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Arví Park, Medellín

Arví Park, Medellín: Our most recommended tours and activities

Medellin: Coffee Tour and Wellness Spa

1. Medellin: Coffee Tour and Wellness Spa

Learn about the harvesting of coffee on a guided wellness tour in Medellin. Enter Arvi Park and relax at a wellness spa to discover therapeutic treatments using coffee produce including an essential oils massage. Tour the grounds and indulge your tastebuds with a special cup of Colombian coffee. Make your way to Arvi Park in Medellin to meet your guide and group for the day. Arrive at the wellness spa and learn about how coffee is grown, harvested, and cared for on the farm before it's processed into healing products. Then soothe your body and soul with a deep massage using coffee oils and a scrub. Return to the lobby to take part in a coffee ritual before having the chance to drink a special blend of Colombian coffee. Return to the train station at the end of the day.

Medellin: Arvi Park, Cable Car & Waterfalls Tour

2. Medellin: Arvi Park, Cable Car & Waterfalls Tour

If you can have the best of both sides of the city, why not doing it? This is one of the best tours you can take when in Medellin as it brings together nature, city, art and history. In this 6-hour tour you will learn about the commuting system in Medellín which is one of the reasons of being one of the most innovative cities worldwide. First, the guide will pick you up at the hotel and he will take you to the cable car station that takes us to Comuna 2 viewpoint. Thereafter, you’ll head back to Santo Domingo station to take again the cable car but this time heading to the mountains. After a 15 minutes ride, you will get to Arví station, a natural reservoir. Arví park, on top of the eastern hills of the Medellín Valley, is a natural wonder. It is important to mention many tourists go to this place on their own, but they lose most of it, because, due to its largeness, they usually don't know where to walk, where the places are, or how to move through the mountains. But we got you covered. Once here, we’ll walk along its various indigenous paths, creeks, and natural pools, and we will learn its history and importance. Birdwatching is a common activity in this park, as it is home to hundreds of species, both, fauna and flora. After walking for a couple of hours on this paradise and visti the waterfalls, you’ll head back to the station and then back again to your hotel. Give yourself the chance to mix and discover best of both great sides of this warm city.

Medellín Waterfall: Hike and discover Medellín's nature

3. Medellín Waterfall: Hike and discover Medellín's nature

Upon arrival at the park, we will walk through a trek, it is literally the one used by indigenous people before Spaniards arrived, and after by them as well. And it keeps being pretty much the same, so please get ready for having to cross the river, walk by rocks, climb sometimes a bit, etc. It is not a kind of Central Park :D, but it is completely natural. Discover the diverse flora and fauna, culture, history and scenic beauty of the El Salado natural reserve located in Envigado, south of Medellín's Metropolitan Area. Each path has a varying degree of difficulty and a variety of highlights for you to discover, but if you have some limitations or specific questions, dont hesitate to contact us. We will walk for approx. 2 hours to get into the waterfall, and then same time to be back, but the whole walk is magical itself full of beautiful landscapes, farms, little valleys, forests, birds, rivers, big rocks, and a cool "Indiana Jones" vibes trek.

Medellin: Private City Tour

4. Medellin: Private City Tour

Explore Medellín from a local perspective on a private guided tour tailor-made to your likings. See the main attractions of the city, explore downtown, and take the metro or the metro cable to park Arvi. Your guide will happily suggest the most famous routes that vary according to tastes but feel free to suggest adaptations. The most common trails include a day to see the Botero statues, Museo de Antioquia, and a walk along the downtown area followed by a visit to Pueblito Paisa to have the most amazing views of the city. Another very common route is riding the metro to Botero park, the botanical garden, and the library of Santo Domingo Savio followed by a cable car ride up to Parque Arvi for a nature adventure. Coordinate the construction of the tour with your guide or get in touch before hand. Every tour will include suggestions of local dishes, handcrafted arts, goods or other things you are looking for.

Medellin Metro: Private Tour

5. Medellin Metro: Private Tour

See the evolution of Medellin as a global city. First, meet your guide and take the metro downtown to Botero Plaza to see the famous 23 statues by Fernando Botero. Take some pictures before continuing to the botanical gardens, where you'll discover a variety of local flowers, birds and butterflies. Continue to botanic garden to appreciate the beauty of nature as you ride the metro. Get back on the metro and continue to the library of Santo Domingo Savio, a donation from the Kings of Spain to improve the local quality of life.

