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Broad canals crisscross a city famous for its world class art, tolerance, and happy cyclists.

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Amsterdam: GVB Public Transport Ticket

Amsterdam: GVB Public Transport Ticket

Experience Amsterdam stress-free with an unlimited travel card for all public transport networks operated by GVB throughout the city. Purchase a ticket valid for a day or a multi-day ticket that best suits your plans. Travel on the metro, trams, buses, and ferries and experience the city like a local. Using your ticket is easy. Simply download the GetYourGuide App when scanning your e-ticket. Do not use your e-ticket in a PDF reader and do not use a printscreen when travelling. If you do, you risk a double charge from your bankcard! Your ticket is valid from the timeslot selected. If you have additional questions, or your ticket appears to be defective, you can easily go to one of the designated service locations.

Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum Ticket

Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum Ticket

As one of Amsterdam's most popular attractions, the Van Gogh Museum draws over a million visitors each year. With this ticket, discover over 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and more than 750 letters from Van Gogh at your own pace. Access a wide range of permanent and temporary exhibitions.  Home to the world’s largest collection of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam transports visitors on a fascinating journey through the life of the artist and his contemporaries. The museum introduces the complete story: the artist, the context, Van Gogh’s personal ambitions, his emotions, the myths that surround him, and his influence right up until this very day. The Van Gogh Museum’s collection includes world-famous paintings such as Sunflowers, Almond Blossom, and The Potato Eaters.  The museum also organizes 3 temporary exhibitions every year. The Van Gogh Museum is open 365 days a year. Tickets are available online only. Don’t miss out, book in advance. Visitors can discover more about Van Gogh and his contemporaries with the multimedia guide, available in 11 languages. With more time to enjoy inside the museum, you can dive straight into the fantastic collections on display.

Amsterdam: Heineken Experience Ticket

Amsterdam: Heineken Experience Ticket

1867 was a good year for beer. It was the year Gerard Adriaan Heineken built a new brewery in the heart of Amsterdam. In the pumping heart of the old brewery, you can dive into the world of Heineken beer.   On a 1.5-hour self-guided tour you’ll learn about the company’s heritage, the beer brewing process, Heineken’s innovations, and about what it takes to serve a world-famous beer. There will be a short presentation in English provided inside the factory.   Find out the 4 natural ingredients that make this beer, and discover the brand’s sponsorship activities with Formula 1, the UEFA Champions League and the Rugby World Cup. And sure enough, at the end of the tour you can raise your glass with new friends.

Amsterdam: Classic Boat Cruise with Cheese & Wine Option

Amsterdam: Classic Boat Cruise with Cheese & Wine Option

Relax on a canal cruise through the UNESCO Heritage listed Golden Age Canals of Amsterdam. View city highlights like the Skinny Bridge, the Red Light District, and the Old Harbor. Have the option to choose standard tour or a tour with unlimited delicious Dutch cheese, wine, and other drinks. Board the ship and let your local skipper tell you about local history as you sail past sights in the Jordaan district and the Skinny Bridge on the the Amstel River. Admire views of parts of the Red Light District, the former city locks, and Old Harbor. Capture pictures of the stately architecture of the Maritime Museum and the prestigious Gold Bend neighborhood. See pieces of history as you sail by places like the Anne Frank House. Ask your guide questions about the city and get recommendations for things to do and places to eat.

Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum Entry Ticket

Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum Entry Ticket

Treat yourself to a wonderful day in one of Amsterdam’s grandest museums, the Rijksmuseum, located in the heart of the city. The Rijksmuseum's internationally revered collection features some of the nation’s most famous works, including historic art by Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Van Gogh, and others. Visitors can admire Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’, which takes pride of place in a beautifully lit hall allowing visitors to enjoy every tiny detail. Gaze also upon 'The Jewish Bride'. This last painting reduced Vincent van Gogh to tears who, upon visiting the Rijksmuseum shortly after it opened, wrote in a letter that he would gladly give up ten years of his life to sit in front of the painting for two weeks, eating only a stale crust of bread. Visitors can expect much more than just paintings by Dutch Masters from the Golden Age. The Rijksmuseum’s expansive, evocative collection also includes Delftware, sculptures, archaeological artifacts, clothing, Asian art, prints, items from Dutch maritime history, and many other culturally significant objects, all combining to vividly retell 800 years of Dutch history within a global context. And naturally, the collection isn't frozen in time – new items such as a Mondrian-inspired dress by Yves Saint Laurent dating from 1965 can also be seen. The largest research and restoration project ever for 'The Night Watch' has started. This is happening live in the museum and you can be part of it and support the project with a donation.

