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Strasbourg : European District Walking Tour

Strasbourg : European District Walking Tour

Europe in Strasbourg has a long history! For a long time, the city was the cause of discord between the famous Franco-German couple. Today, Strasbourg is a symbol of this new understanding, and of the hard work of our ancestors who created the European Union and other political institutions. You'll discover the Wacken district, a fast-growing and dynamic area. New buildings, bike paths, the Ill river running through, all at the foot of the European Court of Human Rights and the Council of Europe. I'll take this opportunity to explain the specific features of these two institutions. Close to the European District, you'll see some very famous houses Art Nouveau style. To finish we'll walk through the Ill River to go to the Wacken district, a fast-growing and dynamic area with new buildings, bike paths, the Ill river running through the European Parliament. It's here that the european laws are voted on by deputies from each country. We'll talk about this institution and explain you how it works (outside visit of the Parliament only, no entry).

Strasbourg: Self-Guided Audio Tour

Strasbourg: Self-Guided Audio Tour

Welcome to the enchanting city of Strasbourg, where every cobblestone whispers tales of centuries past and each winding alleyway leads to new discoveries. Embark on a journey like no other with our Strasbourg Self-Guided Audio Tour, designed to immerse you in the rich tapestry of this UNESCO World Heritage Site at your own pace. At the heart of our tour lies the principle of preferences, granting you the freedom and flexibility to explore Strasbourg according to your own desires. Whether you're an avid history buff, a culture connoisseur, or simply an adventurous soul seeking to uncover hidden gems, our audio tour caters to your individual tastes and interests. Gone are the constraints of rigid itineraries and hurried schedules. With our self-guided approach, you dictate the rhythm of your exploration, lingering in captivating spots or moving swiftly between attractions as you see fit. Feel the thrill of spontaneity as you meander through Strasbourg's picturesque streets, empowered to craft your own unique experience. As you traverse this captivating city, prepare to delve deep into its storied past and vibrant culture. Our audio commentary provides invaluable insights into the historical significance, cultural nuances, and mythical legends surrounding each tourist attraction. From the awe-inspiring Gothic masterpiece of the Strasbourg Cathedral to the charming Petite France district with its half-timbered houses and meandering canals, you'll gain a newfound appreciation for the rich tapestry of Strasbourg's architectural heritage. But our tour doesn't stop at mere sightseeing; it's an immersive journey of discovery. Prepare to uncover fascinating facts and anecdotes that breathe life into each landmark, offering a deeper understanding of its significance in shaping Strasbourg's identity. Whether you're intrigued by the intricate workings of the city's medieval bridges or the symbolism woven into its Renaissance facades, our audio guide is your key to unlocking the secrets of Strasbourg's past. Learn more about the top 13 tourist attractions in Strasbourg, Its history, culture, myths, architecture, and other important facts are in this audio commentary which starts from the city's central station and then the itinerary gradually moves one by one. 1. Gare de Strasbourg 2. La Petite France 3. Pont Couverts 4. Barrage Vauban 5. Place Kléber 6. Place Gutenberg 7. Cathedral of Notre Dame de Strasbourg 8. The Astronomical Clock 9. Palais Rohan 10. Historical Museum 11. Alsatian Museum 12. Parc de l'Orangerie 13. European Parliament So, venture forth with open ears and an adventurous spirit, as you embark on a self-guided odyssey through the timeless streets of Strasbourg. Let the whispers of history and culture guide your steps, as you forge unforgettable memories in this captivating city. Welcome to Strasbourg – where preferences meet freedom, and every corner promises a new revelation.

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