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Cebu City: Whale Shark Swimming & Kawasan Falls Canyoneering

1. Cebu City: Whale Shark Swimming & Kawasan Falls Canyoneering

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime swimming experience with whale sharks. Your private guide will take you on a scenic journey from Cebu's East Coast to the town of Oslob to capture a sight of this magnificent fish. Snorkel and swim alongside these gentle giants in their natural habitat. After swimming alongside your new fish friends, you'll arrive at Badian for lunch before your canyoneering adventure. You'll travel to the jump-off point and swim, climb, rappel, and more all over Badian's picturesque cliffs—don't miss an opportunity to jump off cliffs as high as thirty feet.  Come down from your heart-pounding jumps with a relaxing swim in the beautiful waters of the beautiful and serene Kawasan Falls. You'll be brought back to your hotel carrying priceless memories and the thrill of adventure in your heart.

Oslob: Whale Sharks, Tumalog Falls, and Monkeys Private Tour

2. Oslob: Whale Sharks, Tumalog Falls, and Monkeys Private Tour

Unlike other tours, this is a private small group tour exclusive to few guests - meaning you'll have the added comfort of space in our commercial Van along with extra time spent between activities since this isn't a large group of 12 plus people like other tours. Discover the beautiful town of Oslob on a private day trip from Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu, or Cebu City. Join an unforgettable adventure that combines the wonders of nature with an up-close encounter with gentle giants, exhilarating waterfalls, charming monkeys, and a traditional local treat. UPDATE: Due to Tumalog Falls closure by local government - we'll be upgrading to Dalaguete Beach All snorkelling gear and life vests come free of charge and you'll have the added assistance of an experienced swimmer and environmentalist alongside to assist you in the water with floatation devices, so even non-swimmers can enjoy this experience - you'll also have the opportunity to rent a GoPro at a small fee with your guide taking professional pictures and videos, so let the team know if you'd like to capture these memories. The Oslob monkeys are playful and gentle unlike the other breed of monkeys found in Bali which are aggressive and steal belongings - Children particularly love to play with Oslob monkeys and they’ll even gently rub your arm as a sign of politeness before giving them bananas supplied by us. We can assure you’ll enjoy our native monkey species. Your journey toward the beautiful town of Oslob, located in the southeastern part of Cebu, begins with hotel pickup. Arriving at Oslob, you'll be welcomed by the sight of the azure sea. Experience growing excitement as you prepare for the highlight of the tour: swimming with whale sharks. After your whale shark encounter, continue the adventure with a visit to Tumalog Falls. Nestled amidst lush greenery, Tumalog Falls captivates visitors with its curtain-like cascade that creates a mesmerizing effect. Cool off in its refreshing turquoise waters and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Next on the itinerary is a visit to a local monkey sanctuary, where you can interact with playful primates. The sanctuary is dedicated to the conservation and rehabilitation of monkeys, and your guide will share insightful information about these intelligent creatures and their importance in the ecosystem. As the day draws to a close, you'll be treated to authentic Filipino Fresh Coconut provided they're in season and some are available. After seeing the best of Oslob, get driven back to your pickup location for drop-off. Please note: - Tumalog Falls is closed every 2nd Wednesday of the month by local authorities for cleaning and maintenance - however, we can offer suitable alternatives if need be. - In courtesy to other travellers and to ensure a timely arrival of the Whale Shark Snorkelling schedule, we maintain a waiting period of no longer than 20 minutes of your nominated pickup time at your hotel/stay as a part of our terms and conditions.