Amsterdam: Open Boat Cruise with Unlimited Drinks Option

Amsterdam: Open Boat Cruise with Unlimited Drinks Option

Admire Amsterdam’s picturesque waterside landmarks on a 100% electric cruise. Take in incredible views of the city’s famous landmarks from an open boat and experience a relaxing way to sightsee, free of traffic. Learn informative and entertaining insights about the sites along the route. See the 17th-century buildings lining the famous canals, as well as new stylish buildings showcasing the influential 21st-century city that Amsterdam has become. Sail by the Hermitage Museum, then glide past the Skinny Bridge, the posh Amstel Hotel, and the charming neighborhood of Grachtengordel. Enjoy an open-air boat experience on a sunny day or stay warm with a protective covering on cooler days. In the winter months, relax on an enclosed boat to keep you warm. Benefit from the flexibility of a one-use ticket that can be used on any one of the cruises departing within the hour you booked. Choose for our unlimited drinks option if you want to enjoy our beer, wine and softdrink assortment. In case the option excluding drinks was chosen, these can still be purchased on board. Between November and February, we will use open boats whenever weather conditions permit, and switch to closed boats when necessary. • Large bachelor and birthday groups are not allowed on this trip.

Amsterdam: 75-Minute Canal Cruise with Audio Guide

Amsterdam: 75-Minute Canal Cruise with Audio Guide

Discover the best of Amsterdam on a 75-minute canal cruise. See the city's top highlights, iconic bridges, and the 17th-century buildings lining the canals. Board the boat and set sail on the historic waterways of Amsterdam. See the Anne Frank House, Westerkerk, and more. Learn more about the UNESCO-listed canals from the on-board audio commentary. While you're enjoying the views that pass you by, listen to an audio guide in 19 languages that tells you everything you need to know about Amsterdam. Hear the stories, legends, and historical facts of the city. If you have children, let them be a 'Fresh Water Pirate' with the special kids audio commentary including a free goodie bag to enjoy themselves while on board.

Amsterdam: The Upside Down Museum Entrance Ticket

Amsterdam: The Upside Down Museum Entrance Ticket

Swirl into an upside down world and see The Netherlands in a new contemporary way. With 25 immersive settings, have the chance to create the most amazing social media content upside down. Grab your friends and dive into a Dutch Ice Bath, or ride the metro upside down. Dance to the rhythm of your own silent disco beat in an upside down club, fly away in a true private jet, and jump into a voice-activated LED-light ball pit with a jacuzzi. After you've created mind-blowing content, relax in the Upside Down Café, while enjoying colorful sandwiches and sweets. Sip on a famous freakshake before heading home. On Fridays and Saturdays, enjoy an amazing cocktail combo ticket with live DJs after 5 PM.

Amsterdam: City Centre Canal Cruise

Amsterdam: City Centre Canal Cruise

Embark on a cruise takes you through the unique UNESCO World Heritage-listed canal district of Amsterdam. Enjoy the opportunity to take in many of the historic sights of the city center. Depart from Central Station and discover the historic buildings and canals of the city. Admire the elegant merchant houses that date back to the Dutch Golden Age. See stunning gables, beautiful churches, the iconic Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge), and many other top attractions.  During the cruise, listen to the recorded audio commentary in your choice of 19 languages. See merchant buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries, Amsterdam’s Golden Age, when trade flourished and was reflected in elaborately decorated facades. Arrive back at Central Station to finish the tour.

Amsterdam: Icebar Entry Ticket with 3 Drinks

Amsterdam: Icebar Entry Ticket with 3 Drinks

Enjoy a refreshing beverage at a temperate minus 10 degrees Celsius at Amsterdam's Icebar, quite literally the city’s coolest drinks venue, with these entry tickets. Get winter wear, a welcome cocktail, and 2 drinks of your choice during your visit. Once you’ve exchanged your voucher for a designated time slot, marvel at a watering hole constructed almost entirely from ice. Everything from the walls and furniture to the very glass you sip your beverage out of is made of natural ice. Upon entering the bar, you will first see the lounge space, where you can have a welcome cocktail or a beer if you wish. This first part of the Amsterdam Icebar is nice and warm. After that, snuggle into the provided winter wear and savor the ambient light and ice sculptures of the Icebar. Choose from 2 different flavors of vodka, regular vodka, sambuca, rum, Heineken beer, or orange juice. Inside the Icebar you can stay up to 20 minutes. You may hang out in the lounge as long as you like, and try a selection of delicious cocktails. The “cool” factor goes even further than the general climate; mood lighting and toe-tapping party tunes complete the scene.

