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Our most recommended Cartagena Family-friendly activities

Cartagena: Rosario Islands Catamaran with Lunch and Snorkel

1. Cartagena: Rosario Islands Catamaran with Lunch and Snorkel

Set sail for the Rosario and San Bernardo Corals National Natural Park on a full-day tour from Cartagena. The catamaran departs from the Muelle de la Bodeguita pier in front of the walled city. After your welcome drink, enjoy the journey to the Rosario Islands, sailing and motor sailing on the catamaran. The vessel is equipped with comfortable seats, where you can sit both in the shade and in the sun. There is a bar service on board, so you can enjoy a variety of soft drinks throughout the excursion.  Experience paradise with a stop in front of an idyllic beach of turquoise waters and white sands, where you can swim and play with fun inflatables. Practice snorkeling, if you wish, and admire the fascinating underwater life with colorful tropical fish and various types of coral. The crew will prepare a delicious lunch for you to enjoy on board while you sail back to Cartagena at the end of a relaxing day.

Cartagena: Multi Stop Island Tour with Optional Visits

2. Cartagena: Multi Stop Island Tour with Optional Visits

This listing provides 3 options, all which start or end in Baru. If only some of the options are displayed, the others are sold out. Choose what suits you best! Note: Baru and nearby islands are touristy with crowded beaches. Boat rides are bumpy, potentially affecting individuals with pre-existing injuries. Island vendors may aim to scam and are very persistent. Businesses on the islands have markups, expect higher than normal prices. Ask for the price beforehand and check receipts. The roundtrip bus journey time may vary depending on traffic conditions! 3-Stop Baru Tour (Standard): This option caters to the traveler who prefers exploration, having the flexibility to move between restaurants and beach clubs. We'll meet near the Historic Center where we'll board a bus that will take us to Baru, 1 hour away. Upon arrival, you'll be transported via boat shuttles to a coral reef where you'll snorkel. We will also visit nearby mangroves with local wildlife. We then make our way to Playa Blanca to relax, swim, and lounge on the beach for the rest of the day. Beware that consumption in Baru is mandatory when using beach parasols and accessing common areas. Snorkeling gear is provided, but personal expenses must be covered on-site with cash and credit cards. Return to Cartagena at around 5 PM. 3-Stop Baru Tour (VIP): This option is ideal for the traveler who enjoys a hassle-free experience with premium service and all day entry to a beach club. We'll meet near the Historic Center where we'll board a bus that will take us to Baru, 1 hour away. Upon arrival, you'll be transported via boat shuttles to a coral reef where you'll snorkel. We will also visit nearby mangroves with local wildlife. We then make our way to Playa Blanca to relax, swim, and lounge on the beach for the rest of the day. You'll receive a welcome cocktail, a Caribbean lunch, and a drink to accompany your meal. We highly recommend this option for those who want to mostly avoid island vendors, seek exclusivity, optimal relaxation, and access to better food products. Other expenses must be covered on-site with cash or credit cards. Return to Cartagena at around 5 PM. 6-Stop Island Hopping Tour: This tour is fast paced, with the most stops. The tour's stops do not mean each stop is an island. Lunch and snorkeling gear are included. We'll meet near the Historic Center where we'll board a bus that will take us to Baru, 1 hour away. Upon arrival, you'll set out on boat shuttles that will take you through the picturesque channel of islands. You'll snorkel at a coral reef in a place known as Laguna and visit mangroves with local wildlife. Afterward, you'll snorkel at Pablo Escobar's sunken plane, explore Coral Island, and then make your way to Playa Libre on another island for a Caribbean lunch. You'll then proceed to Cholon Island, and finally relax at Baru Island until departure. Return to Cartagena at around 5 PM.