Bohol Countryside Joiners Tour From Cebu City

3. Bohol Countryside Joiners Tour From Cebu City

Discover the culture and natural beauty of Bohol with this small-group full-day tour from Cebu. Highlights include the Chocolate Hills Natural Monument, Bilar Mahogany Forest, Tarsier Conservation Area, Loboc River Cruise, and Baclayon Church. Includes round-trip transfers by land and ferry, and a driver who can also assist as a guide. Embark on a seamless and enjoyable journey with just two ferry rides to the captivating island of Bohol, where the iconic Chocolate Hills await your amazement. These 1,268 hills, revered as a Philippine Geographical Monument, present a captivating rolling landscape. Delight in the enchanting presence of the tarsier, a minuscule primate found exclusively in Bohol, adding a touch of amusement to your visit. Explore a meticulously cultivated man-made forest, a sanctuary for rare and endangered flora and fauna. Pause at Baclayon Church, a cherished heritage that lays claim to being the oldest stone church in the country. As the pinnacle of your day unfolds, relish a scenic cruise along the Loboc River, indulging in a delectable lunch served aboard a floating raft.

Cebu: Kawasan Falls Canyoneering & Cliff Jump Private Tour

4. Cebu: Kawasan Falls Canyoneering & Cliff Jump Private Tour

Visit one of the most beautiful falls in the Philippines. Located in Badian, Kawasan Falls is famous for it's 3-layered waterfall. If you've got a taste for a real, heart-stopping adventure in the heart of Cebu, canyoning at the famous cliffs of Badian is the answer. Start your day with a comfortable pick-up from your hotel to Badian. You will be given some time to find a place to have breakfast. Meet up with your friendly guide and learn the basic safety procedures of canyoneering to fully enjoy the tour. The day will be filled with picturesque scenes of the waterfalls and thrilling adventures through Cebu's natural sites. Test your nerves as you trek through creeks and streams along Badian River, as you weave through caves and through rapid rivers. Many exciting activities await you such as the opportunity to jump and rappel from cliffs and swim through canyons. After canyoneering, unwind by Kawasan Falls, Cebu’s famous 3-tiered waterfall before enjoying a hearty lunch by the crystal-blue pools and lush forests. The falls are in turquoise color and perfect for amazing photos. Afterward, if you're feeling adventurous, take the opportunity to jump from 7 cliff-diving points that reach up to 6 meters high into the deep blue water.

Cebu: Whale Shark Swim and Kawasan Canyoneering Group Tour

5. Cebu: Whale Shark Swim and Kawasan Canyoneering Group Tour

Your journey begins at an early dawn morning departure from your hotel pick-up (Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City, or Mandaue City) embarking on a shared group transfer to the whale shark watching site on a 2-hour and 30-minute drive to Oslob. Upon arrival, we promptly exit the vehicle to secure our priority number from the tourism staff of Oslob's LGU. Afterward, take a leisurely stroll or indulge in the renowned local delights for breakfast while awaiting our turn. When our number is called, revel in 30-45 minutes of enchanting moments with the gentle giants of the sea, the Whale Sharks. Receive a detailed briefing from the guides, learning about whale shark behavior and the essential guidelines for a responsible and respectful interaction. Then, board a traditional outrigger boat and enjoy an unforgettable aquatic adventure as you snorkel with giant whale sharks. Capture close encounters and playful swims, creating lasting memories. Post this awe-inspiring experience, return promptly to meet our driver for the next leg of our adventure. Then a scenic 2-hour drive leads us to the breathtaking Kawasan Falls for an adrenaline-pumping canyoneering experience. Upon arrival at the canyoneering starting point, explore picturesque canyons and natural rock formations on a thrilling journey in the wild. Navigate through the canyons, taking on thrilling cliff-jumping challenges of varying heights. Cheer on your fellow participants as they embrace each adrenaline-pumping leap. Dive into refreshing pools, swim through natural water formations, and trek together through the stunning landscapes. Reach the grand finale at Kawasan Falls, where the entire group celebrates the culmination of the canyoneering adventure with exhilarating jumps into the crystal-clear pools. Enjoy a well-deserved and included Lunch near Kawasan Falls before returning to your hotel. (You may take the included lunch before or after the Canyoneering activity) After completing the canyoneering course, participants return to the starting point, where transportation back to their accommodations. This tour offers a perfect blend of marine adventure and adrenaline-fueled canyoneering, providing participants with unforgettable memories of Cebu's natural wonders.