Medellín: Botanical Garden and Arvi Park City Tour

6. Medellín: Botanical Garden and Arvi Park City Tour

If you want to get to know Medellín's most appreciated natural treasures, set aside 6 hours of your time with us and let us take you to two unique places. On this tour of the Botanical Garden and Arví Park, you will enjoy the best contrasts between the city and nature, as well as spectacular views and a lot of learning about why these parks are so important to the city of eternal spring. This tour will start at your hotel, when the guide picks you up. From there you will be taken near Antioquia University. This area is one of the high activity zones of the city, as it counts with Deseos Park, Explora Park, Aventura Mall, Ruta N, Bosque Plaza mall and Botanical Garden. After walking around, enter the Botanical Garden and discover the true contrast between the city and nature. A living museum that seeks to promote the conservation of biodiversity. Visit its most important sites and live an interactive experience, learning about the importance of protecting and caring for the species collected here. After visiting this place, follow your guide to the next point: the Metrocable. Hop on and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city from above, as you reach your next destination: the Arví Park. Not far from the city is the Arví Park. An ecotourism park and protected forest reserve. Here you can have an ecological, natural, and sustainable tourism experience. The guide will invite you to walk its trails and take a break among its natural viewpoints. After exploring this natural gem, return to the city. The guide and driver will drop you off safely at your hotel. Take this tour as a different option and experience the best contrasts of Medellín.

Medellin: Coffee Farm and Barista Workshop Experience

7. Medellin: Coffee Farm and Barista Workshop Experience

It is a 3-hour barista experience that actually teaches you how to identify all the key variables that go into making different coffee methods. then moves on to instruct you on putting all of those variables together at speed to make excellent finished coffees. Barista Basics has evolved over the last 35 years. What started as a “learn to froth, adjust the grind and make coffee” course has now extended well beyond that into a power session that combines cutting-edge barista techniques with expert knowledge and advice With the experience that we have as producers of special coffee for more than 40 years, we can introduce you to the world of coffee in our ancestral laboratory of Colombian special coffee from our coffee farm.

Medellin: Coffee Farm Tour & Spa with Overnight Glamping

8. Medellin: Coffee Farm Tour & Spa with Overnight Glamping

Our farm its located in the Arvi park reserved forest in Medellin we design this amazing over nigh Glamping spa & coffee tour were you can lear why and how we produce the best coffee in the world. A unique wellness experience at Arvi park forest. Fire pit with a magnificent city view, Bbq meal at night sleep in our glamping coffee cave, the next day we will prepared a traditional colombia breakfast and we are on the way to immerse in the process of Coffee cultivation tour, planting, harvesting and coffee processes. coffee wellnes Spa the most amazing coffee therapy relaxing massage with coffee oils coffee scrub and coffee facial mask all done by our coffee farmers women. Coffee temazcal a steam coffee bath •Manantial Naox coffee spring of turba Coffee tasting, includes certificate. Transportation from Arvi Park. Medical insurance

Medellin birding Arví Forest Cabin

9. Medellin birding Arví Forest Cabin

Sleep over the most fascinating fully equipped forest Arví Forest bird-watching lodge located in the Andes mountains at 2600msnm above sea level. It has an area of 16000 hectares, out of which almost half is covered by cloud forest, sighting towers that will take you up 30 feet to observe the blackburnian warbler, the Amazonian motmot, the masked trogon, the red-bellied grackle, and 65 more species

tour parque arvi bike parks y bosques de medellin

10. tour parque arvi bike parks y bosques de medellin

Pick up at the hotel, we will move to Santa Helena, in this place we will begin our exploration in the forests of the Arvi Park nature reserve, we will travel ancient and fun paths, we will enter typical houses where they grow flowers for the parade at the flower fair, you will be able to meet typical meals of the area after 4 hours of adventure and fun we will return to the hotel with a big smile and the pleasure of enjoying the mountains of medellin

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Honestly, I’m not much of a hiker.. I’ve only been on a few in my life ! But my wonderful guide @homarofortika of @wayacanexperience made this 5h hike through the Envigado mountains so enjoyably educational ✨ He taught me about the rich history of the land we were exploring, like the ancient commerce routes we walked that are still very well preserved ! I learned about the lush flora in this incredibly biodiverse area, and how all the organisms here work together to keep this ecosystem flourishing. Would definitely recommend!

Excellent experience, Mateo super attentive and informative regarding nature, flora and fauna, he is genuinely in love with the beautiful environment and made me see his complete perspective on the entire tour. I only managed to take the short route but I will definitely return to take more routes and explorations with him.

Tour was amazing and very insightful. Guide spoke english very well and was able to help us navigate after getting lost. Again tour was great but the 1hr + commute was a little draining.

Everything was amazing. Thank you for being such a good guide.

Amazing! So relaxing, so beautiful! The sweetest people :)