Cartagena: Historic Center and Getsemaní Shared Walking Tour

3. Cartagena: Historic Center and Getsemaní Shared Walking Tour

Cartagena, a city that bewitches, welcomes you to the best tour of the beautiful and magical city of Historic Cartagena full of stories, sayings and fascinating myths of its walls, streets, convents and houses of the walled downtown and San Diego that transcends the city limits. Discover the secrets, customs and legends of the tradition inherited from the Spaniards and popular from our Caribbean miscegenation, among which Gabo (Nobel Prize for Literature) accompanies us through his writings, such as his book "One Hundred Years of Solitude", one of the most read in the world. We start, at the agreed time, the shared tour, in the Camellón de Los Mártires - Plaza de Cervantes where we will learn about the indigenous people who were before and during the arrival of the Spanish. We move to the "Golden Key of Cartagena" or Clock Tower entering the Plaza del Ecuador, before the Plaza del Esclavo, a prelude to continue part of the enslavement route through Porto Carrero and Candilejo streets. But first, Pedro de Heredía welcomes us. We continue to the Portal de Los dulces, a symbol of female activity in times of slavery and that their descendants still continue their traditions. The process of commercialization of merchandise, including that of the enslaved, in the old "Plaza de la Aduana", has been historically important. In "Plaza de la Aduana" we will see important buildings such as the Municipal Hall. Of course, art is no stranger to the tour, the Museum of Modern Art, an exponent of Caribbean and Latin American art from the 50's, the Gold Museum opens its doors with samples of indigenous pieces from the Colombian Caribbean and the Emerald Museum, stones of beautiful considered the most beautiful in the world, worn by celebrities. Religion is present with San Pedro Claver, Slave of the Slaves, we will see the Architecture of the Church and Museum-Monastery that bear his name and is the Headquarters of Human Rights. Then we go to the San Ignacio Bastion which was built to defend the "Bay of Souls" from any pirate attack. On this tour we will see the history behind the walls of Cartagena. Do you like the feats of pirates and corsairs? We count them when visiting a Bastion, as a sample of Spanish military constructions and strategies, we continue to Plaza Bolívar, in homage to the precursor of Independence, a place to refresh ourselves. Do you know the sloths, the squirrels, the iguanas? You will see them in one of the most important Lungs of Cartagena, Centennial Park, former Railway Station, which is a relic of the Tropical Dry Forest where we refresh under the shade of beautiful trees. We will enjoy one of the most important and colorful cultural corridors of Getsemaní, due to the umbrellas (symbol of the advertisement), the graffiti and the unique architecture. Finally, we enter the Callejón Ancho, to reach the end of the route at Calle San Juan to the sound of salsa and the African champeta.

Cartagena de Indias: 2-Hour Sunset Cruise

4. Cartagena de Indias: 2-Hour Sunset Cruise

For the most romantic evening, this sunset cruise excursion is ideal. Leave at 5:00 PM from the Muelle de la Bodeguita pier in front of the walled city. Enjoy the relaxing but at the same time exciting sailing through the Bay of Cartagena de Indias. Accompanied by good music, enjoy a non-alcoholic cocktail or a soft drink and a delicious appetizer in a magical atmosphere. Watch the sunset and the lighting of the spectacular skyline of the city of Cartagena while you sail into the night.  The itinerary of the tour includes departure from the Bodeguita Dock/Pegasos Dock, located in front of the walled city of Cartagena. First sail between Manga and Bocagrande neighborhood. Then continue sailing between Castillo Grande and Manzanillo Island. Enjoy the sunset while sailing between El Laguito neighborhood and Tierrabomba Island. Then sail back to the departure point.

Cartagena: City Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour & Extras

5. Cartagena: City Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour & Extras

Located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, few places on Earth are as beautiful as Cartagena. Sightseeing in this astounding city is a hugely enjoyable experience, offering both modernity and history. There is something to suit all tastes. From beautiful architecture to striking monuments, there is plenty of inspiring sightseeing opportunities while on your City Sightseeing bus tour. Discover all of beautiful Cartagena in 13 bus stops, as you explore the city's beautiful architecture and striking monuments in the most flexible and enjoyable way. Visit key sites in the city, such as the Clock Tower, the San Felipe Fortress, the walled city, the Rafael Núñez House, Rio Casino, and much more. With the many stops along the way, there are things to suit all tastes, including a complimentary walking tour inside the walled city. Choose between a 1-day pass and a 2-day pass. Hop-off at the sights that interest you the most, or if you prefer, remain on the bus tour for the entire loop, listening to the informative audio commentary. You will see palaces, monasteries, plazas, and beautiful overhanging balconies, as well as Colombia's major seaside resorts, where you can enjoy beaches and scuba diving opportunities. Tour Stops: 1. Muelle de la Bodeguita 2. Centro de Convenciones 3. Torre del Reloj 4. Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas 5. Museo Rafael Nunez 6. Boquetillo (entrance to the Walled City) 7. San Francisco (entrance to the Walled City) 8. Plaza Bocagrande 9. Avenida San Martin 10. Casino Rio 11. Hotel Caribe / Playas de Bocagrande 12. Hotel Hilton / El Laguito 13. Iglesia de Castillo Grande

Cartagena: Totumo Mud Volcano Experience

6. Cartagena: Totumo Mud Volcano Experience

Discover the natural landscapes of Colombia on this guided excursion. Visit Santa Catalina, and bathe yourself in the purifying mud of the volcano. As the minivan leaves town, hear some curious facts about Cartagena's history and some tips to ensure a better experience at the mud volcano. The trip to Santa Catalina, another beautiful Colombian city and the location of the volcano, lasts around 45 minutes. Upon arrival at the volcanic zone, be greeted by the owner of a small nearby restaurant. Then, prepare for a unique experience as you climb the 50 steps that surround the volcano; remember to wear old clothing as the mud can be rough on delicate materials. Immerse yourself in the volcanic mud, reaping the health benefits for your skin from the millions of minerals. Some people say afterward, you'll appear 10 years younger. Inside the volcano, you can float thanks to the high number of minerals present. There will be some locals around offering massages for an extra price of 2 USD. Outside of the volcano, pay to get your photo taken for another 2 USD. When the soaking is over, head to the lake for a shower.  Before continuing back to the city, enjoy a typical snack in a rustic restaurant. Get dropped off at your hotel.

