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Arena México

Arena México: Our most recommended tours and activities

Mexico City: Lucha Libre Show with Tacos, Beer, and Mezcal

1. Mexico City: Lucha Libre Show with Tacos, Beer, and Mezcal

Experience the Mexican culture of lucha libre in the heart of Mexico City. Enjoy tacos, beer, and mezcal before the show, then head to an arena to watch 3 stellar performances of this famous form of Mexican wrestling. Choose between a show at Arena Mexico, the largest arena in the country, or Arena Coliseo, Mexico's oldest arena. Begin your tour by meeting your local guide at the meeting point, then head to a nearby taqueria for tacos, with vegetarian options available. Continue to a cantina or bar to wash down the tacos with beer, mezcal, or soft drinks if you prefer. As you enjoy your drinks, learn about the history and nuances of lucha libre from your guide. Then, head to your chosen arena for a fantastic night of lucha libre. Admire the show of professional wrestling and feel the local passion for the sport.

Mexico City: Wrestling Show Ticket & Double-Decker Bus Trip

2. Mexico City: Wrestling Show Ticket & Double-Decker Bus Trip

Visit Arena Mexico to attend a live Lucha Libre wrestling show and experience the most traditional and spectacular of Mexico's sports in person. Watch as the colorful masked wrestlers go three to four rounds and enjoy the lively atmosphere in the arena. Listen to an audio guide. After the show, hop on board a double-decker bus and set out on a drive through downtown Mexico City. See the most iconic sights and learn about the city's history as you make your way along the tour route.

Mexico City: Lucha Libre Show with Mezcal and Taco Tasting

3. Mexico City: Lucha Libre Show with Mezcal and Taco Tasting

Embark on an adventure that plunges you into the vibrant realm of Mexican Lucha Libre in Mexico City. Learn about this sport while tasting tacos and mezcal. Immersing yourself in this age-old tradition, bursting with color, drama, and emotion at Arena México. Start your evening at the cosmopolitan La Cosmica. Here, in an ambiance that marries modern chic with traditional charm, be introduced to the intricate world of Lucha Libre. The journey from rookie to Lucha Libre aficionado starts with an in-depth historical breakdown. Learn about the 'Rudos' and the 'Técnicos', the heroes and villains of this theatrical combat, and understand the symbolism behind their vibrant masks. At the heart of this experience is a chance to understand the deep cultural roots and significance of the legendary Lucha Libre. As tales of legendary wrestlers fill the air, enjoy the rich flavors of traditional Mexican tacos and guacamole accompanied by the distinct kick of mezcal. Every bite and sip is a story in itself, setting the stage for the grand spectacle ahead. Before the thrill of the arena, take a ride the traditional way on a 'peseros,' Mexico's iconic minibus that once ruled the roads of the city. Hop aboard this rejuvenated classic means of transportation which adds a touch of nostalgia to your adventure. Feel the city's pulse as we navigate the streets in our vibrant 'Pesero,' making your way to Arena México. With newfound knowledge and enthusiasm, enter the iconic Arena México. Soak up the electric atmosphere as the crowd roars and wrestlers display jaw-dropping acrobatics and masterful move. Be a part of every slam, cheer, and chant, right from the edge of your seat. Once the matches conclude, be perfectly poised in a locale rife with authentic eateries and bars. While the return transportation isn't included, you are just a short walk away from the bustling Roma district, ensuring your night continues at your own pace, be it exploring or unwinding.

Mexico City: Lucha Libre Show

4. Mexico City: Lucha Libre Show

Join us in one of the most folkloric Mexican events: lucha libre. We will start the evening with a drink in a cantina where you can get a glimpse of a traditional Mexican evening out. Then make a short walk to the arena, where you’ll admire the acrobatic stunts of talented luchadores and the passion that this theatrical sports generates in the local crowd. Enjoy a local beer while cheering your favorite team of luchadores and understand about this unique sport. This is a night to remember and will surely be a core memory. Finish the evening having dinner at a street taco stand.

