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Aposelemis Dam: Our most recommended tours and activities

Crete: Lasithi Plateau and Cave of Zeus Off Road Safari Tour

1. Crete: Lasithi Plateau and Cave of Zeus Off Road Safari Tour

Discover traditional life in rural Crete by witnessing the daily activities of the locals and visiting the sites where Greek myths were born. Enjoy a tour of Potamies, Aposelemis dam, Empasa, the cave of Zeus, and the beautiful scenery of the plateau. Start with pickup from your accommodation. Visit one of the most characteristic Cretan villages, Potamies, for a tour of a traditional local farm. See the process of milking and cheese-making, meet the animals, and sample their fresh cheese. Next, head to the Aposelemis dam, the largest water supply project in Crete. See the village of Sfendili submerged in the waters of the dam with its impressive old houses fading on the surface of the water. Explore the natural wetlands and spot a unique variety of birds. Continue uphill on the dirt roads to the gorge of Empasa. Enjoy the views of the mountainous landscape and thriving wildlife. Try your hand at foraging for native herbs or relax and take in the panoramic views. Take a trip to Lassithi Plateau to enter Psychro Cave, the fabled birthplace of the Greek God Zeus. Follow the trails of the gods and after that take a tour around the plateau to get a sense of local life. Finally, enjoy authentic food baked in the wood oven in one of the most celebrated taverns in the picturesque village of Krasi. Admire the town square filled with fountains and see imposing plane trees that are up to 2000 years old. Return to your hotel full of unforgettable memories of Crete.

Crete: Land Rover Safari with Sunset Viewing, Dinner, & Wine

2. Crete: Land Rover Safari with Sunset Viewing, Dinner, & Wine

Explore the Cretan mountains outside of Heraklion from the seat of a Land Rover during a guided day tour. Witness a stunning sunset over the Lassithi Plateau before stopping off for a local-style BBQ dinner with wine. Begin your journey with hotel pickup and make your way through the magnificent mountains of Crete. Visit the Aposelemis Dam and an ancient Roman aqueduct as your guide shares interesting insight. Next, stop off in the picturesque village of Kastamonitsa, nestled in the foothills of the Afendi Mountains. Enjoy the chance to sample local products such as olive oil and raki, a distilled alcoholic drink made with grapes and anise. Back in the vehicle, brace yourself as you venture down dirt tracks and follow the Minoan path through mountain passes. Catch spectacular views of wildlife and unbelievable scenery, learning about mythology and history along the way. Take a break to relax over a glass of prosecco and fresh fruit salad while admiring the sunset. Be sure to take plenty of photos to share of the amazing backdrop. After building up an appetite, head to a local tavern for a delicious Cretan-style meal that will include appetizers and main courses as well as vegetarian options. Wash down the food with unlimited wine served with dinner. Make your way back down the mountain roads as you head toward your hotel, marveling at the views of the moonlit coastline and illuminated towns along the way.

Zeus Cave and Lassithi Plateau Day Tour

3. Zeus Cave and Lassithi Plateau Day Tour

Start your tour with pick up in an air-conditioned Land Rover from your accommodations at 10 AM and head into the Dikti Mountain Range. You'll pass through several traditional and very picturesque mountain villages. There will be plenty of opportunities to stop for photos or to have a coffee at a real taverna. At the Lassithi Plateau, you might see eagles and vultures, as both nest around this area. Next, you’ll reach the base of Mount Spathi. The Psychro Cave, the birth place of the Greek god Zeus, is located on the north face of Spathi. You’ll walk 15 minutes up the steep hill to the entrance of the cave and from there follow the path down into the spectacular cave.   Next, enjoy a traditional Cretan meze lunch with local wine. After lunch, you'll continue around the plateau and then descend taking in views of the north coast and the impressive Aposelemis Dam. You will then visit a 2400-year-old plane tree, the oldest on the island, as well as the Selinari Monastery.

Malia: Lasithi Plateau Zeus Cave Guided Tour

4. Malia: Lasithi Plateau Zeus Cave Guided Tour

Through this route we will explore the central part of Crete climbing to an altitude of 1150 meters We will learn a lot about mythology as well as we will have a lot of information about Crete and local life We will drive through a beautiful route with lush olive groves and we will first reach the aposelemi dam where we can see the sunken village of sfentili Then we will visit the traditional olive mill where we will learn how to produce Cretan olive oil and have the opportunity to buy products pure olive oil. Then we will reach the shepherd's farm and we will have the opportunity to learn how the traditional Cretan cheese is produced. Our next stop is the zeus cave where mythology states that the father of the gods was born there (There is a ticket of 6 euros) After we will enjoy a genuine Cretan meal with traditional cuisine in one of the best local taverns Then we will follow a beautiful dirt route at an altitude of 1150 meters where we will definitely be enchanted by the landscape and the photos we will take from this point will be the best of our vacation. We descend and reach the traditional village of kastamonitsa where we will visit the remains of the roman aqueduct learning about its usefulness for the surrounding areas Finally through a beautiful route with a very nice view we end up at the hotel full of memories This day will be full of surprises and will surely fill you with memories that will accompany you for a lifetime.