Cartagena: Sunset Cruise with Open Bar

7. Cartagena: Sunset Cruise with Open Bar

Discover Cartagena in a unique way. Sail around the bay while you enjoy the bar and restaurant on board the Sibarita Express Yacht. Benefit from an open bar with a nice musical background and the services of the lovely crew. Sit back and relax as your boat comes to a stop on the open water so you can watch the sunset. You will be welcomed by the lovely crew and set sail a short while later. Take in a panoramic view of the modern area of Bocagrande and arrive at the lighthouse. From there, head to Castillogrande, the most prestigious area of the city, to see the sunset on the ocean. Once the sun has set, head back to the inner bay where you can enjoy the night views of the modern area of Bocagrande and the residential neighborhoods of Manga and Getsemani. Finally, prepare to be welcomed back to the pier with a breathtaking view of the old city at night.

Cartagena: Walled City and Getsemani Shared Walking Tour

8. Cartagena: Walled City and Getsemani Shared Walking Tour

Explore Cartagena on a guided walking tour. Discover the colonial streets of the Walled City and the vibrant neighborhood of Getsemani as you try some local sweets. Meet your guide at La Plaza de la Aduana. See the colorful colonial houses as you learn about main squares and bastions of the city. Visit Santo Domingo Square and see the Cathedral of Santa Catalina de Alejandria. Afterward, head to the Getsemani neighborhood which is known for having a bohemian spirit. Walk through its streets and alleys boasting vibrant colors. Stroll around picturesque pieces of street art paintings. Taste a variety of typical Colombian sweets as you explore the city. Enjoy some tropical juice from unique fruits, some of which can only be found in the region.

Cartagena: Guided Tour, with La Popa Convent, and San Felipe

9. Cartagena: Guided Tour, with La Popa Convent, and San Felipe

Discover the magic of Cartagena – declared a World Heritage Site for its architectural distinction and its history – on this 4-hour, small-group tour. Visit the main sites around the city and learn the rich stories behind its culture. The Convent of La Popa in Cartagena is a historical jewel that offers a fascinating tourist experience. Perched on top of a hill, this former Franciscan convent offers stunning panoramic views of the city and the Caribbean Sea. Your guide will accompany you to tell the stories within the fort and explain more of its importance to Cartagena. Make a quick stop at an emblematic symbol of Cartagena – the Old Shoes Monument – and continue into the Walled City. Take a guided walk around the historic center and gain a deep understanding of its culture and architecture before returning to your hotel.

Cartagena: Speedboat Sunset Party with Open Bar & Club Entry

10. Cartagena: Speedboat Sunset Party with Open Bar & Club Entry

Join our lively cruise for a 2-hour party experience in Cartagena! Please be aware that although this event is open to all, we particularly recommend it for a younger audience seeking a lively and loud atmosphere for drinking and dancing. While the event is only in Spanish, we welcome foreigners for a taste of local culture! Board our speedboat for a memorable sunset party with views of Cartagena at night. Cruise with fellow party-goers & enjoy an open bar of essential Colombian liquors, nothing too fancy. Take pictures and dance on the boat to a mix of Colombian music, reggaeton, and mingle with international crowds. Once the speedboat cruise concludes, you'll receive complimentary entry to two nearby venues. Our party boat host will accompany you and the rest of the group there to keep the night going. This part is optional and it does not include open bar. Please be aware that our basic alcohol options like Rum and Aguardiente with mixers can lead to quick intoxication.



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I went with my 2 yeard old daughter, and even though it is mostly an adult activity, it was fine. I wish we would’ve known that we were not going to go to an actual beach, and instead we were going to anchor before reaching the beach and the only way to touch “land” was by swimming a good 25m at least, so obviously I wasn’t able to enjoy the beach part with my family. Everything else was completely great and they even cooked a special lunch plate for my daugher (nuggets and fries), so that made it better and easier for us as a family.

It moors near the islands but you can only get there by swimming, good organization, good lunch, drinks and music ok, fun experience recommended for spending a carefree day

Loved how big the boat was! There was a lot of shade too! The food was amazing and well-organized. Loved jumping into the water from the boat!

We had a great day on the catamaran. The service was excellent and the proposed itinerary was sublime.

It was my second time, always on top. Nothing to say !