Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center

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The Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center was the original eco -tour operation in Cape May starting in 1987. We were the forerunners in exploring our surrounding waters, the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay, for Whales, Dolphins & Birds with an emphasis on their interconnectedness to our eco-system and layering the experience by underscoring the importance of conservation. We are recognized as an Opportunistic Research Vessel utilizing “Citizen Scientists” to help our Marine Naturalists with our ongoing research. Incorporating “Citizen Scientists,” into our research has been crucial to our success. The Citizens directly support, through their patronage, our research that has grown over the years. Their fares make it possible for The Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center to continue the development of the Bottlenose Dolphin Catalogue and our continued work with Photo Identification of Humpbacks and other Baleen Whales as well as our Clean Ocean Initiative Program.