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Rhodes: Kamiros, Kritinia, Embona and Mt Profitis Ilias Tour

1. Rhodes: Kamiros, Kritinia, Embona and Mt Profitis Ilias Tour

Explore one of the best-preserved Classical Greek cities  - the ancient Kamiros and have free time to admire the remains of a 3rd-century BC Doric temple, public baths, an altar to the Greek god Helios, the 6th-century BC Temple of Athena Polias, and a 206m (675ft) covered central walkway. Then, have a chance to experience a 14th-century AD fort erected by the Knights of St. John in Kritinia and get the best view of the west coastline and nearby islands of Halki and Alimia. Continue your day with a stop at Embona, known as a wine village, and have free time to taste local wines or have a delicious lunch in a village tavern. You will have 1 h 15 min free time to enjoy. Then take another scenic drive through the Mt. Profitis Ilias, uncovering the Italian heritage sites of Elafos & Elafina, the 15th-century Church of Foundoukli, and capturing memorable moments at the Eleousa fountain. Enjoy the diverse and fascinating experiences that this region has to offer.

Rhodes:Kamiros,Kritinia,Embona,Mt Pr. Ilias & Kallithea tour

2. Rhodes:Kamiros,Kritinia,Embona,Mt Pr. Ilias & Kallithea tour

Embark on a captivating journey through Rhodes, a realm of ancient wonders, medieval splendor, and scenic mountain vistas. Led by a seasoned local guide, delve into the region's rich tapestry of history and culture. Begin your odyssey at the enigmatic Ancient Kamiros, an ancient city perched on the northwest coast. Wander through the Acropolis, with its temple complex dedicated to Athena, and explore the grid-like streets and residential blocks below. Unravel the city's origins, from Mycenaean Greeks to Dorians, as you traverse its historic layers (Entrance fee: 6 euros). Continue your sojourn to the Castle of Kritinia, a Venetian marvel from the 16th century. Perched 131 meters above Kritinia village, this fortress offers panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and nearby islands. Admire the castle's surviving shell, adorned with the coats of arms of Grand Masters from the Medieval Era. Discover a hidden chapel with stunning 16th-century wall paintings, a testament to the castle's storied past. Indulge your senses with a stop in Embona's village at one of Rhodes' oldest wineries. Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors with wine, olive oil, ouzo, and more. Savor local delicacies at a nearby tavern during your leisure time and explore handmade treasures in Embona's charming souvenir shops. Venture to the summit of Mt. Profitis Ilias, a tranquil haven amidst pine, cedar, and cypress trees. Capture breathtaking moments in the small summer resort, Elafos and Elafina, created by the Italians in 1929. Traverse the countryside to Fountouklis area, where a Byzantine gem, the church of Saint Nikolaos, awaits with its captivating frescoes. Journey east to Kallithea Springs, a majestic oasis with ancient healing waters. Explore the meticulously restored complex, take a dip in the crystalline coves, and relish refreshments by the sea. Marvel at the monumental architecture and unique mosaics, transporting you nostalgically to bygone eras (Entrance fee: 3,00 euros per person). Embark on this extraordinary adventure worry-free, as we offer a convenient transfer service, ensuring guests are seamlessly picked up and dropped off near their hotels. Let the allure of Rhodes unfold before you in this carefully curated exploration.

Rhodes: Island Tour by Bus

3. Rhodes: Island Tour by Bus

Discover the most important attractions of Rhodes with the assistance of a guide who will provide you with a comprehensive update on the history and culture of the island. Stop at the Valley of the Butterflies, a world-renowned site of exceptional scenic beauty. Witness a valley that has lavishly grown with the plane and pine trees, crossed by gargling streams, and peopled by innumerous butterflies often resting by the thousands along the tree trunks. Head to the village of Embonas, famous for its vineyards and top-quality wineries yielding some of the island’s best wines – yours to taste and enjoy. Move on to the village of Sianna for some history and a visit to the ruins of the fort of Monolithos. On the trip back, Lindos awaits to enchant you with its truly impressive citadel and the breathtaking, 'birdseye' views from above.