Mexico City: Lucha Libre Tickets at Arena México

5. Mexico City: Lucha Libre Tickets at Arena México

Get ready to immerse yourself in the heart-pounding action of Mexico City's iconic wrestling scene with tickets to a lucha libre event at Arena México. Enjoy access to the arena's electrifying atmosphere as masked heroes and villains battle it out in the ring. Make your own way to Arena México, then enter the venue with your pre-booked ticket. When the show starts, experience the thrill of high-flying acrobatics, bone-crushing slams, and intense rivalries as skilled luchadores showcase their athleticism and showmanship. From the moment you secure your ticket, you're guaranteed a front-row seat to an unforgettable evening of excitement and entertainment, whether you’re a seasoned fan or experiencing lucha libre for the first time. In this vibrant atmosphere of Arena México, also known as the "Cathedral of Lucha Libre," celebrate the rich cultural tradition of this wrestling form, where every match tells a story of honor, courage, and tradition. Tuesdays: Close to the ring: $35 USD (Remaining balance of $20 USD since you've already paid $15 USD to reserve your tickets) General section: $25 USD (Remaining balance of $10 USD since you've already paid $15 USD to reserve your tickets) Fridays: Close to the ring: $45 USD (Remaining balance of $30 USD since you've already paid $15 USD to reserve your tickets) General section: $35 USD (Remaining balance of $20 USD since you've already paid $15 USD to reserve your tickets) Saturdays: Close to the ring: $35 USD (Remaining balance of $20 USD since you've already paid $15 USD to reserve your tickets) General section: $25 USD (Remaining balance of $10 USD since you've already paid $15 USD to reserve your tickets) Sundays: Close to the ring: $35 USD (Remaining balance of $20 USD since you've already paid $15 USD to reserve your tickets) General section: $25 USD (Remaining balance of $10 USD since you've already paid $15 USD to reserve your tickets)

Mexico City: Lucha Libre Show, Mariachi & Tequila

6. Mexico City: Lucha Libre Show, Mariachi & Tequila

Give the wrestling maniac in you a show of a lifetime and watch an authentic Lucha Libre fight at the Arena Mexico. Don't miss the chance to treat your taste buds to Mexican Tequila (with the full experience) and to delight your ears with some mariachis songs. Your first stop will be the famous Garibaldi Square, the symbolic home of Mariachi music. The mariachis will play some songs for you wearing their traditional colorful costumes as they would joyfully do at any event. Experience music in a new way as you admire the architecture of Garibaldi Square combined with the colorful lyrics of Mariachi music. After listening to the Mariachis, continue the party at a famous canteen, if you select the full experience, which includes Tequila, Mezcal, and a souvenir mask. Have the chance to taste some authentic Mexican Tequila and Mezcal brands which are only made in the country. Savor the taste and let it bring out your party side before heading to Arena Mexico. to watch a traditional Lucha Libre match. Enjoy the colorful masks and costumes, dramatic fights, and flying kicks that are iconic in Lucha Libre. The masks are symbols of victory, which is why after each match, you feel the thrill of seeing the loser permanently unmask himself.

Mexico City: Wrestling show access & Double Decker Bus Tour

7. Mexico City: Wrestling show access & Double Decker Bus Tour

In Mexico, Mexican Wrestling is more than a sport, it has become part of our history and heritage, and it is famous around the world for its unique style. Enjoy with family and friends an amazing show full of action, adrenaline, light and sound, colors, energy, passion, and fun! Each and every one of these superheroes wear a colorful mask and has a special name, their true identity is a secret, but as wrestlers, they all have incredible personalities and powers. The confrontations between two wrestlers are hand-to-hand and skills and speed are essential to winning. The Mexican Wrestling style is famous for the use of the "springboard", wrestlers use the ropes of the ring to gain momentum, the most famous and applauded jumps are the jumps out of the ring or the suicidal jumps, the so-called "Huraca-ranas" and "Tilt-a-whirl head scissors takedowns", these are movements totally invented in Mexico! Come with your friends and family and enjoy this spectacular show, it is one of a kind!

