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Alta: Small-Group Guided Northern Lights Tour

1. Alta: Small-Group Guided Northern Lights Tour

Join this tour and get in on the excitement of hunting for Northern Lights in the beautiful landscapes of the Alta Fjord. Meet your experienced guides who can show you how to best spot the Northern Lights. This tour comes with an 80-90% chance of seeing this spectacular natural phenomenon. Cozy up and lie down on a reindeer skin while you try to spot the lights. Hear stories about the Norwegian way of life and learn local history about the Stone Age, Sami culture, reindeer-herding, wildlife, and modern society in Alta and Finnmark. During the tour, enjoy some warm and cold snacks and beverages, including vegan alternatives, before arriving back at the Alta Center just past midnight.

From Alta: Huskey Dog Sledding Tour with Sami Lavvo Visit

2. From Alta: Huskey Dog Sledding Tour with Sami Lavvo Visit

Discover what makes Alta a European dogsledding hotspot where mushers from all over Europe come to raise and train dogs with this tour to a visit a family that has spent over three decades racing. Ride a dog sled and warm up with hot drinks and snacks in a Lavvo hut. Be picked up from the centrally-located Tourist Information center in Alta and relax on the transfer to the dog farm in a comfortable van. Once you arrive, put some warm winter clothing over your thermal layers. Listen as your instructor provides you with safety and dog-handling instructions. Glide over the snow on the tracks where the race dogs are transformed into athletes. Ride along the Alta River and the path where Europe’s best mushers race towards the finish line for during the famous Finnmarksløpet. Have the chance to switch from driver to passenger. After the trip, help with the dogs, capturing pictures of you interacting with these majestic creatures. Hear about the husky's lives as you dole out affectionate pats. Head to the traditional Lavvo hut and sip warm drinks. Refuel with some tasty snacks before returning to your meeting point in Alta.

Northern Lights Adventure By Snowmobile

3. Northern Lights Adventure By Snowmobile

The highlight of any trip above the arctic circle: experiencing the magical northern lights dance across the sky. The mystery of light has given us many myths and legends over the years. Everything from heroes who lit up the sky to mysterious fire foxes and warnings of danger. The dry and stable climate in Alta provides the best conditions for seeing the Northern Lights. On this trip we combine the excitement of snowmobiling with experiencing the northern lights dancing across the sky. We take you along the old postal road up to the very edge of Finnmarksvidda to a mountain range called Beskardes. Far away from the lights of the city this trip provides the ideal conditions to see the northern lights in a beautiful winter landscape. If we are lucky we will get to see the magnificent northern lights dancing across the sky on our trip, or be treated with a beautiful arctic night sky. No previous experience is required to drive a snowmobile. All you need is a regular driver’s license, and it’s as simple as it is fun. A thorough safety introduction and driving instruction will be given before the trip starts. You will ride in pairs, a driver and a passenger on each snowmobile, with the opportunity to change seats during the trip. The Tour 17:55 Meet us at our Æverntyr Adventure Store in the city center 5-10 minutes before the start of the Tour. From here we will drive you to Gargia Valley, approx. 25km from Alta. 18:30 We arrive at Gargia Lodge. Here you will meet your guide and get a briefing about today’s trip. You will also receive thermosuits, boots and gloves for the trip. 19:00 After getting dressed you will receive a safety briefing on the snowmobiles. Now we are ready and can start our adventure. 20:00 We will arrive at Beskades. Here we will take a short stop and enjoy the amazing view in all directions before heading back down to Gargia Lodge. 21:15 We arrive back at Gargia Lodge. 22:00 We will drop you off in the city center where we started our trip.

Alta: Alta Fjord Whale Watching Tour

4. Alta: Alta Fjord Whale Watching Tour

Join us for a whale watching tour in Alta Fjord and experience Northern Norway's most majestic creatures up close. A winter tour in Alta Fjord can be a magical experience. Yes, it may be cold, but it might be worth it for a chance to catch sight of whales. Recently, whales have appeared in Alta Fjord. The whales have migrated further north, allowing us to observe them in our area. The two most common species in Alta Fjord are sperm whales and killer whales (orcas), but there are also good opportunities to see porpoises and hourglass dolphins. You will be amazed by the playful and curious behavior of the youngest whales. Please note: There is no guarantee we always find whales or if the weather is optimal to spot whales. If we don't see any whales within two hours of the tour the captain can suggest changing the tour to a King Crab Tour if the weather conditions allows it, or we can keep searching for whales.

From Alta: In search of the Northern Lights

5. From Alta: In search of the Northern Lights

This trip focuses on experiencing the northern lights and we spend up to 4 hours out looking for this fantastic phenomenon. We start the evening with a small lecture about the northern lights. This is to give you an understanding of how it occurs, then we look at the conditions for this particular evening. We use our local knowledge to find the best places to experience the Northern Lights dancing in the night sky. The tour 18:55 Meet your guide at our Adventure Store in the city center - Markedsgata 6, 9510 Alta   19:00 Get to know your guide and learn more about the magical phenomenon of the northern lights. You will also receive thermo suits, boots, and gloves for the trip   19:30 Your guide will drive you to the best spots to see the northern lights. Depending on the weather we might not have to drive far   Enjoy the show Your guide will bring warm tea/coffee and snacks. 23:00 We will get back to our Adventure store Our guides will try their best to find the northern lights for you, but as the lights are a natural phenomenon we cannot guarantee you will see them

