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Campania: Artecard 3 - 7 Day or Gold/Lite 365 City Pass

1. Campania: Artecard 3 - 7 Day or Gold/Lite 365 City Pass

Purchase the Naples & Campania Artecard for access to over 40 monuments, museums, and archaeological sites, including Ruins of Pompei, Herculaneum, National Archaeological Museum, Madre, Museum and Royal Wood of Capodimonte, Royal Palace of Naples, Castel Sant'Elmo, Certosa of San Martino, Royal Palace of Caserta, Paestum, and the Archaeological Museum of Capua. Enjoy free admission to many museums or sites and discounted admission to all other museums and archaeological sites visited thereafter. Explore the city as you travel for free on the Naples and Campania regional public transportation network (UnicoCampania public transport system). Visit your chosen cultural sites, selecting freely from the following list, and receive a discount of up to 50% from the other sites on: • Parco Archeologico di Pompei • Parco Archeologico di Ercolano • Museo Archeologico Nazionale • Palazzo Reale di Napoli • Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte • Reggia di Caserta • Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Paestum • Palazzo Reale di Napoli • Certosa e Museo di San Martino • Madre_Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina • Museo Pignatelli Cortes • Museo Duca di Martina • Museo civico di Castel Nuovo • Castel Sant'Elmo • Parco Archeologico di Oplontis • Scavi di Oplontis • Scavi di Stabia • Scavi di Boscoreale ed Antiquarium • Parco Archeologico di Baia • Museo Archeologico dei Campi Flegrei nel Castello di Baia • Anfiteatro Flavio • Parco Archeologico di Cuma • Museo Archeologico dell'Antica Capua • Museo dei Gladiatori • Anfiteatro Campano • Mitreo • Parco Archeologico di Paestum • Certosa San Lorenzo • Parco Archeologico di Elea Velia

Caserta: Royal Palace Ticket and Train or Audio Guide Option

2. Caserta: Royal Palace Ticket and Train or Audio Guide Option

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, the Royal Palace of Caserta is a unique place, rich in history and art, that deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime. First, visit the Royal Apartments and the Park. Use your smart audio guide to learn about the sites as you pass them. At your own pace, you can visit the Palatine Chapel, and the New Apartments, with the wonderful antechambers and the Throne Room. Next, move on to the rooms inhabited by King Ferdinand and his wife Caroline. After this, stop at Reggia Park to see 120 hectares of greenery enhanced by neoclassical sculptures, pools, waterfalls, and the mysterious English garden, ready to enchant you and your family. A day before the tour our team will contact you via whatsapp or via email: we will send you the tickets and all the informations you need. Be sure to download on your smartphone all the contents before the visit. The ruins and museums don't have free Wi-Fi and mobile network coverage is not always good. Reservations arriving after 6 p.m. will be processed the following morning after 8 a.m.

Caserta: Royal Palace of Caserta Guided Tour

3. Caserta: Royal Palace of Caserta Guided Tour

Experience the magnificence of Italian royalty at the Royal Palace of Caserta on a guided tour. Explore the palace's complex, including the royal palace and its lush royal gardens. Learn about the intriguing comparisons that the palace has to other iconic sites from your tour guide. Meet your guide and enter the palace to discover its rich history and architecture, dating back to 1752. Try to imagine what the life of royals must have been like as you wander through the numerous stately rooms, the two dozen apartments, and the royal theater. Move on to the royal gardens. Dotted with stunning mythology-inspired fountains and vivid blooms, the place will not fail to leave you with a feeling of awe. Purchase an audio guide on-site to learn more about the castle's bygone inhabitants before you leave.

Caserta: Small-Group Royal Palace Tour

4. Caserta: Small-Group Royal Palace Tour

Experience a journey through opulence and history on our 2-hour guided tour of the Royal Palace of Caserta. This architectural marvel, designed by Luigi Vanvitelli and completed in 1774, rivals the grandeur of Versailles and stands as Europe's largest palace. Our tour includes a visit to the Palatine Chapel, a sacred space adorned with exquisite frescoes and intricate details. Marvel at the artistry that adorns this place of worship before ascending the grand staircase, boasting an impressive 116 marble steps and adorned with statues, a fitting prelude to the majesty that awaits. As you reach the upper floor, prepare to be transported to a world of royalty. The Throne Room, adorned with sumptuous decorations, has witnessed the reign of Neapolitan kings. The Astrea Room, with its celestial motifs, and the Four Seasons Room, capturing the essence of each season in its frescoes, showcase the palace's artistic treasures. Continue your journey in the hallowed halls of the Palatine Library, a treasure trove of literature and learning. Its shelves house a vast collection of rare books, making it a sanctuary for bibliophiles and history enthusiasts alike. Finally, explore the opulent apartments of Joachim Murat, Napoleon's brother-in-law and King of Naples. These lavishly decorated rooms provide insight into the lifestyles of the elite during this historic era. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and artistry of the Royal Palace of Caserta. Join our guided tour and unlock the secrets of this remarkable palace, where every corner tells a story of regal splendor and cultural richness.

