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Mystic: Seaport Museum All-Day Admission Entry Ticket

1. Mystic: Seaport Museum All-Day Admission Entry Ticket

Spend the day exploring historic vessels, original 19th-century storefronts and dwellings, and engaging with friendly shipwrights at the seaport museum in Mystic. Visit a unique living historical setting, dedicated to preserving American maritime heritage. Explore the 19-acre museum campus, walk through a working shipyard where carpenters combine traditional skills and modern techniques to preserve the craft of wooden shipbuilding. See the Charles W. Morgan, the world’s last remaining wooden whale ship and learn how America transformed from a nation of whale hunters to watchers. Take a stroll around the recreated village, gardens, and waterfront while learning what it was like to earn one’s living from the sea. At the museum guests are welcome to add on activities such as sailing, cruises, and a daily planetarium shows exploring celestial navigation and other themes. Pack a picnic to enjoy, or dine at one of 3 seasonally-operated eateries.

New Haven: Historic Yale Smartphone Self Guided Walking Tour

2. New Haven: Historic Yale Smartphone Self Guided Walking Tour

Founded in 1701 Yale is the 3rd oldest institution of education in the USA, and some would say the most secretive. On our adventure you will see New Haven’s historic spots including Yale’s old campus, the New Haven green, The inventors of the Hamburger - Louis Lunch, Grove Street Cemetery and many more. Go at your own pace. Stop anytime by pausing the tour, and continue anytime. This is on our Walking Tour app, and the tour never expires. Our tours are professionally produced for the best immersive experiences. Feel free to pause the tour and enter the Yale Art Gallery and see an original Van Gogh, or the Beinecke rare book Library and see the original Gutenberg bible, if they are open during normal visitors’ hours, entrance is free. You’ll also see the Tombs of the secret societies of Yale, including Skull and Bones, Book and Snake and Scroll and Keys, and learn about their members. Our tours are professionally produced with professional narration and music. And powered by our walking tour app technology.

Downtown Mystic Ghost Tour

3. Downtown Mystic Ghost Tour

Our Original Ghost Walk takes travelers through the historic downtown Mystic landscape crossing the bascule bridge between both sides of the Mystic River, guests will become immersed in the dark, sordid and supernatural history of New England’s famous seafaring village. From 17th century strife of colonial life amidst the Pequot Wars and the King Phillip’s war to mysterious turn of the century murders, Mystic’s history was founded in darkness. As the centuries grew, lost seafarers, creepy cryptids, and scandalous happenings took place in our quaint seaside community. At the same time, people of importance and resilience made Mystic a safe harbor for generations to come. Hear tales of Revolutionary heroes, industrial revolution hot spots, and Union soldiers of the Civil War still seen in their spectral form all on our Downtown Mystic tour. Our Downtown Mystic tour takes guests from the 17th through 20th centuries in old Mystic with true terrifying tales from our hidden archives and remarkable history amid legends and lore. From curses to paranormal activity, there’s no shortage of the supernatural in downtown Mystic. This is a 2-hour walking tour encompassing about one mile and taking off Liberty Pole Square. This just in front of the S&P Oyster Club and we meet at the big anchor that marks the spot. This tour is a blend of history and mystery.

Moonlit Mystic Graveyard Ghost Tour

4. Moonlit Mystic Graveyard Ghost Tour

There’s nothing more intimately haunting than a colonial burial ground and Mystic boasts some of the most fascinating and haunted burial grounds around. The Graveyard Ghost tour takes place at Whitehall Burial Ground just off Hendel Drive in Mystic. Whitehall Burial Ground established in the 1660’s was one of the common burial places of Mystic until the rural landscape movement arrived to Mystic in 1854. Our Graveyard Ghost Tour tells tales of some of Mystic’s most famous residents. From Captains of King Philip’s War who saw unspeakable horrors to tales of true vampires amid epidemic scares, From Patriot defenders who met bloody ends to abolitionists and freed enslaved people’s making their mark on the Mystic community, there’s no shortage of notable or frightening accounts. The graveyard tour walks visitors through early American history in New England through times of fear, sickness and war. The trials and tribulations left behind several hauntings and the graveyard has had activity of footsteps, voices and full-bodied apparitions for years – many of which guests experience on our tour. The Graveyard tour ends with a special spooky surprise – perfect for history and ghost lovers alike. The graveyard tour walks guests through time amid the graves of the people who made Mystic, Mystic. Learn about colonial burial practices and graves on this guided tour. This is a 2-hour walking tour taking off from the gates of Whitehall Burial Ground. This tour is a blend of history and mystery.

