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We are specialized in the transfer to the Zoo Beauval Zoo. We offer a professional service to join one of the 5 most beautiful zoos in the world. Throughout the year, on an area of 35000m², in a quality setting, it welcomes the greatest animal diversity in France. It is the only French park where it is possible to observe a family of giant pandas, including a baby named YUAN MENG, born on August 4, 2017. Come and see some great shows of birds and sea lions. Discover thanks to an exceptional pool, the secret world of hippos. The park offers to participate in a multitude of educational activities. Your children from 10 to 17 years old will be able to integrate the world of animal caretakers and live an experience closer to animals. The service includes the availability of the vehicle to eat in the heart of the medieval city of St Aignan sur Cher, a few minutes from the park. Come live a great experience.

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