Frequently asked questions about Amsterdam

What top attractions are a must-see in Amsterdam?

The must-see attractions in Amsterdam are:

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What are the best day trips and excursions from Amsterdam?

The best day trips and excursions from Amsterdam are:

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Insider Tips: Planning a trip to Amsterdam

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What should I do on my first trip to Amsterdam?

The first thing to do when you visit Amsterdam is take a walking tour. It's the best way tos ee the sights and get an introduction to the city. There are all kinds of free and paid options available, so it's perfect for every budget. After that, my favorite thing to do is wander the Van Gogh Museum. He's one of my favorite artists and the museum has tons of his works on display.

What are some hidden gems to see in Amsterdam?

I think the small Tulip Museum is something a lot of people miss. Additionally, exploring Jordaan (a nearby neighborhood) is one of my favorite things to do in the city as there's few tourists here.

How much time should I spend in Amsterdam?

At a minimum, you'll want 3-5 days to see the highlights. If you have 5-7 days, you can fit in some day trips, such as a visit to nearby Haarlem or a bike ride out of the city to see the windmills.

What food is Amsterdam known for?

If you have a sweet tooth, stroopwafel (a waffle cookie with a syrup filling) is the go-to choice for locals.

What is the best way to get around Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is easy to get around by public transportation. The buses, trams, and the metro and fast, clean, safe, and easy to use. Cycling is also super popular and bike rentals are affordable (10-15 EUR per day). It's one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world (there are more bikes than people here).

What are the best months to visit Amsterdam?

The city is most lively from June-August, but it's also super crowded these days thanks to the surge of travel post-COVID. To beat the crowds, try to visit in September/October or May/early June. The weather is still nice and you'll find far fewer crowds. Prices will be a little lower too.

What are the best neighborhoods to visit in Amsterdam?

Jordaan (for charm), De Pijp (for local vibes), De Wallen (for affordable accommodation), and Centrum (for the best location) are a few of my favorite areas to stay in the city. Whenever I visit, these are the places I spend the most time. If it's your first time visiting, stay somewhere central so you can easily walk everywhere. You'll save a lot of time and money that way.

What's are 4 best tips for a person traveling to Amsterdam?

1) Get the Amsterdam Pass - This pass offers free entrance to most of the major museums and attractions as well as free public transportation. If you’re going to be bouncing between museums a lot, get this card.

2) Take a free walking tour – If you want an overview of the city, take one of the free walking tours. The biggest one is offered by New Europe Tours and will give you a solid introduction and overview. Just be sure to tip!

3) Eat on the cheap – Febo, Walk to Wok, and Maoz are all cheap places to get food. Moreover, cafes in the city offer prix-fixe lunch specials for between 10-15 EUR. If you’re going to eat out, lunch is the best time to do it in Amsterdam!

4) Bring a water bottle – The tap water here is safe to drink so bring a reusable water bottle to save money and reduce your plastic use.

What should people avoid doing in Amsterdam?

If you're visiting the Red Light district, don't take photos of the people you see in the windows. There are signs everywhere warning you about this, so keep your camera off or you'll risk a bouncer grabbing it from you.

What are your top 5 favourite GetYourGuide experiences in Amsterdam?

1) Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum Ticket

2) Amsterdam: Classic Boat Cruise with Cheese & Wine Option

3) Amsterdam: Life of Anne Frank and World War II Walking Tour

4) Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum Entrance Ticket

5) Amsterdam: Royal Palace Entry Ticket and Audio Guide

What is one thing that surprised you about Amsterdam?

I've been to Amsterdam more times than I can count (I even lived there for a while). The biggest recent surprise was when I visited post-COVID becasue the city was packed. I mean, it was wall to wall tourists. Since that's not a pleasant surprise, I really suggest travelers visit the city beyond the popular months of June-August. Do that, and you'll beat the crowds, save money, and have a much more enjoyable time.

What is the best family-friendly thing to do in Amsterdam?

If you're traveling with family, a canal cruise is a must. It's a fun way to explroe the city and learn about how vital the canls were to Amsterdams development. They're usually just an hour or so , which means kids won't get too bored! For something outside the city, head out and see the windmalls. You can reach them in just 20 minutes from Centraal and they make for a fun half-day excursion.

What is the best thing to do in Amsterdam for solo travelers?

If you're a solo traveler, sign up for a walking tour. It's the best way to meet other solo travelers and connect with an expert local guide that can answer all of your questions and give you insider tips on what to see, where to eat, and much more. There are tons of walking torus around the city, both free and paid, so no matter what you're interested in you'll be able to find a tour that's both entertaining and informative.

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