Blue Ridge Parkway: Cherokee to Asheville Driving App Tour

5. Blue Ridge Parkway: Cherokee to Asheville Driving App Tour

Start by downloading the Action Tour Guide app, which will function as your personal tour guide, audio tour, and map all in one. Let it become your personal navigator, storyteller, and route planner, enhancing every twist and turn of your Blue Ridge Parkway journey from Cherokee to Asheville. Begin your immersive journey at the Oconaluftee Visitor Center Parking C in North Carolina. Here, be greeted with stories of local heritage and whispers of ancient tribes. Journeying on, the Blue Ridge Parkway weaves tales of the Cherokee and the timeless Appalachian stories that echo through the mountains. Your first majestic stop is the Ballhoot Scar Overlook, a spot where nature's artistry unfolds. As you navigate to the Thomas Divide and Big Witch Overlook, feel the heartbeats of the mountains and valleys echoing tales of the Cherokee legends. The Bunches Bald Overlook offers panoramas that seem like nature's canvas painted in countless hues, followed by the poetic beauty of Plott Balsam Overlook. The drive takes you through Soco Gap and the Thunder Struck Ridge Overlook, each viewpoint adding another layer to the intricate tales of this land. At Waterrock Knob, breathe in the vistas stretching across the horizon, and lose yourself in nature's grandeur at Yellow Face Overlook. Then discover Cherokee's heart, Cherokee Rose, which whispers legends of indigenous tribes and their tales. Journey onwards to the Roy Taylor Forest Overlook, a testament to nature's undying beauty. The scenic expanse of Cowee Mountain Overlook is followed by the panoramic views from Rough Butt Bald Overlook. Feel how nature's magic becomes palpable as you visit Cathedral Falls And French Broad Falls. Bask in the beauty of Black Balsam Knob, the ethereal allure of Skinny Dip Falls Trailhead, and the charm of Cherry Cove Overlook. History and nature intertwine at the Fryingpan Mountain Lookout Tower, followed by a serene halt at Pisgah Inn. As the journey proceeds, the rugged charm of Mount Pisgah awaits, with its history deeply rooted in local legends. Overlooks like Mills River Valley and Bad Fork Valley paint portraits of valleys, peaks, and the eternal sky. In essence, your tour is not just a drive; it’s an odyssey through time, culture, and nature’s wonders. This tour promises countless memories, stories, and breathtaking views. So, fasten your seatbelts, press play on your guide, and embark on your journey.

Mystic: Ghosts of Christmas Past Downtown Walking Tour

6. Mystic: Ghosts of Christmas Past Downtown Walking Tour

Embark on a journey through Mystic and delve into the ancient holiday tradition of ghost stories, rooted in Solstice celebrations. Join a guided walk to hear tales of the scariest Christmas creatures, spine-chilling Christmas games, and spirits that reveal the true meaning of the Christmas spirit. From indigenous traditions to Dickensian tales, immerse yourself in a magical realm that will change the way you view Christmas and the mystical. Beyond Saint Nicholas flying through the sky, discover a plethora of other beings and spirits, from the benevolent to the potentially nefarious.

Willimantic: App-Based Murder Mystery Detective Game

7. Willimantic: App-Based Murder Mystery Detective Game

Hit the streets of Willimantic while playing a fun murder mystery game on your phone. Download the app, choose your route, then head out as a solo detective, with a partner, or as a group to get started. Follow the prompts as you travel to different locations within the game map and immerse yourself in an audio tale full of intrigue. Release your inner gumshoe and take on the role of a recent graduate of the Detective Academy. A murder has been committed and you're tasked with solving the crime. Your job is to visit each of the 10 locations marked on the map, piece together the evidence, identify the killer, and issue an arrest warrant. Choose the driving route on the outskirts of the city, where you'll park at each location, listen to the audio drama, and complete your tasks. Go for the walking map to get outside and enjoy the downtown area. Play the game at any time and move at your own pace, taking a break whenever you need to and resuming once you're ready.