Lucha libre & Mariachi night 🎺

8. Lucha libre & Mariachi night 🎺

Experience the Ultimate Fusion of Mexican Culture: Lucha Libre and Mariachi Night Tour!" Prepare for an electrifying evening where the vibrant world of Lucha Libre meets the soulful serenades of Mariachi in Mexico City. This tour is not just an event; it's a celebration of Mexico's rich and colorful traditions. The night begins with the high-energy spectacle of Lucha Libre. Feel the adrenaline rush as you witness the masked luchadores perform breathtaking feats in the ring. The roar of the crowd, the drama of the battles, and the vibrant atmosphere of Arena México or Coliseo create an unforgettable experience. As the excitement of Lucha Libre concludes, the night transforms into an enchanting Mariachi experience. Find yourself captivated by the heartfelt melodies and the rhythmic strumming of guitars. Join in singing along to classic Mariachi tunes, embracing the joy and passion of this beautiful Mexican tradition. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the music that is the heart and soul of Mexico. This unique tour blends the thrill of wrestling with the charm of traditional music, offering you a chance to experience two of Mexico's most iconic cultural treasures in one night. Whether you're a fan of sports, music, or simply looking to experience the essence of Mexican culture, this Lucha Libre and Mariachi Night Tour is an absolute must-do in Mexico City. Book your spot and get ready for a night where every cheer, song, and moment becomes a cherished memory of Mexico's vibrant culture.

Lucha Libre Experience in Mexico City

9. Lucha Libre Experience in Mexico City

Live the Mexican Lucha Libre experience together with a delicious tasting of pulque. In this experience you will get to try the traditional beverage of our prehispanic ancestors called Pulque (also known as “The God’s Beverage”). Before entering to the wrestling match we will enjoy and dance to the sound of live music in an authentic -pulqueria- (local and traditional bar). After dancing and drinking, we will head to the Arena, where the Lucha Libre happens. We will be witnesses of one of the most exciting and not-to-miss sports in Mexico City, without first, turning you into a genuine masked wrestler..!

Lucha Libre tour in Mexico City

10. Lucha Libre tour in Mexico City

Get ready for a mind-blowing mashup of circus thrills, acrobatic spills, and theater chills—all rolled into one epic show! We're diving headfirst into the wild world of Lucha Libre Mexicana, where the action is high-flying, the masks are wild, and the entertainment is off the charts. Picture this: you, in Mexico's hottest wrestling arena, surrounded by the buzz of excitement, colorful masks, and jaw-dropping acrobatics. It's not just a wrestling match; it's a full-blown fiesta! We've got your ride covered—round-trip from Paseo de la Reforma, (One of the most important avenues in Mexico City), to the heart of the action. But here's the kicker: your journey isn't just a boring bus ride. Nope, you'll be rubbing elbows with a real-life luchador on the way! Imagine the tales you'll hear, the secrets of the ring, and maybe a few wrestling tips. It's like a backstage pass on wheels! As you step into the arena, you're not just a spectator; you're part of the action. Take your seat and brace yourself for some serious high-flying, gravity-defying stunts. These luchadores, decked out in flashy costumes and iconic masks, are not just wrestlers; they're bona fide rockstars of the ring. The cheers, the colors, the beats—it's a party, and you're on the VIP list. But wait, there's more! Ever wanted to feel the power of a mask yourself? Now's your chance! Throw on a mask, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, and become part of the lucha libre legacy. It's not just a show; it's an experience. And when the final bell rings, we've got your ride back to Pick-up spot, where you can relive the awesomeness of the night. Whether you're a wrestling aficionado or a newbie to the lucha libre scene, this package isn't just about watching; it's about diving headfirst into the heart of Mexican wrestling. Get ready for an evening packed with thrills, spills, and the kind of fun that defines the legendary tradition of lucha libre. It's not just a show; it's a fiesta you won't forget!

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The tour was amazing! We got there a bit earlier and they told us to hang around the taco place for a bit. The food was delicious and the mezcal tasting was amazing. Dulce and Mel were our guides and it couldn’t have turned out better than what we experienced. Our group was about 20 people and everyone was welcoming and friendly. It was our first time going to a Lucha Libre event and it was so much fun. I definitely recommend this!!

We had a problem because we didn't know how to speak the language and we went to another place but our guide Stephanie simply did EVERYTHING to help us, sent us the location, photo, phone call, everything. We managed to get there to watch the fight and were given a mask. In the end we lost a cell phone and the two guides helped us look for it. It was simply incredible what they did for us. I recommend.

Javier and Esteban made sure we had a good time. It was fun learning the history of lucha libre and the energy great. If you’re someone who can be entertained by theatrical wrestling this is perfect for you.

Our Guide Maria was very welcoming and informative - great English also! We though the private bar venue was very cool, and really enjoyed arriving for the main event at lucha libre

They are a little more expensive via GyG, but the service is worth it. The event itself is absolutely worth seeing and fun. To recommend