mount Vesuvius is also great for a fun day out, with its hiking trails and wineries.

What are some great day trips to take from Naples in the summer?

You can go hiking up the slopes of Mount Vesuvius or take a boat trip. Try one of the charming little towns on the Amalfi Coast, or visit one of the islands in the Bay of Naples. Ischia and Capri are both great destinations.

What are some fun activities with kids in Naples in summer?

Kids love the Valle dell'Orso Water Park, where they can spend many happy hours splashing around. They'll also have fun at the ruins of Pompeii or at any of the great beaches nearby.