Ocean Path: Acadia Self-Guided Walking Audio Tour

8. Ocean Path: Acadia Self-Guided Walking Audio Tour

Start by downloading the Action Tour Guide app, which will function as your personal tour guide, audio tour, and map. Purchase one tour per car, not per person. Everyone listens together! Note: This 1.2-mile-long tour covers the essentials of Acadia's Ocean Path in 1-2 hours. Dive into a transformative experience by downloading the Action Tour Guide app – your all-in-one personal narrator, audio guide, and interactive map for your journey through the enchanting Ocean Path in Acadia National Park. Initiate your adventure at the trail's genesis, introducing you to the breathtaking beauty of Maine's iconic coastline. As you progress, you'll be ushered into the intriguing tale of the Sand Beach Shipwreck, revealing stories of sailors, storms, and survival. The trail then leads you to Thunder Hole, nature's own orchestral performance. Here, the Atlantic's powerful waves collide with unique rock formations, producing thunderous roars that have echoed through time. Journeying forth, the whispers of Peregrine Falcons become apparent as you learn about their recovery, behaviors, and significance to Acadia. This leads you to the majestic Otter Cliff, an imposing granite formation that offers unparalleled views of the vast ocean and its timeless horizon. Continuing along the path, you'll uncover the Warbler enigma, discovering how these tiny birds have made Acadia their seasonal home. Each chirp and song has a story to tell about their migration and challenges. The path meanders further to Boulder Beach, where countless rounded stones create a unique shoreline, shaped by millennia of tides and time. Here, uncover the history of the region, the great fires that once raged, and the resilience of nature in its recovery. You're then introduced to the legends of Glooscap and the Whale, native tales interweaving nature, gods, and man. As you soak in these ancient stories, the surrounding trees whisper their own tales – of Hemlock Adelgids and the persistent battle of ecosystems. Soon, the Temple of the Ocean's Tides – Tide Pool in Acadia – emerges. This natural wonder reveals the delicate balance of marine life, showcasing starfish, crabs, and more, thriving in transient pools that ebb and flow with the moon's pull. Monument Cove beckons next with its photogenic rock formations, leading to tales of the Alewives' migration and the vital ecological role they play in the park. Consider, too, the challenges of the Gorham Mountain Trail and the legacy of trailblazer Waldron Bates. Concluding your tour, reflect upon the Atlantic Flyway's importance for migratory birds, the haunting past of The Year Maine Burned, and the tranquil sounds of Nesting Loons, which epitomize the serenity and magic of Acadia. This comprehensive guide ensures you miss none of the marvels, mysteries, and memories that Ocean Path in Acadia has to offer. Embark, explore, and let the essence of Maine's coastline etch into your soul.

Spirits of Mystic: Cocktail Pub Crawl

9. Spirits of Mystic: Cocktail Pub Crawl

A Cocktail Pub Crawl with Seaside Shadows featuring locally cultivated cocktails -- some with spooky themes! - Join Seaside Shadows guides for a walk through some of Mystic's famous pubs featuring true ghostly tales and dark history of this bustling region of downtown Mystic and hear about the haunting tales of your favorite local pubs and taverns. This tour will feature stops at three local pubs/taverns allowing you to sample a different spirit at each stop along the way. The tour includes three drinks. (Tax and Gratuity included)

My Bloody Valentine Downtown Mystic Ghost Tour

10. My Bloody Valentine Downtown Mystic Ghost Tour

Valentine's Day has bloody and tragic origins with tales of massacres, starcrossed and forlorn lovers, the sacrifices of Lupercalia and the execution of St. Valentine. Join Seaside Shadows on a walk to Mystic's most haunted places and the stories of romance, love and Valentine's gone awry over the centuries. This is a two-hour walking tour through Mystic, Connecticut. Make sure to bundle up! Immerse yourself in the history and mystery of Mystic with stories of true ghosts and specters of Mystic's notable past with local guides steeped in paranormal experience and historical expertise in a truly haunted town.

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Interesting, fascinating and clear explanation. Also clear directions for the walk to follow. Only downloading the app and the walk went quite slowly at the place where the walk starts, probably due to poor mobile coverage. A little further on the download went smoothly.

We had an amazing tour! It was a balance of history, humor and spooky stories! The tales about people that have lived in Mystic, long before we visited were so interesting and left you wanting more…our tour guide, Kim was wonderful! She made it a great experience!

A whole lot of fun! It was a little confusing at first but once we got the hang of it we had a great time.

It was great! AJ did an awesome job. Would highly recommend the tour.

Excellent time! Kim was awesome. A must do if you can.