Caserta: Hidden Gems of Royal Palace Small Group Tour

5. Caserta: Hidden Gems of Royal Palace Small Group Tour

The Reggia of Caserta is a jewel in southern Italy. Built in 1750 by the Bourbon King Charles of Naples, this royal palace features staggering dimensions with 1,200 lavish rooms and gardens that rival European contemporaries. Ciro, one of our local guides, says, ‘It’s hard to believe that Luigi Vanvitelli was second choice for the job! Discover what inspired this great architect, looking closely at his work, and delve into the history of its 100-year construction during a pre-unified Italy. Marvel at the illusion of the gardens that stretch to the horizon. Follow the turquoise pools – look closer to see the fish – that lead to the immense Great Waterfall. Fountains, sculptures and waterfalls inspired by classical mythology. From sea monsters to the Fountain of Aeolus, there are countless wonders. You’ll get your dose of nature among the native and exotic plants of the English Gardens, with more pools, lakes and temples. Inside the palace, walk past the marble lions and up the immense Grand Staircase – with its parallel staircases, arches and columns resembling a temple. Local guide Ciro, says, ‘Look up to see the painted dome – a false ceiling used by musicians to surprise guests with music’. Explore the opulent rooms of the Royal Appartments decorated with frescoes, gold, chandeliers and baroque furniture. You’ll also see the chapel and theater, a mini version of Naples’ Teatro San Carlo. They’ll leave you in complete awe.

From Naples: Royal Palace of Caserta Half-Day Trip

6. From Naples: Royal Palace of Caserta Half-Day Trip

The Royal palace of Caserta is one of the most famous attractions in Campania. It was the ancient mansion of the Bourbon royal family. It was built in the 1774 and became also a famous resort for artists and writers. For example, great characters of the past such as Murat or Goethe visited the Royal Palace and said that it was beautiful and enchanted! With this Day Trip to the Royal Palace you can have an unforgettable day. You will reach the Royal Palace with a comfortable minivan and you can skip the line with your priority ticket. Once you enter the Royal palace you will enjoy a wonderful place. You can explore the royal gardens - the gardens are decorated with gushing fountains and a lot of beautiful flowers. Plus, you will visit the Royal Apartments, so you can explore the life and the habits of the ancient nobles. You will look at the royal bedroom and you will pass through the giant ballroom of the Royal Palace.

From Naples: Caserta Royal Palace Tour

7. From Naples: Caserta Royal Palace Tour

This guided tour from Naples to the Royal Palace of Caserta, operating thrice weekly at 08:00, invites travelers to step back in time to an era of royal splendor and architectural marvels. The tour begins with a picturesque 50-minute drive from Naples to Caserta. This journey sets the stage for the grandeur and elegance that await at one of Italy's most magnificent royal residences. Upon reaching Caserta, participants are welcomed by an experienced local guide. Their expertise and storytelling bring to life the rich history and cultural significance of the Royal Palace. The highlight of the tour is a comprehensive 2-hour exploration of the Reggia di Caserta. Constructed during the reign of the Bourbon Royal family, this palace is a showcase of luxurious architecture and royal heritage. Visitors are guided through its ornately decorated rooms, each telling a story of power, art, and history. The Reggia di Caserta is not just a historical landmark but also a celebrated movie location. This tour provides an exciting opportunity to see where scenes from international movies, including Star Wars, were filmed, adding a modern twist to the historical journey. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit, the tour includes the entrance fee, enabling guests to bypass long queues. Available in both English and Italian, the tour accommodates a wide range of visitors. This tour is an invitation to experience the royal grandeur of the past. Reserve a spot today and embark on a memorable journey from Naples to the Royal Palace of Caserta.

Naples: 3-Day Campania Museum Pass

8. Naples: 3-Day Campania Museum Pass

The main attractions and activities included. A digital pass for uninterrupted access. Flexibility to decide the day Skip the queue Incredible savings. From Pompeii to the National Archaeological Museum in Naples. From Herculaneum to the Royal Palace of Caserta, from the Capodimonte Museum to the Royal Palace of Naples: access the main attractions with the city's official tourist pass! For many attraction passes it is not necessary to book in advance. However, some may have limited capacity, so you will need to book in advance. Full booking details can be found by clicking on the i in the My Naples Pass section of the individual attractions.