Explore More in Rhodes North Route

4. Explore More in Rhodes North Route

Explore More in Rhodes North Route Explore more on the island of the Knights, Rhodes, on a semiprivate safari tour for up to 6 persons per vehicle. Discover the mountainous Northern non-tourist parts of Rhodes Island from West to East, far away from mass tourism and crowded places, through the natural beauty of the mountains whilst enjoying the best panoramic views. Starting our day tour with pickups from Rhodes center, we are heading towards the east side of the island and we are going to navigate on a mixture of on and off-road routes in the peaks of the mountains with panoramic views, wild life and stunning nature. After some photo stops our adventure day continues by following a German Italian war route with historical points of interest through villages like Archipoli, Eleousa, Profit Ilias, and Embonas. During the ride our experienced driver-escorts in each off-road vehicle provides you with lots of local history and information, stories and insights, as we pass through small villages, monasteries, and chapels. The hidden off-road paths through the dense vegetation give us the opportunity to marvel up close the natural beauty and enjoy the heartfelt hospitality and local knowledge of our escorts. Get ready for a day to remember at unique places where only a four-wheel vehicle can approach. Continuing our day tour from east to west Rhodes we reach a small traditional village where our lunch stop takes place. Fully refreshed we continue our tour, following an easy asphalt route back to your hotels. Our escort drivers with the help of the premium off -road vehicles of Uncharted Escapes will offer you the most exciting day in Rhodes, allowing you to take in the best panoramic views of Northern, East, and West Rhodes while enjoying the professional but relaxed service.

Rhodes: Filerimos, Kamiros , Kritinia castle in small group

5. Rhodes: Filerimos, Kamiros , Kritinia castle in small group

Go, explore, enjoy the sights, history and learn all the secrets of the Island. Discover the major landmarks on the gorgeous island of Rhodes as you follow your expert guide on an insightful excursion. Visit Mount Filerimos with its medieval monastery, the ancient city of Kamiros, which was destroyed by an earthquake, visit the great castle of Kritinia with a unique view, visit Embonas village one of the most famous wine villages on the Island. Ride an full air-conditioned mini bus Mercedes to your first stop, Mount Filerimos. Walk by the representation of the Stations of the Cross and admire the breathtaking panoramic view. Visit the medieval monastery built in the early 14th century and hear the amazing story of Our Lady of Filerimos. After a short picturesque drive, arrive at your next stop Ancient Kamiros, an ancient Doric city founded in the 6th century. See the acropolis and temples of this tragic site that was destroyed by an earthquake in 142 AD. Continue your drive you can visit the great castle of Kritinia with a unique view. You can enjoy the magnificent panoramic view and take a nice photo. Built on a hilltop in 1472 by the Knights of St. John, the castle's remains overlook the Aegean Sea. From there you will enjoy a fantastic spot with Greek Islands in the background like Chalki, Alimia, Makri, and Tilos. Afterwards continue your drive through the mountains you will visit the most famous wine village on the island, Embonas. There you can enjoy the traditional foods of a Greek local tavern with local ingredients . Also there will be a free wine tasting session at a traditional winery , that you have the opportunity to taste the best local wine, local products like honey, olive oil , olives and visit a traditional style house. And you have some free time to explore the village on your own and meet the local villagers . Your last stop before you return to your accommodation, you can visit one of the most famous monasteries of the island of Rhodes Saint Nikolaos - Fountoukli church. Tiny and charming Byzantine church dates from the 14th to 15th century A.D. There is also a small fountain with natural spring water that you can drink from and that they say will lengthen your life.



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Long day, but we loved it. The driver was very careful and it was a smooth trip. The Guide was brilliant. She was able to talk about ancient to modern Rhodes, answering our questions, and always with a smile. The lunch stop was lovely, too.

Driver was punctual and very pleasant. Our guide Katerina was amazing, so informative she had me captivated with her knowledge. A fabulous day trip we would definitely recommend the scenery was spectacular. Overall a fabulous experience.

It was a lovely day out, guide and driver both excellent. Would highly recommend but felt obliged to take the lunch deal for €15.

Katerina was an excellent guide! She is so knowledgable and friendly! Strongly recommend this tour!

Very good, tour guide was very good extensive knowledge. Captivating in her narrative.