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Mission of All Boro Tours: The mission of All Boro Tours is to provide memorable and unique experiences to its customers, enabling them to discover the wonders of New York in an unforgettable way. The company aims to share the rich history, culture, and beauty of the city, inspiring people to dream big and connect with the incredible opportunities that life holds. Through its interactive City Tour, All Boro Tours not only showcases the landmarks but also conveys the passion and commitment they have for New York. Company History: All Boro Tours was founded by Alexandre Aragão, whose journey began in a humble neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro and led him to New York, where he found his passion for tourism and luxury. With determination and love for the city, he turned his vision into reality, establishing a tour agency that offers unique experiences. The company overcame challenges, such as the impact of September 11th, and today, with strategic partnerships and a solid network of contacts, continues to inspire people to explore and dream while discovering New York in a unique and exciting way.

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