Caserta: Royal Palace of Caserta Guided Tour

9. Caserta: Royal Palace of Caserta Guided Tour

The Royal Palace of Caserta, commissioned by King Charles of Bourbon to emulate Versailles, is the largest royal residence in the world, a huge building with 1200 rooms, 34 flights of stairs and 1742 windows and since 1997 has been declared by the UNESCO heritage of humanity. Inside, admire the halls and private rooms of the kings. The route will include a detailed visit to the representative and private rooms of the Bourbon kings, where you will be able to admire the furniture, ornaments, chandeliers and sculptures of great value. Walk through the 800 rooms with historical paintings, precious gilded stuccos and precious objects that testify the skill of local and foreign artisans. The second part of the route will be dedicated to the Halls of the '700, furnished with precious silks, watches with curious shapes and refined porcelain. In this environment, Ferdinando and Maria Carolina received their friends. Relive the glories of the Bourbon era for a charming experience, visiting not only the rich reception rooms, the throne room and those dedicated to diplomatic meetings, but also the private rooms and corners that will still speak to you about life more intimate than the king and the queen. The complex also includes the scenic royal park, 3 kilometers long, enriched by fountains with sculptural groups inspired by the "Metamorphosis" of Ovid with places of entertainment for the royals such as the great Peschiera and the Castelluccia in addition to places of leisure and tranquility like the English Garden.

2-Hour Royal Palace of Caserta Tour with a "Royal" Expert

10. 2-Hour Royal Palace of Caserta Tour with a "Royal" Expert

The Royal Palace of Caserta, a remarkable testament to the grandeur of Italian architecture and the lavish lifestyle of the Bourbon kings, stands as a beacon of cultural and historical significance. This magnificent palace, often referred to as the 'Versailles of Italy,' offers visitors a unique glimpse into the opulent past of Italy through its intricate designs, vast gardens, and breathtaking artistry. Embarking on a 2-hour walking tour of this UNESCO World Heritage site not only allows one to traverse the grand corridors and royal apartments but also to explore the vast and beautifully landscaped gardens that extend beyond the palace walls. As you step into the royal apartments, you are transported into a world of luxury and extravagance. Each room, adorned with lavish furnishings, intricate frescoes, and priceless artworks, tells a story of the royal inhabitants who once called this palace home. The architectural design of the Royal Palace of Caserta, spearheaded by Luigi Vanvitelli, is a marvel in itself. The palace's symmetrical layout, baroque influences, and innovative engineering techniques showcase the pinnacle of 18th-century architecture. The attention to detail in the stonework, the grand staircases, and the overall symmetry of the palace reflect the genius of Vanvitelli and his contribution to the architectural heritage of Italy. Several notable films have utilized the Royal Palace of Caserta as a filming location, each adding to the palace's allure as a cinematic landmark: Star Wars Series: The palace famously doubled as the Theed Royal Palace on the planet Naboo in the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy. The grand staircases and opulent rooms provided the perfect setting for the regal ambiance of the Naboo scenes. Mission: Impossible III: The thrilling action sequences of this popular franchise found an ideal backdrop in the palace's grandiose interiors, adding a touch of historical elegance to the high-stakes drama. Angels & Demons: This film adaptation of Dan Brown's novel used the intricate designs and vast halls of the palace to represent parts of the Vatican, weaving the palace's architectural beauty into the story's thrilling mystery. Opting for a guided tour can enhance the experience significantly. Expert guides provide fascinating narratives that bring the history of the palace to life, offering insights into the daily lives of the royals, the construction challenges faced by Vanvitelli, and the significance of various artworks and architectural features. This behind-the-scenes access enriches the tour, making it a memorable journey through time.

Caserta City

Caserta City

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Worth the hipe! My bf and I booked to visit the Reggia we nice expectation since is a most in Naples as the biggest palace in the world! Our guide Antonietta was fantastic! She explained the history of the Caserta Reggia, guiding us in every room and adding additional notes to the story of Italy (Regno delle due Sicilie) at that time, which made the whole experience incredible. I would truly recommend this experience and the guide, highly satisfied.

the guide Anna was very good despite the inconvenience of a very long unexpected queue due to the organizers of the palace, she still managed to explain all parts of the tour very well.

Our guide Antonietta was very good. Comprehensive and competent. Very interesting tour. Recommended.

the guided tour was very pleasant, as we were also a small group, we really appreciated it.

Perfect welcome. Very nice and detailed tour, thanks to our guide Vittorio.