Cebu: Oslob Whale Shark & Moalboal Sardine Turtle Adventure

6. Cebu: Oslob Whale Shark & Moalboal Sardine Turtle Adventure

THE ULTIMATE CEBU TOUR - 2 ICONIC SPOTS IN 1 DAY If you have just one single day to make your Cebu experience a memorable one by visiting iconic world heritage spots Moalboal (Sardines & Turtles) & Oslob (Whale Sharks) - this 2 in 1 adventure is for you Unlike other tours, you'll visit this is a private small group tour exclusive to few guests - meaning you'll have the added comfort of space in our commercial vehicle along with extra time spent between activities since this isn't a large group of 10 plus people like other tours. Embark on an unforgettable aquatic odyssey with our 2-in-1 Oslob Whale Shark and Moalboal Sardines Run & Turtle Snorkeling Tour! Your adventure begins with a seamless hotel pickup from anywhere in Cebu or Lapu-Lapu City, setting the stage for a day brimming with natural wonders. As we journey towards Oslob, you'll be treated to breathtaking vistas along the scenic drive. Arriving in Oslob, anticipation builds as we prepare for the main event: swimming alongside the majestic whale sharks. These gentle giants, the largest fish in the sea, gracefully glide through the crystalline waters, offering a mesmerizing encounter you'll cherish forever. With expert guidance and a focus on responsible tourism, you'll marvel at these magnificent creatures while respecting their natural habitat. All snorkelling gear and life vests come free of charge. After this awe-inspiring experience, our journey continues to Moalboal, renowned for its spectacular Sardine Run and vibrant marine life. Plunge into the azure depths to witness the mesmerizing spectacle of countless sardines swirling in unison, creating a mesmerizing ballet of shimmering silver. Amidst this underwater symphony, encounter graceful sea turtles gracefully navigating their aquatic realm, adding another layer of enchantment to your adventure. Following the exhilarating snorkeling excursions, it's time to recharge and savor the flavors of the sea with an optional lunch at a charming local seaside restaurant. Indulge in mouthwatering seafood delicacies while soaking in the laid-back coastal ambiance, a perfect way to unwind and relive the day's highlights with fellow adventurers. As the tour draws to a close, we offer a scenic journey back to your hotel, with the possibility of an enchanting detour to a beautiful waterfall along the way, provided time and seasonal weather conditions permit. This additional stop promises a refreshing dip in nature's embrace, completing your day of exploration with a rejuvenating finale. With every moment carefully curated for maximum enjoyment and safety, our Oslob Whale Shark and Moalboal Sardines Run & Turtle Snorkeling Tour guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you're a seasoned marine enthusiast or a first-time adventurer, immerse yourself in the magic of the Philippines' underwater paradise and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

CEB Cebu International Airport: Premium Lounge Entry

7. CEB Cebu International Airport: Premium Lounge Entry

Avoid the crowds and chaos of the public departure lounge and relax in style before your flight from Mactan-Cebu International Airport. Enjoy your 3-hour stay, then make yourself comfortable in one of the premium lounges. In the lounge, enjoy the opportunity to unwind before your flight and relax on the comfortable seating as you watch the TV, or read one of the many international newspapers and magazines. You can also make use of the lounges' unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi, dine on an array of freshly prepared seasonal food, or even take a shower (subject to availability)