sleigh ride under the northern lights

6. sleigh ride under the northern lights

We will collect you from Alta and bring you out to our farm in the nearby countryside. From there, you will climb on board a sleigh and bundle up with blankets against the crisp, cold air. The sleigh is pulled by a Norwegian Fjord Horse, a breed that is sturdy and patient and has been in use in Norway for centuries. Your ride will take you through the forest and along the Alta River, floating on the sound of the cheerful sleigh bells through spectacular scenery all around. Near the end of the ride, you will arrive at a wilderness shelter and take a break. A late appetizer, dinner and desert will be served around the fire for an amazing 3 course meal, protected from the weather by the shelter’s half-wall. Along with conversation and local stories, if the conditions are right you might even have a chance to take a few pictures of the aurora in the sky! Then it’s back to the farm for your return trip to Alta. Note! The northern lights and the weather that gives us clear skies are unpredictable natural phenomena, and we cannot guarantee that you will see the northern lights on this tour. if there is no snow, we will use our beautiful wedding carriage.

Alta: Guided Snowmobile Safari on Finnmarksvidda With Snacks

7. Alta: Guided Snowmobile Safari on Finnmarksvidda With Snacks

Some people say that being on the mountain plateau of Finnmarksvidda is like reaching the end of the world. And there is where we plan to take you in this adventurous tour. Driving a snowmobile is quite easy and fun and a great way to be in direct contact with the Arctic nature. After the pick-up, we will drive you to our office to provided you with warm outdoor clothes and other required gear. We will explain you more about the plans for the day and give you a safety briefing. At the office you can also leave anything you don’t need to bring on the tour. Then we will drive in our minibus to the place where our snowmobiles are parked (approximately 30 minutes from Alta city). Before the tour starts, you will get instructions and practical demonstrations on how to drive the snowmobile. When you book the activity you have to be aware that we offer two options with two different prices: - Single driver: You drive your snowmobile alone without passenger. - Shared snowmobile: This you choose just if you are coming with a family member or a friend. Then you drive in pairs (one driver and one passenger per snowmobile), with the opportunity to switch places during the tour. Throughout the tour there will be some stops for taking photos of the majestic landscape and our guide will be happy to share with you his knowledge about the history of the area. You will be offered warm beverages and snacks. This is a real experience for truly adventurous people. Important: If you are reserving alone you should book single driver and not shared.

From Alta: Whale and Seabird Cruise

8. From Alta: Whale and Seabird Cruise

The Kvænangsfjord is where the herring enter in October, and large gatherings of whales are here to feast on their "food platter". Whale species such as killer whales, humpback whales and fin whales can be found here. In this area where the whale stays, there is also a great opportunity to see the king of the air, the sea eagle. There are also many other bird species there. Departing from the cruise harbor, Alta at 08:30 AM, and Alta bus station at 09 AM. Arrival Burfjord at 10 AM, then we walk to the harbor (1. min walk), we sail out of Burfjorden and into Kvænangsfjorden while admiring the fantastic coastal landscape. The stay on board the boat has a duration of 3 hours, back in Burfjord 1:30 PM and go to bus back to Alta - Arrival Alta 03 PM. The whale watching is estimated to take 6+ hours, including transport round trip Alta - Burfjord. There are fixed departures on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The boat aslo run on the other days, but only with a minimum of 11 people pre-booked from Alta.

From Alta: Snowmobile Morning Adventure

9. From Alta: Snowmobile Morning Adventure

Finnmark is home to the vast Finnmarksvidda, Europe’s largest mountain plateau. With vast views in all directions, Finnmarksvidda is the ideal location to be explored by snowmobile. On this trip, we take you outside of Alta to our historic, 150-year-old mountain lodge in Gargia Valley. After preparing you for the adventurous ride ahead we take you along the old postal road up to the very edge of Finnmarksvidda to a mountain range called Beskades. Through snow-covered forests, we make our way up to the expansive mountain plains. Here you can embrace the true arctic wilderness, surrounded by only snow and the sky in all directions. You will learn about our history and the lifestyle of the Arctic, while also getting to experience Finnmarks culinary side with locally made snacks. Our certified Guide will show you how to drive the snowmobile and make sure you have an adventure to remember. No previous experience is required to drive a snowmobile. All you need is a regular driver’s license, and it’s as simple as it is fun. A thorough safety introduction and driving instructions will be given before the trip starts. You will ride in pairs, a driver and a passenger on each snowmobile, with the opportunity to change seats during the trip

From Alta: Fjord & Whale adventure

10. From Alta: Fjord & Whale adventure

In winter, whales come to the herring-rich fjords in northern Norway to hunt. This is a unique opportunity to experience the whales up close while exploring the beautiful Fjords of northern Norway. You will get to enjoy the beautiful winter skies, while surrounded by mountains and the fjords wildlife. We adjust the start point of this trip to where the whales have last been seen to maximize your chance of seeing them. This can mean that we first have to drive for up to 1 hour to get to our harbor. Once on the boat we will make our way out into the fjords to look for humpback whales and Orcas. We will keep a safe distance and turn off our boat engines to minimize the disturbance to the whales. The whales are just as curious about visitors as we are about them, so they will most likely come and swim around our boat. Please note that while we try our best, we can not guarantee that we will actually see whales on the trip. The season start and end date can be adjusted according to whale migration patterns.

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