Hersonissos: ATV Quad Bike Safari in the Mountains of Crete

5. Hersonissos: ATV Quad Bike Safari in the Mountains of Crete

Our ATV quad safari tour allows you to explore Crete's picturesque mountainscapes, rich olive groves, and unspoiled countryside, providing a thrilling and immersive way to connect with the island's authentic nature. As you ride through the rugged terrain on your all-terrain vehicle, you'll encounter breathtaking panoramic views of the Cretan landscapes. The tour takes you off the beaten path, offering glimpses of traditional villages, remote settlements, and untouched natural wonders tucked away amidst the mountains. The adventure isn't just about the ride; it's also an opportunity to embrace the local culture and traditions. Along the way, you might pause to interact with friendly locals, experience genuine hospitality, and taste traditional Cretan delicacies at rustic tavernas or quaint roadside cafes. Our ATV quad safari tour is designed to provide an immersive and authentic experience, allowing participants to appreciate the rugged beauty of Crete's mountains while getting a taste of the island's rich cultural heritage. It's an ideal adventure for those seeking a blend of adrenaline, exploration, and a deeper connection with the natural and traditional essence of Crete. Depart Hersonissos on a Quad Bike safari into the mountains of Crete and discover a more authentic side of the island as you get back to nature on small, traffic-free roads. Drive to the traditional villages of Koutouloufari, Piscopiano and old Hersonissos before heading to the Lasithi plateau. Continue along the riverbed en route to the village of Potamies, and pass small gardens of fruit trees and olive groves along the way. Enjoy the scent of different herbs and listen to the sound of millions of tiny tsitsikia (insects). Visit some small churches and see sheep and goats grazing as you continue to the traditional village of Karouzanos. Stop at a café before driving towards Askous village. Get an amazing view of Lyttos and Kasteli before traveling downhill to the village. Enjoy an authentic tsikoudia (raki) and some tasty snacks. Then, continue downhill to the Aposelemis dam and underwater village of Sfentili en route to the Panagias monastery. 

The Secrets Of The Southern Crete Safari tour

6. The Secrets Of The Southern Crete Safari tour

With this route we will learn the secrets of southern Crete and be amazed by its beauty. We combine ultimate exploration on land and sea. We explore unique traditional villages, we visit folklore museums, we admire breathtaking views over the mountains, experience the wild beauty of the Cretan mountains with the beautiful canyons, we take pictures of the unique beauty of the waterfall and relax in the calm blue sea of calm blue waters Southern Crete Our first stop is in the traditional village thrapsano where we will visit a family pottery business where we will have the opportunity to see up close and learn how many clay products are produced. Then we arrive in a small traditional village where we will visit a traditional olive mill and winery and we will learn how the Cretan olive oil and the Cretan alcoholic drink raki are produced and we will be able to try both the oil and the raki. After we will visit the traditional village viannos where we can get acquainted with the architecture of the last century in Crete and the truly traditional way of life of the residents of Crete. We will have the opportunity to visit the unique beauty museum of Viannos and have our coffee under the perennial huge plane tree. Then we climb up a beautiful off road to reach an altitude of 850 meters at kavoussi where the view we get will be unique. In front of us is the amazing beauty of kavousi canyon and besides the amazing view we will have the chance to see close up and take a picture of the vultures of crete. It is the best location for great photos Going downhill we reach the one and only point of Crete where we can see the meeting of two canyons that lead to the richtra waterfall which we will visit closely. The flow of waterfall is very intense during May and becomes slightly weaker from june to october. Then we arrive at skouros beach where we will have the opportunity to enjoy our swim for about 45 minutes in crystal clear and turquoise waters. Finishing our swim, we will have lunch at an amazing tavern with full lunch and unlimited wine and water Full of pictures through a beautiful route we return to the hotel having done so much in just one day

Self-Drive 4X4 Jeep Off-Road Tour with Lunch

7. Self-Drive 4X4 Jeep Off-Road Tour with Lunch

Drive our brand New, fully AC 4X4 Dacia Duster 2024! Shared or Private! Feel the 4X4 Off road adrenaline from the driver's seat and enjoy every moment of the day! This is a Unique self-drive shared or Private Jeep Safari in convoy through the heart of Crete. Starting by visiting our local shepherd's farm. Experience the local life, tastes & activities like the milking of the goat and many more. Cross the gardens and villages, feel the aromas of the orange groves and then.. We Off road through the imposing gorge of Embassa! Bumpy trails, rich nature and wildlife that will truly make you feel off-road! We continue all the way up to the most stunning panoramic viewpoint in the ancient Minoan settlement of Karfi ~ 1000m. Walk the traditional village of Krasi with the monumental plane tree over 2000 years old. Then visit the local olive oil factory just before we enjoy a tasty lunch. Explore with us the wild side of Crete like you never imagined.