Cebu: Whale Sharks, Tumalog Falls & Sumilon Island Day Tour

8. Cebu: Whale Sharks, Tumalog Falls & Sumilon Island Day Tour

On this day tour, experience the ultimate adventure in the stunning natural beauty of Cebu. Enjoy the convenience of van transportation and local lunch. During your immersive nature day, swim with whale sharks, explore the rainforest, and snorkel along a sandbar. Begin your tour with pickup from Cebu, Talisay, Lapu-Lapu, or Mandaue. Then, head over to Oslob to swim in the pristine waters that are home to magnificent whale sharks. Marvel at these gentle giants of the sea. Next, take a short drive to Tumalog Falls. You'll be enchanted by the cascading waterfall. Take a dip in the cool, refreshing waters and bask in the serenity of the surrounding lush rainforest. Afterwards, explore Sumilon Island's stunning sandbar, stretching endlessly into the sparkling sea. Here, enjoy ample time discover the island's rich marine life with your snorkel, or simply savor the tranquility of this secluded paradise. Return to the SM City Cebu Travellers' Lounge to conclude your tour at the end of the day.

The Philippines: eSIM Data Plan

9. The Philippines: eSIM Data Plan

Make your trip to the Philippines hassle-free with your convenient eSIM. Stay connected on your travels with high-speed coverage in the Philippines. Purchase and install your eSIM anytime and anywhere, and choose from a variety of data packages, validity options, and coverage in additional countries. Simply scan the eSIM QR code to access all your essential apps on your trip. Avoid the trouble of managing multiple SIMs with this zero-waste solution. Get one eSIM per device and top up by simply buying and activating additional eSIM plans as you go. Once activated, your coverage will begin according to your selected duration. All iPhone model launched beyond iPhone XS can support eSIM. For Android, if you are unsure, please check with the guideline photo for eligibility. If you can not connect to the internet after install this eSIM, please follow the Self Help Troubleshooting Guide in your GYG voucher. Data plan information- APN (Access Point Name): internet Local operator: Globe

From Cebu: Whale Shark Tour and Tumalog Falls Private Tour

10. From Cebu: Whale Shark Tour and Tumalog Falls Private Tour

Please note: As of March 2024, Tumalog Falls is closed by the local government. We will proceed to Inambakan Falls as a better alternative for your tour. Travel via private car charter to Oslob where you'll get up close to the friendly whale sharks on your trip to Cebu. This slow-moving filter-feeding carpet shark is one of the largest known fish species - and a true sight to behold. On the trip, get to snorkel and swim with the whale sharks. To begin your adventure, wake up bright and where you will be picked up in your hotel lobby at 3 AM. Take a scenic drive along the Southern Cebu coastline. Once you arrive in Oslob, get your snorkeling gear and hop in the water for your whale shark encounter. After a briefing regarding what to look for and basic safety rules, enjoy your time in the beautiful ocean filled with amazing sea creatures. Take your time to get used to the water and snorkeling gears and have a truly unique experience of making friends with Oslob's famous whale sharks. At the end of the experience, enjoy a local lunch to recharge your energy.  Return back to your accommodation in Cebu by around 1-2 PM with a convenient private transfer. Upgrade your tour to include a 1-hour full body relaxing massage. Choose from the signature Swedish, Shiatsu, or Thai Massage. Soothe your mind and energize your body after a long day of traveling. Alternatively, after your Whale Shark experience, upgrade your tour to visit Tumalog Falls. Your tour guide will take you for a hike and motorcycle ride to see unique rock formations and clear water falling from the top. Return to Cebu City/Mactan by 4 PM.

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Very nice trip, very friendly, smiled and great guide Jirah and driver Mar. They took care of us on the whole trip. We saw all the places in an original way, smiled and felt very nice. Professional tour agency, everything was very well organised! We truly recommend it!!!

The Caneyoneering was amazing with our great guides Ronald and Romel. It was a very early pickup at 2am and we had to wait 2 hours for the shark experience. We would suggest only booking the Canyoneering.

tour guide had very gpod knowledge and communication. it was great learning about the history and culture of the island

Must-do day trip if you’re staying in Cebu. Chocolate hills were amazing! Our guide and driver were great too!

Our tour guide Kyle was so informative and friendly. We had a great time