Heraklion: Sunset Safari with Dinner & Prosecco

8. Heraklion: Sunset Safari with Dinner & Prosecco

Our journey starts from your hotel making our way through the breathtaking mountains of Crete we visit the Aposelemis basin reservoir and an ancient Roman aqueduct. From here, we will visit the quaint village of Kastamonitsa nestling in the foothills of the Afendi Mountains where you will be introduced to a local product, Raki. Now brace yourselves for dirt tracks, following the Minoan path going through mountain passes, experiencing spectacular wildlife, unbelievable scenery, mythology, history and enjoy seeing the local nature at its best. For our next stop, we will relax with a glass of prosecco with fruits whilst admiring the birds-eye view of the plateau of Lassithi and the North coast, a great photo opportunity not to be missed. After building up an appetite we head for a Cretan-style evening meal at a local taverna with lots of surprises. Where you will have the opportunity to try a selection of traditional local starters and main courses (vegetarian option available) and enjoy a glass or two of the unlimited wine! Leaving the tavern, meandering down the mountain roads we will take in the views of the moonlit coastline dotted with the twinkling lights of the towns and villages.

Lasithi Plateau – Zeus Cave – Villages Tour

9. Lasithi Plateau – Zeus Cave – Villages Tour

Are you an adventure enthusiast or a history buff? Take this trip to find out and enjoy a breathtaking view. Begin with a guided tour to the traditional olive mill and learn all about the process of olive oil production. Grab the opportunity to taste one of the healthiest olive oils, straight from the source of production. Continue with a 15 minute hike to Zeus cave, located in Psychro village in Lasithi plateau and merge into Greek mythology. According to ancient Greeks, Rhea hid into this cave to give birth to Zeus because Cronus, his father, was murdering his children out of jealousy. Take the chance to walk around 100 steps inside the cave that Rhea hid; discover the nature’s awesome formations over the years. After your exploration, optionally make a stop to Kera village to find the ideal place to relax. The orthodox Kera Kardiotissa monastery, is worth a visit. Admire the mesmerizing architecture in the stone-built Byzantine church. Visit the museum of the church to learn more about the religious traditions through its educational exhibits. Lastly, we are taking you to the picturesque and charming village of Krasi. This traditional village is famous for its plane tree, and you will have the chance to see one of the oldest plane trees in Europe, estimated to be 2000 years old! Enjoy the rejuvenating view of the stone springs gushing water straight from the Selena mountain. Relax and recharge with a view; we are finally having lunch at a picturesque traditional tavern, with some wine and local dishes.

Shepherd’s Life – Psiloritis Mountain Tour

10. Shepherd’s Life – Psiloritis Mountain Tour

If you are a nature lover, if you are curious about the bucolic way of living, or if you are just willing to create unforgettable, lasting memories, this trip experience is for you! Before we begin, we make a stop at the charming, picturesque village of Anogia. Located on the slopes of Psiloritis mountain, in this scenic village we will have the opportunity to stop at a traditional café for a refreshing beverage and take a moment to enjoy the serenity of the landscape. The adventure starts with a visit to the Shepard’s farm, situated at the foothills of Psiloritis mountain and hosts the natural heritage park protected by UNESCO. There you will find yourself in the farm’s garden, where the protected farm animals live; deers, Kri Kri goats, pigs, sheep and donkeys. You will be let to feed them and interact with them! Time for you to learn about sustainable farming practices and appreciate them; not only you will try making your own cheese at the shepherd’s cave, but you will also have the honor to use this cheese to make cheese pies! Combine the freshness of the local product with the knowledge of its production. Completing your rustic practices, it’s lunchtime. The shepherd will cook for you the traditional recipe of Antikristo lamp. Enjoy a genuine farm-to-table experience! End your trip with wildlife observation, cherish the picturesque setting and capture the moments of rural life.

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Receiving a text well in advance of pick up time allowed for preparation, punctual collection. very knowledgeable guide. Michael was amazing. The absolute goat whisperer meant that we fed numerous goats! hilarious. (hand sanitiser provided for after) a stop at lassithi Plateau with incredible views and and hike up to zeus cave. Trainers and water highly recommended, there was water provided. There is a path 3/4 of the way up to the cave and then becomes a slight challenge if unsteady on your feet but nothing you can overcome without a but of friendly help. (My lovely 85 year old friend managed with a hand). beautiful day out, creten lunch delicious, highly recommended!!

It was a really great day, we saw a lot and had a lot explained. There was a relaxed atmosphere that Nico, our guide, created. Lunch was also very good. The way up to the cave and the stairs into the cave requires a certain level of fitness. I wouldn't do that in high heat.

The tour was absolutely great from start to finish. With Jesus we had the best guide you could imagine. I have never impressed a guide with so much passion, fun and knowledge. I can only recommend that everyone book this tour when they are in Crete. It is worth it ..

We had an amazing time and our guide was very knowledgeable of the areas.. The Zeus cave was more than we expected and we were able to stop for oil tasting along the way. Would definitely recommend this experience.

Our favorite thing we did in Crete! You have to do this!